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Seeing as the thread in which we were talking about scifi/cyberpunk bionics, genesplicing, mechs, power armour and everything else just got 404ed for no reason time ...

New Thread Time...now featuring Daft Cog!

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This should happen.

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I am ok with this.

Does anyone have good pics of shirow masamune's PAs? Pic related.

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you... you have my respect forever.

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Why post crappy trace and not screencap?

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The world needs more power armor designs that aren't all blocky plates and glowing lights.

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But good sir, the servos and motors are exposed, and if you amour the weak areas, your power armour would probably be too heavy to be practical.

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found it in a robothread on /d/ if you must know, didnt know they had other reactions, and never thought to ask on other boards.

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New to this thread, but I'd like to know something... what are the requirements for making/inventing a real-life bionic/augmetic? Nothing too complex, though. And aren't they doing something right now about AR lenses?

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Also- the major point of PA is ability to carry heavy armour. During the last military expo, where lockheed was presenting HULC exoskeleton you know how they made their point? By mounting a big, fat, heavy shield on the soldier.

That design is just regular combat armour with bits strapped on.

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But how would one address the limited battery life issue?

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Stalk out of here G.E.T.T.E.R.

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Well that's Russian armor.

Things like this, though. It's got armor plates, but also a lot of what looks like ballistic fabric and shit. It's more interesting than generic human-shaped tank #5781571. Take something like this and beef it up a bit, bam: power armor.

Also, stop saying "good sir" every time you post, it's annoying.

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Weren't you banned yesterday?

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"You dodged the ban!"


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Pardon me repostan this design, but it is really the best one out there I believe.


I was thinking something along the lines of atomic batteries charging more traditional (eg lithium) accumulators. Atomic batteries are generating energy by passing decay particles between special plates. They can work for years, but do not generate high voltages- thus the need for buffer accumulators.

AP would also utilise systems for harvesting unused power from stretching of synthetic muscles that drive PA. You could recuperate 40% of energy you put into walking.

Also- I thought about integrating lithium accumulators into muscle bundles themselves.

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Good sir, if all rumours are true, I would be banned every second of the day.

The problem I figure with all power armour concepts is that it is quite expensive to tack on a exoskeleton onto a person, while risking the exoskeleton to the dangers of enemy fire. It is much cheaper to simply train more soldiers and equip them with standard conventional weapons then to arm a few people with a exoskeleton and focusing a considerable amount of logistics to supply maintain the gear.

In addition, true you can carry more things with you if you wore power armour, but if it is vulnerable to common weapons such as the RPG or large caliber anti amour rifles, and those weapons can be made light enough for people to carry by themselves, why do we still need power armour in the first place?

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Awww... why was sergal avatar-fag banned?

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Now that's what I'm talking about.

And it even has places to put things.

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Don't know really. He's probably got a history with this board, but I don't know it since I'm relatively new here [been only around 6 months].

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The problem lies in assuming that said cheap standard infantry are disposable. As we enter an era where any casualties at all undermine public support for foreign intervention, survivability of individual combatants becomes a pressing strategic concern and thus justifies the logistics and expense of personal powered armour.

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>Good sir

Stop that.


Bluh bluh bluh. I'm willing to suspend my disbelief if it's cool enough.

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Tiny legs

Huge upper body

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Why we need it? I base my speculations on PA of a class in pic:

This piece of armour can fit in most places average human can and also operate same weaponry as normal soldier. This armour would be utilised in urban combat, where engagement distances are often extremely small and ambushes hard to avoid.
I assume a squad of 5-6 soldiers would have one such PA. Person in PA would always be the first one entering risky places. Upon breaching he would also be the first one through doors/wall. PA wearer would be responsible for carrying super-heavy weaponry (obviously) but also a man-sized ballistic shield. PA wearer can deploy such shield to protect teammates from enemy fire even in open space.

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I'm tempted to post porn, but I know that the mod is eying this thread like a hawk just waiting for the tiniest reason to delete it, so I'll just bump to troll him.

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As you can see, presence of single PA in a squad can drastically increase survivability of all squad members.
PA pilot can also evacuate wounded soldiers without risking his own life.

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Hooo mama.

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important to remember that today's soldier, and tomorrows soldier even more, is a heavily trained and incredibly expensive resource.

Poking around on the web is giving me conflicting numbers, from 50k to get a random guy off the street through marine training (but not counting anything past that) to possible more then a million for someone like a fighter pilot (again, just considered 'trained') due to costs involved in all the time spent on those planes.

Whatever the true costs are, they are only going up. Add PR, add savings on the back end (a limb that does not get blown off today is a solider who is not on medical pension and therapy for the next 60 years+) and the inexorable march of power armor continues. Plus there is just so much other stuff to carry around. NEED some robotic augmentation to carry it all.

tldr; we have moved past "this is a rifle, point that end at the nazis. congratulations, you are ready for war" training methods and throwing waves of manpower at everything.
Anyhow.. thread generally..
love cybertech bionics and power augmentation.

>image is wacky and terrible from a functional standpoint. but still..

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I think that might be The Heavy in there.

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You know, I really only watched this thread for the (so far non-existent) image dump, but following the discussion on the cost of soldiers and their gear, I'll post this pic, as it's relevant.

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The legs are a bit off...but not by too much, it's the extended animal ankle join that mostly throws it off.

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Would you believe I was just looking for that picture?

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That's pretty cool.

I mean a lot of fantasy/scifi settings with powered armours either have rediculous levels of resources avaliable or the armours are one offs or relativly rare and used to give mobile heavy support to more conventional infantary.

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Every time I see that I rage a little.

Because I know some one is trying to use that as an excuse to cut defense funding.

It's like when head wounds sky rocketed because they started issuing fucking helmets.

