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Come get your shit drawn.

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Son. Kroot ladies.
That's all.

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Tron light cycle being rode by ghost rider.

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Sexy female guard officer, wearing nothing but an officers cap.

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I want to see a woman with huge knockers.

Using her huge knockers as a weapon to fight off zombies.

If you're in the mood.

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How about sexy gue vesa? For love, and reason, AND THE GREATER GOOD

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Man pecs.

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Can you draw the Dual Survival hosts as Fantasy characters??

The fat, short one should be a nature-loving druid-flavored Dwarf.
The tall, snarky one should be an Elf decked out with survival equipment.

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Draw something DECENT!

Hey, bet you'll never do that request!

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D&D necromancer male.

Bonus points if he has a turban.

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yo greenmarine
re-requesting what I requested last time

I would like you to draw Susanna Hoffs from the Bangles as a Sister of Battle Canoness

your works are always pleasing so I trust your judgement in the right amount of cheesecake and taste

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Could you draw me an Ice-elf woman in Bronze colored armor with long black hair tied back in a pony tail. Her right hand is black and withered from frostbite but is still functional.

Facial expression: Cold/wrathful/stoic

Thank you much in advance.

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Oh god yes, Ghost Rider in the Tron Universe!

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Hmm... If I may ask good Sir Greenmarine, are you limited to D&D and/or Warhammer 40k requests, or are you open to doing portraits of other stuff?

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captcha deleted my picture entry

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A airship captain in eberron. Halfling, with air elemental traits about him, pale blue skin, maybe electricity/fog for hair? likes wearing bright colors and feathered hats.

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Okay, imagine a girl, late teens, who can't figure out for the life of her how she is supposed to dress.Gang

leathers, miniskirts, those fucking hand socks, knee socks, what have you, basically everything that makes

you cringe upon seeing a teenaged girl who is still trying to rebel.

Now, imagine that she's a rogue trader.

She has black hair, set up in a ridiculous amount of ponytails, yellow eyes, snake-slit contacts, and is absolutely gorgeous. If not for the lack of ability to dress herself properly, she would be stunning.

Also, her left leg is cybernetic now.

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Could you take a crack at my favorite DnD joke?

A female Mind-Flayer with huge tits with a t-shirt on that says "I wish these were brains."

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Lactation projectiles, perhaps?

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To be precise, one of my buddies has a cool character concept he's been trying to get art for from Star Wars, but I didn't want to request something if you didn't want to go to the extra effort of looking up an alien species facial features, provided you weren't allready familiar with it.

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A banyan dryad, or a group of banyan dryads. It is hard to tell.

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You could download and then upload said image as part of the request? that's what other people do.

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A terran firebat, please good sir

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If you are still taking requests can you do my Dark Heresy Character?

Imperial Guardsman,Male, late twenties, Splotchy skin, buzz cut. Has large Explosive collar on neck and wears cadian style flak armor over Orange prisonwear. Left Leg is a cybernetic replacement. Uses short pattern lasgun.

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Tits, greenmarine.


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a circle

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I am asking for a simple Tech-Marine with a full harness. Preferably a Salamander Forge Master or an Iron Hands Iron Father. Face may or may not be exposed, depending on your further wishes for details.

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tron light cycle being ridden by doom rider

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The engineer fromTF2 as a tech priest, preferably smoking a cigar.

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Greenmarine, I'm developing a short story right now based on irl experiences of me and friends. This short story is going to be used as a background for a d20 modern character. Could you please illustrate her for me?

-half thigh high stockings
-converse shoes
-legwarmers that sort of drape over the shoes a slight bit but don't obscure them from view
-nylon belt kinda lazy done up (little bit hanging down)
-number of bands on wrists
-long necklace
-europeon (possibly german due to large nose)
-layered mid length hair (slightly curly)

Here's the story if you want inspiration, its about debauchery:

>part one: character introduces herself
>part two: character introduces first victim

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Kroot. How do they work?

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Half naked Sister of Battle and female tau fighting in an arena, with a Tophat ork commentating and next to him is a second dead commentator with an ork axe in his back.

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Dunno, but that's a great rekrootment poster.
Thanks, GM!

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I'll do pretty much anything as long as i find the request interesting.

So yeah.

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Why that is an exelent idea. Why the hell didn't I think of that. I'm an idiot.

Well then, my request would be a Kel Dor Jedi, with a blue saber, meditating. Behind him is the Force Ghost of his grandfather, a Barad Do sage, who has guided him along in his life.

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This is the one and only piece of fan art I have ever made.

>> No.13196926

Oh and this one

>> No.13196942

I made this Tech priestess for an RT campaign

Can you make her better?

>> No.13196967

Sup Green, I'll try again.

A friend of mine's character made for a 40k RP. A female Eldar Farseer with long flowing hair. Her defining characteristic is that she's... really curvy. Pretty cheesecake. You can put her in general robes though - but she's very top heavy and has a thick waist and behind. I'd like something that's sexy but still classy and gives a sense of dignity and power! Or you can make her super slutty, whatever you wanna do greenbean. I <3 you

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A goblin Worthy of the Name King.

