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Borrowed this from our /co/mrades.

Meet "Gossip Girl". A D-list superhuman that was in the one-shot Spider-Man comic "The Short Halloween". She's a total blank slate - we don't know her background, the origin of her powers, or even the full extent of those powers other than "she has extra mouths". She was basically a throwaway character - not even Marvel's own website has any info on her.

As one /co/mrade put it:

I immediately though of the brillian/tg/urus and your boundless creativity. That is your challenge. Make something out of this cast-off nobody. I believe in you.

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Yeah... this should go on /d/ I'm thinking.

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ventriloquism x5

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Maybe she can. . . okay, I have no fucking idea.

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She can speak the words for five spells simultaneously. That's something.

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Well, she could wield five Mouth Picks, the special weapon from Lords of Madness, although I think she might have to be large and have a natural bite attack to do that.

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Barbershop Quartet powers?

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Uhh Quintet powers I guess.

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I saw this and was reminded of Tycho's rant when Gabe compared Warhammer to Warcraft. I'm talking Penny Arcade of course. Can't remember it clearly, but something about "mouths singing" and some gate to eternal torment opening.

You could use something nightmarish like that as a basis. Make her totally unassuming until the horror begins.

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Observation: with five mouths, she could scream really loud. Though I'm not sure how useful a power that would really be.

Addendum: in the end, she's likely doomed to the metahuman porn industry.

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They're not just mouths, they're separate intelligences. Each is an expert in a variety of fields with genius level intelligence, as well as telepathic ability, to learn from those around them. Gossip Girl herself merely coordinates them and puts their knowledge to use.

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This. Also screaming with all five mouths to seriously hurt somebody's ears.

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What if she has mouths in her feet?

And one in her...


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Cleanse the Impure
Purge the Mutant
Kill the Unclean

>fover Itrity

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Well she either has multiple personality disorder, or she has adsorbed other people's identities, whom can only speak freely though one of the mouths.

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My first thought. God. She's, like, amazingly super powered in a fantasy setting with verbal magic (whatever the technical term is).

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perhaps she could cast spells, and those extra mouths allows her to complete highly complex or multiple incantations!?

Or probably just the blowjobs thing.

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She's a succubus, working in the porn industry, who eats the souls of the people she has sex with, absorbing their accumulated knowledge and using their spiritual energy to rend the fabric of reality, using evil's own powers against it. She's a gritty, cursed 90's anti-hero.

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She doesn't just have five mouths. She has five minds, each able to speak at the same time. If they're at all intelligent (or can be made intelligent), that vastly increases the amount of "computing power" available to her. Not to mention that they're either tied into her other senses or have their own, since they wouldn't be able to hear anything otherwise, and they're clearly conversing with each other.

Alternatively, she just has five mouths and enjoys talking to herself. Or has dissociative identity disorder.

Still, fun at parties.

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Apprentice her to Stephen Strange and prepare for several spells to be cast all at the same time.

The mouths themselves appear to act independently of her will and may very well have their own autonomy. If such is the case, each could focus on the verbal components of their separate spells.

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Amazingly high powered Bard-Wizard multiclass.

Assist Other (as in: Assist Self) if required.

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Holy fuck I've seen legitimate supervillains with weaker powers.

Hell, Lex Luthor doesn't even HAVE any powers other than absurd intelligence and baldness.

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Let's say she can generate orifices on any part of her body in infinite number. These orifices can speak and generate air turbulence regardless of internal structure or physical law.

Her main power will be a resonant scream-ball, where she utilizes millions of pore-like "mouths" to agitate specific ranges of resonant frequencies, causing structural weakness, intense pain, and (in cases of extra effort) disintegration.The ability to internally socialize will also provide extensive insight on social function, as well as the ability to hold forum at any given moment.

She may also become porous on command.

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While all the "magic and fantasy" ideas are clever, I think the intent was to make a "canon" version of her that could fit into Marvel-esque settings.

Right now, she doesn't even have a real name, just the superhuman alias of "Gossip Girl" - which, incidentally, makes trying to google info for her a REAL pain in the ass because I keep getting hits for that TV show instead...

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He, like batman is super rich.

