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Tau thread.

If the Tau resorted to commando tactics (Like how the recent Call of Duty games do it) with silenced Pulse Rifles/Carbines, instead of trying to go full retard and face against an enemy in the open like they do it all the time in the tabletop game (which they will more often than not obviously lose), would they actually -achieve- something?

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No. Commandos need training in all fields, including melee combat, and *I* could beat a tau in a fistfight.

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So the only way they can fight is in Napoleonic Wars style?

Just stand and shoot until they die?

>feels bad man

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This would make a much better Tau recruitment poster...

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Suppose you're a commando, commandoing in a series of hallways in a building. You get in a close combat situation when you turn a corner, with an enemy too close to shoot because your rifle is longer than he is far away.

Unless you can punch or kick or something, you lose.

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Tau have stealth fields, something humans don't. Makes for a much more even fight. (And they can just walk up behind you and shoot you point blank, or knife you point blank. WS only matters if you know you're in combat.)

I'd say Tau probably already do. Just like all the other races do, to some degree.

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The tabletop open field battles aren't the only battles that happen in the 40K universe. Those are just the big ones, where the enemy has found you, you're meeting on open terrain, and stealth - beyond a certain amount of TACTICAL GENIUS - is no longer really viable.

How long would you last in Call of Duty if the map was an open field with maybe a hill or two to hide behind?

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Fluff wise its a big part of what they do. Tau basically believe in two types of warfare, Mont'ka and Kauyon.
Mont'ka is basically the tabletop game. Massed guns taking out selected enemy groups to weaken the whole and allow the Tau to kill the rest.
Kauyon is basically guerilla warfare. Hold nothing, take nothing. Have no supply lines, nothing for the enemy to strike. Hit where the enemy is vulnerable and wear them down.
If you look hard at their codex you can see this in the units.
Mont'ka: Firewarriors, crisis suits, broadsides, hammerheads, Vespids, and skyfires.
Kauyon: Kroot, hounds, shapers, piranhas, pathfinders, stealthsuits, even the devilfish.

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Isn't this the exact reason why Tau bother with auxiliaries? I would guess they would just get Kroot or Humans to do those kinds of missions for them.

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i can see tau commando troops, but i doubt it uses fire warriors. even if they did, the fire warriors would probably be more of the hit and run commando types, which is basically a scout that packs a punch.

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They're called stealthy teams you maroon

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Why don't they just stealth their entire armies, even in open fields? Seems like a viable tactic to me.

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You know what's awesome? Water Caste tau think of Fire Caste as a bunch of primitive militant dolts.

That's the sign of a reasonable society, when they see their army for what it is, an crude tool for throwing weight around, staffed by a society's lowest common denominator.

That's what's wrong with the imperium. Holding up spacemarines as "Humanity's Finest" is like looking to Jarheads as paragons of sophistication

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Hey guys, why doesn't the US army just equip everybody with a nuke?

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sauce? I'm not arguing I would just love to read that specific piece of fluff

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In all fairness, aren't they? As they are molded according to the Emperors image. IG on the other suits your argument better.

Though I'm sure the Imperiums view would change, were it not, that they are fighting a desperate war of survival on all multiple fronts. Makes one admire the superior firepower that keeps ones home safe, I'd imagine

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“The nation that makes a great distinction between its scholars and its warriors will have its thinking done by cowards and its fighting done by fools.”


It's fine to acknowledge that military force has a time, place, and role, and it's even fine to decide that your society shouldn't be built in order to serve the military, but to state that it's a good thing that the people pulling the strings don't know what they are talking about when it comes to matters military (and don't argue that they wouldn't be ignorant in that manner, in a segregated caste society) is a good thing.

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I thought all Tau think of everyone as fulfilling a specific but necessary function, so everyone deserves equal respect (besides the Ethereals who get more-than-equal); a general's as important as a janitor.

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Is this a general thread on Tau? Because if it is, I'd like to know where the story about the Tau killing Slaanesh comes from. I thought the Tau were supposed to be completely clueless about the true nature of the galaxy, how could they even get close to Slaanesh.

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“The nation that makes a great distinction between its scholars and its warriors will have its thinking done by cowards and its fighting done by fools.”


It's fine to acknowledge that military force has a time, place, and role, and it's even fine to decide that your society shouldn't be built in order to serve the military, but to state that it's a good thing that the people pulling the strings don't know what they are talking about when it comes to matters military (and don't argue that they wouldn't be ignorant in that manner, in a segregated caste society) is a terrible thing.