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Requester here, FUCK YES!

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Creed searching his pockets and cursing because he can't find another cigar. Perhaps have Eldrad looking from behind a rock and smirking as he has a fist full of cigars.

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>>Not the debauchery i expected


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A thousand blessings, O Greenest of Marines.

You are the best.

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Four viera in various bathing suits, with varying expressions.
From VieraQuest, natch:
"Elma, of course, is the most brazen of the girls, sporting a bright blue string bikini and looking rather pleased with herself. Fyna and Laya are somewhat more conservative, though you're not sure if Fyna understands that this is not a competition. Nieve is practically quaking with embarrassment, though after several deep breaths she seems to have herself under control. Her 'suit had to have been picked out by Elma on some sort of dare, though you can't imagine why any sensible individual would allow such a thing to happen; you never thought you'd see a monokini again after the end of the last decade."

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shoulda said sex eh?

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I thought this joke seemed familiar.

>> No.13197435

Although I didn't request that one, I've requested it a number of times.

It's a pretty stupid joke, but it never stops being funny to me.

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Goddamnit Captcha, if you steal my image again I'm going to beat you with a hose.

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Could you please draw this character for me? The character has light brown hair that is just past the shoulders. She is slim and tall, but not so tall as to draw attention to her. She has brown eyes and is busty. She's wearing victorian style clothing. Dark brown heeled boots, and a dark green, low cut, corsetted dress. She has a ruby ring on her left hand, and a pearl necklace. She could be holding a switchblade which is her primary weapon because it is easily concealable.

In reward, I present boobs.

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Tron light cycle being rode by DOOM RIDER!!!

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Jesus, those are some big ol' titties.

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>> No.13197679

She better be careful she doesn't crash those twindenburgs.

>> No.13197692

Link in black terminator armour with the triforce on his chest and right hand. Please?

>> No.13197710


>not so tall as to draw attention to her
>and is busty

>> No.13197717

Delicious brown elf or a dryad in the snow.

>> No.13197725

Could you draw me a big-titty'd, scantily clad orc barmaid having a wardrobe malfunction and winking saucily?

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Novemberg, everything you say should just end in "burg" or "berg".

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a necron MLP please

>> No.13197749

I'm afraid I'm not Greenmarine, and I'm not nearly as talented as he is, but I figure maybe one of my goddawful pencil sketches might make for an acceptable consolation prize?

I find request threads to be good practice.

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A void born, tall and thing, Navigator, hiding in a book fort. A Kroot merc looking at the fort with evil intent. bonus points for creative use of techpriests.

>> No.13197791

Baby, you know I'm cooler than an iceberg

>> No.13197797

Fuck your Warhammer MLP.

I've got Gojirapony.

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I lol'd.

>> No.13197815

My little transvestite trumps your lizard.

>> No.13197838

My little Rorschach hates queers.

>> No.13197878

Rorschah wouldn't survive Australia.

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This thread needs some serious purge.

>> No.13197911

An angrymarine piledriving a generic anime character. Choose your victim.

He needs to be giving at least one middle finger.

>> No.13197931

Australia would be fucked because aliens.

>> No.13197939

derp forgot pic

>> No.13197950

The Angry Marines train their scrotums into resembling knuckles, so that they can give the finger with their erections as well.

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Apocalypse will be brought by zombies, not aliens.

>> No.13198016

Zombies do not compare to the power of Skeletor!

>> No.13198049

The power of sacrifice will prevail!

>> No.13198057

Could you try one of my favorite BBEGs of all time? He's an ogre, with class... a three-piece suit, a top hat, a monocle, a pipe, the whole shebang, I would be most appreciative!

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i dont think op is here

>> No.13198090

You should be well protected. If you survive the freezing process, that is.

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Jewish space marine.

>> No.13198184

You are now reading this in Mort Goldman's voice

>> No.13198225

How do hobgoblings work?

Oh, but i am.

>> No.13198248

awesome there are a lot of ponies to draw apparently

>> No.13198266

>Oh, but i am.

Ugh... sorry for the ponies.

>> No.13198385


You drew a deamonette and a sister of battle comparing breasts! I wanted to save it, though it was a "doodle", it was still quite good!

Can haz repoast?

>> No.13198401

Well you already drew me one...

>> No.13198465

Am i hobgoblin right?

>> No.13198476

i still have it. it got modified in the thread it was in

>> No.13198598

I thought GM cleaned it up a bit.

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>> No.13198947

Very right.

>> No.13199015

No sexy officer woman? ;-;

>> No.13199161


could have sworn you did that before.... at least 1 other artist did though, and it's fucking EPIC.

and yours.... may have been more sad like at first

>> No.13199185

I read 'a Necron MILF'

>> No.13199208

Can I make this my request?

>> No.13199222

A) Deathleaper's Fangirl having sex with Deathleaper.


B) An Ork/Orc Viking, surrounded by wenches and ale.

>> No.13199234

>Deathleaper's Fangirl having sex with Deathleaper.

>> No.13199249


with that trip and her exploits, she's asking for it.

