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All right, /tg/, who else agrees with me that it's bullshit that the Space Marines get five codexes, while every other race gets one? I'm not mad, just a little disappointed in GW.

ITT: We brainstorm sub-codexes for other races.

My thoughts:

Imperial Guard: Catachans.
Inquisition: Witch Hunters and Daemon Hunters is good as is, Emprah knows we don't need another Space Marine book with Deathwatch.
Eldar: Maiden world forces, or pirates.
Tau: Farsight Enclave. Would fit, what with GW not revealing much about them (as far as I know).
Chaos: Already split, terribly.
Orks: Stumped here.
Necrons: Don't know much about them, but aren't some of them being freed from the C'tan? That could use a codex.
Tyranids: Not sure. Maybe some fleets are developing their own sentience, apart from the Hive Mind, and decide they want things besides just to eat non-stop? Hell, maybe even combine the rogue 'Nids into the Farsight Enclave or Tau, but Emprah knows that'll never happen, especially since there's probably 50 canon reasons why it never could.

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Orks: Da wordz of choppy and dakka.

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black templars and dark angels don't count because they'll never be updated

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Catachans, Armageddon Steel Legion, Tallarn/Elysia/Mordian combo book.

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over 50% of GWs TOTAL sales are speese muhreens

of course they are gonna focus more on them

>SPEAKS Rousies
yes cap I do speak Rousies

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Orks: Vanilla Orkz and Loota Orkz. Loota Orkz are weak on their own but have the option to take weakened versions of other book's vehicles, ad well as more focus on dakka rather than choppy. Think older orkz.

Tau: Kroot. Self explainitory. Kroot-codex specific units that are more focused on melee.

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Prepare your anus for:
Codex: Imperial Fists
Codex: Salamanders
Codex: Iron Hands
Codex: White Scars
Codex: Raven Guard

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Ork player here. Since you're obviously not an Ork player, I'll help you out on this one...

Ork subcodices:
Bad Moonz
Evil Sunz
Blood Axes
Feral Orks
Kult of Speed

Other areas to help out:

Tanith 1st

Chaos: Every fucking Legion

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Didn't GW publish "mini-dexes" for all the different IG forces back in the day?

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Orks: Separate codexes for Gork worshipers and Mork worshipers.

Guard: Something along the lines of blood pact? Chaos guard, essentially. Like regular guard except with skaven-style misfire tables for certain things (daemon engines, for example). Further, agreed with >>13154876.

Not sure what else they could cram in there...

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Eldar get two already.

Orks are fine as is, though maybe more options for each of the Tribes would be cool.

Imperial Guard is actually pretty beefy, though it could stand to reintroduce doctrines in some form or fashion for more army personalization.

Condensing marines to Codex:Astartes and NonAstartes would be a pretty cool way to deal with Merheenes

Possibly a distinction between Hivefleet Behemoth and Kraken would be appropriate if you were gonna split the nids up.

Chaos could have a separate Undivided and individual faction book.

Necrons and Tau are good remaining in a single codex.

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Dark Angels and Black Templars are dickless next to Matt Ward boosting all HQ to WS 6.

Also, I had a dream/nightmare last night where I was flipping through the Wardex, and there was a page of Iron Hands (the old plastic/metal hybrid set you can order online), but painted Ultramarine Blue.


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i don't care unless space sharks gets something

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rather than making MORE sub codexes

it would be better to just have one large codex for each race, containing variant lists inside

I wouldn't mind paying twice as much for a book with five times as much versatility

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No thanks... there's already plenty of Gay in 40k.

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IG: Legions of the Universe.
Elysians, Gryphonne IV, Harakoni Warhawks, Krieg, Mordian, Necromunda Gangers, Tallarn Raiders, Valhallans, and Vostroyans.

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You mean Ork Clans.

A tribe is much smaller, and more insignificant.

And BTW, you're fucked up if you think they're "just fine".

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They used to have Craftworld Eldar back in 3rd I believe, where Altioc had different rules and gimmicks than Bel-Tan and other Craft Worlds.

As for rogue nids... haha no! The closest thing to a rogue nid are the Catachan Devil, who are mindless and bestial without the influence of the hive mind.

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>All right, /tg/, who else agrees with me that it's bullshit that the Space Marines get five codexes, while every other race gets one? I'm not mad, just a little disappointed in GW.

Do you by any chance spend your spare time preaching to choirs?

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Catachan did get a sub-codex,

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That involves
1) GW starting with their fucking poster-boyz, and canceling production of every fucking mehreen codex.

