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Well it would seem that someone was able to upload the Ultra-smurf movie on /rs/ but I missed out on downloading it. I don't suppose someone else could re-upload it somewhere...

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I've been looking everywhere for this. Makes me rage man.... makes me rage.

Captcha: anguish Brousky

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bump for great justice!

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Bump for God-Emperor.

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bump for The Greater Good!

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Bump to fight heresy!

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You aren't missing anything unfortunately. It's absolutely terrible.

I guess, if you're a BIG Ultramarine fan, you should go kill yourself.

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Eh, I heard the same. But I want to see it and judge for myself, without having to fork over $40 for absolute shit.

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I want to try before I buy.

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I suddenly have the urge to watch the super mario bros movie...

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Bump in the Emperors name

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For Pony!

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God damn it... I want to see this film so badly, yet I know it's a failure of epic proportions.

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I desperately hope the Space Marine game will be better.

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I love how we all say that this movie is crap and how we never are going to see it.

But you all know that you will see it, and you will see it more than one time

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It will look better ay least...

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That way we can bad mouth it better by picking out specific examples of it's terribleness.

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>how we never are going to see it.

I don't remember anyone ever saying that. We all want to see it so we can see how bad it is first hand.

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I know this'll be hard but could we all please just give this film credit and all go buy a DVD or two.

Because frankly, if you ever want to see the Fantasy or 40k film you always wanted to we have no real choice but to convince the powers that be that the Smurf movie is the biggest thing since Ben-Hur.

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This. I hate that this is true but GW only listens to money.

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I know. If they managed to come up with even a half decent story than I intend to purchase one.

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The law of 40k games states it will be bad, unfortunately.

Good 40k games;
DoW (Blood Ravens)
Space Hulk (Blood Angels)
Dark Millenium? (Black Templars)

Bad 40k games;
Squad Command (Ultramarines)
Fire Warrior (Ultramarines)
Space Marine? (Ultramarines)

Everything crap gets pawned off on the Ultramarines. The worst HH book is Battle for the Abyss. The worst computer games feature Ultramarines. And let's not forgot this movie.

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Chaos Gate begs to differ.

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>Dark Millenium
>Space Marine
Those games aren't even out yet, asshole. Take those off the list.

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This only encourage them to make more Ultramarine Movies.

And I don't want more fucking Ultramarines

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It would've been better if they had made it about a chapter with more personality...Dark Angels perhaps

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That's why they have question marks after them. I was predicting which new 40k games will suck.

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Oh, the good old days of 2nd edition space marines... when they were actually mortal and could actually die if they were ambushed and outnumbered.

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fuck off games workshop. shouldn't you be working on making some models or something? maybe some new rule books?

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They said if this was successful they would do other chapters.

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....ah, I see them now.

Forgive me Anon, for my rudeness.

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>Space Hulk (Blood Angels)

That was the sequel, the first Space Hulk game on PC was Deathwing all the way.

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> Space Marine (ultramarines)
I'm pretty sure that's actually turning out to be Crimson Fists or something. Check the latest trailer.

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That's not the latest trailer and it has nothing to do with either the movie nor the game.
It was done as a "we have what it takes to do 40k!" work.

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...yeah not paying 40 bucks for it.

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Wait, 40 bucks?

For this?

Major hollywood DVD's are fucking 20! Why the fuck is this double?

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How recent? The newest one I've seen still has U symbols everywhere.

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He's probably talking about the one that was on Kotaku, who didn't get their shit right and said it was from the Space Marine game.

The one where the Crimson Fist is thumping down a GRIMDARK hallway, gets held at gunpoint by a chaos marine. The bolt pistol clicks and he throws him against a wall. Crimson Fist guy tries to pull out his pistol, but it gets slapped away. So what does he do? HEADBUTT, TAKE CHAOS PISTOL, AND SMACK HIM WITH IT, THEN PUNCH WITH FUCKHUGE FIST.

Then he waltzes over to his own bolt pistol, picks it up, and aims it at chaos dude, roll credits.

All in all it was entertaining.

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Yeah but that's the thing, I don't want more fucking marines.