>> No.13199260

Requesting more dragonborn!

>> No.13199269


I can't be the only one who read that as

>Requesting more dragonporn!




>> No.13199284

Draw three fat, pathetic neckbeards fapping over an ugly attention whore, please.

>> No.13199297

>Deathleaper's Fangirl having sex with Deathleaper.

>> No.13199301

>implying those posts are three separate people

>> No.13199307

Point stands.

>> No.13199315

>implying that post is a separate person

Goes on forever, Anon.

>> No.13199319


>> No.13199324


Don't mind me I just like to post reaction faces

>> No.13199375


Draw Deathleaper's Fangirl having sex with Deathleaper, while three neckbeards stand around fapping to it.

>> No.13199391

Do I need to donate more boobs to get this drawn? Cause I will!

>> No.13199392

And make sure she's also ugly. And fat. Like we know she actually is.

>> No.13199398


>> No.13199407


One word:


Two more:


Five more:


>> No.13199429

also: deathleaper's fangirl licking a Genestealer's asshole

>> No.13199439

See now, that's going too far.

>> No.13199447

Deathleaper's fangirl being raped to death by rippers with barbed penises.

>> No.13199460

DLFG eating an entire cow. By herself.

>> No.13199467

Draw Deathleaper's Fangirl as an anthropomorphic fox having sex with an anthro wolf, pls.

>> No.13199474

Greenmarine, draw a certain Scot bitch getting gangbanged by niggers.

>> No.13199533

Draw Deathleaper's Fangirl having consensual sex in the missionary position with.................. a human male.

>> No.13199541


>> No.13199543



>> No.13199633

>human male

>> No.13201456

I think greenmarine skipped out merrily out of this thread.

>> No.13201543

Can you blame him?

>> No.13201558


Not really, I was just hoping he'd at least do the Tech-Marine request, but seeing as people only request DLFG porn...

>> No.13201603

In case GM is still here, I'd love his take on this:
Already had this one done in an earlier drawfag thread, but I'd be curious ot see her in a diff style. Plus while I like that pic she was a bit buff in it.

Can I get a female Human Soulknife? She's a villainess in my 3.5 campaign, a henchwench in a psionic supremacist organization of sorts. Basically militant magocrats, but with psionics rather than magic.

Pic related as a fairly good starting point. She's about as busty as the left pic - a bit bigger, though; figure a very big C or a small/medium D. Japanese features. Black hair - no flower but similar style sans bun. Blue lipstick, eyeshadow, and nail polish. Small earrings along her ears and a nose piercing on her right nostril.

Her outfit's somewhat similar to the pics from the naval up - skintight and shoulder/arm/sideboob baring. The top either closes around her crotch like a one piece swimsuit - in which case she'd have thigh-highs - or possibly goes down to her feet into a one piece armless/backless leotard of sorts. Your call. No zipper obviously. Ye old medieval times. As for how it gets on or off then. Magic! Or more likely it may be psychoactive skin.

She has luminescent green psionic tattoos running along the length of her arms. I imagine they could be geometric patterns, possibly reminiscent of Kanji or - if you want - lovecraftian writing since my setting has Illithids as the origin of Psionics. Her mind blade/s if included should, likewise, be green.

Expression looks about right in refs too.

>> No.13201678

From this thread >>13201043

I hereby humbly requesting a drawfag to draw an angry gnoblar riding on a super cute but lazy pink piggy (not boar). The gnoblar is dressed in junk armor as usual with a some broken but shgarp weapon and shouting "CHAAARGE!" or something while the pig is asleep or something like that.

>> No.13202210

To the first page with you.

>> No.13202266

CWC as the Daemon Prince of Nurgle.

>> No.13202345

I fell asleep.

Hope this works.
This is something i'd use in my games. You are a cool person.

Now i must depart to for my crappy saturday job.

>> No.13202470

Thanks a million! I'm glad you like the idea! :D

In what way does CWC and a Nurgle prince differ?

>> No.13202520

Nurgle princes aren't creepers

>> No.13202633


Does this mean that you want some more requests?

I will give a tits request and a non tits request.

Non tits, Dragon with prothetic arm.

Tits, Macha slamming down a beer after drinking it.

Do either one, and titting up the non tits one would.... be okay/awesome.

>> No.13203009

A female superhero who's made entirely out of electric energy made into human form.

She's about 1,80 cm tall, a bit skinny and her her "hair" (or the part which would have been hair if she was human) looks like its made up into rasta braids.

she's only dressed in a sports-bra and panties made out of some high-tech stretchy and energy resistant material

>> No.13204520

Can we have a red-headded buxom dwarf lass with a 4-shot repeating crossbow?

>> No.13205619

bumpity bump bump bump bump

>> No.13205997



>> No.13206084

Ok, maybe you could make an ork, holding a small child while he is shooting to a tyranid?

>> No.13206189

A somewhat young and svelte guardsman. He's wearing a uniform just like the man to left in the picture, but of course, it's a bit form-fitting to show how skinny the guardsman is and it has flak armor on his thighs, shoulders, and chest. His weapon of choice would be an auto-gun that looks like an SKS. The furniture on the auto-gun looks exactly like the synthetic furniture used on a standard-issue Imperial lasgun. His face is obscured by a balaclava, but his eyes convey a look of slight naivety and complacency.