They're wounded because they aren't fucking dead.

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You want off, take a look at this.

No fucking the way the leg could have that much mobility, it would dislocate the hip.

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I think that image is 4-5 years old, but still very realistic.

Airburst weapons have been recently shipped to Iraque

>The XM-25 grenade launcher is equipped with a laser rangefinder and on-board computer. It packs a magazine of four 25mm projectiles, and programs them to detonate as they pass by their targets. That feature will allow soldiers to strike enemies who are taking cover. By 2012, the Army hopes to arm every infantry squad and Special Forces unit with at least one of the big guns.

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Hence why i posted it. We are /tg/, for we are many, but of the same mind....kekekeke

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bolters anyone?

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You mean the Bolter?

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I remember seeing a picture a while back of a chick in really bulky white power armor / pressure-suit, and she had some kind of blade and she's kneeling.

I'd give many Internets to get another chance to save that image.

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Perhaps I have an image in accordance with what you're saying too...

And it's true, statistics can be VERY misleading.

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Am I the only person here who finds the idea of replacing parts of your body with cybernetics?

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There are numerous ways you could hand wave it away retracting plates around the joints that move out the way to allow more movement, that his body actually extends a bit farther out of the bottom of the shot, that his whole leg not just the bottom half is bionic, stuff like that.

To be honest though it's much more important that it just looks cool, and that is succeeds at.

It certainly looks better than things like GWs monkey armed marines.

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What a horrible design.

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drawn/artwork, or photo?

I'll have a look, I'm feeling generous already....

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*finds the idea disturbing

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hivemind on the move?

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No, I found it in a cyberpunk novel once.

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Got your pic bro

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No, a lot of people find it too, now, if you could complete the phrase...

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Being able to turn your head is for pussies.

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It was drawn, looked like a digital illustration.

The chestplate looked really heavy duty, made out of some kind of polymer or white ceramic

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Meet Oscar, the bionic cat

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Given that the artist has stated that the "character" in question has bionic legs...

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rolled 74 = 74


only if you are wasting a perfectly good piece of bio tech.

If you lost an arm, replacing it with a prosthetic makes sense, but if you still got it, seems like a bit much.

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Yes! Thank you. I've been running a GURPS Transhuman space game, and this is how I've been describing the player's vacc-suits. Sans swords and such though.

You gentlemen are awesome.

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Yeah, I didn't have it, but >>13153874 has your back.

As an apology, for not being able to help you, have another girl in PA.

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Gah you beat me to it...all my pictures are pretty much unorganised so it took me forever to find the damn thing.

The title is Shrapnel and it is by OmeN2501 on DeviantArt.

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Are you high? That's not power armor. It's a ballistic vest with neck protection and a helmet with faceguard.

>you chumber
Damn right, captcha.

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That is fucking awesome.

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That is such a crappy shield.

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Any one up for some starship troopers?

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till the last skittle...

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We can but hope that it is in "travel" mode and it extends or something.

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Wow, ton of great sci-fi stuff in his gallery. This stuff helps inspire game sessions. Thanks!

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Starcraft marines look kind of like astronauts. That's pretty cool.

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I am beginning to run out of favourites


Yah. Cool part is that I am on Masters degree into biomaterials and tissue engineering. I could design something like this for my final year.

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I must agree, but still far too cool to be realistic.

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The videos are pretty d'awww.

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I'd even go so far to say that I find them way cooler than spooss maroons. Astronaut visor > frowny face.

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Unless it's a beakie marine.

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actually, I am. But I wasn't when i posted that, i just hit the wrong pic....Here's another, actually in PA :P

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My favorite part of body armor is the helmet, for some reason.

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Terminator armor is also awesome.

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For some odd reason, I'm reminded of these, which I'm rather fond of.

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Anyone got more like this? I'm pretty sure i found the picture here on /tg/.

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StTheo's Helldivers theres heaps of them on deviantArt.

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Thanks bro.

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Man that's great, it's like a mix from Space Marines from 40k and fucking Iron Man.

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SUDDENLY! Fucking Eldar!

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He started off doing an alternate Marine chapter...then creativity hit him and he went totally off on his own direction and taking inspiration from all over the place so there's not really any 40k left now.

Rediculously cool designs.

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Someone should make a game of this stuff.

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Funny thing about that picture is it is remotely true. A lot of tank drivers over in Iraq and Afghanistan (summer months) pretty much have to drive the tanks naked because it gets so fucking hot inside the drivers compartment.

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doesn't surprise me in the slightest.

Don't know if the Gears' armour is PA, I always figured it was in some small way, i.e auto-medic triggered by other team members, (relatively) small boost to strength. Either tha or Marcus and co. are punching through the 'Roids like smarties.

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Kelly Hu as smexy smexy Lady Deathstrike.

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This came out on deviant as a modification to a space marine armor three years ago, and it looks exactly like the kill crazy guy from Halo reach including the skull face paint. If he didn't get paid he got gypped.

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What a coincidence finally sorted my /tg/ pictures. Including the RobotMech folder!

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Best mech/armour ever...

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All I want is a video game that lets you hop in/out of powered armor like this. And your HUD is projected on the screen/visor of your armorsuit/movable display screens.

Also your visor/screen gets damaged in combat.

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There would also be at least one HALO/orbital insertion cutscene.

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Can you tell me the name of the artist who drew this?

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Some to jam out to my mechbro!

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These feet seem dangerously unstable.

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Haha, just a bit...I guess it must constantly use it's jumppack/thruster type things to keep itself upright or something.

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I think it doesn't actually walk.
It looks to me like it flies into a position and "deploys" itself like the Broadside batlesuits in Daawn of War.

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or it could balance itself like a segue or a weeble-wobble if youre REALLY pressed for ideas

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