And 2) For them to keep their promise and actually do the same for EVERY codex (fat chance... that's how we lost all the variant armies in the first place)

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Space Sharks are in one of the Forge World books. They're called the Carchedons now. Following taken from here:


The mystery terminator in IA9? Well he's the Carchardons Chapter master armed with lightning claws and a chainfist which he can split his attacks between. Originally a conversion piece he looks to be released at the end of january, the forgeworld boys have been looking at the blogposts on the internet and have been amused that just because the picture is green tinted everyone is jumping at him being a mantis warrior or one of the sons of medusa. there are no plans to release Mk1 Termie armour with IA10 but its on the to do list. Chapter tactics wise he allows you to replace combat tactics with Furious charge however afterwards if the unit destroys another in close combat it becomes subject to rage. Fluffwise the carchardons are a crusade type fleet however they are constantly crusading and essentially "living off the land" not coming back in for resupply and are essentially the Imperial boogeyman. Fluff also suggests that the Raven Guard are their progenitors and that the founders were the monsters created by Corax in an effort to rebuild the Ravens after Istvaan V.

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I'm particularly pissed because I play one of the armies that's still stuck in 3rd Edition, and every single time I've gotten my hopes up telling myself "maybe THIS update will be the Witch Hunters update" GW goes "LOL NOPE MOAR MEHREENS".

I wouldn't mind there being a dozen different Mehreen codexes so much, if they would update them LAST, after all of the far more deserving and needy 3e codexes got their update. Witch Hunters, Daemonhunters, Necrons, and Dark Eldar should've ALL gotten their updates before a single sub-codex of Mehreens came out. Because Mehreens already had a codex called Codex: Mehreens. They did not need more.

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And Orks did get a Clan listing... And Eldar did get a sub-codex of Craftworlds.

And all of that, including Catachans, went away in order to 'streamline' the game. Oh, btw... Grey Knights are next. And I wouldn't be surprised to see Iron Hands, Ranbow Marines, Space Sharks, and Silver Skulls before Tau or Necrons are released.

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I would appreciate a link to the IA books. All of the relevant ones anyway.

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>Orks: Separate codexes for Gork worshipers and Mork worshipers.

How would you be able to tell which one you're using?

I mean, it's not a BAD idea, but to properly implement it the publisher would have to troll everyone and print half of each with the covers reversed or something.

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I've said it before and I'll say it again: updated Index Astartes.

One volume with rules for various Space Marine chapters without being HeroHammer or using Space Wolves to Counts As Everybody (they could stick Dark Angels and Black Templars in here). One volume with rules for the Chaos Legions and Lost and the Damned.

Make 'em nice and hefty, full of good art and fluff (NO WARD), charge like $50 a pop, release new plastic kits at the same time (Fuck yeah $20 Master of the Forge kit like the Captain/Chapter Master they have now, Plastic Obliterators, etc.)

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Witch Hunters are being squatted.

I called it, Dec 14th 2010 at 21:30

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I haven't got them, I'm afraid, but the most recent (#9) has some of the Badb war stuff where the Sharks came back. #10 isn't out yet as far I know.

Oh, and the Ultras hate the Minotaurs, apparently

"Minotaurs are essentially the High lords of Terra shock and awe weapon. They go in and take on anyone even other Marine chapters on a regular basis. Bit of fluff where they beat on two feuding Astartes Chapters. One retreats but the other is mauled nearly to the point of extinction being an Ultramarine2nd founding several other UM sucessors swear a blood vengeance on the Minotaurs. Special Character is a chapter master with a power spear that can function as a bright lance for one shot."

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No. It is a bad idea.

Seperate codices for every Clan would be a good idea.

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There kind of already is a distinction between them, which are the codexes. The first codex was Behemoth which was annihilated at Maggreg. The next was Kraken which got wacked at Ichiar IV, which was the 2nd codex. And finally Leviathan which is 3rd to present.

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also, the Sons of Medusa are apparently even closer to the AdMech than the Iron Hands themselves.

fucking sweet. I can't wait for IA 10, since my chapter are Iron Hands descendants who basically follow the Cult Mechanicus. I'll probably be playing them with Sons of Medusa rules whenever possible.

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You're not the first person to "call it," don't go thinking you're important.

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Wouldn't be surprised... aren't they a sub-chapter of Ultramarines?

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You are aware, aren't you... that there's been more than 3 codices for Tyranids?