>> No.13206300

Could I request a Dark Heresy characetr? She's a Forgeworld-born Assassin, rebuilt by her patron Magos.

She's wearing a tight black bodyglove that open up around her knees and elbows. Her arms and legs are fully augmetic and clearly for combat purposes; and she makes no effort to conceal their fairly cruel appearance.

She has long, light brown hair, gray eyes, very pale skin, and her neck is marred by a breathing apparatus that has tubes snaking up from her back. She wears a belt around her waist, a Mechanicum-styled duster jacket, and a wide-brimmed hat to match.

Thanks for your consideration!

>> No.13206329

This dorf
Just draw

>> No.13206331

Draw Kirby SHODAN, please.

>> No.13206788

How is that Dorf still alive. Source, please.

>> No.13207259 [DELETED] 

Hey green, how about that sexy version of Valkia / Living Saint ?

>> No.13207315

Silver dragonborn monk. Blue eyes, short black dragonborn rope hair. Only has backpack and monk outfit.

>> No.13207331

Thri-kreen, naked, behind an oversized beach ball she's holding.

>> No.13208343 [DELETED] 

bumping drawfag thread

I stumbled on a live drawfag stream at a convention somewhere in Japan and I thought it would be nice to watch a professional draw it in real time. Stop by if you're interested.


>> No.13208430

Hey green, how about that sexy version of Valkia / Living Saint ?

(this time with a sfw pic because I am a dumbass)

>> No.13208526

Fucking hilarious.

>> No.13208711

I am free from slavery and i would like to see some more requests in this thread

>> No.13208730


MAH TECHMARINE! I am subtly drawing attention to it. If possible an Iron Father.

>> No.13208731


None of the recent ones catch your interest?

>> No.13208765


How about some her being nude, with a playful expression? Maybe with another Sister.

>> No.13208774 [DELETED] 

Obviously not...... well I'll throw this one out there and see If you will bite.... some Battletech tits....heres a lil something something for reference

>> No.13208806


Requesting her being molested by her canoness/a daemonette/a Tyranid bio-monstrosity.

>> No.13208845

Yeah, that picture's going to be deleted pretty fast.

>> No.13208901

its getting late.....might not

>> No.13208985

I am not familiar with battletech.

>> No.13208999

figured, carry on greenmarine, keep cranking out that gold

>> No.13209010

Female MILF Chinese Monk lady. LN and arrogant. Busty and attractive, and still thinks she's all that. Dresses and acts accordingly. A bit toned - particularly for her age - but not really a musclegirl. Black hair in a bun. Wears a very tight blue or red qipao that leaves her legs and arms bare.

Pic NWS but related and the best reference I could really do.

Going out to see Tron in a short bit, so the thread may be gone when I return, in which case kindly someone upload this to /tg/booru if it gets done. If it's tagged monk I should be able to find it, if it's tagged monk and milf doubly so.

>> No.13209038

how about the geezer captain guy from Ultramarines in half-daemon-prince mode sodomizing another Ultramarine who is sodomizing a Black Legion guy who is sodomizing another Ultramarine.

while a Sister of Battle and/or Daemonette schlicks to it.

>> No.13209080


So basically, an older, bustier Chun-Li?

>> No.13209111


And Faptau? Where he is in your storyline? Probably fapping to the image of the Sister and Daemonette.

>> No.13209130

Sans dem thighs, and with a different hairstyle and outfit.

But yes, I suppose. Well, and actually Chinese looking. Chunners is sometimes drawn in a generic there-is-no-ethnicity-besides-white-and-black animu style.

>> No.13209176

Female Dark Eldar and an Eldar Banshee both nearly naked, involved in some lesbian activity after having fought each other in a knock-down drag-out fight with each other (clothing mostly gone both of them covered with small wounds) They just got way too turned on while fighting and couldn't help themselves.

>> No.13209180

Maybe a female Princeps with black hair, posed somewhat seductively?

>> No.13209200

Does anyone actually ask greenmarine to do non-nude/sfw stuff? Or at least not filled with hints of it?

>> No.13209210


Greenmarine does a SFW piece now and then but he says that he likes drawing tits so that is what we request

>> No.13209219

I'm led to believe that drawing tits are fun... if so more power to him, but im sures hes done sfw stuff all the time, its just smexy sfw stuff

>> No.13209245


Greenmarine draws things. SEXY things.

>> No.13209328

Every time I've tried my request as been ignored. Make of that what you will.

>> No.13209362

greenmarine would be bestmarine if he drew some delicious Mk VIII Errant Armor.

>> No.13209366

I like Valkia the bloody.

>> No.13209379


And what have you been requesting? Some things just don't interest him at all.

>> No.13209380

Might want to post that somewhere else, just in case. Wouldn't want to see you get banned! You actually DO stuff around here!