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If each mouth has it's own associative brain/intellect (as implied by the disagreement two mouth's seem to share and the fact that the owner seems to go to them for differing opinions) then she has access to 5x the problem solving ability, especially if she learns how to store separate areas of knowledge in each 'brain' for easy access.

If not, then she only has a use in a fantasy/sci-fi setting where magic has a verbal component. The ability to cast 5 spells at once (each with their own independent intellects so that disabling one while not necessarily stop the others) is POWERFUL AS SHIT.

And if none of the above, kinky hooker.

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She could be some sort of modern Siren, her different mouths all singing a hypnotic song. Also, capable of making wide-ranged sonic attacks, perhaps.

Maybe she could have some sort of psychic power; she's "Gossip Girl", so maybe the mouths are able to tell her dark secrets about others.

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>Apparently five mouths
>Five fingers per hand

It's like a one-man band, but now it's supplemented with the power of Captain Planet in one person.

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How'd he get to be rich?

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Anyone else notice that in the first panel, her left hand is drinking a soda?

I find this amusing.

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Well, just like anyone else he was born that way.

It's not as though you can legitimately BECOME rich. There's rules in place to stop that shit from ever happening.

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And her right is blowing a bubble. Obviously she either has some odd biology or DIMENSIONAL SHENANIGANS

What if each of those mouths is like a bag of holding?

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The right hand is blowing bubblegum.

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He, like batman had rich parents.

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She can win 5 pie eating contests at once.

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Eww, imagine vomiting.

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Sing in harmony with yourself, become a renowned musician.

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>projectile vomit
>let it built it
>shoot out of hand at enemies face
>i am the beacon this city needs

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I'm willing to bet that she has more mouths than that.

Perhaps she has the ability to spawn a mouth anywhere on her body?

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I'm suddenly reminded of that MSpaint doodle someone did where the guy starts throwing up so hardcore that he starts shitting and pissing everywhere, then achieves flight and starts a chain reaction all over the world when other people start throwing up and shitting and pissing everywhere.

On a related note, fuck you, now I can't stop imagining what would have happened if the Music Meister's power was manifested differently.

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It took two minutes for someone to scream blowjob.

I am disappointed in you /tg/. It should have taken half that.

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I'm thinking a sort of modern-day five-mouthed siren with sonic attacks would work best. It'd be pretty neat, too; the villains she can't fight with brute force she could fight with hypnotic suggestions and mind control.

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>>13196451 she has extra mouths

Man, I wish this was a fetish thread.

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I like the idea of each mouth being a separate intelligence with no "main" intelligence in the body, they all have to co-operate to get shit done. But that's kinda dumb now I type it out. I was gonna say give each mouth a separate personality and/or different powers (one's telepathic, one knows the future etc...) but that just sounds like an overly literal and shit version of Typhoid Mary.

If I was going to use her in a comic I think I'd explain that the fact that she has (at least) five mouths which can talk at the same time means the speech centre and related areas of her brain are extremely advanced and this gives her crazy communication/language skills, then I'd make her a back-seat hero, kinda like The Oracle in the DC universe.

Hell if you extend "language skills" to "computer languages" she'd be one of the best sources of information on the planet (thanks to being able to hack into anything ever), which also actually ties in with her hero name beyond being a shitty lame pun.

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>Extensive discussion of superpowers and practical/impractical uses for same

>Nothing about personal details like real name, human/mutant status, sexual preferences, etc. Character still a blank slate.

/tg/, you're letting your /co/mrades down...

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No, a /co/mrade would be bitching about how she's too old and not worth sexualizing despite her being /d/eviant material.

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Her name is Bitchy Slutstarr, she's a crazed bisexual mutant. Happy?

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>Nothing about personal details like real name, human/mutant status, sexual preferences, etc. Character still a blank slate.

Name: Jane Talksafuckinlot
Human/mutant status: Mutant.
Power: Illusion, in reality, these mouths are only illusions, hiding the fact that she talks enough for 5 people.
Sexual Preference: Spiders, obviously.

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Which of course is not allowed here on /tg/: Tough Guy Janitor

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She specialises in kidnapping young adult daughters of wealthy families and holding them for ransom.