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fuck, II'd kill for the IA articles to come back

while we're wishlisting, MotF kit would be nice; Librarian kit would be nicer

Much harder to convert a convincing psychic hood. I'd buy the red scorpion librarian but I don't need/want his honor guard

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does 40k have an equivalent of Black Orcs?

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ITT: Mad

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goffs.. i guess

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Nah, Medusa is the Iron Hands homeworld. Given that the Iron Handshave ritual cybernetic replacement, have drednought leaders and have members who are suspected to be almost entirely machine with a tiny bit of living brain tissue left, that should give you an idea of how hardcore the Sons of Medusa are when it comes to the Mechanicus if they are MORE extreme than the Iron Hands.

I would also do terrible things to bring back IA. The articles are among the things that got me interested in 40k in any way. They even made the Ultramarines worth reading about!

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>over 50% of GWs TOTAL production is spees muhreens
>over 50% of GWs TOTAL sales are speese muhreens

It's a vicious cycle... GW has to first pull it's head out of it's ass, and stop spamming SPESS MEHREENS. And then you'd see the numbers even out a bit more.

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If u can come up with a full codex worth of stuff for things like ELdar: Maiden world forces, or pirates or other necrons and nids without ruining their fluff then i may pay attention to u

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>> No.13155275


Yes there are 4, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and the present 5th editions. However, each codex focuses on one incursion, Behemoth, Kraken, and Leviathan respectively... well at least until 4th edition. I'm not entirely sure where 5th fits in, other that it is an extension of one of Leviathan's tendrils.

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They're called Goffs. They wear black and act krumpier than the rest. Alternately, Blood Axes are more disciplined/tactical.

Simplest answer would be squat more Marine codexes though the ease of doing this depends on codex-to-codex. Dark Angels would be goddamn easy to put in a normal Marinedex (heck, half of DA players use the regular Marinelist). BA have kinks to sort out but it could be done. Wolves/Black Templar...Not seeing it.

Wishlisting though, what I'd like most is a non-Gav Chaos codex. With cultists FFS.

>> No.13155287

Goffs would be the closest.

If you go by the true Goff fluff, they have loads of what are called 'Skar Boyz'. They're bigger, meaner Orks. Nobs are also extremely prevalent, and there are very few 'Lootas', or 'weedy gitz' in the clan.

If you go by Phil Kelly's "Lol, I WRITE ORK CODEX 4.5"... then they're just wave upon wave of Cannon-Fodder Boy-units.

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you mean sub-chapter of Iron Hands, right?

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>Inquisition: Witch Hunters and Daemon Hunters is good as is, Emprah knows we don't need another Space Marine book with Deathwatch.

Screw you, the Ordo Xenos needs some fucking love.

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Aye... And I'd like a non Phil or Ward written Ork codex. Hell, I'd like an Ork codex written by an actual Ork player. Then we might actually see tanks, and some actual improvements to the army.

>> No.13155328

Are bluhd rehvehns canon? Not that I want them to get a codex, just wondering,since I'm pretty sure that Dow isn't canon.

>> No.13155335

You're double wrong.

>> No.13155375

S-so Night Lords finally get to be good?!

>> No.13155376


>implying Deathwatch works on tabletop

seriously, they should stay as an RPG, or perhaps a Space Hulk/Necromunda/Inquisitor type stand-alone game.

or as a squad of super-leet allies almost any Imperium can take, which start out like Vanguard Veterans and can be upgraded to include a Techmarine, Apothecary, a lesser Librarian (similar to the Thousand Sons Aspiring Sorceror), and pretty much every single weapon in the Space Marines armory.

Perhaps even with rules like "upgrade X deathwatch marines to Blood Angels at +Y points per model. They now have Furious Charge."

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They need more Chaos stuff, like Rebel guard codex.

Also I would be happier if, instead of making new factions for other armies, they made new armies alltogether.

Fantasy has a shit ton of different races but half of 40k is Humans. It's kind of ridiculous.

>> No.13155436


Everything is canon, except when it isn't.

Given that the Blood Ravens have had features about them in White Dwarf including an IA article in addition to the books and games, they have quite a strong claim. There are even some hints (very, very minor ones, but still) that they are related to the Thousand Sons in some way. The only really negative mark against them is Goto associated weirdness, really.

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>Fantasy has a shit ton of different races but half of 40k is Humans. It's kind of ridiculous.

That's mostly a problem with Spess Mehreens.