>> No.13209381

well is it familiar to him? .... I asked for battletech on the off chance he might now a bit or two.....also he draws what he cares to draw, either your a lucky winner or you're a loser... pretty simple

>> No.13209393

delicious work greenmarine
I agree, your too good for us and I wouldnt want to see you gone

>> No.13209411

>>also he draws what he cares to draw, either your a lucky winner or you're a loser... pretty simple

Pretty much, yeah.
I draw things i like.Sorry.

>> No.13209420


Ok, disregard the TechMarine request as it seems it's not down your alley.

>> No.13209429

Hey, Greenmarine.

Would you draw a black woman with green eyes, a strong build(without being quite musclegirl territory; relatively big boobs) and really short black hair(almost buzzcut, but not quite), pinning down a blond, blue-eyed white guy, holding his arms by the wrists, that sort of thing, and riding him for all he's worth? Both should look like they're enjoying the hell out of it - consensual rough stuff, not raep.

>> No.13209461

art imitating life?

>> No.13209474


>> No.13209595

Fuck yehah more valkia.
Awesome man thanks

>> No.13209675

Hey gm, don't forget her khorne helmet-thingy, Like in your first versions:

>> No.13209719

Dwarf Ranger Lass chilling in a hot tub while her big cat guards her and her boobs :3?

>> No.13210572

Bemp for Greenmarine!

>> No.13211127

Come on, /tg/.
I am bored.


>> No.13211159


What you feel like drawing dude anythingin particular you feel like? porn? just nudes? single character or two or three?

>> No.13211162

Cata-chan, naked, possibly more ripped than usual holding a terrified guardsman/woman in a headlock while staring at the viewer smiling

>> No.13211168


why you keep ignoring my requeeest


>> No.13211179

No love for black chick and her hawt smexings, then? Sad. :(

>> No.13211211

Valkia trying to show Khornette that step-mom's incharge when daddy Khorne's away.

Kind of like that picture you drew where Valkia had Khornette in a headlock, except maybe she's forcing her to suckle her breast or something, I dunno.

>> No.13211214

this, but not more ripped than usual, and a guardswoman

>> No.13211242

A female IG ripping off her chest armor with one hand after getting acidic Tyranid blood on it.

She's holding a bolter Rambo-style in her other hand, shooting from the hip, and fragging 'Nids all around her as she does this.

>> No.13211350

Mind if i join Greenmarine?

>> No.13211369


Do et.

Greenmarine has never been a snob about people joining him for drawthreads.

>> No.13211494


>> No.13211640

I'd like to see >>13208806

>> No.13211677

A Female Eldar Dark Reaper being attacked by a male kroot. Her armor is being ripped off piece by piece and she is fending off blows from the kroot with her broken Reaper Launcher. She is on her back with a foot against the Kroot's chest and she has just activated the suit's stabilization system driving the anchor in her boot through his torso.

How much of the Dark Reaper's armor is off is up to you but her helmet should be off, preferably on the ground beside her but not necessary.

>> No.13211706

Hey, kinda looks like that Green Lantern chick- Soranik Natu, I think?

>> No.13211708


You reminded me of the one Kroot tale about chasing two Eldar rangers, both siblings. They were rushing through the forest when they got caught - the sister was eviscerated and torn apart with her heart eaten before her eyes if I remember right.

>> No.13211734

Allright GM

A female elf of athletic build with pale skin and red (orange) hair in a pageboy haircut. She has green eyes, and doesn't tend to believe in makeup, she always wears a gray choker with a teal oval gem in the middle. She usually dresses with sensible boots, long cuffed brown pants, a green shirt, and a blue tabard with gold edges. She also wears a small shawl of the same gold over her shoulders that tends to bunch up on one side and only fall on the other, That said, she is a planar traveler, and can dress any way, or naked (has to have the choker though) if it strikes your fancy. Here's my crappy mouse drawing because my scanner isn't working to show you a past comission I took.

>> No.13211785

I'm not Green Marine. But I'm on this one.

>> No.13211789


i feel very stupid for asking this but who is deathleaper fangirl?

>> No.13211809

Hey, could I have my antagonist for an upcoming game of D&D drawn?

Backstory and such: Cleric who lost faith in the Gods when witnessing the tortured life of a youth from a small-town who told his story and died on the steps of the Cleric's God. Said youth, for whatever reason, then became the source of a fungus that spread throughout the Chapel's undercroft (becoming final dungeon) and the spores infect the population/players with a plague, which leads them to ultimate calmness and easiness with the world while they're eaten away from the inside. Cleric became infected and decided that a calm, peaceful death was better than the suffering that life brings, so yeah, he's working on spreading it.

Anyway, he's fairly tall and well-built, wears worn and broken plate and chainmail armor which is ripped asunder by mycelium growing from wounds in his body. Carries around a mace and a tower shield, the latter with the symbol of his former God, dashed with blood. (Don't really have a symbol, a golden sun or pentagram or cross would suffice) His hair is salt-and-peppered, neatly brushed back behind his head. His eyes are Grey and empty, though despite the plague-induced calmness, looks agitated. He's middle-aged, and his skin is covered in boils, buboes, sores and wounds spouting mycelium.

