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Hey guys, I was reading through some of the lore of Warhammer 40K (relatively new to the game), and I came across some vague concepts at work, and was maybe wondering if you guys could clear this up for me.

So in Warhammer 40K supposedly all beings have a soul (the Eldar preserve their warriors souls in stones and integrate them into some sort of network), and that made me wonder what happens after death in the Warhammer 40K universe, do their souls just go straight to the Warp? Also, what is the Imperiums views on this, do they have some sort of belief in an afterlife (as the Imperial Cult and the Imperium are basically one in the same)?

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Well with the Eldar, their afterlife is their soul living on in that network you mentioned, otherwise they would be consumed by Slaanesh.....

Not sure about mankind though.

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well space marines have the gene seed. and for their dreadnoughts, the souls of fallen marines are like trapped inside forever or something. something that has to do with the machine spirit.

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Really just depends on the planet. Some warrior cultures believe a valhalla-esque thing, others are pretty sure life is all MISERY MISERY DEATH.

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>machine spirit

Isn't that the Void Dragon?

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generally, people in the Imperium believe that if you're good, you are with the Emperor when you die. this is probably true to some degree, but it's also probably not as nice as it sounds. most souls probably get eaten by daemons.


Machine God.

Machine Spirits are, well, anything from if you've got a glitchy voxcaster to the varying electronic/computer systems in a ship or vehicle. One is a belief/superstition, the other is actually there. In some cases, like with a ship, it is a functional AI, although the AdMech would never admit that.

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I believe that the human belief is generally the whole, they are with the emperor, thing but I figure what really happens is that they end up with their souls being protected by the emperor but also somehow making him stronger like the sacrifices to other gods does.

I figure that whether he was a god or not before his internment on the throne that he is now, having absorbed the power from ten thousand years of being worshiped by the majority of the galaxy's population plus having millions of sacrifices a day from both psykers in the astronomicon and believers dieing in the marines and guard literally screaming his name.

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Human souls are weak and don't survive being sucked into the Warp, to the point that they don't keep any sense of identity after death. Tau might be even more so.

Eldar are strong enough to survive, which is why they're so terrified of death - if their soul isn't captured somewhere safe, they get to enjoy an eternity having been eaten by Slaanesh. Craftworld and Exodite Eldar use spirit stones and infinity circuits; Harlequins hope that the Laughing God steals their souls before Slaanesh; the Dark Eldar just plan on not dying by replenishing their bodies and souls with other people's.

I'm not as familiar with the Imperial side of things, but it sounds like they imply that you'll sit by the Emperor's side when you die.

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