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For my next D&D campaign, I'm thinking I want to try a monster journal side-quest that lasts the entire game.

Implying one of my players can draw and have a little biology knowledge, they will be paid by a researcher to sketch, identify, and name monsters found in the unexplored world.

So I'm looking for artwork of exotic and fantastic monsters! If you have any, please post them!

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>Implying your players won't get fucking bored shitless of compiling a pokedex and all the grinding and mindless combat such a task would involve
How about making a plot for the game instead?

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This wouldn't be the main quest, it'd give them a motive to explore as they travel and possibly take on monsters that they could have easily avoided.

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Here's a better question.

Do you players even WANT to do this? Because it sounds pretty fucking boring.

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No, it's pointless filler.
It's motivating them to accomplish pointless filler.
It's forcing grinding into a tabletop, and it's a bad idea.

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Fine, I see the error of my ways. But can this still be a exotic monster thread?

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No, because you might still force this shit on a group that doesn't deserve it.
No one deserves to be bored shitless by unimaginative "go here, collect this" stretched out ad-infinitum by a pokedex of bullshit.

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I'm sure him and his players can decide what they like.

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I stare that the creature, and it stares at me.
It's form, it's color, it's anatomy- revolting, unnatural- and yet, I cannot look away.
And it does not look away from me.
Does it think the same of me? Does it think at all?
It stares at me a stare that I seem reflect back,or perhaps it reflects my own.
I could not sense how long we had stood there, silently staring, studying each other.
Did I hate this horror, this terrible being, and did it love me? Did I love this miracle, this abstract creature; did it hate me?

After a time we parted, a silent agreement between us- but to this day I can't tell about what.
But I hope to meet it again.

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>Implying OP has answered if this is what his players actually want

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This can be 151, and be super rare!!!!!

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Being a biologist looking for exotic monsters might actually lead to some fun adventures, especially if some are notoriously hard to find, or live in remote and dangerous places most people can't reach.

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World of Synibarr man, it's all you need.

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Plus, two of my players are biology majors.

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Needs more substance and thought, less trope.
The love/hate line broke the chain you had going, kinda just felt like you were carrying on the pattern with that one.

Could've replaces it with a casual observance of its anatomy leading to an extrapolation of it's emotions, if you wanted to keep the love angle.

Slightly above average.

And for the OP

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crapping all over the idea. sweet.
based on some kinda kneejerk 'herp it gonna be pokemons" reaction.

Anyhow Op, if i am understanding you, you will more or less limit it to some NPC mentioning "oh, and if you run into anything too strange out there, try and scribble down some details for me. i'll make it worth your while"

That is groovy. Has a high chance of being terrible if Everything was about that, but a reasonable reward for players paying attention to what they fight, other then "+5 XP for that rat" sounds like you are encouraging them to pay attention to the world they are moving through a little more, and i like that.

sometimes it could be monster-of-the-week, sometimes it could be ignored in favor of dealing with that necromancer, etc.

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>Two of my players are biology majors
>After someone else mentions biology
>even assuming NOT A FUCKING OBVIOUS LIE that this won't result in said Biology Majors ripping apart the validity of your retarded ecosystem...

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I had an idea for a fantasy race.
From the waist up they look just like a human.
From the waist down they look just like a huge snake.
You could try and work out how they would be armored and move around and stuff.
This is just off the top of my head, but it sounds cool.
You could name that race after a mythological Queen of Libya that the Greeks like telling tragic stories about.

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It's pretty easy and straightforward. If players do not like a campaign they can either quit, talk to the DM about it, or continue playing. If the latter is the case they deserve their misery.
You think Pokemon, I think exploration and adventure hooks. Even the most dull thing can be awesome if you work on it with some imagination.

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Humanoid Insects are a must.

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What a silly thing to lie about.

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>Implying you're the OP
>Implying he shouldn't be defending his own idea
>Implying he has

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You could do a dissection mini game!!

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You should only be able to find these critters after going to Area 16, and wandering in patch of grass 12 666 times.

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as a player myself, this sounds fucking awesome.

I'm always making trophies out of and/or stuffing and collecting all my fierce prey. Hell, my last barbarian had a whole wall full of monster heads of steadily increasing size, starting with kobolds and working up to a dragon head that broke the wall so it's now the recroom instead of a trophy.

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>Implying I shouldn't defend OP against a shit poster like you.

Read back and see what you have added to this thread so far. Joykills, unrelated reaction images and /v/ styled green text implications. You're not the voice of reason.

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A personal character goal =/= arbitrary bullshit filler forced on you.

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I wholeheartedly support this idea, or an alternate form of it. Haters gonna hate that it's not spess muhreens and/or lamias.

You could tie the studies into particular quests. A dwarven ale brewer tried to tame a strange beast so as to guard his brewery, but the damned thing turned on him and now lurks the grounds. And guess what? A PC's professor wants to study it! If you can capture the horrid thing alive and in a cage, you'll be immensely awared by both the brewer and the professor.

There's a series of books for 3.0ed called Wanderers Guild that detail this kind of stuff quite well. Focuses mainly on fluff and keeps the crunch to the borders. Study the creatures, capture them or whatever. Studying a creature should grant specific bonuses.

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Image thread... I like. Contribooting what I've collected from my stay here.

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Sorry, couldn't hear you over the sound of how fucking dull this would be and how OP's next threads will probably be "Stat these monsters" followed by "that guy ruined my game"

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So do you like this idea?

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but it's not forced, it's a voluntary quest.

and it's not arbitrary, some of those monsters could be BIG MONEY- it emits sleep gas? holy shit, we've solved insomnia.

Also, ignoring all the frankly hilarious medical uses of monster knowledge, wizards period will want to know this shit. because wizards.

