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>Walk into FLGS to play some Magic:the Gathering
>Pull out laptop to check a ruling
>another player sees my wallpaper
>"What the hell is that?"
>"My Little Pony"
>"Wha. Why is that your picture? Hey Robb, he has My Little Pony on his computer"
>"Deal with it."

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How do I report? Because Jani hates MLP and so do I!

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/tg/ wallpaper thread?
/tg/ wallpaper thread.

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Kill yourself OP.
Not saging because other posters may yet salvage the thread.

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Given the amount of crossover between /tg/ and /co/, I'm surprised at how few bronies I've seen here.


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I'm just going to generally post pictures i've saved from /tg/.
Turns out i had less wallpaper material than i thought.

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Fuck yeah, wallpaper thread!

Also, OP? Not to flame you, but I'd like to suggest that you maybe rethink your life...

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I'll just post some Guild Wars shit as well, the wallpapers are right up /tg/'s alley.

Yes, I do appear whenever there's and excuse to post Guild Wars.

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I'm cool with that, a lot of these I use as wallpapers but are probably not high enough res for some. I can't tell their size from the thumbs.

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I love MLP, but unfortunately there are quite a few people here in /tg/ who actively dislike it so I don't' bring it up much here to avoid shitstorms.

Different strokes, different folks, etc. And I can get all the pony discussion I want and more in /co/ so nothing of value is lost.

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Your resolution is 800x600?

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Wallpaper time it is.

>judging my life based on subject matter of wallpaper

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Damn it OP, why can't your desktop be bigger?

Hope mine is good.

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I was too lazy to check the size, and haven't filtered out my pictures into respective folders yet.

I'm sorry in any case.

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You're a ponyfag.
Yes, your life is a mess. If it weren't you wouldn't be watching cartoons for five-year-old girls.

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Dat thigh.
Dat animal companion.

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>Make a Drow wizard/fatespinner
>Use 8d8 to determine which spell I use on the enemy
>Be a Neutral evil bitch to everyone in the party
>They finally kill me after nearly party wiping them
>I lived the dream and laugh

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What are you doing in this thread? It's like you've jumped between my open tabs. Stop that.

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Nothing I have is in a decent resolution it would seem.

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Also going to be playing this character as a sidereal in my up coming exalted game.

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THIS is how you do anthropomorphic races.
Make them HUEG, godless, and obsessed with fire.

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Also they don't use steam but add MORE FIRE.

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Token tinkerer race. Small, but uses golems. Not very original.

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Disregard trolls. Post last wallpaper.
All of /v/ wants to be the little plant girl. Best gardener ever.

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>Play elemental savant (Wind)
>Be a hammer wielding ch.good fun loving kinda derpy guy
>Everyone loves me even if my stupidity gets us into trouble
I'm so glad you didn't play in our game

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And some more work by Kekai Kotaki. The guy has also done covers for Warhammer books and M:tG cards aside from working for ArenaNet as GW2's lead concept artist.

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One of aforementioned covers.

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Both are for Dark Heresy, by the way.

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I also realize this is a one-man thread by now but I know some of you are watching.

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And I do love some inner monologue.

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I'm surprised DLFG hasn't appeared yet. Normally picture threads are her speciality.

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Hooray, I've got company!

Also what's it with dragons and having chiseled as fuck jaws these days.

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I wish I had even 10% of this guy's talent.
That or I wish he were a /tg/ drawfag.

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DLFG rekindled my love for steampunk with the Victorian women thread a while ago. I feel like i should have thanked her.

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because dragons are silly like that

also they need big strong jaws for chomping stuff

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>Derfece filters
You sure are, captcha. You sure are.

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You need to be more suitable with your character ripoffs.
I played a ecoterrorist in shadowrun named Harley and no one ever knew.
I figured the rifle and awakened dog pet would have given it away though.

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..........wow, my collection is rather limited at the moment it seems.
Cursed laptop.
I'll need to start stocking up on images again.

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I have EXACTLY the same problem here.
Also got a new laptop, image folders empty.

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Petty, boring, predictable wannabe villain
You're nothing more than a bitchy Mary Sue!
Who doesn't see it coming when you backstab everyone?
Come back when your pony learns another trick or two.

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>Implying grown men watching children's cartoons is anything new
Not this guy, but I love my little pony and have a pretty bright future.

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I reckon if i start attending more threads with DLFG in them, i can stock up on useful /tg/ stuff and try be less of a waste of space :)

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This, on black background.
>"What's that from... oh wait, what's with her.. she's missing an eye?"
>"Yeah. Leg too. But you won't see that from picture of face."
>"What? Gross!"

There is reason behind having it. Other than to troll or freak out people.

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If you think that you can run...

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If you think that you can stand....

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Well you forget who turned this city on....

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An overrated band.

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You forget who plugged this city in!

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They'll not switch it off again.

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>Copernican Curcigh

Kind of a cool character or spell name.