Complicated, yeah, but I'd be much obliged if you'd draw him up.

Pic related, I guess. The town where the plague originated, chapel pictured.

>> No.13211814


Sweet! I collect different artists interpretations of her, so please sign it!

>> No.13211829

Since there actually are active drawfriends in this thread, I'll ask for a picture of my character here, too:

Halfling sorceress(Pathfinder, Fire Elemental bloodline). Short, busty, but doesn't really dress to show it off. Curious, impulsive, hotheaded. Appreciates the finer things in life, beautiful clothes, good food, etc. Likes to solve conflicts with fire. Lots and LOTS of fire. Face and hair like pic related.


>> No.13211843

Because he doesn't have to do it, dude. Nobody's paying him to do this, he's willingly drawing things that we request without any compensation beyond praise. He's not honor bound to do every request. He just draws the ones he wants to. And, quite frankly, whining about it isn't going to get your request drawn any faster. Most people have to request something in five or more drawthreads before a drawfag hops on it.

>> No.13211849


Clothing is optional.

>> No.13212255


>> No.13212277


I come here all the time and have never seen you drawfag here before.

Pity I've missed your contributions thusfar, I like your style.

>> No.13212312


Yay! it looks great! I love it, thank you!

>> No.13212324

I haven't been active for over a year, not long before WKCD left. When I was fast enough to drawfag, may art was shit. And when I was good enough to not be an insult my shit took forever.

>> No.13212332

Harley Quinn dressed as a Dark Eldar wych, similar to Lelith Hesperax's outfit. Though she has some Eldar Harlequin elements as well, (a couple of porcelain mask on one side of her hip, maybe one shoulder too) With her normal costume color scheme.

I can't decide if she should be showing off her blonde pig tails or have her mask/make-up on.

>> No.13212354


Fucking amazing.

Could I request a similar drawing for a character I have?

Her name is Tia. She's a former pirate. The only woman on an all male crew. She got sick of all the men though and now wants to create her own crew of nothing but beautiful women.

So! As for appearance... she's a slenderish woman. Thin with moderate curves. She's typically wearing a corsair's shirt under a black bodice with brown breeches, the top few buttons of the shirt undone. She has long dirty blonde hair that stops about mid back, and hazel eyes. She loves flirt, so something a little more risque would be pretty normal.

Pic semi-related. A friend of mine drew her in "more typical adventurer's clothing" which was pretty cool. I don't mind seeing her in different clothes either =D

>> No.13212355


Think you might take a stab at my request? Seems greenie is gone and I like your style just as well, so I'd like to see you give it a go.

request was this one: >>13211242

>> No.13212376

Just like you did to Cultist-chan, eh?

>> No.13212427

A request, please.

A guardsman, sitting. Dark, sunken eyes. High cheekbones, hollowed cheeks, angular (kind of pointed) nose. A pot-style helmet (think WWI or WWII helmet) that helps hide dark (almost black) and a com-bead in each ear. A slightly larger than usual pack on his back, with extra bags on his webbing. No medals. He should be leaning slightly forward, leaning on his lasrifle with one hand, with something akin to a rosary (though still Imperial!) in the other. A worried expression on his face would be best.

Thank you for considering my request. I tried to choose a moment that you might hopefully find interesting.

>> No.13212434

A middle-eastern-looking Fighter/Wizard with a scimitar, one of those wrapped hats, and a silent-movie villain mustache/goatee. looks friendly, boisterous, and eccentric. has lots of potions and alchemical items

>> No.13212453

I'm on this one, but then I need to get back to some art that is earning me a paycheck.

>> No.13212518


>>13212427 here
Understandable. Thanks for taking the time out of your day to make us happy. I know we're like a bunch of seagulls who have figured out you have bread, but it really does brighten our day to see somebody take our odd requests seriously.

>> No.13212525



>> No.13212533

Holy crap that's awesome! Humbly requestin dis.

>> No.13212535

Letting you know I'm working on this

>> No.13212551

Any chances at all of anyone taking on >>13211829 ? It seems to be the bane of drawthreads, for some reason.

>> No.13212706


>> No.13212870

Well, thats what I get for not being fast enough.

>> No.13212937

You spent far too much detail in the cameltoe.

Not the original requister- but still nice work.

Good luck on working on the paycheck.

>> No.13212986

Can i have this, but with an ork shooting a tiranid while holding or protecting a child?

>> No.13213003

Requesting Khornette dragging a (chain-)axe bigger than she is behind her. She has a wicked grin on her face.

>> No.13213040

I like camel toe. And thanks a lot. I'll try to be back int a day or so to handle two or three more requests.

>> No.13213098


Ioun Stones
Ioun Stones in various orifices, Ioun Stones with various orifices or two awakened Ioun Stones that fell in love

Separate request(but not by much)
The chaos gods as Ioun Stones, Ioun Elemental

>> No.13213120

i'll take this.