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>comparing the real world to 40k, the most over-the-top universe in known fiction

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They killed a greater daemon I believe, and then celebrated all across their empire that they killed the infamous "Slaanesh". The rest of the galaxy has a laugh.

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They killed a slaaneshi cultist, had delusions of grandeur or maybe it was a daemonette.

Reguardless, they are pretty dumb to think that, IMO.

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They didn't kill Slaanesh, they just thought they did.
Long story short, Tau were fighting Slaanesh cultists. One of them tells them they serve Slaasnesh. Suddenly cultists everywhere, with the kroot who ate their dead bodies turning on the Tau. Things are going bad until the commander kills their leader, and they all run away. Victory is won, and the Tau think they just killed Slaanesh.

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Space marines are humanity's finest though. Not only are they superior to normal humans in every way, except socially maybe, but they also are the only real reason Humanity isn't already overrun by xenos and chaos.

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>Hey guys why don't the Tau equip everyone with a utility device that doesn't pose any bodily threat to anyone, but instead aids each soldier?
Refuted with
>Hey guys why doesn't the US Army equip everyone with a weapon that detonates in a very large radius that kills things and leaves the ground useless?

Idiot radar blaring at me.

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Reading comprehension
Seems like your radar is detecting you

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He probably tried to refute that claim saying that it would be costly to give everyone stealthsuits and call it a day.

Wrong choice for a comparison though.

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Learn the meaning of the word "sarcasm", you half baked motherfucker.

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Ummm, they're not the only reason that chaos and xenos don't automatically destroy the Imperium. Are they a magnificent fighting force? Yes, absolutely. However I would award the uncountable billions serving in the Imperial Guard for truly preserving the Imperium. There are only so many space marines, and they can't be everywhere.


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Way to lose your shit over a discussion on the fluff of a fictional universe.

Don't forget to get your prescription filled, aspie.

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Except socially?

No human trait is more valuable than the capacity of reasonable minds to collaborate amicably.

Anyone who can't do that is a waste of chromosomes.

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sure is, samefag.

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OK, thanks. If this isn't derailing the thread too much, could anyone post the story or a link to it?

The reason that the Tau Empire doesn't give all of its soldiers stealth suits is the reason that the Imperium doesn't give all of the IG hellguns. Too expensive.

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You have to be pretty dense. That guy had a valid point, that the nuke argument is ignorant.

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You have to be a pretty big manchild to argue over this

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ITT People can't see the irrelevancy

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Not only manufacturing costs. But imagine the additional training you would need to sort out for your troops. I think operating a stealth suit is anything BUT straight forward. You can't just give any moron a weapon/suit that's worth millions.

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Prolly referencing the lack of empathy SM generally have for the citizenry of the Imperium, for it is canon, that SM have great talent for leadership, thus not socially backwards.

>> No.13121537


That would be pretty kickass if a race managed to pull it off, though. The enemy would essentially be facing a ghost army.

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Leadership is the most worthless form of interpersonal association.

Better men give and receive insight, through the marriage of minds, without wasting their energy attempting to assert dominance

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Anarchist detected

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But isn't what you described an example of good leadership? It's not all just dominating your insubordinates and making sure they know who is the boss.

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>implying leadership is nothing but asserting dominance.


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I'm not an anarchist. But only an idiot actually thinks he should waste his breath commanding another soul

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Except the thing is the Water Caste *are* the dolts. They're diplomats, and have you seen the American diplomatic corp? Liers, cheaters and corrupt officials. Let's look at the space marine example. They are more intelligent, more powerful, more dedicated and better educated than any normal Imperial Citizen, despite being lifted from the dredges of society for many of them. Sounds pretty pinnacle to me. Sure, they're no Inquisitors, but Inquisitors are even worse...

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They're not just diplomats. They're Merchants and scholars.

>> No.13121615


Difference between "overlord" and "leader" here.

It's like the difference between Lawful Evil and Lawful Good.

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So just because American diplomats, or even human diplomats as a whole, are dolts, the diplomats of a fictional alien race automatically have to be dolts? I'm not following you here.

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The only people who think alignment's are a relevant model of anything, are autists of the most severe incompetence

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>>They're diplomats
>>In 40k
So what do they do exactly?

>>quartelry luerms
But whats a Luerm captcha?

