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Ahoy /tg/, want some poorly drawn art of your characters? A doodle of a tyranid wearing a top hat? or maybe just a picture of a cat? Well you've come to the right place, ArtisticRodent's shitty art emporium is the place to go when you want art relatively fast that conveys the gist of what you requested!! Other drawfags welcome

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Characters from Werewolf the Apocalypse.

Two, lovers, both male.

1. Shadow Lord Philodox. Cold, in control. Looks like Antonio Sabato Jr. Sharp features, black hair slicked back well dressed three piece suit without the jacket. Slim, but not tiny. The more dominant of the two.

2. Bone Gnawer Ahroun. Gentle giant. Big guy, but not ripped muscle. Bearish and thick, solid. Gutterpunk attire, frankenpants, kutten patched vest, mohawk and beard. Piercings. Tough, but always with a mischevious smile. The submissive of the two.

They're close, but careful to keep it in the closet.

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I am on the poorly drawn case!

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I really appreciate it, and I bet you're better than you give yourself credit for.

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A guardsman bear.

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Could I get a dragonborn female teaching a baby dragon who to read?

The important part is the teacher and baby dragon student, not necessarly the race or sex of the teacher.

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Can you draw Toothy from Happy Tree Friends dressed as a Commissar killing furries with his laspistol while shouting "YOUR KIND AREN'T WELCOME HERE!"

Pic related, it's Toothy.

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Werewolf guy here.

I'm at work and have to skedaddle in less than 20. I'll get home as fast as I can if it's not posted by then. Hope the thread is still active.

And as you were nice enough to do this, I'll make a drawthread of my own later. I sketch too.

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The rodent delivers!
But sadly must close up shop for several hours, due the fact it's nearly midnight over here, G'night /tg/

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Thank you -very- much. Good job and keep it up.

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A Tech-Marine, preferably an Iron Father from the Iron Hands Chapter. If possible with a full harness and unhelmed, with his bionics visible.

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A kobold samurai! He wields a katana - either one- or two-handed is fine - and is wearing some samurai robes, a scarf, and one of those oriental straw hats.

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>Furry killing furries


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>happy tree friends

Saying they're furries is like saying a human is an Eldar.

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Why not? Humans kill humans.

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You fine with some Paint scribbles?

yours got picked because it seemed easy.

Also, what kind of kobold do you want?

(reptilian, dog, ratish, cutebold)

.... I assume you don't want the cutebold, but I needed 4 is DEATH

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Doing whatever.

Preferably being sexy.

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First request done and its a homosexual one. It seems as if were off to a good start.

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seriously, I want an answer.

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have a WoW bold with two semi katana's.

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bamp for the guy getting this stuff.

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The rodent returns! if any of these guys are still here, I'll still take your request, just tell me if you're still here (And if you are, congrats, you win the patience award)
>>13206452 (Guardsman bear)
>>13206482 (Dragonschool)
>>13206894 (Gnolls)
>>13206715 (Samurai Kobold)
Tech marine guy, unless you want very little detail on these bionics and such, I don't think I can take the request
Hypocritical furry hater, I think I'll let some one else draw that... Its... not really my style... >.>

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not op but here you go

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Got bored, drew the samuraibold, don't know if you're still here, but whatever

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Just woke up, first thing I saw. Thanks, man!

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Okay, imagine a girl, late teens, who can't figure out for the life of her how she is supposed to dress.Gang leathers, miniskirts, those fucking hand socks, knee socks, what have you, basically everything that makes you cringe upon seeing a teenaged girl who is still trying to rebel.

Now, imagine that she's a rogue trader.

She has black hair, set up in a ridiculous amount of ponytails, yellow eyes, snake-slit contacts, and is absolutely gorgeous. If not for the lack of ability to dress herself properly, she would be stunning.

Thanks in advance. :D

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Didn't you post this in that other drawthread, eh, whatever, I'll draw it.

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I collect arts. If you could sign it, that'd be swell, no matter how poorly drawn it might be. :)

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not very skilled, so I prefer posting here rather than in GM's topic.

Waiting for /r/, preferably 40k-oriented.

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Every once in a week or two, I too make terrible arts.
Like this.


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C'mon, still waiting for good /r/s.