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They actually *did* use to have rules for Deathwatch Marines in 3rd and 4th edition. Most the Special Ammunition rules for Sternguard were co-opted from there, though the Flux Core rounds replaced Frag Rounds (which were Range 18, S3, AP - Assault 2. Good riddance). Also, Deathwatch Heavy Bolters were Assault 3 because of Suspensor units.

As it stands, Deathwatch Vets would be done best by Vanilla Marines for this reason.

As for Chaos, a codex that could properly represent the fact that armies tend to go for lots of Cultists to act as fodder for the more elite Marines would be ideal. Be it the sneaky terrorists Alpha Legion uses, Blood Pact Death Commandos, or the slave-soldier conscripts from Storm of Iron...

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Yeah, ignore Goto's shit. McNeill did their IA article and strongly referenced them in A Thousand Sons (and supposedly, at a signing, heavily implied they are Thousand Sons).

He should redo their novels so they're A) not shit and B) aren't slaved to the games.

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Yeah, I'm well aware of that. But they don't really deploy in large numbers (although I vaguely recall a fluff reference to an entire company's worth doing something), so having a codex would be a bit weird.

a 0-1 SuperSternguard choice would be the best way to represent a Kill Team helping the Guard or another Marine chapter against a particular xeno threat. (maybe give them Preferred Enemy against all xeno races, too.)

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I demand a Steel Legion Codex.

>> No.13156691

A for concept but F- for execution.
Fuck Catachans, who gives a dick about them.
Inquisition is fine.
Eldar can counts-as pretty well but an Exodite rule set would be good.
Tau: No. Just make a special character.
Chaos: Wow, you managed to mention chaos and not talk about the legions at all. Fail and a half right there.
Orks: Clans, retard. Clans.
Necrons: No.
Tyranids. Still no.

>> No.13156754

Ork Klans as it stands are really nothing more than vague guidelines for potential army lists. I'd like to see them get fleshed out more but they don't need a whole codex.

>> No.13156821

Death Korps 5th.

>> No.13156846

I would like to see a Chaos codex that isn't a slightly altered version of the loyalist Marine codex.

>> No.13156865


they could do it just by having 7 types of Warboss - regular, and then one for each of the clans, with a slightly different statline/loadout, plus rules to tweak your army list, gain rerolls, etc. on appropriately fluffy things.

Like an Evil Sunz warboss might give you an extra Fast Attack slot or two, cut down on your Heavy Support, and all vehicles have the Red Paint upgrade for free.

A Blood Axes warboss would make outflanking better and maybe increase cover saves due to LOL CAMO.

Death Skulls could get rerolls somewhere due to their lucky blue paint. And better looted vehicles.

>> No.13156873


>implying Chaos has artificer armor
>implying Chaos can have a 4+ save without the Mark of Tzeentch
>implying Chaos has assault cannons

>> No.13156891

That's just what I mean. They're like standard SM, just useless.

>> No.13156902

>Space marines have too much
>Let's make EVERYBODY ELSE have too much!
Pic related

>> No.13156919

I don't see what the problem is, being that Space Wolves, Black Templars and generic marines are all pretty bad. I think it's cool because in fact Space marines do have more than 1chapter, each with their strengths and weaknesses.

>> No.13156927

Wouldn't it be preferable to just take the time they spend working on superfluous SM stuff and instead put it towards updating the codexes of the other groups/factions? Like the Sisters or Necrons or whatever?

>> No.13156931

Don't forget armored companies! Also ALL CAVALRY REGIMENTS!

>> No.13156939


Khorne Berzerkers
Terminators being one type of unit instead of being pointlessly separated
Slaanesh Raptors
Obliterators (although you have to convert them from Terminators unless you want ugly as sin models)

>> No.13156954

Whoever designed the Obliterator models needs to be shot.

>> No.13156967

When painted with a nurgle coat it looks pretty fucking awesome.

>> No.13156968

Uhhh we used to have Daemon armor which gave us 2+ IIRC

>> No.13156970



I mean look at that shit. It's as bad as the old Dark Eldar Archon.

>> No.13156989

It's almost like the designer smeared Green Stuff all over a kitbashed Chaos Terminator.

>> No.13156995


except if you do that, it looks better.

>> No.13157012

That's a pretty good model. I might do something similar for my Obliterators.

>> No.13157027

Not nearly as bad as these faggots

>> No.13157041

I'm not too suprised. this is the same company that employs Adam Ward.

