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Navigators are both a sub-species as well as collectively an organization known as the Navis Nobilite, a powerful organization of the Navigator Families. The Navis Nobilite is exempt to many Imperial laws, and even the Inquisition tends to be careful in the handling of individual Navigators. However Navigators guilty of treason or something equally serious are hunted down without mercy. Such affairs are many times dealt with internally before the Inquisition has any reason to act.
Each family is very close and often very large, and different families are often allied by marriage, while others are rivals.
The families are organised into Houses and have their own unique traditions and positions dependent upon their own histories. For instance; House Belisarius is led by an individual referred to as the Celestarch and has its own standing military trained by the Space Wolves.

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These Houses have four broad categories:
Magisterial Houses are those most closely related to the original Navigator families, they are the wealthiest and most traditional and will have holdings in the Navigator's Quarter on Terra. Due to the maintenance of their bloodlines, they are less susceptible to the symptomatic mutations of being a Navigator.
Nomadic Houses have relinquished their properties and have taken entirely to spaceborne lifestyles; they are perhaps the most skilled of Navigators but have difficulty relating to planetary cultures.
Shrouded Houses have somehow lost their status in relation to other houses and exist in a state of decline; sometimes referred to as Beggar Houses by other Navigators. Individual Navigators have little support from their own families, making them quite resourceful, while their Warp Eye often becomes more perceptive.
Renegade Houses are those families that have been rejected by the Paternova either by turning from their ancient traditions or have been exiled due to conflicts with other houses. They are unable to maintain their genetic purity and often suffer the most mutation but can also benefit from new strains that might occur.
Although individual Navigators are not controlled by the Imperium, every warp-capable craft in the Imperium has at least one Navigator who acts as the warp pilot.

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WH40k is really built on a skeleton of Dune isn't it.

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>every warp-capable craft in the Imperium has at least one Navigator who acts as the warp pilot.

Not strictly true. Along the established warp-routes, it's possible to travel without a navigator. You need bigass nav computers, and you need to make small jumps and spend time calculating between them, but you can do it. It's slower, though, and somewhat more accident-prone. Ships full of pilgrims doing a circuit of shrineworlds, routine grain-shipments, and so forth sometimes travel like this.

However, every military vessel, every Rogue Trader... basically anyone interesting, needs a Navigator.

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No shit Sherlock.

Next up: Ulthuan, Melniboné reskin or not?

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>Navigators mean you don't have to travel like everybody in Star Wars

"Travelin' through hyperspace ain't like dustin' crops, boy! Without precise calculations we could fly right through a star or bounce too close to a supernova, and that'd end your trip real quick, wouldn't it?"

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This was interesting, thanks for sharing.

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if they spend their entire livelihoods traveling how do they maintain tightly-knit familiar bonds?

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They are very clannish like Jews and are trained from birth

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