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Nightlords. An awesome traitor legion or best traitor legion?

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Iron Warriors, Night lords are pansy bitches.

Thousand Sons are Allright.

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Alpa Legion was here.

Iron Warriors are dildos.

We will never be exterminated.

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Night Lords=Mah Favorite. I will not claim best. Everyone has their own preferance.

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Death Guard here. All else is inferior.

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I don't like that Night Haunter just let himself be killed.

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It was the ultimate vindication. His death was a greater victory than any show of resistance could have been.
He showed his father that he would gladly die if that was what he wished. Proving his loyalty for all eternity.

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In other news, this guy's art is pretty cool.

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Yeah, where do these come from? I've seen quite a few floating around, interesting and different style.

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It's too bad he slaine69 never did Horus. There's a Perturabo, Lorgar, Corax, Magnus, Angron... but not a single Horus. Also, I commend OP for his choice.

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Also Night Lord & other Traitor Legions image dump.

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Heres a more interesting question: out of all the Traitor Legions, whose gene-seed would you be most willing to accept?

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Thousand Sons.


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That's easy. Night Lords. They have the purest gene-seed with all implants functioning.

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Night Lords or Thousand Sons.

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Emperor's Children. If I'm gonna be a chaos marine, I'm gonna be a crazy drugged-up psychopath motherfucker.

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>out of all the Traitor Legions, whose gene-seed would you be most willing to accept?

Not being overly familiar with WH40k, that was far and away the inadvertently gayest thing I've read in many years.

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Honestly, probably Kurze.

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I want that cube.

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What I've always wondered is how do the Traitor Legions recruit aspirants... and how would the Thousand Sons or Death Guard go about doing this... even the Night Lords aren't clarified. There's just that one story with Raptors.

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I don't think Thousand Suns recruit anymore.

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Chaos Marines deserve an update... Much more than the loyalist Marines do, at any rate.

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Sad though, that CSM won't be getting a Codex update for at least another year or two.

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Thousand Sons here

> I am proud

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Oooh look, I'm not alone in this thread anymore.

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Raptors need much more love than they get.

Preening, Self-absorbed cult of sadistic flying psychopaths in armour shaped like a bird of pray screaming terrifying shrieks over distorted vox speakers for the fun of terrifying their prey?

Fuck. Yes.

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Thousand Sons - All is dust
Iron Warriors - Iron within! Iron without!

Mottos prove their supreme badassery

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>every chaos space marine sound file from DoW1


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These are from the Visions of Heresy book right?

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Aye. That's why they're marked "hhcv". There is some good artwork in those books, but god damn there is horrendous shit which not even a 4 year old should draw and live to breath another second.

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It's a shame that there aren't that many Iron Warriors artworks.

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Is there any more Thousand Sons art? It would be really appreciated if there was. I've been looking for the book on ebay, or a scan, but with no luck.

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Here's the first two collected in one: http://rapidshare.com/files/138318183/Horus_Heresy_Collected_Visions_vol.1_2.rar

Here's the second on its own: http://www.4shared.com/document/rPhENWze/Dark_Heresy_-_The_Horus_Heresy.htm?aff=7637829

Here's the third volume: http://rapidshare.com/files/257925757/Vol.3_Visions_of_Treachery.pdf

Here's the fourth volume: http://rapidshare.com/files/257971284/Vol.4_Visions_of_Death.pdf


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And that is all from me, it's almost 9AM here, I haven't slept in three days and the floor is starting to seem way to soft for me. Good night.

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Oh wow thanks alot, made my night.

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What is that guy's DA account again?

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aerion the faithful or somesuch

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Love the Night Lords, but all about the Word Bearers. Definitely could use a good Night Lords wallpaper though...

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World Eaters were here, all other traitor legions are pansies

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And I'm back.

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Thousand Suns are better

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Cult legions always fighting like spoilt brats.

Chaos Undivided is the truest path.

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You know, I wanna get into 40k at some point, and one of the ideas I had was basically a Space Marine barge that had been lost in the warp for 200+ years, but only a few months/years passed in reality. And when they finally found their way outta there, they'd pretty much been fucked up but good. But thanks to strong leadership, they hadn't gone completely insane.