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Could take mine, comrade.
I like seeing how different people do her pict.

>> No.13213579

See >>13213211

>> No.13213587

Do a picture of me.

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Heya, bro, I like your style. Can I get a Space Wolf Iron Priest using his servo-arm to throw a Tau drone like a frisbee for a Fenrisian wolf?

If that's too specific, Techmarine throwing a Tau Drone like frisbee. Thanks!

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why not.
But this one has tits on it.>>13213211

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>> No.13213628

Maybe that one or the Rogue Trader weeaboo, Back within 15 minutes.

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>> No.13213750

there. Satisfied?

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You, sir, have made me quite happy.
Much obliged.

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Sorry it took so long, kept getting stopped due to shenanigans, but here it is.

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Ya welcome.

Now, I'd gladly draw some buttocks, but I lack inspiration.

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Ah, glorious comrade. I was about to head to sleep.

Next time I make a Badly Drawn Requests thread, you should make one. I take all of them.

Usually make one sometimes every monday and every saturday night.

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Before I sleep, buttocks for whom?

>> No.13213872

good question...

>> No.13213908

Oh god what have I done...

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Ah, so I see.


Second from the left is how I imagine her being built but. ANywho, I will sleep.

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You should do some x-tan appreciation for the thread over yonder.


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Ah, thanks comrade. :3

She may look bad but she is grim as dark as fuck.

You too should come to my badly drawn thread hour requesting.

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Slants in tha house and taking the drawfaggotry for the night/morning.

Taking regular and rule 34 requests while I finish the godamned portfolio for HF: http://www.hentai-foundry.com/user-Slants.php

Got some financial troubles this week, so I probably start the comissions right away :(

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An Egyptian Style Sister of Battle with a Sheild and Power Axe.

>> No.13214059

anything you can do with this?
Looking for inspiration on my pod pilot. Lived with a head-and-shoulders pic for so long that the plans for a totally new pic system are almost overwhelming.

*pod pilot, so.. cybernetics. plugs, plugs everywhere!
*drone specialist, so.. tiny robots here and there are cool. any style.
*and Intaki, so free thinking and pretty open in the whole "wardrobe" idea.

>> No.13214094

EVE online I guess, fine, working on it

>> No.13214125

an attempt! worth staying up until.. oh god, what time is it?

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Inb4 Verity.

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>> No.13214314

As am I, we must feed our addiction, WE MUST CREATE!

>> No.13214339

Just one question, you want nudity depicted or should I use creative censorship?

>> No.13214358

Awrite, then let us /r/ to each other! Is your body ready to draw some Xeno/lolicron hot robo-lesbian action? (non-nude, of course, because of the janitor, and because it's mah fetish.)

>> No.13214367

then everyone can draw >>13214059

best i see will probably end up being the reference document for the new character creator.. thing.. when that comes around.

huh. had not thought of that.
but, yeah, h-foundry link..
oh well. Smut it up as ya like.
if beauty is skin deep, then all the more reason to have lots of skin.

>> No.13214375

sorry forgot the name.

>> No.13214404

which universe, bro, not nuff culture!

but if there are metal bitz, then I'll go for it!

>> No.13214436

Was there a drawfag demanding ass?

A female tiefling bending over, her hand on her ass and her tail arching/bending to the side to prepare for dickings. She is looking forward to it.

>> No.13214439

Draw my character from an old game? (can't remember much about the game now, but I've always remembered the mental image of the character). He was tall and dark, his eyes were a dull shade of yellow and his hair was long and black, reaching far past his waist. He stood about 6 feet tall. His fingers were long and white, like spiders legs, and there were odd spiralling patterns on his neck, that seemed more like they were carved into it than tattooed. He wears a top and jeans that look like black leather, and he wears scraps of a tattered cloak over the top of them.

Thanks if you get around to this.

>> No.13214445

My body is not ready D:
I'm gonna go now anyway, the atmostphere is to scifi, I'm more of a fantasy guy.

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>> No.13214461

Wanna do this, but
Is too awesome.Which universe?

>> No.13214474

metal bits are go.

Intaki, a sorta subgroup racial group inside the Gallente Federation.

canon art gives you:

New art gives things like:

Gallente Federation! Because symmetry in design is boring, and straight lines are so.. caldari.. blech.