The reason this is awesome? You know that bit that happens in all kidnappings where the kidnapper walks up behind the victim and covers her mouth with their hand to stop them screaming as they're dragged away?

That is now a hand-make-out

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/tg/ will focuses on discussion of superpowers and practical/impractical uses for same because once we understand it's limits, we can min/max it.

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Oh, now you're just being childish. Be serious. You've created whole species out of whole cloth before - attaching a name and persona to an otherwise blank-slate character should be easy for you all.

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u mad?

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Anybody else reminded of Ball of Arms Man?

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Honestly there's not much we can do.

She's got multiple personalities and a minimum of four mouths on her body that she's vain enough to apply makeup to. She thinks her abilities warrant a superhero name and costume with see through cleavage.

There's not much else to tell.

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just you pal

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How about instead of multiple personalities, her extra mouths just forced her to spend most of her time alone as a kid and she started talking to herself out of boredom?

They're not extra personalities they're just her own inner voices, spoken out loud due to habit. Rather than weighing up the pros and cons of a situation in her head, she assigns each mouth a side of the argument and talks it out loud.

And... then she decided to become a superhero.

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All I can think is the amazing porn that could be made with this character.


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The film "Teeth" is her origin story.

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for everyone saying that she could scream really loud, 5 mouths at once = 1 mouth + 24 decibels. for those of you who arent sound engineers, its not exactly life-threatening

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Yeah, but you need someone to take out Ear Wig (cancer gave him extra ears!), she's yer lady. (Or, y'know, anyone else.)

>> No.13197007

That could work. kind of a self-narration thing. But is normal mouth-stuff like talking/eating/breathing all they can do? Marvel mutantcy is rarely at-face-value stuff... I kinda doubt, if she were a more legitimate character, that the extent of her uniqueness would just be arguing out loud with herself - any lunatic street-hobo can do that, and not need four extra mouths to do so.

And we still don't know non-costume details about her, like her name, why she does what she does, how/if she hides her inhuman traits from others, etc.

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She could clamp a hand over each ear and scream directly into your head, creating a lip seal around each ear.

Maybe that'd do something more. Still not really useful when you're up against the Hulk or Thanos, but y'know, whatever. Squirrel Girl has taken on Dr. Doom I'm sure Gossip Girl can get something done.

>> No.13197016


Specially made gloves with built-in ball gags. Also the same but for shirts.

(Or maybe just a single glove for the lame hand who perhaps won't cooperate?)

>> No.13197035

It's been done.


Interestingly, that link and OP's pic are the only images of the character I can find anywhere on the internet...

>> No.13197042


I like the enhanced communication/language skills idea.

I also kinda like the idea of the mouths being basically useless. The extra brain power is her actual positive power, the mouths are just there as a side effect of it (or the brain power is a side effect of the mouths but the mouths are still useless).

>> No.13197044

I can only imagine this being a superhero by virtue of the element of surprise. It's not inherently useful to have those mouths, really.

I imagine she specializes in a strange fighting style that involves slapping or possibly backhanding one's opponent into unconsciousness while smacking weapons and objects out of her way to avoid being harmed. Further, she probably has some kind of inherent resistance to telepathy and mind-control due to the telepath finding it difficult to find the source of Gossip Girl's actual internal monologue to suggest things to and being used to resisting things that seem to be coming from herself.

>> No.13197074

I'm waiting for her to tell someone to TALK TO THE HAND and then make an awesomeface.

>> No.13197080

Add in super-strength and you've got one hell of a grapple-oriented fighter.

>> No.13197094

This needs drawfaggotry.

>> No.13197096


She can never, ever have her own series because thanks to douchebag writers this would be her catchphrase.

Also I can't believe no one even mentioned this before. I didn't even *think* of it.

>> No.13197098

Rule 34. Now.

>> No.13197128

see here.

>> No.13197143

A few levels of monk would probably work too.

>> No.13197159

Clearly her five mouths must be busy with five superheroes, but who? The Captain Planet crew? The five original Power Rangers? The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles + master Splinter?

>> No.13197185


Fantastic Four and Spider-Man.