There are too much fucking marine bullshit as it is and I'm not buying marine movie after marine movie just for the hope they'll make a film that isn't about marines.

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Because GW.

Or, more likely, if this is successful they'll take it as "we can make shit and they'll still buy it, why put more effort into the next one".

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Bad 40k games;
>Squad Command (Ultramarines)
>Fire Warrior (Ultramarines)
...Fire Warrior is about MOTHER FUCKING TAU.
>Space Marine? (Ultramarines)
Not out yet

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Bad 40k games:


>> No.13134882

VGA recent.

About Crimson Fists.

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Any videos or pics?

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Read thread, be enlightened.
It was made loooong before all other trailers.
And it does NOT represent anything in the game.

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>UPDATE - THQ tells us that it was part of a pitch Plastic Wax put together to show they "got" 40K material in general, and isn't directly related to Space Marine (or any other 40K games, for that matter)

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Can you help me? I'm looking for a group.

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>Well it would seem that someone was able to upload the Ultra-smurf movie on /rs/ but I missed out on downloading it.
UTUHGFHFHGFFH, you better be trollan. The torrent's nowhere, and then there's this...

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That looks great.

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Oh well, at least there's The Lord Inquisitor.

It's also a great way to troll the movie fans.

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Indeed. It is a shame there's no more of it. I would soooo watch a movie in that quality (and by quality I don't mean exclusively graphics)

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"Collectors Edition". Comes with a hardcase, graphic novel, and behind the scenes stuff.

Looking through Amazon, before their discounts a LOT of 'Collectors Edition' moves are $35+, and are only two-disc things.

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It makes me feel embarrassed for Codex Pictures, seeing game developers and fucking fans do better shit than their abort of a movie.

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I think it looks so bad, because of Shoestring budget (GW didn't chip in at all apparently), and a lot of motion capture stuff, which might not've been compatible with the existing game stuff.

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So does nobody have any kind of torrent anywhere? what does that say? it's too shitty for even ppl to torrent it?

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That looks pretty goddamn awesome. The ground trembles at every step, they are truly titans locked in battle.

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>>Plastic Wax put together to show they "got" 40K
Evidently they missed the bloody mark what with the Chaos Marine being oh so kind to NOT PULL THE FUCKING TRIGGER!
Idiocy is not a valid plot device.

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9.000.000 million. Nine and six zeroes. It doesn't matter if you buy or not - they just can't make a movie.

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Yeah I was fucking confused at that. Maybe they wanted him alive or someshit.

>> No.13135138

So shaky cam then?

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Some nice heresy going on there

>> No.13135153


I have not heard of this.

>"Proof/quotation needed"

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He did pull the trigger.
Did you not hear the click? WASH OUT YOUR EARS, MOFO!
Also not shooting instantly can be easily explained by the chaos marine's intent to play a bit with el fisto.
Because of "hurr, I'm evul like that".

Cruise control for emphasis, not emotions.

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>The Ultramarines movie looks like a £9 million movie with a 70 minute duration
Riveting tale chap. Shit is what it looks like.

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9 million million, are you even trying?

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>Disarm enemy
>instantly bash him in the head with taken weapon
>drop taken weapon with disgust
>pick up own weapon

Sometimes I wonder if people do actually remember what they watched...

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I wish I were. Someone uploaded it on /rs/ earlier but did it as a free user so only 10 people could download it...

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...but that means the ripper (+ ten people with the file) is still amongst us. He can reup it to some decent filesharing site, or even better, make a torret.

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More god aweful marine wank, because it seems we can't have enough of that even while other armies have to wait 6 years for anything.

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I'll say... I stand corrected.

Star wreck had better CG and It's budget didn't even scrape 1 million mark, as I recall. Later they did the Imperial edition with better craphics, though. Way less CG in it, but still

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>9 million to make mid-90's quality CGI movie

It looks like that GW has taken filmmaking advice from the same guy they get their legal advice from.

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I love it when someone does that. I mean, using Rapidshit, AND being too lazy to make a free profile? Might as well not bother at all.