>> No.13214475

Hey I draw nudes. I just upload them elsewhere and link as per the rules

>> No.13214476

Any of you gentlemen fancy drawing a light mech/combat suit? Somewhat more 'realistic' looking, less like Gundam...

>> No.13214493

Yeah, but strangely enough, I can't stand the finest piece of ass/cunt if there's not a panty over it.

>> No.13214501

I agree. But then I won't have dem titties, maybe a panty tits combo....

>> No.13214507

i'm afraid I really can't remember, i can't remember much before my teenage years because of some therapy. i can remember it was set in some kind of afterlife thing though if that helps

>> No.13214520

oh, and i forgot to mention, the spiral stuff on his neck are supposed to look a bit like grooves in metal, if that sparks your interest at all

>> No.13214581

Doin it!

>> No.13214689


>> No.13214711

looks awesome! thanks!

>> No.13214737

Once again, the Technomancer saved the day!

I think I'll be off for today, just waiting for my /r/

>> No.13214743

don't worry about tits, just want some shiny metal ass.

>> No.13214758

this one pleease?

>> No.13214768

mite b cool. More details, plox.

>> No.13214863

fancy drawing a spaceship that look like a huge eel with a big gaping mouth full of teeth?

>> No.13214873


Not that guy, but could you fulfill an earlier request? See >>13206707

>> No.13214877

Think of a human-sized mech, kinda like the Matrix's walkers, but a bit smaller. Something like a power armor, but with mech instead of just plain old armor.

>> No.13216489

hopeful bumpination?

>> No.13217049


Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment. That said, bumping with you since I like Technomancer's work.

>> No.13217076

Thri-kreen girl looking over her shoulder from behind (like she has a secret)

>> No.13217115

I thought that you were really busy though?

Anyways, my request is for Fulgrim (pre-Horus or not, I happen to like both) and a Slaaneshi sister of battle hanging out.

>> No.13217288

this sadness inside me.
I shall tell myself that it is the sting of growth.

>> No.13217503


But did you get stinged by the flower or by the bee? Truth shall prevail, victory over truth. Throw down the mantle and embrace me, orchid of my dreams.

>> No.13217921

for great is truth, and shall prevail.

or something like that.. thanks anyhow drawfriends.

>> No.13218662

Damn my internet derped on me, let me scan your drawing :(

>> No.13218676

anyone still here?

>> No.13218703



>> No.13218706

A man in his late 40's. He's got a beard and an eyepatch over his left eye and he's smoking a corn-cob pipe. He has hair, but its short, and he's only about 5'8'' and he's about 210 lbs, but he's real strong since he is a dockworker. He's only armed with some brass knuckles and an old flintlock pistol, and overall he just looks Norse. His name is Didrik Varland.

>> No.13219070 [DELETED] 

I apologize for the shitty lines, seems like inspiration hasn't flowing lately.

>> No.13219139


Do this Technomancer, so I could finally stop badgering people. And no, I won't share my badgers.

>> No.13219140

curse that... that person whose titles starts with a J, and ends with an Er.

>404 not found
>auto-updater grabbed the new post and thumbnail
>just in time for the image to be gone.

i also accept emails, links to offsite, etc.

>> No.13219151


I forgot not to post porn on /tg/, damn I'm really derping today

>> No.13219162

Actually I deleted it myself

>> No.13219219

how very law abiding. Rock on!

also, smutty pod pilot sketch!

>> No.13219229

Alright, I'll do it, captcha commands me to do so: >efficits mecanica

>> No.13219271

Could you do my Dnd char?

Its a cat ranger wearing a cape, belt and hood and weilding a bow


>> No.13219421

no furfaggotry, also, I don't know shit bout DnD.

>> No.13219448


One other question... do you have DA page? Or any page at all where you post your drawings?

>> No.13219496

Can you draw a bald elf dressed as a monk (western monk, not martial artist. but please no christian symbols) with a magical sigil (whatever you find good) branded (as with hot iron) in his forehead?

I'm having a hard time finding a image that can represent to my friends an image of this poweful religion faction amount the elfs in my setting.

>> No.13219569

done, dut no harness, too lazy.