So they'd basically look fairly SM'ish, with some alterations here and there.

What do you think? My knowledge of 40k is superficial, so.

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Isn't chaos fighting chaos the truest manifestation of chaos?

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Infighting is very common. For instance, in the Soul Hunter, Abaddon launches attacks on the Night Lords and their transport as they begin to retreat from a battle that is already lost. Basically he's bitching because his own army can't retreat fast enough. This is happening somewhere before the 13th BC.

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Pretty much, yeah.

Difference is, I was thinking full on chaos, rather than just "fucked up marines that go berserk". Should've been clearer on that point I guess.

Those Corsair guys are fine too.

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I love that pic.

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Most of the legions still recruit, its a combination of renegade marines, cloning and chaos twisted variations of the normal space marine recruiting procedure.

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I was wondering how they went about that, thanks for the info.

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The next HH anthology has an Iron Warriors v Iron Warriors story, there's a fragment of it up on the BL site

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Honestly, IMO the Night Lords are crap with the only reason they turned was because they kept having their hands slapped every time they went to far.

Horus's Daddy Issues have a deeper emotive impact, even if just *Baww, daddy gave me everything but a hug*

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Isn't that basically all the Traitor Legions' story?
World Eaters were too fighty, Black Legion too sorcery, Word Bearers too religiously fanatic, until at some point they all went to Chaos because the gods encouraged them endulging in their favorite pasttimes.

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Did you read the books [Lord of the Night, Soul Hunter/Shadow Knight]?

>> No.13201869


I dunno, the Iron Warriors have some justification in being pissed off, even if it doesn't quite go as far as justifying the whole "Heresy" thing.

>> No.13201872


>World Eaters were too fighty, Black Legion too sorcery, Word Bearers too religiously fanatic

When you say Black Legion used warp-magic, I think you may be referring to the Thousand Sons. As for the Word Bearers, read The First Heretic. That ought to explain some things to you.

>> No.13201883

Most of the Traitor Legions have some legitimate grievances, but it hardly justifies the bullshit they pull.

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Muther fucking quads dere!!!

>> No.13201895

Wait, I just said I thought them crap and you're suggesting I read a book about something I think crap?
I have better things to waste my fa/tg/irl life on thanks.

>> No.13201896

Horus's reasons for turning are pretty derpy to be honest. Chaos shows him a vision of the future, no statues of him, religious derp everywhere, Horus goes wtf? Chaos says "See, the Emperor is teh liar. All that making you the Warmaster and giving you supreme command of the entire Crusade is because he hates you and wants you to fail" and like an eedjit Horus falls for it, hook line and sinker.

When the Emperor fighs him, his super-psychic attack that scares the Chaos Gods isn't an attack at all. He just shows Horus how he's created te very future he was trying to avert. Horus is pissed and the Chaos Gods run off going "lol we trolled you good Horus"

>> No.13201898

Nighthaunter let himself be killed because it vindicated what he had always believed. He believed that to punish brutality you had to be more brutal, but that would deserve punishment itself. Basically, he decided that all authority was derived from force but since the use of force was inherently immoral, exercising that authority was both necessary and criminal. Thus he punished the guilty and expected (and felt he deserved) to be punished himself for doing so. He had kind of a fucked up mindset.
The Emperor having him killed vindicated that because all Night Haunter had ever done was punish the guilty (albeit according to a fairly warped and broad definition of "guilt"). It proved to him that his way was right, that the Emperor claimed to be pristine but really had to sully his hands with violence to enforce order and was no better than Kurze.

Also, he really really hated his Legion and the Chaos Gods (and all of the other Legions, and really pretty much everything) because the Chaos Gods have no more legitimate claim to authority than the Emperor and are just as bad. My favorite moment in The First Heretic was where he saves Lorgar from getting his pussy ass beat by Corax and snarls at him, "You are so much more than merely foul. You are rancid in your corruption."

Dude just give too much of a fuck. RIP Night Haunter.

>> No.13201928

So that heart of it is still deep seated daddy issues.
Emps gave Horry everything he wanted and needed, gave him command of the Imperium's armed forces, All Of Them, and the moment the enemy that wrote the book on lying and dirty dealings comes along and goes, 'dad don't like you' he chucks a tantrum.

