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Does a unit burned with Holy Promethium have to take a morale test for every dead model or just one test per shooting phase?

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You take the Morale test at the End of the shooting phase, as to see if the unit falls back, just incase it would put them out of reach by another unit that wants to charge into close combat.

This is the case with All ranged weapons, all the time.

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Unless you are Black Templar.

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Does not know the rules

If the unit takes any casualties, make >one< morale test immediately. Every Holy Prom shot, NOT hit or kill, can cause one morale check. If the unit has taken 25% by the end of the shooting phase, they take another test.

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Codex > Rulebook (in case they ever contradict)

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Don't have this codex.
Can you post the actual words from the book so it's clear for all to see?

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I'm failry certain theres something somehwere that says you only take one test per turn per unit. To prevent moral test spamming armies.

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