>> No.13157047

Actually in terms of the fiction having space marines every other codex (you forgot grey knights), and imperial guard being beefy, and then the inevitable inquisition... It actually really makes every other player from any other faction really resentful towards the imperium.

It really adds satisfaction to the crumbling dominant imperium, and then the aliens. not that the other factions are allied against the imperium. Just its that much more satisfying to fight against the bloated empire then defend against any of the other alien horrors in the galaxy.

Picture there to grab your attention.

>> No.13157053

Hi, Necron player here. All I would like for Christmas GW is an update. Just... more playability? I mean it's fun and I know your busy with the next mehreen coex... but please try? It really is all I want.

>> No.13157054


and awesome Chosen, who, if I'm reading it right, you could upgrade all of them to Aspiring Champions if you wanted.

that would be pretty badass for a campaign. paint up an appropriate number of Chosen for whichever Chaos God you want, name them all, and after every victory, upgrade any Chosen who lived - whether it's into Aspiring Champions or giving them better wargear, etc.

>> No.13157057

>>13155146 I called it, Dec 14th 2010 at 21:30

That doesn't count when you're here every day, calling it every hour on the hour.

>> No.13157089

Yes, because every army needs sub-divided unit codex like the marines do, so that it can take 100 years for the next real updated codex... it took what, 10 years for Dark Eldar to get a new codex? And isn't Witchhunters still working on 2-3 edition still?

As for your Orkz sub codex issue, that one's easy, there's PLENTY of ork tribes that could get their own, let the normal codex be for Goffs, and give gold toofz and various other tribes codices

Regardless, we don't need new split race codecies... we need updates to what's already outthere... and not for marines, eldar, dark eldar or orks. I'd prefer seeing a new Witch Hunters codex next myself.

>> No.13157097

Basically yes. Wolf Guard are the closest thing the game still has to old Chosen, nowadays.

Also, whoever suggested Slaaneshi Raptor, heck Raptors period, are good beyond a source of suicide melta...wat

>> No.13157116

>Fuck Catachans, who gives a dick about them.
Hey, you, yeah you, go fuck yourself with a cactus.
Catachans are awesome. And IMO, a Catachan Vet squad with the BS4 changed to WS4 and adding Infiltrate and a modified Fuck the Commisariat rule from their old codex would be great.

>> No.13157165

Obliterators' main issue has more to do with the shitty concept of how to assemble them. I didn't mind how ugly they were - the obliterator virus isn't exactly pretty.

>> No.13157182

Goddamn Space Wolves

>No Artificer Armor, just Runic Armor which is Terminator Armor but not Terminator Armor.
>No Lightning Claws, just Wolf Claws, which are the exact same thing.
>No Relic Blades, Frost Blades which add 1 to the strength instead of 2.
>I'm on a wolf.

>> No.13157202

rolled 3, 3, 5, 6, 6, 1, 4, 5, 1, 6, 1, 5, 1, 5, 2, 6, 3, 3 = 66

We all know that the SPEHSS WULVES are actually in the thrall of Tzeentch anyway.

>> No.13157242

rolled 4, 1, 2, 4, 5, 2, 3, 1, 5, 6, 5, 4, 4, 2, 3, 4, 6, 2 = 63


Never happening.

>> No.13157257

Why not do like the old CSM codex?

Standard Rules and a page for each unique legion with it's own rules.

so SPESS MAHREENS codex would be ULTRAMAHREENS and a page for each of the major legions with the variant rules (more if needed). Same shit with the other armies.

Tyranids don't need multiple codices, just lots of options.
I'd guess the same for Tau and Necrons.

>> No.13157283

rolled 1, 3, 4, 6, 4, 4, 4, 1, 4, 4, 5, 2, 2, 4, 4, 5, 2, 5 = 64

Dark Eldar and Eldar are not just 'chapters' of one another.

>> No.13157776

I at least want enough in a tau codex to run any of the following list

1. All tau, (infantry, mechanized or armored) (already possible but i like it)
2. Alien allies list (tau plus as many different alien races as possible in every FOC slot)
3. battle suit list (drone heavy also fine too)
4. kroot list

ordered from most favored to least favored but still welcome.