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One by one their tuning in.

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The grammar says imperative, but the context says declarative. Get your shit straight.

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Durp durp. Their They're

Anyway, last one.

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Yeah, I think it's because we fa/tg/uys as a majority have no interest in it and discourage it whenever it's posted. A lot of times I've seen fa/tg/uys be polite about MLP, like, "Please don't post that here, take it to /co/." And I think bronies accept that for the most part because they do have /co/ and they're not the vocal minority here that they are there.

I personally fled /co/ and started spending a lot more time here because of the MLP floods. I've never trolled anyone for liking it, I hardly whine about it, I just go away-- There's no point in raging against it. But when it comes here, I do say something. It technically has a place in /co/ but not here.

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>Implying I'm not helping them be stronger players and wanting to see them get hurt
Its all for there own good they will thank me when they are stronger.

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E-mail moot, the mods.
I did.

I am e-mailing you to ask that you consider taking a look at the state of
/tg/. In the past couple of hours, dozens of posts, in dozens of threads,
condemning the janitor, are being deleted, and fostering even more hatred
towards him. He has taken a blanket approach to deleting things, and is
not just "making a few mistakes here and there", but is actively
attempting to keep anyone from complaining, or becoming knowledgeable
about, his shortcomings. What we need is someone to occasionally step in
to delete spam and global violations. Not someone who will delete
everything that falls under the category of "NSFW, not related to /tg/,
not my hobby, homebrew, drawfags". It's long been said that with /tg/, you
don't even need the other boards, because we are capable of discussing any
topic like a bunch of gentlemen (read: high-school debate club). But not any more.

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OP deletes his pictures to discredit the janitor? How novel.

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I'm suspecting something similar myself

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SO ITT: /co/'s cancer and /tg/'s wallpapers.

Both good.

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>u cant jus make up alingmets like that
Can 2

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are you the janitor? because if you aren't then how the fuck do you know it was the OP who deleted them?

If you DO are the janitor, FUCK YOU man, you are hurting the quality of the board HARD.

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I have to say, this is the weirdest meme I've ever seen on 4chan. Posters on half a dozen boards all claiming to watch a show aimed at 4 year old girls.

It's just... wierd, is all.

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I get all flustered when I'm contributing to threads like this because I'm like, "I have a ton of stuff, but if I keep contributing I won't have time to download the stuff I *don't* have and then the thread will 404 and I'll be without all that new stuff," all the while not realizing that I'm helping to keep the thread alive by bumping/ contributing. God I'm a retard. I think the main fear is that the thread will image-cap and then start to auto-sage.

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>Firewang money

No more whores for you, Captcha.

>> No.13176977

It's not a claim, kid. We are actually watching it. It is actually a good show.

Also check the /co/ thread

>> No.13176985

Not exactly /tg/, but awesome, nevertheless.

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/tg/'s wallpapers are BEST wallpapers!

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It's actually a great show, harking back to the old age of good cartoons being everywhere. At least give it a try, for the ponies.

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That's fucking awesome.

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Slightly less obligatory

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Admit it....You wish you were there.

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Guys, you don't get it, you're not gonna convert us, we just don't care to watch the show. We're not out there putting you down for liking it, but quit pushing it on us. If you like it you don't need to get other people to like it to validate your opinion of it. Just accept that you like it and quit trying to prove that it's good to other people.

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Oh Fukkin saved that one.

>> No.13177139

Yep, all those "It's good (no evidence, indicating a statement of opinion)" posts sure were out to prove something.

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The most /tg/ related wallpaper

>> No.13177249


I would like to take this moment to express what a stupid, meaningless insult "overrated" is

It makes you sound like a pompous dick. It begs the question "compared to what?" It's not even a real criticism! You're just whining about how more people like something than you think it should be liked, which makes you sound like a complete faggot!

..had to get that off my chest. Sorry

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So, you're telling me I should implicitly trust the claims she makes to people she winds up directly or indirectly maiming and killing?


>> No.13177393

Also, that's not even how you spell her name.


>> No.13177483

Hmmm I think I'm going to rule 34 this

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Thank you all, I sort of was looking for a thread like this. Setting up a flexible hybrid of ADRPG and Paranoia--Thus I need many parallel worlds. Will thread it later.

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Charm person is a motherfucker ain't it?

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She has a strong tendency to not lie. The fact that she does not always reveal her goals is unrelated.

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Not even sure what this one is, just looking at the thumb.

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None /tg/ related, but I have a few that I like.

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Only one or two more.

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Last one, the rest aren't worksafe.


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>Valentino Vispone

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Not sure what this is, wanna find out!

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OP, you are a faggot and your girl cartoons are faggy.

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For you ronery fags.

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Huh. I just noticed that watermelon. What the fuck?

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And we're done.

>> No.13182795


New thread here. I have a ton more stuff to dump.

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New thread HERE: >>13182779

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