>> No.13197201


Five mouths, or seven(+?) orifices?

>> No.13197208

7-P porn.

>> No.13197251

>>13196727 Perhaps she has the ability to spawn a mouth anywhere on her body?

There was a mutant in a Gotrek & Felix novel that had the power to spawn a mouth every time someone tried to stab it & catch the blade between its teeth.

I've heard of worse powers.

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Obviously, she's Y'Golonac's daughter.
God, /tg/... Cthulhu Mythos are KINDA one of our things.

>> No.13197299


Cthulu-what now?

>> No.13197365

You make a good point...

>> No.13197504

Any NON-porn-related ideas?

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Name: Hallie Routh
Alias: Gossip Girl
Powers: The computing power of five brains due to mutations. Five personalities and having Five mouths on her body, each of which voices the opinions of a separate personality.
Application: Due to having immense computational power, she is an encyclopedic wealth of information, and has an eidetic memory. She is also a first rate hacker, and has dirt on any city officials or celebrities that have shady pasts or dealings.
Past: Hallie talked enough for several people as a child, and quickly became known as Routh the Mouth on the playground. She had fairly good grades until she hit 12, at which point she began to soar in test scores and exams. She began to have sores on her hands and shoulders develop, which then began to cave in and become mouths. Her parents took the news that she was a mutant fairly well, as long as it meant she kept high grades on test scores\

>> No.13197862

she must spend a fortune on toothpaste

>> No.13197872

Ahh, now we're getting somewhere.

>> No.13197903

Why in the flying fucks are we giving her superior intelligence? She's gossiping. With HERSELF.

She has the computing power of five blondes (multiplicative, not additive).

Moment of silence as we all reflect upon how multiplication treats X, where 1>X>0.

>> No.13197955

Ah yes, because a moment of idle conversation is a diehard identifier of intellect.

>> No.13197997

more please...

>> No.13198031

Name: Jennifer Halworth
Alias: Gossip Girl
Powers: Background noise, Speaking in Tongues, Vocal Mimicry
Location: NY

>> No.13198032

Hallie needed to hide her mouths from other students and friends. She once made the mistake of showing her mouths to a friend, and the friend began to grow distant, until one day she told her that she couldn't be friends with a freak. While this made making friends stressful, once she wanted to start dating she tried again to make more friends. She discovered that as long as she let boyfriends make out with or otherwise use her mouths, they were surprisingly okay with her unusual situation. When she went to college on scholarship (which made her parents very proud) she took an interest in mathematics and analysis. She graduated and became a stock broker, and quickly became successful as her charismatic personality and analytical mind allowed her to reel in clients and keep them. She began to write computer codes in her spare time and was soon creating and trying to hack into systems for fun. She is also a fan of a good party or club, and so long as she remembers to wear gloves and the right clothes, draws many eyes on the dance floor.

Sound good /tg/? Add anything you want guys

>> No.13198064

Each mouth can be "attuned" to one person-instinctive telepathic ability, requires eye contact to activate. She can talk to the mouths, and they can talk to each other- each saying what the person would say, or at least what they could be persuaded to say out loud under the right circumstances. Near as she can figure, the act of deliberately "talking to" her mouths "pings" all her attuned subjects like a thought passing through their mind, and the mouths then articulate what they think in response (which will sometimes include "Wow, kinda weird that I'd think about that now").

A very potent power, but purely for information gathering. Hence, Gossip Girl.

>> No.13198077

I love this. Magnificent.

>She discovered that as long as she let boyfriends make out with or otherwise use her mouths, they were surprisingly okay with her unusual situation.
Bit of a mocking nod to the perverts in the audience, am I right?

>have latteing
Good idea, captcha - I'll take them out for coffee later.

>> No.13198124

Separated at birth?

>close domeatin

Yes captcha, that is what the little girl does in that scene

>> No.13198151

Step Brother.

>> No.13198235


So she's kinda like a mutant version of Oracle... I can dig that.

>beignes dixie
No, captcha, beignes are Creole, not Dixie. You want /ck/ a few doors down.

