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What are your favorite Chess openings? For those of you that play but don't know the official names for things, use http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chess_opening

King's Indian Attack is my current go-to.

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Alekhine's Defence.

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I like Open game.
A classic.

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I forgot what it was called, but: c4 followed by nc3.

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a variation of the French Opening.
I'd like to call it the horse-trap.

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I send your Queen forward in time and assasinate her using my Pawn.

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Ruy Lopez all the way.
Although I heard it really isn't that good.

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First I move the pawn and then the horse.

>and robood

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Lure my opponent into a (justified) sense of comfort, then kiss her deeply.
She's then a bit flustered and I can win.
Otherwise I lose.

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Now I must imagine a weaboo tv show about chess with over the top named attacks

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Wait, what the fuck?

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The king and all the pawns rush across the table and set fire to the opposing rooks. I call it the Cohen maneuver.

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Timechess transcends normal turn structure. Ideally, both players end up moving pieces at the same time, for different turns.

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1.f4 ...
2.g4 ...

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Let's talk Queen's Gambit, Anon. I really wanna hear why it is retarded.

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Trolls in /tg/ like to come up with stupid variations or impossible versions of chess and talk about casting spells, burning down the board or playing a nonexistant chrono chess game. They don't seem to be capable of imagining this behaviour in any other context, such as if someone started proposing lots of impossible, totally out-of-context lolsorandumb shit in a thread about Dark Heresy, D&D or L5R. So we can never have a chess thread on /tg/.

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In actuality it deals with a 4 sided board composed of 4 separate day places, rotating the board each 24 hours in it's entirity to unthink evil. Pawns move diagonally through the true time in order to anti-deafeat the self-king, unlike the strategy that mainstream players favour.

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Scandinavian. Every time.

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Shit, sounds like someone never played Yu-Gi-Chess
Rageki-ing away ALL YOUR PAWNS fuckah

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>imagining this behaviour in any other context, such as if someone started proposing lots of impossible, totally out-of-context lolsorandumb shit in a thread about Dark Heresy, D&D or L5R.

What the fuck are you talking about? Any thread where peple are discussing RPG systems is filled with stupid shit that blatantly ignores/bends/breaks the rules.

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Jesus Christ man, you need to simmer down and try Battleship CHess, the naval chess game based on Milton Bradley's classic "Battleship!"

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The equivalent is me asking you, "Hey, you want to go for a drive?" and you saying, "LOL NO AHM GONNA TAKE MAH HOVER CHI SKATEBOARD."

Whereas in other threads it's more like discussion of the type of car and the merits of bus or pedestrian travel.

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I'm not particularly annoyed, just a little disappointed we can't discuss games like this properly on /tg/. It's not a big deal.

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What the hell are you even talking about? I am honestly confused.

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Same artist, I guess?

Also, your dealy is shithouse. I grinned.

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thats just the way how malkavian chess goes

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So I will repeat: what is so bad about Queen's Gambit?

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White to move.

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because the drawfag who did this (Mr. Culexus), did most of the slaneesh drawings too

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Nothing. It's just old and has some well known counters. It still sees plenty of use.

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cool failmate bro

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the shepard :)

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What's the move called where you advance the middle two pawns two squares up and the adjacent pawns one square up making a little defensive fort?

Whatever it's called, I like that one.

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Janitor's gambit.

I get my opponet mad by being asshole and then get mod to ban him

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What are you talking about?

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Looks like you accepted the gambit because you just keep whining about this shit, don't you?

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Looking at the game, I predict black wins.

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Overseer kicked touhoufag out of the Vault because he didn't like his hair,

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Quick lair into mass hydra.

Works every time.

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I need to re-instal.


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2gate into robo here

Your shit just got scorched.

U jelly?

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>mfw black just passed up a checkmate

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Ouch. Black just fucked up a checkmate opportunity.

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I now want to play four-boarded chrono-chess.

Can we homebrew this, /tg/? Pretty please?

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Stop ruining good chess threads with your bullshit. If you want to homebrew your horseshit take it to another thread.

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Think he's got this shit anyway.

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Sure, you will need to first get a null-space board set up and situate your nega-king on the planar surface. Then you will need to track all 512 permutations of his existence on a four dimensional axis.

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dammit, black gets its shit thrown into the fan.

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...I eat my words. Jesus fuck, black. How did you screw up so badly. You had that game fucking won.

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Black fucked up! White wins!

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What the fuck Black.

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Indeed, effed up that one.

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White here, I probably didn't deserve to win.

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Black here, ya deserved. I didn't because fucked it really good.

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and oh, >>13173842
you can homebrew it after you get GOOD at the original, vanilla chess.
Otherwise, you're gonna get shit kicked in your own game.

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Because threads can only have one subject of conversation, no matter how related to the OP others might be.

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I don't know, man. On one hand, you walked into a checkmate situation. On the other, black not only fumbled the mate but also screwed up the end game enough for you to seize the win.

If you didn't deserve the win then neither did black.

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Sure you did. If you play better than your opponent you deserve the win. Black fucked up, in other words played badly, you deserve a win.

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Lets play, /tg/!

Don't worry, I'm really bad.

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Have you ever thought that MAYBE, JUST MAYBE the people who make these threads want to talk about Chess, and not a homebrew?

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Of course, this win is against a player who screws up so badly, so it's questionable how much it really counts for.

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What? Talk about chess in a chess thread on a board for traditional games?


I want to play Mornington Crescent chess!

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Ze what?

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Look, you guys are talking about one variant of Chess, the King Jame's Bible of chess if you will. We are talking about the alternatives, like Double England, Null-Omega, and the Brantworth variant of 'chess'.

Hell, let's not forget that

Chess:Checkers::Advanced Squad Leader:Squad Leader

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Prepare your anus.

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Kings pawn followed by queen then bishop, followed again by queen for a 4 move checkmate. If they get wise and move a horse out, i just piss about and attempt to fix the problem with whatever pieces i can starting with a knight.

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Please just knock it off.

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You can only knock it off in Chess: Masterpiece Theatre edition.

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So ignore my posts. To prove a point of how unannoying you should consider them (in comparison), I won't meta any further.

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>looking up the chess openings
I find myself going for the Italian Game more than anything. Unfortunately, I also find myself suffering from a slight case of tunnel vision when playing, ignoring control over the sides.

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So uh

Is there something I can do or read to make my moves in chess anything more than...improvisational at best? All I know about playing chess is what the pieces can move. I have never, simply by playing (though infrequently) been able to inuit any effective strategy.

It'd be nice to be good at chess, or at least learn. Halp?

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Short of reading chess theory just read several moves ahead. This is useful if your opponent takes a decent amount of time to move because it gives you longer to study the board. Look at their pieces and what's open to attack, what pieces are defending what and so on. From there you can ass assess what his likely plans are, what counters you could perform and if he has any exposed pieces you could snatch for a low cost.

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I use a similar tactic, but how exactly do you deal with the knight problem you mentioned when it comes up?

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Hmmm... isn't that easily buggered up by your opponent popping their king's pawn out 1 square?

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It is now my life's work to design magnetic timecube chess.

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King's gambit. Why play solidly when you can play fun?

/declining with Bc5 is LAME, btw...

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