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It's not about the leader NEEDING to command his fellow men. It's that the fellow men NEED commands from the leader. Soldiers in the military can't all just act independently, they need orders. Usually a squad leader is the man who understands his orders from the higher ups and knows how to communicate it to his squad and make sure they perform at maximum efficiency. Being a good leader is about the team, it's not about the power trip of being in control. Some people are leaders, they know how to communicate in a group but some people aren't and they need a leader in order to function well in a group environment.

There is a guy at my work who can't work independently at all. If he doesn't have constant orders from the manager what would he do? He would just hover, and awkwardly try to help other people out where it wasn't needed at all.

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Social skills is a learned trait, they're not something you're just born with. If Space Marines were brought up with more ordinary lives planned, they'd learn social skills the same as we do today.

>> No.13121668


They get the kroot, and the demiurge and REASONABLE humans to trade and collaborate with the Tau empire


That, my friend, is a more valuable achievement than any conquest.

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Nihilist detected

>> No.13121683


Except spacemarines are from bumfuck backwards shit shoveling tribal worlds.

also, since when did the denizens of /tg learn social skills?

>> No.13121688

Your version of leadership resembles a relationship between a slave and his owner.

>> No.13121699


I feel genuinely sorry for those sorts of people, and for the sorts of people who have few enough options that they have to enlist.

>> No.13121720


That's where they find people who are to LATER become SM. That doesn't mean those are their only options.
Plus, SM training is often done in childhood.

>> No.13121723

I'm enlisting, and I have a scholarship for a biology degree.
You hippies are all the fucking same.

>> No.13121739

They didn't sprout from the ground did they?
A SM still belongs to a community and has already learned to interact with people.

/tg/ is /tg/, where the fuck do you think you are.

>> No.13121761

Hoooooold up there, chief.
>>13121699 was commenting on how he felt sorry for people who couldn't work independently or who had to enlist in order to make ends meet. Where does that a.) lead to him being a 'hippie' and b.) earn him your ire?

>> No.13121763


Actually, I'm genuinely curious now.

If you could be going to a university, why are you becoming a soldier?

>> No.13121794


Obviously the battlefield would be the only place where he'll ever be able to dissect a human specimen.

>> No.13121805


Agreed. One of my best friends was in the Marine Corps for around 15 years, the whole time working as an aviation electrician (I think that's what he called it, not sure) and taking college classes on the side.
Now he's making serious fucking bank as a self employed electrician along with vet benefits.
Not to mention, he already had a ton of money saved up, because he enlisted at 17 and wasn't married until he was 24, and he was really careful with his money, and since the Marine Corps paid all of his bills, he had no obligation to spend any of that money except for perhaps new pieces of equipment.
After he got married, his wife was really careful with the money and still managed to save up a good chunk of change.

People who think enlistment in the military is just an option for poor people is the only reason for joining are just idiots. Free schooling is just one of the many benefits.

>> No.13121820


I'm sorry, I can't ever imagine valuing money that much.

>> No.13121840


There's accountants in the Marine Corps. There's plumbers in the Army. There's a lot of fucking jobs. Just because you're going into the military doesn't mean you're fighting, by a long shot.

>> No.13121851

Back to the Tau boys

>> No.13121860


Yeah but how are any of them worth it? How is any job worth subjugating yourself to the whims of a nations military industrial complex?

No money in the world is worth that.

>> No.13121868

Agreed, been derailed long enough

>> No.13121890


What, you think they just hoard it? He did what he did because he wanted to give his family the best life he could. His wife doesn't have to work, and his kids have absolutely everything they could ever need without being spoiled, he's self employed so he works whatever hours he pleases, and he's going to be able to retire very comfortably at 50.

Not a lot of people can say that, and it was the military that gave that to him.

>> No.13121896


back to the topic... what about camouflage then? If the Tau believed in ambushes and surprise buttsex tactics, then why is there so little recorded instances of such victories and so much of just Tau getting their asses handed back to them in 50 distinctly marked pieces?

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The Water Caste has added more people and planets to the Empire than the Fire Caste. Imagine that. The Tau have successful diplomats IN THE 40K UNIVERSE.

>> No.13121905

Tau could use a codex update... Many of the options in the codex either suck royally or are overpriced for what they do.

>> No.13121907

Records are kept from the Imperium's point of view
Do the math

>> No.13121910


Sorry guys, didn't realize I was arguing with a tinfoil hat wearing dumb fuck conspiracy theorist.

So how are the Tau ignorant of Chaos?

>> No.13121915

Tau are accused of being the good guys for a reason.
they aren't of course, they are nothing but a galactic parasite.

