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Was anyone else excited by that system a guy was working on for a tokusatsu RPG?

The last thread I saw about it was some months ago, and I wanted to know if anyone had heard an update?

If the guy's dropped the project I may pick it up in his stead, because I think it would be crazy fun to put your tongue in you cheek and have tons of laughs RPing for JUSTICE!

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I'm excited, but I'm no RPG number cruncher - got too much other stuff to take care of, though I did say I'd playtest. Apparently a more thorough alpha is being worked on, but feel free to pick up what we worked on and run with it:


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In that last thread it ended with
> Can somebody archive this?

> It's already archived.

The fact that the second man didn't use a picture of Kenshiro is a waste.

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One bump before I depart.
If anyone knows anything else about it/him let me know.
Otherwise lets discus the game, and things you would like to see in it.

I'll be back in a little while.

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There's not much I want to see that hasn't been talked about yet. Mostly JUSTICE.

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Then it's borderline official.
I'll check again during peak hours some time this week to make sure that he's dropped it. OTHERWISE I WILL TAKE UP THE MANTLE OF THE TOKUSATSU RPG GC!

(Because no Tokusatsu it complete without an abbreviation that you have to ask what stands for)

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One more bump, for good measure.
Just checking again if anyone has heard from the guy, or if there's even enough interest remaining to continue the project.
I will likely do something for my own purposes, even if there's not. However, the more people that are interested, the more effort I will put into it.

Even if this thread goes with no more responses I'm making another on Wed during peak hours for good measure.

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