>> No.13219601

Nope. DevianTard is for fags who seek easy promotion through circle-jerking rather than face their public's honesty.
>>13219496 Does it have to be really sober-looking? A bit esoterical? a bit elvish?

>> No.13219643


Goddamnit, this is awesome! Who knew that the 11th time I request this would be the lucky one? Not circle-jerking now, but you do have a style of drawing that appeals to me. That is all.

>> No.13219714

I try to develop several styles, depending on the subject and tools I'm using.

This is an older work, for instance.

Gonna take a shit, back within 20 mins.

>> No.13219958

That BETTER be a dream sequence, fuck face!

>> No.13219967

Not too elvish. Those are a group of elves in my setting that follow the most popular human religion and live amount them. Maybe more pious (in a catholic way) than esoteric.

>> No.13219974

Nay! That is a proper way of dealing with filthy xeno psykers, sir!

>> No.13219985

Old as it may be, I love it. Did you do more in the same style?

>> No.13220018

Just adding a bit. The general mood of the setting is dark and historically-inspired. Draw as it fits you, but just giving some advice about how i see my setting

>> No.13220044

Mhh. Might be interesting, might not be. I'll see what I can come up with. if I don't find this entertaining, then no.
Rape/smexy stuff? Yes. giger-inspired stuff? Also, but I'd have to scan it, which I can't right now.

>> No.13220065

Specifically the Giger inspired works (wouldn't say no to the other sexy stuff, mind), but yea, fair enough if you're too busy to scan 'em. Thanks anyway.

>> No.13220107

Love the stuff technomancer, might I ask you for a rendition for a character of mine? Nothing too fancy, a guardswoman with her left arm and right leg replaced by rather simplistic, clunky looking servo limbs. She's wearing a heavy woolen officers jacket suited for arctic conditions and an officers cap over her shaven head. She has a lasgun slung over her shoulder, and a lho stick tucked in between her lips.

>> No.13220119

Macha NEVER gets laid! EVER!

>> No.13220121

draw me a humanoid reptilian (something i'm hoping to be throwing into a 40k game at some point) like the one in my pic but with a ton of bionic parts? literally about 75% of the body should be made of metal. including one of the eyes. note that he is not 'made of metal', he is just made of many many different bionics. make it look really high-tech, if possible. thanks if you give it a go

>> No.13220148

doesn't have to have the horny stuff anymore, in fact, i'd say he doesn't. also, no tail. unless you'd rather add one in. your choice there. and the rest of the body can be however you see fit.

>> No.13220152

>>Macha NEVER gets laid! EVER!
Correct, Macha is destined to giveher virginity to the Emperor of Mankind and considering he is currently a rotting corpse and the speed of the plot's advancement it is pretty safe to say never.

>> No.13220160

But it's Culexus-kun, dammit! He never got laid either, being a huge mind-eating asspie! And it ain't supposed to be consensual!

>>13220107 Perhaps. I have a thing for girls with metal bits.

>> No.13220189

>Perhaps. I have a thing for girls with metal bits.

I'm not alone!

>> No.13220212

>And it ain't supposed to be consensual!
>implying Macha can have anything but consensual sex after 4000 years
>implying you shouldn't be shot you... you... DOUBBEL HERETIC!

>> No.13220752

I chose fur, wool ain't nice to draw. Also, you didn't say anything about her clothing apart from the jacket, so I took a few liberties.

>> No.13220799

Heh, woops, knew I was forgetting something :u. Love it anyways, thanks!

>> No.13220809

Well, maybe a last request, and then off to bed!

>> No.13220867


I know you've already done two Tech-Marine's in this thread, but how about a Tech-Priest? A Magos? Maybe even a Genetor?

>> No.13220896

As long as it has dat ass/boobs.

>> No.13220932

no interest in this one then?

>> No.13220951

Nope, that's a dude, and it doesn't look human at all.

Maybe back tomorrow, folks!

>> No.13220954


Better dat ass. It might have somewhat relevance to greater storage and not exposed as the breasts might be.

>> No.13221002

I would like a DND version of the depiction of Ganymede, except with gryphon instead of an eagle and an elf instead of a human.

>> No.13221416

Is this thread still alive?

>> No.13221580


Kind of doubt it, there's no sign of Technomancer.