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Is this legit? im losing hope

>> No.13135252

And guess what, they did renderings with a normal computer, one frame in 20 hours.

The budget was something around 10.000 euros.

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/this thread

>> No.13135262

GW didn't make this movie you dumb cunt.

>> No.13135267

Hope is the first step on the road to wasting your life waiting for someone to deliver.

>> No.13135275


Nevertheless, their greasy fingerprints are all over it. Exactly the sort of hideous abomination they would spawn.

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What, something that's true to the fluff?

>> No.13135308

Dan Abnett's writing, right? Should be worth my money. No-one is 'That' strapped for cash.

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What is wrong with me that something like this can make me so mad.

>> No.13135336

There there, we all share your pain.

I really felt my bloodpressure skyrocket when somebody mentioned 'Spiritual Lieger'. It's gotten easier, but still rageworthy.

>> No.13135337

It's an open secret that everyone in the fluff department of GW are sick of Matt Ward's shit.

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Looking forward to buying and seeing it, think it looks great from the latest trailer.
Too many kids condemning without even seeing just because they didn't get PIxar quality from a small studio.

>> No.13135347

Didn't someone actually say that they should have fired him?

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Cool story bro. By buying the movie you do just what they want: lower your expectations so they can sell you shit. Sure is being chinese.

Nine millions. They are not even trying. They do not care. All they want is your delicious jewgolds.

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I got better things to blow it on than some Space Marine wank fest.

>> No.13135358

How much do you think is reasonable to spend on a straight-do-DVD that probably won't see a million sales, keeping in mind its the studio's dime?

>> No.13135359

Everyone hates ultramarines as evidenced by the FIrst Heretic book. It's their fault the heresy even began.

>> No.13135373

>Nine millions.

I would like an actual source on this number.

>> No.13135377



Sounds like... a regular... Company goal, naw, that can't be it. There must be something else, considering they're paying 9 mil out of their own pocket, yet not even expecting to break even.

>> No.13135378

where iz da tottent, boyz?

>> No.13135379

Just the reviewer's thooughts linked in >>13135177

>> No.13135380


Actually that would be the Word Bearers fault. Ultramarines are still useless dicks though

>> No.13135383

But his point in the review is that 9 million is not very much money at all. When he says it "looks like a 9 million pound movie with a 70 minute time-frame" he's saying it looks bad.

>> No.13135385

I'm looking forward to a complete Dawn of Awesome remake of the movie. It could be called Awesomemarines.

>> No.13135387

The Room was six million.

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>>Oh well, at least there's The Lord Inquisitor.
you know how this shits work dont ya?
first they show you lots of cool images, the work in the early stages, one or two 20 seconds clip without sound, then with crappy sound, and after 2 years of no new information about the project a post in their webpage saying they cannot continue with it due to"real life issues", that they have to deal with their lifes cause blah blah blah(talking like they have spent 8 months in a deep hole ), also original shit do not steal neither im gonna left this in other hands and dont complain cause i dont have the obligation of doing nothing etc.

>> No.13135432

bah, the last one was sgt. tellions christmas party and you know it

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GODDAMMIT. I pray to the emprah that someone will upload this.

>> No.13136115

Has anyone actually seen it? Is it as bad as the trailers made it out to be?

>> No.13136399

It's the same thing with DoW mods. Looks like nothing's happening.

But believe me, shit's happening.

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Sharing is caring.


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>> No.13136742

How can it take so long to rip one DVD and put it to TPB?

>> No.13136754

How would the trailers make it look bad?
Unless you're talking about actual looks, in which case, so what?

>> No.13136895

Worse, I've heard. And the enviroment...

"Hey, how about rocks and sand so we don't have to model shit?"
"Jesus Chris, you're a genius!"

>> No.13137089

"Rocks and Sand? ROCKS AND SAND!?! You are going to stop wasting my time and money and start putting in more of that dull gray-brown haze that I requested or I'll have your family out on the street by Christmas!"

>> No.13137103

"Shit nigger, we'd still have to model rocks! Let's just make a nice sandstorm and call it a day."
-"You are a god amongst us."