>> No.13213201

Draw my character from an old game? (can't remember much about the game now, but I've always remembered the mental image of the character). He was tall and dark, his eyes were a dull shade of yellow and his hair was long and black, reaching far past his waist. He stood about 6 feet tall. His fingers were long and white, like spiders legs, and there were odd spiralling patterns on his neck, that seemed more like they were carved into it than tattooed. He wears a top and jeans that look like black leather, and he wears scraps of a tattered cloak over the top of them.

Thanks if you get around to this.

>> No.13213247

Can I get an Arbitrator in a black cloak and hood with a power sword and a tower shield that says "If you can read this, you are in my roundhouse kick range?"

>> No.13213561

Mind if I request an old character of mine? She's a down on her luck, yet cheerful, shadowrunner with thin, robotic legs that end in those prosthetic running hooks you see amputee athletes wear. She's wearing a skin-tight, dark blue torso suit (maybe zipped down halfway?) and has amp goggles sitting on her forehead.

>> No.13213641

I would like to request two to four female faction members playing New Super Mario Bros. Wii (or any video game for that matter) each with variable reaction faces on the current gameplay.

I was thinking of the Daemonette factions playing against/with each other. Tzeentch-chan with a smug look, Bloodletter-chan raging, Daemonette-chan trying to use distraction tactics on Tzeentch-chan, and Nurglette-chan looking slightly confused/happy at everything.

naked/clothed/swimsuits whatever artist wants!

>> No.13214123

sorry guys, phonecalls interruptions, didn't manage to complete it, and now i must go off. perhaps i'll finish it later.

>> No.13214415

i requested this a while ago, did it ever get finished?

>> No.13214484


>> No.13214813

A female tiefling bending over, her hand on her ass and her tail arching/bending to the side to prepare for dickings. She is looking forward to it.

>> No.13214971

this please

>> No.13215255

well, it doesn't look all that khorny but, well, tits and giant axes.

>> No.13215276


A young, confused looking pale man at about nineteen years old, wearing an old, battered sombrero and poncho and carrying a (Recently fired) double barrelled shotgun, staring at an emaciated native american who is clutching a bleeding eye in pain.

Also, maybe the words 'One-eyed Black Stick' underneath.

Completion will result in much grateful sex and win.

>> No.13215285


>> No.13215454

Is "HNNNNNG" a good thing?

>> No.13215486

the hands are turning me crazyyy

>> No.13215696


Well, it's not getting more finished than this.

>> No.13215748


I think it looks fine. Any chance you'd do this? I won't be heartbroken if you're not interested:

>> No.13215877


Would like to see this, simply because of the dick joke. I'm assuming the Indian's name was Black Stick.

>> No.13215974


I like your style very much.

>> No.13215989

an irish red head elf with fuzzy close cut hair and mutton chops in a hawaiian shirt some jeans and sandals. He should have a bloody nose with a non descript white stuff on his upper lip and nose. He should be really happy and holding a hand gun. Shudder Shades on his head maybe but not covering his eyes. He can be doing magic if you feel like it.


a sugar doll skeleton witch. With a huge hairdo with skeletons coming out of it. She should be wearing a t-shirt with the word Skull Cracker written on the chest and a skirt that goes to her knees. She should be wearing knee high combat boots. She should could have a cowl or some thing. She could also could be holding a knife in one hand and a heart in the other.

Thanks if you do this and thanks if you don't.

>> No.13216049

greenmarine, how about this one, pretty please?

A female tiefling bending over, her hand on her ass and her tail arching/bending to the side to prepare for dickings. She is looking forward to it.

>> No.13216055


>> No.13216203

Sorry for being lazy.
Laziness is in my genes.

>> No.13216230



>> No.13216234



>> No.13216321

Requesting a bikini-clad female Half-Orc in a pinup pose.

>> No.13216341


>> No.13216733



>> No.13216815

Rerequesting for Greenmarine

>> No.13216824

Rerequesting for Greenmarine.

>> No.13216837

Fucking anatomy.


>> No.13216847

Requesting Kroot eating God-Emperor at Golden Throne.

>> No.13216871

For an odd request, how about an Iron Warriors-styled Sister or something?

>> No.13216891


>> No.13216908


>> No.13216912

Please man! I need a true artist to draw the Creative Morals from a Dwarf Fortress military squad!

>> No.13216931

A super-buff Jawa punching a Stormtrooper in the crotch and seriously injuring him.

>> No.13216970

GM! These two engaged in foreplay:

>> No.13217290


>> No.13217299

Holy shit! That's hot.

>> No.13217338

bumping for hope

>> No.13217352

Thank you greenmarine!

>> No.13217598


>> No.13217615

come on greenie you know we love you

>> No.13217629


Bump for this.

Captcha: Danster cannot

>> No.13217631

A dreanei female lying on her stomach (possibly very lightly dressed/nude), getting her hooves serviced by a couple strong hands.

>> No.13217809

A Techpriestess taking care of Penitent Engine.

>> No.13217849


You know, I really shouldn't read that and immediately think you meant that as a bondage fantasy.

>> No.13217903

You got it wrong, Techpriestess are all about sacred oils and sweet love for the machine spirit.

Bondage would be a Repentias Mistress training her squad...

