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Hi guys!
Where can I see John Blanche's art, miniatures, dioramas (if he did any). I mean galleries, compilations etc. Any source, or names of art-books (or something)?

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In his artbooks.

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That image is NSFW

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john blanch =/= art.

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I like John Blanche. I really do.

He mixes an almost historical way of illustrating with scifi imagery and he makes it work.

That is quite a feat.

Even people who dislike him, must agree that his work triumps all over the current wave of bullshit Photoshop fantasy crap engulfing our hobby.

>still Adrian Smith beats the crap out of John Blanche.

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>Even people who dislike him, must agree that his work triumps all over the current wave of bullshit Photoshop fantasy crap engulfing our hobby.

I despise his work and I can't agree to that.
Well, not all his work, back in the 80s he still seemed semi-competent. I've found myself coming across images in Warhammer 3rd/Rogue Trader era books and being shocked that I was not immediately repulsed by them despite being by him.

The best I can say about him is that he's a concept artist and his work enables others to refine and produce good things from it. But his work should stick to concepts. Looking through the Horus Heresy artbooks, coming across a page of his work was like going from images made by professional artists to a drunk teenager vomiting onto a page and claiming it as art for a school project.

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I find his 40k stuff to fit the "feel" better then his fantasy stuff, though I am fond of the Blood Knight piece he did. He's kind of hit or miss for me.

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precisely. It's thrashy and closely reminds me of punk art, which is why it looks so dirty and shit, but hey, Warhammer is supposed to be grimdark and his artworks perfectly convey this, and have a very special touch that combines frantic detailing with a unique rendition of colour and light. Most of his drawings looks like a post-apoclyptic landscape red-lit by a sunset, regardless of the subject. Also, dem mists and vapors; also, dem dirty and rotten textures, also, haters gonna hate.

Also, 4chan is the network in which i see the most Blanche haters. Why? Because Amerifags, that's why.

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I don't get why Americans would like 40k anyway.

Americans have no history AND they don't know Judge Dredd.


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Spaceships aren't exactly the most difficult subjects to render. Though I will concede that the explosion in the background is pretty bitchin', if a bit on the Michael Bay side.

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I LOOVED the artwork on the fighting fantasy books he did when I was a kid


so atmospheric

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