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You could just say then that you do not much about the CSM fluff and that would be that. Besides, I asked whether you read them, I did not recommend them to you. Nor would I, as it seems you are not one for learning more than the prearranged setting put up by the codices. For starters, let me tell you this: Night Lords were sanctioned. In the name of his father's empire, Konrad Curze threw away his humanity, because he knew that the Emperor's vision was faulty. Not all humans are good. Were that actually true, there would be no need for them... a many times the Night Lords were sent to quell a rebellion, before the HH erupted. Admittedly, sometimes they crossed a line [such as virus-bombing an entire planet for the presence of one cult, but that is strictly codex fluff]. But you have no interest in their side of the story, as you think it's merely nonsense.

Again, almost every Legion that went renegade had a good reason. Imagine you're a Word Bearer, part of the glorious Great Crusade, bringing enlightenment, prosperity and unity across the stars to long lost tribes of mankind. For a full century you've been waging war in the name of the Emperor, your Primarch's omnipotent father. For a full century you've been praising him, believing he is the ultimate result of humanity's manifest divinity and destiny. But your work is frowned upon by the legislators of Terra, civilians who know of war only through pict-recordings of previous eras.

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>Abaddon launches attacks on the Night Lords and their transport as they begin to retreat from a battle that is already lost.

An accurate representation of his rules as a fleet commander in BFG. I am pleased.

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Far be it from me to argue with someone's personal indurpretation of fluff..

But you MIGHT be over simplifying the complex relationship between a living god who's existance spans 40,000+ years and the genetically and psychically crafted superbeings granted the power of upholding his domain over the entire galaxy.

You know, just a thought.

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The Emperor starts noticing that your ways of war are not fast enough, not suited to his needs to reunite humanity faster. He also does not approve of the worship the Word Bearers grant him. To prove his point, the Emperor sends Guilliman and Malcador to a world that the Word Bearers recently reunited with the Imperium. They relocate all population off world. Then they started the bombardment. Fire spreading across the entire surface, building crumbling into piles of debris, people, some who refused to leave their home and evaded evacuation teams, dying in agony. Word Bearers hear of this, fully enraged and preparing for the possibility of war. When they arrive, Guilliman tells them it's their fathers wishes that had seen this done. Lorgar calls both him and Malcador liars. Suddenly the Emperor appears... he then forces the entire Word Bearer Legion, over one hundred thousand strong, with his psychic might to kneel in the ashes of, what he calls it, their failure. He humiliates Lorgar for his practices. Some might argue that was his right. I call him a fool, a hypocrite, a manipulator and a liar. He fully knew that Lorgar perceived him as a god, even when he first arrived on Colchis. He knew the entire Word Bearers' Legion was like from the very start. For a full century he had said nothing that would discourage that, just simply smiling away all the worries. Yet he could've changed his mind after that century, no denying that. But he could've been gentler in his dismissal. Forcing him and his Legion to kneel in the dust and ruins, forcing them down to their knees in the presence of others, calling him the only failure among his sons... what does he expect?

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I loved him being shown in TFH. And that moment, when for the first time, those words were uttered by a Night Lord: Death to the False Emperor.

And this:

‘Corax,’ said the other primarch.
‘Curze,’ Corax said the name as the curse it was.
‘Look into my eyes,’ said the progenitor of the Night Lords Legion, ‘and see your death.’
Corax sought to wrench his claw free, but Curze’s second gauntlet closed on his brother’s wrist. ‘No,’ Curze’s laughter as was joyless as his smile. ‘Do not fly away, little
raven. Stay. We are not finished, you and I.’
‘Konrad,’ Corax tried. ‘Why have you done this?’

>> No.13202065

While the way it is presented in First Heretic shows the Emperor's actions as being a bit dickish, it's worth remembering that it's the version of events as told by Argel Tal.