Just because i think it'd be cool all they really need to add is
1. elite, and heavy support alien auxiliaries and perhaps throw in humans in the troops slot (preferably the other two races would be two more xenos races)
2. a new type of battlesuit
3. maybe a new kroot unit or two from forge world, and rules for variants like in apocalypse
4. a new vehicle would be cool but not necessary. A barracuda would be great

I'd like to see a generic alien auxiliary HQ option but which can be chosen from any of the alien auxiliary races the tau employ. perhaps as his own HQ type unit, or always paired with an ethereal. (might make taking an ethereal worth it) It'd be cool

>> No.13157784


>> No.13157819

Or better yet, why don't they just play test all the codex' before they release a new edition and have all the factions within that army have their own special rules applied to them.

Oh wait, games workshop.

>> No.13158101

They exist as a depository of fluff, because there is simply that much of it. No other (good) reason.

And no, despite what marine players say, they DON'T play all that differently.

>> No.13158231

This. They could make it like double the size and price and then everyone would have to spend twice as much but get all the chapters rules. Win - win kinda...

>> No.13158883

i think nids should be splitten up. i mean nids adapts to the opponents to improve its chances of winning. The one that fought in the space marines/IG space would have a completely different focus than the one that fought in tau/space marine space.

>> No.13158895

i agree with this. how much fluff do you really have to put in? i mean, if you want fluff, make a fluff book

>> No.13158906

I'm guessing there's more money in make people buy 5 or 6 codexs than just one big one.

>> No.13158922

make your own lists, come on be a bit creative and experiment.

>> No.13158923

I wish they brought back the different Eldar Craftworld stuff.

For all the Space Marine shit they bring out, the Space Marines still look like fucking ass. I don't know why they haven't updated them all to look like >pic related

>> No.13158924

yeah let me just go and spend £40 on a codex when I play regular marines.

>> No.13158937


Because isn't that technically old armor?
Looks like 'Maximus' issue and I am too lazy to check sources

>> No.13158950

it's most likely an amalgamation of different armour types.

but like you I'm too lazy to check.

>> No.13158955


Codex: C'tan (main codex, necrons as servants of C'tan, Cthulhu-esque horror stuff, lots of fun reality-bending abilities and Shoggoth-like living metal beings, basically one of the early Necron envisionments).

Codex: Necrons (independent Necron Lords, more of an insectile motif, lots of errors and malfunctions over time, more the 5e Necrons)

In other words, distinguish between the two. You have the big C'tan threat, the unified Tomb Worlds with perfect tech that are carrying out the plots of their alien gods, they can do all kinds of terrifying things to the laws of physics, they're basically Lovecraftian horrors.

Then you have the Tomb Worlds that lost contact with the C'tan, or rebelled, or were otherwise separated. They faired badly during the long sleep, and have a lot of tech missing or damaged. They're just out there trying to make their way in a galaxy they no longer recognize. Where the C'tan Necrons are mostly mindless, insane, or enslaved, the Necron Lords have great capacity for reason and, accordingly, their own personalities and goals.

Maybe also a distinguishment between their starships and fleet structure?

>> No.13158968

Mk 4 Maximus pattern power helm.

Mk III Iron Pattern Torso

Mk VII Shoulder pads

Mk VII Leggings and grieves.

Godwynn Pattern Bolt Pistol.

>> No.13158981

Say what you want, but that helmet is bitchen!

>> No.13159010


So make one codex good and one codex shit, just for fluff's sake?

Everyone is going to play the former of your codexes. EVERYONE.

>> No.13159011


Thank you non-lazy Anon

In return, some Cutebold and Cute-kreen

>> No.13159021

I don't see why.

It's like arguing that nobody would play the dying Craftworld Eldar when they could play the thriving untouchable Dark Eldar.

>> No.13159028


...because they're 2 different armies?

To change that comparison, what you're trying to do is give people a choice:

"Hey, you can have the current IG codex, which is pretty good, or you can have this one in which the only troop choice is conscripts and there are no tanks."

>> No.13159036

Ideas for some new model design for Eldar?

Stuff that looks like it came out of the Tron Legacy universe or Ghost In The Shell. Eldar are supposed too be covert-ops and ambush fighters, they don't really fit that bill when their armour is incredibly over the top adorned with glowing jewels and stuff, sometimes minimalistic is key. (pic related)

Eldar Exodite units would be cool (fighting for Biel-Tan) have them look more like Warhammer Onlines High Elf Shadow Warriors but wearing all digi-cam styled robes and stuff.

>> No.13159042

>"Hey, you can have the current IG codex, which is pretty good, or you can have this one in which the only troop choice is conscripts and there are no tanks."
Oh, I see, you're just trolling.

Carry on, then.