>> No.13121918

The Air caste always seemed like bullshit to me. Seriously, they're messengers and pilots. Yawn. You only need a handful of messengers for a city (and none now that they, presumably, have radio), the Tau navy does jack shit. The only real occupation for the Air caste is flying their equivalent to jet craft. And it was probably generations before they even invented it, much less widely used it.

Do the Air caste do anything other than pilot nowadays?

>> No.13121919

I'm wondering. The castes were formed during the end of the genocidical wars of the planet Tau, then the Ethereals came and bringed peace and unity to the whole species. So my question is...what was the job of the Fire Caste during that time without conflicts or alien treaths?

>> No.13121929

Go back to /x/ shitstalk

>> No.13121938


>tinfoil hat wearing dumb fuck conspiracy theorist.

Huh, all I did was mention the military industrial complex. President Eisenhower was more than a little nervous about them too you know. Do you think he was a nut?

>> No.13121939

See the story about them thinking they killed Slaanesh.

>> No.13121940

The Eldar and even the Imperium have great knowledge of Chaos, having been fighting it for tens of thousands of years. The Tau have been fighting Chaos for a much shorter length of time, and their warp presence is next to nil, meaning that Chaos tends to ignore them in favor of the much juicier humans or Eldar.

Problem, Imperium?

>> No.13121947

Tau cannot into warp. Is the most easy way of explaining it. They just think they're a bunch of crazy people with really, really nasty pets.

>> No.13121950


I like to imagine that the Air caste are also the Journalists of tau society. And the weathermen

>> No.13121952


I'm sorry, I forgot to make it clear to you that I will no longer be responding to you unless it is on-topic. Just posting this to let ya know.

>> No.13121957


The Tau Navy kept the Empire from collapsing under Ork assault, Hive Fleets, Imperial attacks and pressure from the ULTRAMARINES.

All this with modified colony ships/superheavy transports at first. Only the Hero cruisers andsecond generation Kor'Or'Vesh fleet are proper warships that were explicitly designed for that duty.

>> No.13121961


You mean they don't understand it?

>> No.13121962


Sound's like someone's a rand-reading faggot.

>> No.13121963 [DELETED] 


Oh, yea. See this right here? You've got a college know-it-all hippy. Yea this is pretty serious form of hippy to come across, but it doesn't seem to be in it's pack so it's not in it's element.

>> No.13121965

>they aren't of course, they are nothing but a galactic parasite.
U mad, Guardsman?

>> No.13121982


Oh, yea. See this right here? You've got a college know-it-all hippie. Yea this is pretty serious form of hippie to come across, but it doesn't seem to be in it's pack so it's not in it's element. It won't be easy and my rates aren't low, but I think I could get rid of him for you /tg/.

>> No.13121983


They can't feel it. They are literally nearly immune to warp corruption. That also means that they can't have psy powers.

>> No.13121987



>> No.13122011

Yes, or sense it. For them, it is inexplicable, they try to comfort themselves with technobabble when warp phenomena happen, and it simply goes over their heads. In extreme cases, they ignoreit completely.

>> No.13122018

Oh no, they have a presence in the warp, just about as much as a dog or a chimpanzee. That doesn't mean they can't ever manipulate it, and its been rumored that Farsight fell to daemonic corruption with that blade he found, which hints at him potentially being the Tau's first psyker - although personally I think he just broke away from the ethereal mind control.

Their general ignorance of the warp is funny, though, and I can't wait to read in a codex where a traitor human bore an alpha class psyker who got possessed and ripped a planet in half since the Tau had no idea what was going on.

>> No.13122026


That doesn't really make sense. Look at the amount of victories in all the other codices. Count their victories, then look at the Tau victories.

They should have at least more than that if they want to promote their "Victory through Superior Technology" attitude.

>> No.13122027


>> No.13122028

The Air Caste are the main crew on all starships and orbital installations.
Being messengers is still important, as the Tau theoretically shouldn't have a way to communicate at large distances without psykers. So, perhaps they need to run ships back and forth to spread news. (Which is also important because their warp engines aren't nearly as fast as Imperial counterparts.)

So yeah, they're the main crewmen for space vessels. Source: BFG Armada, where one particular ship stands out because most of its crew is Fire cast, not Air.

>> No.13122031


I'm pretty sure the ethereals don't actually practice mind control.

They're just reasonable. Their entire civilization is reasonable.

I can see how it'd seem like magic to you though.

>> No.13122035

Fun fact: OP image was made by Brian Clevinger of 8-Bit Theater and Atomic Robo fame!

