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Hey guys, I'm back again. Keep in mind that I don't really know any 40k, and I'm not a big anime buff, but I do know and love me some fantasy - so if you could keep requests mostly fantasy-oriented, it would be nice.

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dread pirate roberts/zorro looking guy wearing padded leather armor/white undershirt
also sweet bracers.

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bizzump, I am interested in this

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A dwarf having his hair and beard braided by another dwarf at what appears to be a dwarf slumber party.

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A lady Erinyes dressed like a 1700s naval officer.

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I saw the last thread on sup-tg and realized I hadn't gotten back to you on the pic you drew for me. I really liked it! I forgot to tell you that the Boletim was supposed to be a bit rotund. My bad. But no two mushroom men look alike anyway, so hey, thank you again!

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Could I get a satyr with long blonde hair and a goatee (badum-tsh), dressed like a hoplite? He is carrying a xiphos and is holding his helmet in his off hand. He has one eye with a patch, and has a stoic expression on his face. His armour looks like it is well-maintained and crafted, but very old.

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Perhaps you could draw this guy with more western looking apparel? I would like that very much, and maybe he could be petting one of the metal imps?

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I've actually seen you request this in many threads, and seen other drawfags do it. How the fuck would I make it more "western"? You don't seem to be fulfilled by any of these attempts, so maybe you should be more specific.
A hawaiian shirt and assless chaps, maybe?>>13140798
Working on this, still.

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take yo time bro

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Could you please draw an Indian style naga archer? They should be in a pose like this, and the bow should be very large. The snake tail should begin at the waist, and he should be wearing lots of jewellery and such. The skin should be dark, rather than blue.

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From previous thread:
A Salamanders Dreadnought dressed as Santa giving out presents to children

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Imma spam my request here, too. Maybe a bit gauche, but I'd really like to get a portrait. :)

She's a halfling, young adult, somewhat headstrong and impulsive in nature. Her face and hair look pretty much like pic related, though the hair should have red tips, as though it's coming in ginger from the tips in rather than the other way around. She's in relatively good shape, and though she's pretty busty she doesn't dress to emphasise the fact - rarely showing any skin under the neck.
She's a magic-user, so if you'd show her casting some kind of big fiery spell it'd be great.

Thanks in advance!

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I think my tablet is messing up; figures, as it is not a very good one, so this was exceedingly difficult to do, and it seemed as if I couldn't make any straight lines. Maybe I am just bad. :D
Hope it will suffice anyway.

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Could you do a red-haired female sword-and-board fighter in full-plate making out with the corpse (not undead; an actual corpse) of a female halfling? It may be weird, but this is actually a serious request. Oh, and her (fighter) hair is about shoulder-length and her skin is milk white. Thanks in advance, have a scavenger

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I am not sure what that'd look like, so I'm going to skip ahead to the satyr. Sorry, dwarf slumber party guy, but I don't even

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I think he looks a bit like Zuko; that's awesome

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< Like Dat. But lose all the medals and buttons and shit. The hat is the important part.

As for the Erinyes part, well basically a winged woman.

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A Dragonborn in a longcoat.!

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Lycanthrope alchemist. That is all.

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All of his potions are pork-flavored - And health potions taste like bacon! My god, its perfect,

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A big, Conan the Barbarian-style manly man...moments after the curse of the Girdle of Femininity he just put on activated.

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holy shit fucking awesome

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A tall, gaunt figure wearing a black cowboys' duster coat, a la John Marston in red dead redemption He wears a vest underneath. He wears a wide-brimmed hat and wears a necklace made from various teeth of wild animals, such as bears, cougars, and alligators.

His face is wrapped almost completely in dusty yellowish linen bandages, save for a narrow strip around where his eyes should be. His eyes cannot be seen, save for a glowing yellow light where each eye should be.

He wears a ragged leather glove on one hand, and the other is completely covered in more bandages. Fingers are wrapped individually, except the tips of some fingers have become unravelled to reveal skeletal finger tips- he is a skeleton trying to pass off as a bounty hunter.

He wears leather pants and snakeskin boots with stirrups. These are quite rusted.

He carries a large buffalo rifle, which he is resting on his shoulder. This has been customized- the barrel is wider than normal to fire shells that would completely shatter a man unlucky enough to be on his bad side. He wears a bandolier between the duster and the vest. A revolver is just visible in a brown leather holster on his right hip.

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Here you are. Not my best work - maybe I'm just having a shitty night, but onward I must plow.

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I'll get you guys in order, or at least I will try!
I know what an erinyes is - I just wasn't sure what the naval uniform would look like. I'll give it a shot, at least. Can't promise anything excellent.

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Thanks, man. Appreciate it.

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Wicked. You are a gentleman and a scholar.

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I'm really having to fight my tablet - it keeps acting as though I'm still pressing when I lift my pen, and it is very difficult to work with. I'll finish this erinyes, to the best of my impaired ability without tearing out my hair, then I think I'll break for a while.

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Female wild-elf sorcerer, brown hair braided back, wearing a circlet/diadem and a ragged cloak (grey or grey-blue) around her neck, over the obligatory arcane-sigil-ey robes (Blue). Three ioun stones flying around her, various angles/heights. Sphere, dodecahedron, and an octohedron, if it matters. Around Five feet ten in height. Carries a sword, but can only barely use it.

Slender, light-ish skin, proud, arrogant, wrathful.

AND, If you're willing to do a two parter, (or simply prefer the other,), a tiefilng in heavy plate armor, (bloody siguls and writing along the edge of each 'plate',) with a large flail. Tiefling has red hair, tied back in a pony tail, horns, a tail (sinewy, pointed tip), and is at least a head taller than the elf. He's heavily scared, muscled, and an overall big guy (bordering on seven and a half feet,) but has a faint smile. He too has a cloak, much nicer than the sorceress' one. (Dark red or black, non-ragged.)

Thank you very much if you choose to do this, and double that, if you do both.

(Incidentally, they're all lovey-dovey, if you do do both. She may have a hand on his arm, or he may be standing in front of her protectively. Whatever you want.)

Wacky little pic in thanks.

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Here is your erinyes - I'm going to let my tablet and tablet-usin' hand rest, and see if things will improve later. This scribbling issue with the hardware is really damn irritating, though.
Oh well, hope you enjoy this!

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While I may not draw this madness, you should certainly explain yourself.
In the meantime I'll tackle this naga for you.
I refuse to into 40k :D

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bumpan for interest

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I'll do more on it later, if you like. I'm pretty beat, but I will be back tomorrow, of course.

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Fuck year! Thats perfect. Thanks guy.

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