>> No.13159054

We should get huge codexes for stuff like Space Marines, Chaos and Eldar with multiple army choices in them. If I had to choose one army I wanted rules for again though, I would choose Lost and the Damned.

>> No.13159067


There's plenty of ways to make an advanced and less advanced army balanced.

Ork tech is not supposed to be as good as Eldar tech, if you were right everyone would play Eldar and no one would play Orks.

Hell, NECRONS are fluffwise the most advanced race in the setting, and you can see how popular they are.

>> No.13159080

>So make one codex good and one codex shit, just for fluff's sake?

Why is one good and one shit?

You prefer Lovecraft stuff, fine, that doesn't make tomb kings-ish stuff bad. It's YOUR OPINION, not a fact.

>> No.13159134

Sisters could do with some minor orders and other groups statted out.

Order of the Iron Heart: Lose most of the 'freakshow', gain some SOB piloted Guard Tanks, squadrons of Exorcists, as well as a couple of unusual upgrades on their tanks.

Fluff: These are an order Minoris that gets along with the mechanicus.

Order of the Blazing Sand: Infiltrating SOB squads, less heavy armour, Evisorators that ake you reroll Inv saves.

Fluff: From an quasi-egyptian world near a weak point betweent he warp anf realspace, they have extencive experiance with deal with Daemons and outmanuvering Chaos forces.

>> No.13159141


Both of these would be simple enough as a special character and rather cool.

>> No.13159152

Sisters of Battle could do with someone designing them who actually knows how to sculpt a female face and not a man with a bowl cut.

>> No.13159156

I mighta said this before, but there are alot of real world priest types that could work for Sisters, Western Preachers, New Orleans Voodoo Shamans, Greek Oracles, Japanese Shrine Maidens

>> No.13159169



Miko SOB with Naginatas would be cool, as would Western SOB with Cavalry and long-rifle bolters.

>> No.13159177


Ooh, Repentia with Miko Robes and Naginatas. A blessed wind of redemption.

>> No.13159220

To be honest, although I hate the obsession with the Imperium, and I play and love Tyranids, Eldar and Dark Eldar, we don't really need other codices apart from a serious need to redo the Craftworld Eldar codex for 5th edition.

Most of your ideas would be effort for no reason, you can have a Farsight army, that's why he's in the codex, no point in any other Necron codex, and Tyranids definitely don't need one. What I will agree on, however, is that so many marine codices is utterly pointless, Blood Angels and Black Templars work differently, but Dark Angels are mostly just marines but over-priced, and Space Wolves are marines but over-powered for no reason.

>> No.13159261

I think you COULD do a decent Ordo Xenos book that isn't just a Marine Codex though.

Basically, make it a mix between cheap and squishy PDF Forces, still squishy but absurdly heavily armed Acolyte Squads and their Inquisitors and at the top have highly skilled Deathwatch Kill Teams.

I mean, normally Space Marine lists don't have the option of spamming tarpits and hordes to supplement their mahreens do they?

That said, I would like that GW at least even acknowledges that the different Ork clans even exist any more.

I'm not really sure what you could do for Nids, other than varying Hivefleet books, a Book for Leviathan, for Kraken, for Behemoth for example.
Then there's the possibility of mini-dexes for thing like minor splinter fleets like Dagon or Jormagund.

As for Tau: We do sort of need a Farsight Enclave list if nothing else.

>> No.13159267

Honestly have to say It really wouldn't go with the gothic style of 40k, and that is what the sisters are based on mostly

>> No.13159284


Yes but there are a million worlds. Who days that the 1000 sons are the only ones to come from a quasi-egyptian world or some other odd world.

>> No.13159293

More Codexes is a bad idea. It already takes 10+ years to update them all (except Mahreens.)

I'd rather see super-customizable dexes like late 3ed IG and Chaos used to be. Except balanced, of course.

>> No.13159294

Sisters, buyt Egyptian does not an army list make. Exodites, or Lost and the Damned? I could dig it.

>> No.13159300


It makes as much sence as 'Marines but norse' or 'marines but gay' and yet we have Codex: Space Wolves and Codex: Dark Angels.

This thread is about making many sub codexes, as I said, I'd like to see something like either of those in the form of a special character, not a codex.

>> No.13159316

I'd prefer new plastic models for IG rather than more books, I already have one.

What I don't have is plastic models for valhallans, steel legion, mordians, tallarn or praetorians. Even the metal models are something you have to mail order if they are still available at all.

>> No.13159361

Orks: Freebooters

The only thing I want.