>> No.13221600

Yes. And taking requests. Scribblequality tough.

>> No.13221621

Awesome, I'd like to request a ship-tan. Will have details for you shortly.

>> No.13221663

In the meantime, whoring Hentai Foundry:

>> No.13221759

'Ey Slants, guy from that last thread who was wondering if you were still taking suggestions for your portfolio.

Could you draw this guardswoman making tender love to a techpirest? Male or female, either is awwright.

>> No.13221770

Forgot me image.

>> No.13221777


>> No.13221868

At this moment I'm not taking more suggestions, I have quite a few to finish.

>> No.13221960

Okay, ship details. System is Rogue Trader. The Racketeer is the name of the ship, it is an Orion Class Star Clipper. It has an archaotech Modified Lathe Pattern 2a Plasma drive. Markov 1 Warp Engine that is Overcharged. A special bridge that enhances augury and sensors, which are the M–201.b Auger Array. Armed with Sunsear Laser Battery and Pyros Melta-cannons, which sets everything on fire. It also comes equipped with an Eldar Runecaster.

Machine Spirit Oddity - Rebellious: This vessel does not suffer authority willingly. At times is seems to take pleasure in interfering with the plans of its masters. During no more than one space combat per game session, the GM should randomly select one of the ship’s Components that becomes unpowered until repaired. However, whenever the ship suffers a critical hit (for any reason) roll 1d10. On a 8 or higher, the critical effect is ignored.

Past History - Temperamental Warp Engine: The ship suffers a flutter in its Warp Engines, an inconsistency that no amount of maintenance or supplication can eliminate. Whenever the ship travels through the immaterium, the GM should roll 1d10. On a 6 or lower, the journey takes an additional 1d5 weeks, on a 7 or higher, the travel time is reduced 1d5 weeks instead (potentially causing the ship to arrive before it left!). However, once in a great while, the ship will leave the warp to unexpectedly find itself someplace other than its intended destination. (This is at the GM’s discretion, but should not happen on a regular basis.)

So a rebellious ship with a tempermental warp drive, along with the listed components. Whatever this inspires, I will be happy with.

Thanks :D

>> No.13222004

Drat, I'll hold onto it then.

>> No.13222022

It's going to take me a good deal of googling, but I'll work on it.

>> No.13222046

I can provide additional details if you require it.

>> No.13222224

To be honest, I only have passing knowledge of 40k ships

>> No.13222480


>> No.13222486

forgot the image

>> No.13222502


If there's any correction, anything you want to add, ask.

>> No.13222552

It's basically a small cargo ship that's really fast, with a souped up engine and some xenotech.

>> No.13222761


You, sir, are a god among men. I quite like it!

>> No.13222789

Looks an awful lot like tracing there

>> No.13222813

Bumping for my ship tan request.

>> No.13223193

Fag reporting.

>> No.13223235

I'd like a depiction of a D&D character. She's over six feet tall, strong as hell, and generously be-bosom'd. Her hair is fiery red and kept in two long, thick braids. Her face is stern, proud of jaw and with a straight nose. Her eyes are green.

I'd like her stood facing the viewer, snarling in rage like she's about to lop someone's head off, clutching a largish one-handed axe in each hand.

Clothing(or not) is left up to the imagination of the kind drawfag who takes it on. She is a barbarian, berserker type, though, so it shouldn't be too heavy.

>> No.13223236

Hey GM, how abouts a couple of cute techpriestesses "performing maintenance" on each other?

>> No.13223265

How about... Bast the Egyptian goddess lapping up a milky white substance of unknown description from a bowl?

>> No.13223380

If you would be so kind, a Deathwatch Angry Marine assault marine dual wielding chainaxes and dropping down into a horde of gaunts.

>> No.13223462



>> No.13223529

Yes, because all fighty redheads in fantasy must be Red Sonja, right? :P But feel free to think of her as that, if it makes you happy.

>> No.13223551

Could you please draw this character for me? The character has light brown hair that is just past the shoulders. She is slim and tall, but not so tall as to draw attention to her. She has brown eyes and is busty. She's wearing victorian style clothing. Dark brown heeled boots, and a dark green, low cut, corsetted dress. She has a ruby ring on her left hand, and a pearl necklace. She could be holding a switchblade which is her primary weapon because it is easily concealable.