It's entirely possible that the Emperor had been sending Lorgar messages for a long time telling him to stop all this church-building shit, and the destruction of Khur was a final ultimatum because, for whatever reason, Lorgar ignored the Emperor

>> No.13202107


‘I waged a holy war in the name of a father who finally descended from above, saw the oceans of blood and tears shed in his name, and simply didn’t care. I wasted my
youth hunched over scripture and religious codices, planning for the messiah’s coming, believing he would give meaning to all human life – meaning that thousands of human
cultures are forever seeking. And I was wrong.’
‘The Emperor brought meaning,’ said Magnus. ‘Just not the meaning you hoped for.’
‘He brought as many questions as he did answers. Father is hollowed through, infested by secrets. I hate that about him. He is a creature incapable of trust.’
Another pause reached out between them.
At last, Lorgar smiled, bleak and unamused. ‘Perhaps he did bring meaning. But he did not bring the meaning humanity needs. That’s what matters.’
‘Go on,’ Magnus said. ‘Finish the thought.’
‘Since then I have crusaded across his empire for over a century, raising icons and faiths in his image – and only now he objects? After a hundred years, only now am I told
that all I’ve done is wrong?’

Argel Tal was not present for this conversation. So it is not tainted. Besides it's not like everything in the HH series is done from a POV.

>> No.13202249

Argel Tal is not present when this conversation is eld, but the book as a whole is written from his POV, this could be the conversation as he was told it by Lorgar after he rushes in following the explosive teleportation.

Or perhaps the Emperor did tell Lorgar off, but the messages were intercepted by Kor Phaeron - it would serve his agenda as a secret Chaos worshipper to keep Lorgar in the dark after all.

Maybe the Emperor just didn't realise the full extent of Lorgar's religious tendences until then, after all, for all his powers he is far from omnipotent.

>> No.13202276

I cringe a bit when reading the HH era stuff. Some authors are trying to hard to justify the Heresy by making the Loyal Legions and the Emperor look like utter dicks.

Instead, I'd always imagined that the Emperor, despite knowing he has to be at least a bit ruthless with it comes to conquering the Galaxy, would have high hopes towards the peoples under his rule, especially towards his sons.

His hopes were too high, he probably expected that the freedom from Millennia of obscurity, of living in darkness, Humanity would distinguish what ideals to reject and which to follow. But many turned to venerate him as a God, despite everything he tried.

He certainly would have been surprised to see glaring flaws in his own sons: surely he would not anticipate for them to maintain an exact moral outlook as he does nor be of perfect behavior, but some events established greater divergence, problems even he would have trouble to anticipate such were his hopes misplaced. His sons were growing bold and proud, each had a certain personnal manner to give "honor" to their father.

The Crusade well in its way, it was not time for his sons to move a stray and become challenges to the final establishment of the Imperium. The Emperor might have lived to know Man over several millenia, but this knowledge overshadowed the glaring differences with the dealing of human demi-gods.

In the end, the Emperor might have been too much of an idealist, expecting Man - and his sons - to radiate reason and goodness instinctively, once given proper institutions.
The flaws of his sons added to his overconfidence in the matter were his downfall, in the end.

Not because of he was a master troll and a dick lord.

>> No.13202285


>Maybe the Emperor just didn't realise the full extent of Lorgar's religious tendences

Landing down on a planet where cathedrals were devoted to you, holy imagery of the Emperor [as seen from Lorgar's visions] everywhere... kind of hard to miss the clues. Especially when other people always point out that the Emperor knows everything. Besides, if every HH book was subjective in that way none of it could be valid. Nor any codices, or any fluff piece at all. It could all be refuted with the argument it was written from someone else's perspective and thus not obligatory correct. Mind you, I take every fluff with a grain of salt. Or in 40k case, a battle barge of salt.

>> No.13202355

It's stated in the Index Astartes and other places that the Emperor was uncomfortable with the homage shown to him when he landed on Colchis, and that he was keen to get away. He probably expected that once Lorgar saw the galaxy at large he would be less inclined to such religiousness

>Especially when other people always point out that the Emperor knows everything.

Where do they do this? I think it's fairly obvious that the Emperor does not know everything, otherwise he'd have been able to nip the whole heresy in the bud before it started

>Besides, if every HH book was subjective in that way none of it could be valid. Nor any codices, or any fluff piece at all. It could all be refuted with the argument it was written from someone else's perspective and thus not obligatory correct.

