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Come at us, bro!
(Please don't come at us)

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If we do not come how will you throw your sharp stuff at us?

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Gnoblars fuck yeah!

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Oh zoggit! Send in the lucky gitz!

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why aren't you ten wide and 10 deep? 202pts of hooligan

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Rules for a gnoblar army list (originally from White Dwarf 310)

It has gnoblars riding piggyback on the backs of other gnoblars, gnoblars that multiply in water, gnoblar bosses (called head honchos) that ride rhino-mammoths, gnoblar with +6 ward save that can re-roll ANY(!) dice they want and more! In short: they are the best army ever!

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Manbiters! Delicious!

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Found a horde of 1001 gnoblar on the internet

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Holy shit! Blessed be my eyes that it gazes upon such greatness!!!

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Pigback riders!!!!

I hereby humbly requesting a drawfag to draw an angry gnoblar riding on a super cute but lazy pink piggy (not boar). The gnoblar is dressed in junk armor as usual with a some broken but shgarp weapon and shouting "CHAAARGE!" or something while the pig is asleep or something like that.

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That's nothing. This is the guy's head honcho!

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lol! can that thing even stand straight?

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oi dem lukin liek sum strange gitz! Mabee we shud get em to join uz!

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I'm now imagining a bunch of gnoblars putting fins on their backs to try and pass off as skinks and infiltrate lizardmen society.

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I am thinking of maybe starting a gnoblar army. Should I wait till the new ogre kingdoms book comes out?

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Is the gnoblar army fully legal for tourneys?

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I think it depends. I'd guess most wouldn't accept it, but some might make an exception. Most of 'em probably wouldn't be official GW tourneys though.

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I miss when Goblins and Night Goblins only cost 2pts. Made for some ridiculous armies.

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Nope. See Dogs of War.

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Holy shit, I've been looking for this forever!

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Thanks for posting this! Now here comes the question: How to build an 8th ed army out of this! (Muahahaha!)

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You can find some help here

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thread must not die yet!

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Alright then, what would you like us to talk about?

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The game was 2000 or 2250 points, 7th ed. I was new to ogres and decided to test Skrag, while other player was using Chaos Dwarfs (from Ravening Hordes). Since I took all Gorgers I could (8 of them) my side of the board was rather empty so most of my army hanged back a bit however I pair of gnoblar units forward to to distract and maybe delay opponents. So his lord on Great Taurus decide to fly up to them and flame them. Some bad rolling later he killed 5 of them despite template covering nearly half the unit. We joke about fireproof gnoblars and move on
So at the start of my turn they take panic test for Terror (or was it when Taurus flew up? Sorry, I didn't played WHFB during the end of 7th ed so I may misremember some rules), and passes it on their Ld5. This was sing of things to come.
So gnoblars move up and throw sharp stuff at lord and Taurus. Now funny things is that in 7th ed when shooting at large target all models in the unit that could actually draw line of sight could shoot at it, so all 21 gnoblars can shoot, resulting in 42 shots (with +1 to hit because of large target becoming 4+). So with some luck I hit lord with 10 or so shots, wounding on 6+, and manage to get 3 wounds in. So naturally go "Roll armor saves, no modifier obviously" "But my lord had no armor save..." Apparently he spend all his magic point allowance on other stuff, and in Ravening hordes list Chaos Dwarf Lord doesn't come with mundane armor by default. Since every ogre has at least -2 armor modifier he decided that buying Heavy Armor would be pointless anyway. End result - 1 dead Chaos Lord. The shooting also inflicted 1 wound to Taurus.

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Since Skrag managed to get into close combat that turn , and once Skrag gets into close combat he can only be stopped by elite CC characters, and since his main CC character was suffering acute case of shapstuffeliosis opponent decided that he lost the game anyway and decided to charge that gnoblar unit with both Great Taurus in the front and with his massive 25 man Black Orc block (or was regular ones? Anyway it was shitload of orcs, with banner and all the bells and whistles) in the flank for shits and giggles. So after he attacks and kills shitload of gnoblars, however since he forgot (or just didn't care) to direct attacks against my champion, mighty Groinbiter (god I love that name) could still attack Great Taurus. OK, 2 attacks needing 5+ to hit - 1 hit. 6+ to wound - whaddya guess, 6. 4+ ward save - failed. Thus inflicting second wound on 4 wound Great Taurus and scoring half points for it, and proving that everyone's testicles are susceptible to biting, even gigantic flaming bull's ones.
After that, due to loosing combat by shitload of points Gnoblar broke and fled of the table. The most hilarious thing? Both Taurus and Orcs failed their restraint rolls and pursued them off the table. At that point opponent just gave up (after headbutting a wall).

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