>> No.13198291

Noted facts:
1) Has at least 5 mouths. May have more.
2) Each mouth acts as if it has it's own personality, though the personalities aren't that much different. Possibly similar to a small clique of high school girls.
3) Each mouth can act seperatly, including speech, breathe, and consumption of food/drink.
4) The character seems quite vain - wears make-up, dresses in bad faux-goth attire, and applies lipstick to all her uh... lips. She does not seem to evidence an especial amount of intelligence or cunning.
5) With the title of Gossip Girl, the character would seem to either have many sources, an ability to intuitivly know what is currently being talked about, or simply likes the catch-phrase.

>> No.13198302

Theory: Gossip Girl was originally 5 seperate people, all from a small group of friends that went to highschool together. Exposure to a special form of radiation activated one of the girl's latent mutant abilities, absorbing all five of them into a gestalt entity. At first, they looked hideous, but with time their shared body adopted the best features of each of the girls, making the collective Gossip Girl more... superheroishly shaped than they were before. While the five have adapted, learning to share the body, they still search for a way to undo the gestalt, and return themselves to normal.

Powers: Gossip Girl has the strength agility and reflexes of the five girls at once, as well as access to whichever of their unique skills she desires. Her mind does process things a bit faster than it once did, but she is not super-intelligent - each mind retains it's own personality and control over it's own function, so she acts more as a committee than a super-brain. Due to multiple mouths and semi-independant lung structures, she may be capable of generating complex melodies, including hypnotic, sub and super-sonic sounds.

Weaknesses: Each of Gossip Girl's selves is a fairly typical, if vapid late teens to early twenties girl. As a result, attempts to divide the group sometimes work, stalling the combined body as the girls fight for control.

>> No.13198483

Janice Fine
Profession: None; college student.
Hobbies: Gossiping, being mysterious.
Powers: Ventriloquism through her own orifices, ability to talk in such a pattern that someone will literally stop moving and twitch...being able to problem solve at x5(more?!?) speed.

Friends: Herself, her, her will, her love, her hate. None others. Dude she's a fucking freak.

If you count her personalities as a single whole she's Tsundere for Spiderman.

>> No.13198701


Gotta say I still like this one best. Well-rounded, with an actual backstory and persona, not just a vehicle for powers. Good job.

>> No.13200371

Very impressive.

>> No.13202252

not a lesbian? she has 5 mouths and SHE IS NOT A LESBIAN?

>> No.13202419

Well, there was only one passing mention of boyfriends, so it's not implausible to think maybe after they treated her mutation like some sort of fucktoy, that she might be turned-off from men as a result...

It's rather subject to interpretation, really. But plausible.

>> No.13202497

You know, besides all the blowjobs, she could also orally satisfy herself AND make out with herself at the same time. And while doing that, she could also orally please two other people with her shoulders.

/d/-list superhuman indeed.

>> No.13202551


im ok with it.

>> No.13202577

I invoke rule 34. Make it happen.

>> No.13202581

I remember a rather bad multi-cunnilingus masturbation fapfic. Maybe some /co/mrade still has it.

>> No.13202601


>> No.13202605

>shoop da whoop on OPs pic

the world is ended

>> No.13202612

This is /tg/. Many of us have masturbated to thri-kreen fingering fapfics.

Bad is a relative term.

>> No.13202620

That's not Rule 34. It's be 34 if she had her clothes off.

At most, it's innuendo.

>> No.13202627


And here we see the only two pictures of the character on the internet. Perhaps this is why most of the answers so far have been porn-related - literally half her known images are erotica..

>> No.13202648

She is snowballing jizz from one of her hand mouths and has her other hand in her pants in what could only be construed as the girl fap position.

>> No.13202653

Preparing explosive clay (inb4 Narutoisgay)
On a more serious note:

If in a setting with magic, I'd give her the ability to cast multiple spells at once (chanting many time the incantations needed). All of the mouths could conceal a certain utility/offensive substance in them, such as glue, and spit it out when needed.

>> No.13202661

Okay, five separate minds, I'm guessing they pick up from her sensory feed. That makes training them kind of difficult. Maybe she could study two things at once- one mouth pays attention to the audio while another pays attention to visual. Learn a language while studying calculus.