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>God damn it... I want to see this film so badly, yet I know it's a failure of epic proportions.

It has suddenly dawned on me how 40k and Games Workshop has been able to survive and remain profitable for so long.

>> No.13137446

GW is a bit like "Gay Niggers from Outer Space". You shouldn't be watching it, but there's something, something in it that won't let you go.

>> No.13137481


Darlings Chafes capcha? my what have you been doing.

>> No.13137497

Remeber: your're on four chan.

>> No.13137533


Saw it yesterday at my FGLS, who had a little showing of it. It was better than I was expecting, which isn't saying a lot.

And let me tell you, for being the GREATEST SPESHMAHREENS ever, those Ultramarines were some of the least smart/professional Astartes I've seen, except the Apothecary (And the Fists). Especially Captain Dumbass.

Overall, I'd give it 4.5/10

>> No.13137551


Tell me, brother, who are you to doubt the writ of Guilliman, his very tactical acumen executed with utmost precision by the exemplars of all Astartes, the greatest of us all, the legendary Ultramarines?

>> No.13137579


Well, I guess the excuse could be the Tactical team were a bunch of Gloryhungry scouts who just got promoted to full Astartes (and put instantly into the 5th Battle Company? Sheesh, guess those manpower shortages in the wake of the Tyranids still hurt).

Doesn't explain Captain Dumbass though.

>> No.13137602

Please tell me you mean the fourth company.

>> No.13137611


The yellow/gold trim would indicate 2nd company.

>> No.13137626


Do you speak of the fabled 2nd Company - the finest fighting unit in this or any other Space Marine Chapter?

>> No.13137627


The Tac squad had nice big "V"s on their Pauldrons, I didn't catch where Captain Dumbass was from.

>> No.13137636


The V means 2nd Company, 5th squad.

>> No.13137640

Come on /tg/.

Ultramehrens will be just what the doctor ordered once I'm done with finals hell.

>> No.13137649

OP here. So I don't suppose any of you have it for upload.

>> No.13137653


Oh? Well, sorry, I'm not to familiar with Astartes unit markings. But still that is even worse, isn't it? Fresh scouts going into the 2nd company?

>> No.13137664

Huh, you're right. Thought green was sixth company.

>> No.13137668

someone upload, and i shal dl, and put up on my torrent server.

>> No.13137672


Not really. Generally once you're in a company you're there until you get promoted to first company. 2nd through 5th are the battle companies and there is no real heirachy between them. A brother from 4th may have a hundred years experience on someone from 2nd for example.

>> No.13137680

>Imperial Fist crucified on a rock with a Chaos star spray-painted on it


oh my god best warriors in the galaxy

>> No.13137682

Speakin of spess mehrens, the Grey Knights are going to get a new type of walker.

It's sort of like a combination of Penitent Engine and a Dreadnought, in that it is operated by an operational Grey Knight, but he is not permanently bolted to the vehicle.

It also uses MC rules instead of Walker rules. The fluff is that it allows for GK Justicars to go toe to toe with certain demons against which a walking marine, even a GK, would be at a serious disadvantage in close combat.

Prior to this knowledge getting out, people thought they'd get actual penitent engines, don't worry, Ecclesiarchy/WH keep those.

>> No.13137686


White: First
Yellow: Second
Red: Third
Green: Fourth
Black: Fifth
Can't remember if the reserve companies have their own colours.

>> No.13137691

Having former scouts go straight into tactical squads, now THAT'S Heresy.
It's Devastator->Assault->Tactical for a reason. :/

>> No.13137697

If it makes money then they'll make movies for other chapters...

>> No.13137701

>> No.13137712


But shouldn't they be put into one of the Reserve companies first?


The Chaos emblem on the door of the Cathedral made out of the armored corpses of 8 Imperial Fists was rather "classy" I thought.

>> No.13137718

6th is orange
7th is purple
8th is grey
9th is blue
10th is technically white.

>> No.13137729

seems rather to far fetched to be believable but then again no one believed the rumors of BA were getting flying landraiders

i'm perfectly fine with GK/libby dreads and grandmasters taking care of large demons

>> No.13137734


Well, that method is only used if you're a strictly codex adhering chapter... OH wait... Ʊ...