The same could be said of historical texts in the real world, yet we continue to investigate history, and try to find out the truth by considering all the available resources

>> No.13202380

I don't know, I kind of like the Emperor being a huge asshole. I mean I like having a reason for the Legions going Chaos. Bwah ha ha Chaos corrupted you is kind of lame.

>> No.13202404


As it is in the HH, the Traitor Legions seem to turn to Chaos because of daddy issues. It would have been better portrayed if the schism was born out of philosophical differences rising from each one' experience in war.
Perhaps the Primarch were not a resilient or wise as the Emperor thought.

>> No.13202411


I don't know, would it not be better if Chaos caught half of the Legions in Warp transit and corrupted them into its side, like what happened with Death Guard?

That way you would not have the need to portray the God-Emperor with character flaws and it would strenghten the Traitor Primarchs characters to say they fell only in unspeakable torments of the Warp instead of being jealous of loyalists or doubting the Emperor's vision.

>> No.13202432

>I think it's fairly obvious that the Emperor does not know everything, otherwise he'd have been able to nip the whole heresy in the bud before it started

He most likely wanted the Heresy to happen.

>> No.13202457

The Alpha Legion's reasoning seems pretty opaque, in TFH they spend the whole meeting between them, Iron Warriors, Night Lords and Word Bearers saying nothing.

There doesn't seem to be much said as to why Mortarion joins, other than that Horus is his only friend amongst his brothers

>> No.13202460

Thats stupid, you're stupid. Why would he want to cripple his entire unnatural lifes work. Bordom?

>> No.13202484


Have you read the Sensei/Shaman Reincarnation/Starchild fluff from Old Trader?

That should answer your question.

>> No.13202490

Just finished A Thousand Sons and personally I don't think Daddy Issues aren't why Magnus went to chaos at all.

Basically, Tzeentch was using him and his legion as as puppets since Magnus' creation and the formation of the legion before they even left Terra. Magnus thought he was unbeatable in his knowledge (this arrogance is usually present in smart people in the real world as well, a common trait).

Magnus thought he knew better than the Emperor on the warp and it's usage and when he broke into the Throne Room via sorcery and blew the webway portal sky high, he had realized his failings and felt so remorseful and devastated that he refused to fight the Space Wolves until the VERY LAST MOMENT and tried to make his legion stand down while they were destroyed. Seriously, the last few chapters of the book has magnus either accepting his fate and refusing to follow tzeentch's plan or crying about his failings.

Even as he descended from the Obsidian Tower after he teleported the remnants of his legion to the Planet of the Sorcerors, he is described as weary and generally "meh" about everything because he was pretty much forced to obey tzeentch.

There's nothing "DADDY DOESNT LOVE ME ENOUGH" about any of that, it's purely Magnus' character development.

>> No.13202493


>It's stated in the Index Astartes

To be honest, I stopped reading there. IA was written before the HH. And you could say that even that's tainted with subjective opinions. It does not list everything that occurred during the Great Crusade. It does not provide full fluff coverage. That's why we have the novels and the various series.

But this is really just turning to be about opinions.

>being jealous of loyalists or doubting the Emperor's vision.

Say huh? Only one I can think who might've gone renegade over jealousy... don't know anyone actually. Horus turned because of the future he saw, though I do have to admit he had a bit jealousy, so I'm wrong here. But he actually terrified that the Emperor's edicts were proclaimed actually by civilians, such as Malcador [remember the one about taxing the planets that were just recently conquered]. Lorgar went renegade because he actually believes that humanity is stronger united under Chaos. Perturabo went renegade by manipulation, whereas his homeworld, Olympia, rebelled against the Imperium and he went to quell the uprising, but ended up bringing genocide to the population. Alpharius Omegon joined the the traitors in the Emperor's name. Don't know about Death Guard, except that by the time they were corrupted in warp-transit they already threw their lot with Horus.

>> No.13202495

Fuck. I apologize for the fucked up grammar.

>> No.13202505

Exactly, the tragedy of Magnus is that it was no one's fault.

Everything that could have gone wrong went wrong, and all the pieces fitted perfectly together...


>> No.13202506

That makes no sense though. Why would he want to start a civil war that undoes everything he worked for, causes half his sons to turn against him (In particular some of his favourites - Horus, Magnus, and Fulgrim) and the other half to end up dead or missing, almost sees Terra awash with daemons and leaves humanity vulnerale to 10,000 years of further chaos dickery while he sits decaying in a giant life-support system?