>> No.13223575

Damn, I can't find good references, seems like it's time to completely rape 40k ship design and make up shit on the spot

>> No.13223582

>>cute techpriestesses

How can this be possible?


>> No.13223648

left, hooray! Right... Not so much. Right is the Ugly Friend.

>> No.13223653

Cmoon, those servo eyes are cute.

>> No.13223728

But the face and the lips...

>> No.13223835

Bump for this.

>> No.13223916

dose lips

>> No.13223947


Greenmarine, could you draw Gally/Alita as human and posing sexily, for me? Much win would be had.

>> No.13223975


Dose noses.

no, seriously.

>> No.13223984

Requesting a Dragonborn MILF taking it in the ass.

>> No.13224007

Requesting fuck it you won't draw it because it doesn't have tits you faggot

>> No.13224548


>> No.13224588

Noble drawfags, I have a request.

A boy about 17 years of age, short brown hair (picture doesn't need color) wearing a cloak or robe to cover the breastplate he wears (on the robe or cloak is the symbol of boccob, pic related). Cloth pants with boots, holding a rapier. On his back is both a lute and a crossbow.

>> No.13224873

I'm sorry for taking that long, to be honest I was kinda overwhelmed by the description. I always try to research the requests and this one left me completely in blank.

I bet it doesn't even look like what you requested :(

>> No.13224906


>> No.13224922

An attractive, smirking young man with a face that tells of secrets, surrounded by tomes of lore and students. Is a mage. Should have distinctive ice blue eyes. There should be a raven somewhere in the scene prominently displayed. Please and thank you.

>Fraclung that
You heard Captcha. Better Fraclung the picture while you're at it.

>> No.13225096

I hump my shave with a request.

A dreanei female lying on her stomach getting her hooves serviced by a couple of strong hands. If greenmarine does it, draw her nude. If others, draw her dressed in simple clothes if you don't want to show skin.

>> No.13225216

So much furfaggotry in here...

But I'm back, taking requests.

>> No.13225256

More of this sumbitch. I'd like him with a grey trenchcoat in the style of WW2 Soviet gear, and muscles more appropriate to 14 strength (rather than 16-18). Heh. If you feel like it, he's carrying a warped mass of bone that looks much like a scopeless Arctic Warfare Magnum. It's a long, bizarre story.

Thanks in advance for reading, ne?

>> No.13225276

Awesome. Doin it.

>> No.13225292

You sir, you kick ass. Just finished a game sessions and cracked open a bottle of bourbon. I'm happy as a clam, hombre.

>> No.13225298

I don't know if too hard request.

Two panel comic. In first panel there's a guy sitting on a stone, looking depressed, saying "It's not fair, you have a new girl every night."

In second panel it is revealed that the stone is a tombstone, and there's a slaaneshi cultist digging a grave, replying "Believe me, it's not easy."

>> No.13225335

If you could do a female fighter in scale armour, wielding a halberd that seems extremely oversized and made of fire, while her eyes have a similar flaming quality to them (yeah, Spellscarred - wasn't my idea, but it makes for a badass pic), that would be most awesome.

Her hair reaches her mid-back and is dark, and her expression would probably be controlled anger.

>induce Regages
Well... that almost sounded like Captcha was saying something.

>> No.13225344

Am I supposed to ad a cool trenchcoat or just the basic uniform? Also, Tchapka?

Sounds allright as well.

>> No.13225376

In the case want/need refpic/idea with the cultist, requested in earlier thread and looks pretty cool.

Polite self-sage.

>> No.13225386

I had planned on the outerwear being so, yeah, but without the symbols. It's a fantasy counterpart to the USSR, so it would look different, and the quilted winterwear ain't included. Fatigues and some gnarly combat boots I already acquired some levels back. Much to my joy. Ushanka? Optional.

Sorry if my language trips up, I've been drinking.

>> No.13225414

e.g. quilted = telogreika

Jesus, I should have some water or something.

>> No.13225491


>> No.13225495

I'M doing both at the same time, you'll have to wait more.