>> No.13137737


This is Ultramarines at 999.M40.

>> No.13137743


>> No.13137757

I don't see a difference?
Aside from all the U's.

>> No.13137777

The new captain of the 4th is Uriel Ventris

>> No.13137790

Funny. That Apothecary reminds me of all those homeless drunks that always manage to create an awkward moment by talking to themselves how alcohol should be banned and how nobody should drink.

Being example of how to take care of Space Marines. Really looks like a guy I'd let cut me open.

>> No.13137792

It is meant to be the fifth company, which has a black trim though the higher ups changed it to gold so they would look more like normal Ultras

>> No.13137795


Yeah, the codex mentions Idaeus sacrificing himself to blow up a Night Lord invasion force and Ventris taking command.

>> No.13137824

What makes you draw this conclusion?

>> No.13137828

That is funny how you can tell without seeing tell tale sights intoxication.

>> No.13137840


He read a post on some forum with someone claiming to have worked on the movie.

>> No.13137841


The MC rules make sense for the new fluff.

A Keeper of Secrets will have a 39% chance to penetrate a Dreadnought with each attack (hitting on 3+, penetrates with 7+ on 2d6). Each penetrating hit can destroy or hinder the abilities of the dread.

But it has only a 22% chance to cause a wound to a MC with Talos toughness (hitting on 3+, wounding on 5+), less if there is an invulnerable save. Since MC has multiple wounds, a single unsaved wound will not kill it. And the MC's damage potential remains unharmed even if it suffers a wound.

>> No.13137877


The MC durability also helpsGrey Knights to win against Tyranids, and have walker-type units that cannot be killed by a single meltagun or sniped by Railguns

>> No.13138003

Bumping for upload?

>loadnew curses
Comp predicts no upload soon

>> No.13138044

Bump for teh Blaaahd Gawd!

>> No.13138114


IIRC, its not common, but its not unheard of either for a couple squads to be transfered from one company to another, particularly when a company walks straight into an ambush or whatever, and gets slain to the last man. That said, some of the reserve companies might have specialist duties when the entire chapter goes to the field at once. For example, the 9th might be in charge of assisting the Forge with the operation of the chapters siege equipment during the assault of a fortress, or the 5th might get thrown on bikes to serve as skirmishers during a pitched battle.

>> No.13138179


Wait, why does Keeper of Secrets get to roll 2d6? Is it a Daemon rule or something?

>> No.13138216

All monstrous creatures roll Strength+2d6 for armor penetration.

>> No.13138275

The problem is that people upload to wrong places; either upload limit or the file is removed by authorities (especially since the movie is so new they still care).


Use these (if you up the .rar in two or more parts). They are used by pedophiles, so I can pretty safely say they are secure.

>> No.13138537

>To set matters straight with a lot of people this is NOT a Games Workshop product. GW are approached on a daily basis with offers to make a 40k movie, including offers from Hollywood, and they up until now have always turned them down.
>including offers from Hollywood

Why in gods name would they turn down something that would most likely have the budget of 50+ Million.

Hollywood would just throw Zack Snyder or Micheal Bay on it but still, I wouldn't mind just seeing a Micheal Bay explosionfest Warhammer Movie.

>> No.13138573

I hear that the animation is shit tier but the story is pretty good.

>> No.13138576


Oh cool. I always knew the Russians would be good for somethi-

>they are used by pedophiles

Not clicking that.

>> No.13138656

>used by pedophiles

Oh you

>> No.13138742

Горжусь Россией!

>> No.13138769



why is it so hard to put this piece of shit on demonoid or TPB?

>> No.13138862


>Dan Abnett screwing up fluff

well, that's not surprising. a derpy story is, though.

they should've just had McNeill do it. then it would've been Urinal Ventris doing stuff, and maybe a brief scene from Storm of Iron.

>> No.13140222

Pedophiles are very very paranoid about legal repercussions for their actions. Pedophiles are the trailsblazers of new illicit security tech. If pedos are using something, you know that using it won't get you into trouble.

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