But there's another way to improve her input bandwidth for the minds. __All of the mouths will know braille__. She'll probably know it too, just to get along with them. Maybe she has a bookstand where two braille books can be mounted for her shoulders to read, while getting the hands to read will be easy.

>> No.13202667

One of the villains from Slayers did this, he had a demon mouth on each hand so he could cast spells three times faster than anyone else. Combined with the evil magic aura he had from absorbing a giant demon beast it made him quite a bitch to fight.

>> No.13202679

5 simultaneous blowjobs ?

That is something Slaneesh would do.

But oh god I wouldn't stand close to her, if it is annoying to deal with one bitch with just one mouth imagine a brat with five never shutting mouths !

>> No.13202701

how to read braille with no fingers?

>> No.13202708

Step aside, Ball of Arms Man.

>> No.13202710

Blowgun in every mouth=walking death machine.

>> No.13202727

Good god, the depths of shit superhero comics can reach...

>> No.13202762

She was a throwaway character from "The Short Halloween" - a noncanon Spider-Man oneshot written by a couple of former SNL writers and published by Marvel out of apparent boredom.

Deserves better, if you ask me.

>> No.13202763

A well-known Japanese legend goes that if one starves herself for long periods of time (as is often the case of anorexic girls trying to go on ridiculously strict diets), her body may eventually rebel against her, opening a new mouth (on the back of the head though, not shoulders or hands) and taking control of her hair to grab nearby food and obtain the much-needed nourishment. The second mouth has its own sentience and constantly demands food,, but since food it eats never causes weight gain, the host and the second mouth may work out a compromise. The moral of the story, though, is not to neglect eating else you become a horrific monster.

You could use that as background, maybe. And since Japan is big on curses, you could add a bunch of those to her magical arsenal.

>> No.13202806

Tongue and lips. Just as dense sensory perception as fingers. She's quite the lip reader.....

>> No.13202815

Hm. Hadn't considered that.

>> No.13202860


>> No.13202886

Was wondering if/when that would show up.

>> No.13202890

That's hardly any defence of this, more like a statement of the problem.

>> No.13202913

Still deserves better.

>> No.13202917

Not all mutations are entirely beneficial. The X-men are the LUCKY ones.

>> No.13202929

Except for Scott, what with the eye bazookas that he can never turn off, but then that's due to brain damage from when he fell out of a plane as a child.

>> No.13202983

This is still awesome.

>> No.13203645


>> No.13203755

Fall from an airplane and gain LAZAR BEAMS that fire from your eyesockets. Pretty cash if I do say so myself.

>> No.13203763

except the fall means they can't turn off.

>> No.13203874

I had an idea, which immediately reminded me of VtM's Blood Brothers.
Gossip Girl could actually be a set of Quintuplets who psychically network bodyparts between each other.

>> No.13204261

I wonder where else she has mouths

>> No.13205180

does she swallow?

>> No.13205198

vagina dentata?

>> No.13205802

Funny thing is Gabe is right. The world/plot and the game design are two entirely different things and as far as game design goes, they really ARE ripping Blizzard off.
Now those comments on YouTube videos of DoW2 saying that Tyranids are Zerg ripoffs... THAT'S OMEGA RAGE material.

>> No.13205841


>> No.13205893

So what you're saying is there could be four other 'Gossip Girl's and they all talk to each other through mouths on various parts of their body, and are all aware of each other?

Man, they'd make a fucking awesome spy network.

>> No.13205897

This character needs one thing and one thing only to become significantly stronger - to be bitten by vampire.

>> No.13206111

I can't tell if that's ironic.

>> No.13206940

Maybe she could be some sort of spy.
The mouths could be fairly subtle if she didn't apply lipstick to them.

Alternatly, five invisible dicks?

>> No.13207030

She has mouths on her palms.
She could be great at petty theft and pickpocketing.
The mouths on her shoulders and hands could also be used to smuggle drugs or organic explosives.
She has a lot of small-time villain potential, but little that could help her out in the traditional superhero milieu.

>> No.13207127


They're not Lazars. Pic related

>> No.13208697

funny you should say that, as in the comic she was in, that's exactly what she was - a smalltime wannabe-villian.

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