>> No.13225512

I ain't complainin'. :D

>> No.13225513

Shameless drawfag request: A Shadowrun ork (slightly less beefy and less prominent teeth compared to D&D half-orcs) in a business suit, with a band of gloss-black polycarbonate wrapped around his head in place of his eyes, looking like he's about to punch some poor fucker in the face for cash.

>> No.13225546

aw, rigfht, so a wfb-based one, is that it?

>> No.13225552

Actually 40k, but robes are worn universally by all evil cultists.

>> No.13225571


>> No.13225591


Very nice, drawfriend. Love ya for it.

>> No.13225638

Finished version of a request from one of greenmarine's threads from earlier today. Guess I'll post it here in case requester checks it.

>> No.13225653

Shit, my hands are derpy today, I have to re-draw it.

>> No.13225661

a communist slime girl

>> No.13225668

You're too cool to be hurried. Take your time.

>> No.13225670

.....so S.T.A.L.K.E.R?

>> No.13225737

Well, I'm about to pass out in a puddle of whiskey, but I wanna thank you. Drawfags are a boon to this community and any other. I'm going to pass out now- sling me an email, if you like?

>> No.13225740


>> No.13225878

Phew! finally!

Unfortunately, I can't get the other one right. Sorry, but I'm off for a few hours, Guess I'm not motivated enough.

>> No.13225887

This thread must not die.

>> No.13225911

I can't find the imagemacro right now, but there would be a neckbeard in tears who says "I love you".

>> No.13226203

Here ya go. Sadly, i don't draw suits too often.

>> No.13228111

bumping for this

>> No.13228174

Requester here.
That's awesome, thanks.

>> No.13228582

>>13225256 here
>fall asleep
>sober up
>request dropped

>> No.13229456

oh, and it should like it's capable of moving stupidly quickly

>> No.13231026


>> No.13231080

>this thread

>> No.13231124


>> No.13232646

Ah, comrade Green marine. We possibly meet again. Could I ask favour of you to finish this?

Assuming only of course the data was saved. Otherwise, I am fine.

>> No.13232815

Comrade Slants, may I ask for your attempt on >>13213211
If I may? An evil grin would make it wonderful.

>> No.13232917

Greenmarine my liege, would you honor me with a pic?
Female Monk. Hefty - but not too big - Japanese lady. Shades of Sumo? Lawful Good. Similar outfit to pic. Pic obviously related. Similar build too, maybe a slight bit thicker, but otherwise about right.

>> No.13232980

I can get this one if greenmarine is busy.

>> No.13233011

I'm a huge fan of GM's stuff and I'd love to see his take, but I'm not going to say no to an offer of free art. I'd love to see your take! Thanks :D

>> No.13233153

back from dinner and taking this.

>> No.13233590

Cant really be bothered to make it good, it's a .png so you can colour it if you want.

>> No.13233630

Thanks! :D

>> No.13233712

An infernal martial artist (From Exalted)

Preferably with black hair, similar style to Conan's (The barbarian), lots of chains n' such.

>> No.13234163

To the front page with you!

>> No.13234191


>> No.13234212

If you're still in the thread, thank you. You kick ass.

>> No.13234432

You're welcome. If you want to be more grateful, refer me to your friends if they need a comission.

Also >>13213211

>> No.13234488

I've been watching this thread for ages and ages, and wow there are still people getting their requests done. Can I request a KROOT doing something MUNDANE, good drawfsdgfs?

>captcha: refung [upside down, greek characters]

>> No.13234559

If you are happy with a scribble let me at it

>> No.13234574


>Captcha: Elemnelnts [upside down], fixten
At least it's got the right language, now. Just has to get to work on orientation...

>> No.13234806

kinda shitty considering the time you waited D:

>> No.13234831

Hee hee, that's neat. That's like the second drawfag request I've ever had done.

>> No.13234944

I need dual portraits from anyone who can bother!

Short girl with shoulder-length auburn hair, green eyes, mischevious smile, wearing a little black dress. Pear-shaped body, slender and not too busy but with wide hips. Just a headshot is fine too.

Goblin version of the same girl. Auburn shoulder-length hair, green skin, dark green lips, foot-long pointy ears sticking out, amber irises with black sclera/pupils. Same outfit, same build but maybe curvier.

(It's for Changeling)

I'll pay commision if you're good, leave an email address!

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