>> No.13202507


Fulgrim went renegade because a Greater Daemon of Slaanesh was talking to him in his head 24/7, and influenced him that with the Warmaster he could achieve perfection. Curze joined up with the traitors, even though he himself once called it a mistake, because there was no other way to go, the Night Lords were about to be declared renegade for their brutal terror tactics; Angron because he was one pissed off guy at the Emperor; Emperor basically yanked Angron out of the midst of a battle where Angron was fighting with his gladiator battle companions against an overwhelming army. Instead of helping Angron, he essentially left his friends to die and left Angron in a locked room, because Angron was so enraged he killed a Custodes before anyone thought of subduing him. Magnus went renegade when he saw that Russ didn't intend to bring him before the Emperor to answer for his errors, but actually wanted to burn down the entire planet, and the Thousand Sons with it. That's basically that.

>> No.13202531


The corruption of chaos is a little more complex and insidious than just "lol chaos-tag u"

>> No.13202532

-Emperor needed to ascend to become the Starchild, and he sends his Champions, the Sensei to fight both Chaos and the corruption in the Imperium. The most powerful Sensei become Sensei Masters and merge with the Force of the Star Child, yet retain their individuality and can manifest in the Materium like Daemon Princes, but in human form.

-The Illuminati on the other hand wants to resurrect the Emperor in the Materium by mass sacrifice of unwitting Sensei.

-There is also the Ordo Hydra, an extremist faction within the Illuminati that has secretly taken over much of the Inquisition. Their plan has forsaken the Emperor and seeks to unite the collective souls of Mankind using the "Hydra entity" of the Webway, with themselves as the leaders of the gestalt psyche.

>> No.13202545


That is so much bullshit, I'm glad it went the way of Jaq Draco. I mean, that was just silly. If he really had biological sons, why bother with the Primarchs? That was just redundant. I mean, that sounds incredibly fucking stupid. Why does everyone keeping bringing up the 'Star Child'? The only one who postulated that was a batshit insane Inquisitor who was fucking his Callidus cosplay girlfriend.

>> No.13202547

Hey, guys.

Know what makes you adhere to fluff?


Just roll with whatever seems coolest to you, and share your ideas.

>> No.13202549


That's from the Inquisition War, right? With Draco?

>> No.13202563


The Realms of Chaos books, the only sources in existence that state the Emperor's origin as a merging of Shaman souls, also assert the existence of the Sensei, Star Child and the Illuminati. Also the Sensei Masters. If we discount these books as reliable sources of fluff, we have no canonical information of the Emperor's origins at all.

The reason why the Primarchs were created was that Sensei are psychically shrouded from all precognintion and scrying, and thus he did not know of them before he became the Star Child by ascending to the Golden Throne.

>> No.13202578

Night Lords and Iron Warriors are cool

But the World Eaters have held a special place in my heart for a long time

>> No.13202583

Except the flaw in that plan is that it implies the Emperor, great saviour of humanity, only ever has one night stands and never bothers to check up on all these women he's been sleeping with, and that these women never show up with superhuman offspring that he can see, but not sense with his mind.

>> No.13202596

>the Emperor, great saviour of humanity, only ever has one night stands and never bothers to check up on all these women he's been sleeping with

Alpha as FUCK

>> No.13202597


You know, I actually believe the Emperor was a human at some point- Maybe even the first psyker ever. The idea of shamans combining their powers in a gesalt is just...weird. Especially since the Emperor can bleed and so on, and can be something of a dick.

Just like that picture of the Space Marine kissing the Battle Sister, I think we can safely say it's been retconned out, and good riddance.

>> No.13202604


That's why this fluff also states Emperor was born of ancient shamans, and thus has the machismo of a thousand cavemen.

>> No.13202657

Even Zeus, the biggest philanderer out of a whole pantheon of morally bankrupt cosmic frat-boys used to look up his hos now and again and show an interest in his children, so surely the Emperor could have managed it once or twice...

>> No.13203076

>Just like that picture of the Space Marine kissing the Battle Sister, I think we can safely say it's been retconned out

>> No.13204129
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