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>the only reason to dislike this idea is because it's not space marines or snake tits...

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>Stop liking things I don't like!

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Grammar Nazi's gonna hate by the way.

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excuse me

player character here

I break the thing open, use that red glowy part as a torch, and turn all the stabby bits into "very rare" spears that I sell to noblemen.

also I guess I write down things about it for that other nobleman

I love money

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>not arbitrary
>only reward is more loot, which could be legitimately worked into an encounter related to a plot, not just RANDOM ENCOUNTERS.

Tell you what, your players want to grind for dark matter all day and fight new shades of dogs getting progressively more powerful, hey, knock yourselves the fuck out.

Personally, and I know I'm not alone, I see this as something your players will get bored of very quickly. Meaning;

A) You wasted a lot of time doing this.
B) Out of spite you'll force it, due to A.

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>it emits sleep gas? holy shit, we've solved insomnia.
>wizards period will want to know this shit. because wizards.

The wizard that employs you could assist you with the products of his research, like armor and weapons.

I probably won't go through with this because I'd rather have my players become involved in this exotic world, rather than them only being there to dissect and label everything.

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man, you must play shitty games.

whenever, I mean WHENEVER I dm a game or am in a game in which it is allowed for the players to actually use and study the world, shit gets wacky fast. business are formed, then kingdoms, and all of a sudden you're having wars over the tear-imports of medusae or some bullshit and you're loving it.

Just roll with it, stop being so NOT LIKE for everything.

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If your players want to do it, cool.
If your players don't want to do it, cool.
In any case, post more monsters, I need to grow my collection.

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Is...is that a face in that thing's crotch?

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'In contrary to what people would think when they'd first see this creature, it's actually a docile omnivore who only scavenges for meat. It's whole appearance is nothing but an elaborate ruse to make would-be attackers think twice about trying to eat them.'

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you mean is that a reproductive sporebag where its face is supposed to be?

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see, that shit gave me little nerd-willies.

I would love a documentarian game. Maybe you're the bodyguards to the wizard world's most popular nature recordinational magic orb star. he's not much of a fighter or magic caster, but by crikey he LOVES jumping onto them monsters.

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>In any case, post more monsters, I need to grow my collection.
This! Please!

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So either way it's the head.

Unless of course it has a reproductive organ which is so strange looking we wouldn't recognize it for what it is. The same might be true for the head.
Maybe they're the same thing after all.

My head hurts.

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Keep this thread going! If nothing else, I'm getting great encounter ideas!

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Mi-go we have heard on high...

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You wanna make elves cool? Make one like Steve Irwin. Have him tackle dire koalas to the ground and shit. Show dem dorfs who's the boss of the woods.

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Well fuck you, sir!

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i wish i was in on this game

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I support this idea. Make him an elven ranger who stares at the face of danger and just goes "I gotta ride on its back!"

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this reminds me of a pikmin journal entry

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oh look, an anal pained faggot. What a strange creature; its bodily waste flys out its own mouth.

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OP, check out these art blogs:


Hong Ly is also a good creature designer, but he doesn't have a blog.

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Since when are side quests during down time arbitrary? I second that this sounds fun as hell. I loved the biology sections of the Draconomicon, Libris Mortis, and Lords of Madness book for that reason. And OP stated its not main quest. There's a plot and then theres also an NPC paying them for monster studying or something. Pointless side quests give players stuff to do when they're unsure of where to go. If the PCs join a treasure hunting guild or something, are you going to say "No, you can't go treasure hunting. I have plot that you have to follow?"

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I like this. Kind of reminds me of Monster Hunter.

Might want to have the researcher develop items for your PCs when they bring back enough rare monster sketches and whatnot.

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yeah a reward system would definitely kick ass. but make it based on the quality of the description. giving them an incentive to make them good

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I went on this boat trip and my DM gave me some XP and cash for some little side quests and drawings.
- I wrote a book and people got pissed off as I said that Magic was the motivating force in nature....
- actually this reminds me of games that have "homework" for "extra stuff" (Amber Diceless I'm looking at you.)

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Hey, these theoretical creatures got me thinking... Anyone remember Nemo Ramjet? He did All Tomorrows and shit like that? Snaiad? What happened to him?

Pic related.

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darwin was a bitch compared to Olimar

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Thank you!

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Anyone? No?

He had a whole world full of strange creatures made up. I'm not sure where it went. No information at all?

Here's a little more of his stuff.

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never heard of it man. pretty cool pictures though

>> No.13180988

I know!
I guess I'll just dump a bit of it, anyway. If anyone wants to see more.


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Fecking flood detection.
Only useful in Halo, amiright?

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If anyone liked this, speak up! I want to find out what happened to this guy. Feckin' disappeared clean off of the internet!

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Okay, I just got "part of your comment isn't allowed to be posted" 7 times now... what the hell?
Deleted it. Here pic.

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some part of your comment contained a word or phrase that was commonly used in spam around here, and which moot has thus banned to filter the spam out.

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is there is list of banned words? as I had it a week ago for some utterly random word or phrase discussing the history of arms and armour, and could'nt work out what the hell it was.

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Were you copying and pasting large sections of text from Wikipedia or a PDF?

That tends to make the post not go through.

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Pokemon was a staple of my players' lives growing up. They would love to do this and fuck the naysayers. I wholeheartedly support your decision OP and will in short order locate from my hard drive some exotic looking monstahs to post for you.

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I have mostly epic monsters, but I'll try and find some small ones too. I'll post the big ones that have the most interesting potential explanations to me.

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Another neat one. Mostly sea monsters I have.

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>because sessims

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Drawn as a monster, but you could use this design for a small creature too.

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I guess I didn't have as much as I thought. Must've purged recently. Sorry OP.

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