>> No.13217923

Bumping this

>> No.13218062

Had to do it when i realized anon is playing Litchi Faye Ling.

Also, fucking anatomy.

>> No.13218101

Holy shit, thanks! The Qipao was a bit more loinclothy as I saw it, but that's still perfect! Thanks.

And holy shit, she is Litchi @[email protected]

>> No.13218118

Sweet. Which one are you doing next?

>> No.13218174


Would you like to give the redhead a shot, GM? I'd love to see your interpretation.

>> No.13218181

I'd like a dwarven wizard doing experiments with ore or rocks in a human tavern, looking terribly out of place, and not noticing/caring.

>> No.13218472

Could I please ask for a cutesy and surprisingly happy-looking tiefling girl dressed in a fantasy version of a french maid dress, with a lot of frilly transparencies? I was in fact thinking in having the "skirt" be obviously transparent but not completely so on the crotch area. Got the idea from a Bastard!! chapter someone storytimed here some weeks ago, but sadly didint save the image of the elven princess and her dress. The tiefling girl has exceedingly long and bare legs (rolled on the old 2e table for tieflings and she got blue skin, tail, horns, and finally, legs 12 inches longer than normal, so, you know, a LOT of leg), standing on the balls of her feet, holding a little plate with a cutesy silver teaset in it, or maybe an ashtray? smoking cigar on ashtray is opcional.

She has a metallic, 2 inches thick (with 1/3 of a inch breathing room) slave collar with a large ring hanging from its front.

Her hair is arranged in a ponytail that rises a couple of inches behind her, wrapped tightly before being allowed to fall down loose behind her.

She is waiting to serve the tea, or patiently holding the ashtray for someone sitting pretty much out of the picture? the house is obviously upper end high class.

I dont know if I did too much description or too little. When I do too little, people says they cant draw it because of that, and if I do more, they say they dont dare because I have too clear an idea of what I´m hoping for.

Not a 4e tiefling, btw. 2e, so pretty much go for a daemonette, I guess.

>> No.13218486


Plz draw this someone.

>> No.13218595

Could you do a drawing of my character in Changeling the lost?

He's a 4' 11" sly-looking man with abnormally thin limbs, copper colored skin, rust-red short hair and deep-red eyes. He's wearing a white shirt with the arms rolled up, a pair of work-trousers. He also has a toolbelt filled with random tools for repairing cars.

If you know about changeling the lost i can tell that he's a wizened. I play him as grumpy from snowwhite.

>> No.13218866

NO 404 4U

>> No.13218940

Sigh* Here I was thinking nice day at work with nothing to do, then stupid clients call, want stupid sample done immediately...

Ah well, here's a work in progress for now then

>> No.13218987

Gonna request my Dark Heresy character; its a Sister, but she's in more mundane clothes than the power set. Her eyes have a supernatural glow to them; an unusual and unwanted power that got her condemned and banished from the Order. You can have her handling a Flamer if you want, or a more normal pose.

>> No.13219003


Not my request but i love it.

>> No.13219033

>Her eyes have a supernatural glow to them; an unusual and unwanted power that got her hunted and burned by the Order.
fixed that for you.

>> No.13219042

Looks nice.

>> No.13219044

naked female tau

be creative

>> No.13219062

Oh god, I love penitent engines. Even as I get tired of everything else in the grim darkness of the 41st millenium, I still love Penitent engines. There one of those few moments when games workshop actually constructs something that's thematically brilliant.

They're not monsters, they're victims. They're walking martyrs, normal looking people chained to a horrible war machine.

They're the only thing in the imperium that cultivates any pathos.

>> No.13219144

Hopeful bump for this one. Need it done as a christmas present for a player.

As stated, much sex and gratitude if it's done.

>> No.13219153


I recognize this; its a Background from one of the DH handbooks. The only reason the character ISN'T dead is because an Inquisitor got involved; nonetheless, the character was severely tortured. Probably with fire.

>> No.13219159


Too bad they suck to retarded on tabletop.

>Wilymu works-

>> No.13219415

I have what you want.

>> No.13219425




>> No.13219791

Ok guys, I need a character drawn and it's simple as hell:
It's a humanoid figure made of fire and coal. There aren't many flames extending out of the outline of his body, but the coal is mostly glowing red with only small spots of black and between the coal there's pure flame. The coal:flame ratio is about 70:30. He has a golden ring with a red stone on the ring finger of his right hand and a black plate gauntlet with sickly green (necron green) highlights on his left. No facial features.

>> No.13219796


>> No.13219827

And yes before you ask it is a terrible demigod (with the demi part being highly questionable) mary sue with tons of powers and artifacts which I have accumulated through years of basically being a huge faggot online freeform RPing whore and who was originally a centaur.

Still, it would be pretty sweet if someone could draw him for me.

>> No.13219963

You seem to be aware that freeform online RPing is the purest, most vile form of heresy.

>> No.13220132

Sounds cool.

>> No.13221060

anyone fancy doing this?

>> No.13221226

GM, how about a couple of techpriestesses performing maintenance on each other?

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