>> No.13159842

Meh. Guardsmen, sisters, and inquisitors are all basically regular, badass humans.

Besides, I like guardsmen not being seperated by planet so I can make my models however I like. I'd miss Marbo if Catachans were seperate!

>> No.13159860

If you don't like it, play a different game.

>> No.13160128

if only they could even update necron codex, it is way too old. so my hopes of getting more codices are low

>> No.13160299

I rather like the themed Spacemarine codex's.

>> No.13160583

As much as I dislike 'wolfwolfwolf', Space woves have a different organisational structure/career path in-chapter to regular Marines, and thus their own Codex is somewhat justified. Black Templars too, due to the neophytes-in-regular-squads malarky. At a pinch, both could share some sort of 'Codex: Space Marine Legions'

Blood Angels, White Scars, Salamanders and Iron Hands are Marines with minimal differences that are none the less sufficient enough to get chapter-specific special rules/units in place of some of the standard codex options, but which can all be easily be presented in another book/upon a single special character's rule page.

Imperial Fists, Raven Guard and Dark Angels are marines with differences from the norm so minor that they can be represented by standard Codex rules without a problem.

And voila, Space Marines are condensed down into two books. Leaving more time for adequate provision of Codexes for other races, and adequate time for the creation of interesting new factions.

>> No.13160742

A brainstorm for alternate/sub codices eh? I'm willing to throw in a few thoughts on what could be updated or newly created.

Space Marines - They do already have plenty of subchapters. Theory-crafting though I would like to see something like the "Old Guard" such as the Adeptus Custodes, holdouts from the Heresy, and the like (such as the lost Space Wolves company, which brings me to my next point...)

Chaos - Legion codices could be fun as long as they could be filled out with enough relevant/different units and plenty of chances for conversion or new models. That goes on CSM and Daemons equally. I really liked the old Eye of Terror codex as it really spurred your imagination and let you make all kinds of fun mutants out of stuff you already had. Plus that codex touched on many races all in the same book! So I'd go for an update there.

Guard - Perhaps a few subs for different worlds would be neat, but even before that I'd like to see a Mechanicus codex. Would this be sub to guard? Maybe it's own "race". But plenty of models exist as do conversion opportunities.

Tyranids - Genestealer Cults. Possibly falling somewhat under I.G. too, but this can be a fun and creative way to field something that is different and satisfying. You can get use from 'nid bits, Guard bits, and anything in between.

>> No.13160751


Orks - It would actually be really nice to see one based around Orkimedes and possibly a holdout race of "noble savage" OrCs. It would be a good (and another) crossover to/from Warhammer Fantasy like Daemons. Without getting booed I would see them like Space Marines with a sense of true dedication, purpose, and a higher calling but with the savage bruteness and cunning of what they eventually came to be.

Tau - A book focusing on all of the support they get from their allied races would be neat. Perhaps call it the "Mercenary Codex". It might not even have to solely apply to just Tau though the crossovers and compatibility would be numerous. If memory serves there was at one time something akin to this as a small, "Chapter Approved" article. But, I also wouldn't turn down more weird xeno aliens for battles or dioramas or just to paint up!

Eldar - I really, really liked the old Craftworld specifics. So this one may not be new but it is a good idea and really gives flavor to the race. Either that or a book that focuses on Maidenworld Eldar as culturally and even technologically they could branch differently from their space-sailing cousins.

Dark Eldar - Hmm this one is hard as there isn't too much (comparatively) fluff-wise for them as other races. Like the Eldar I could see different pirate factions or sadist cults arising. Or like mentioned above with the Craft/Maiden-world differences you have those that live outside the Eye being different than those inside it.

>> No.13160760


Forces of the Inquisition - Self explanatory and another creative way to use bits, regurgitate old models, and field something that is just different. Get all three Ordos in there (yes, with respective Chambers Militant) and mix it up.

Necrons - It was brought up before but something like C'tan and non-C'tan factions may be neat. Maybe some who just drift and continually (re)explore the same territory out of a lack of memory and error in programming. Or a rise of more "next gens" like pariahs or just a ton of pure, lesser C'tan beings (as Daemons and Chaos Marines differ respectively). This could tie in with AdMech depending on your take of the lore.

So all in all, my ideas follow the pattern of (hopefully) needing very few new kits and tons of ways to use your old models with or without conversion. Bits would grow in demand, modelers can be happy, and numbers guys have plenty more to min/max mathammer with. =)

>> No.13164149

>Codex: Raven Guard

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