Here's his other bit of Tau Propaganda

>> No.13122037


Sorry I just really wanted to make that joke before it was too too late.

>> No.13122045


As we've already said. The majority of tau victories are diplomatic, not militant.

>> No.13122048

So what about the whole Tau research in Medusa V? I'm fairly certain that the Tau decided to have nothing to do with the warp since then. Even so it is obvious that the Tau know about psy and at least one of their allies is a strong psy race.

>> No.13122051

Less territory and less victories to be had. Also as newbies in this galaxy they're bound to take a pounding form all the vets, till they've got the ropes

>> No.13122056

>I'm pretty sure the ethereals don't actually practice mind control.

>> No.13122061

Does any other army in the galaxy actively recruit from the Imperium?

>> No.13122062

samefag here, my theory is that the Air caste and the Water caste are both merchants and artisans, but that the Air caste is far smaller (since they evolved in a shitty region) so they aren't really associated with those jobs since most Tau who hold them are Water. Essentially, the Air caste are merchants (and pilots), the Water caste are the bureaucrats (and filler merchants), the Earth caste are peasants and artisans, the Fire caste are soldiers and police.

So they correspond to the Confucian idea of the Four Occupations:
Earth=>nong + gong

How is that Randian? Sounds more Communist to me...

>> No.13122067

From Medusa they just figured out that the Warp isn't worth the time and effort researching.

Yes, that was their canon ending.

>> No.13122079


The tau aren't randian
But him calling them parasites was randian

>> No.13122083

>Oh no, they have a presence in the warp,
Alright, I was under the belief that Tau had no "signature" in the Warp. That is, they are not nulls (per se), definitely not pariahs.
So I'm seeing it as where normally a daemon looks and sees dim souls of humans and orks and whatnot, and bright souls of psykers and Eldar, they would see nothing of Tau, since Tau don't have any signature.
But still do have souls, to some extent, since there's nothing saying they flat-out nullify psychic powers.

>I've got a buzzing in my comms. Switching channels.

>> No.13122086

Probably police and soldiers for putting down the occasional insurrection (the Ethereals probably didn't sprout into their current state right away). It probably started out as an even smaller caste.

>> No.13122104

And professional athletes, of course.

>> No.13122109

Heres an example
To the chaos powers, the Tau are finger sandwitches. While we all love those tasty little snacks, they're nothing compared to the dozen coursed feasts humans have to offer.

>> No.13122110


Honestly, it didn't really matter what they but the fire caste to work doing.

All that mattered was keeping them from decimating their own species' population

>> No.13122120



The only thing less valuable in to a society than its soldiers and police

>> No.13122141

>Fuck da police. Fuck da troops. I'm so edjy lol
Just die already.

>> No.13122194

I think that the Tau are based on the ancient Chinese Empire.

Thoughts? Disagreements?

>> No.13122209


Strongly disagree. Although I agree that Tau have some similarities with China, but more RECENT history than ancient.

>> No.13122220

Yes, with a little bit of Japanese, considering the battlesuits and all that pew pew.

>> No.13122235

chaos does. and technically so do tyrannids with genestealer cults.

>> No.13122253

>Boxy battlesuits that rely heavily on distance engagements
>Not Heavy Gear
I guess if something is said enough times...

>> No.13122271

Hey I had an idea. Wouldn't it be awesome if somebody wrote a game where you play as the Water Caste?

It'd be like Rogue Trader, only instead of fucking over every poor planet you reach, you'd just go around giving people presents and making friends.

>> No.13122274

I don't know. Confucianism did have a lot of similarities with Tau'va. I'm not really considering the technology, just the culture. There's not really any army that compares to the Tau army. No one's got battlesuits.

Meanwhile, the strategy of conquering most of their territory through negotiation seems similar to the Chinese tactic of Sinicization. As I've said before, the castes reflect the Four Occupations. They come from the Eastern fringe... I still think that they're Chinese.

>> No.13122299

Go to hell third-worldist...
Probably samefag as anarchist ( >>13122120 ) conspirist ( >>13121860 ) and nihilist ( >>13121643 )

>> No.13122303

You have ideas about what diplomacy is.

>> No.13122311


Huh? I was being earnest. I'd actually like a game that's about being polite. A game where your only objective is to endear yourself to people.

>> No.13122325

So basically. You go around fucking people over. Let's give you gifts and greatly increase the speed of your technology so you become reliant on it for your new life and have no idea how to make or manufacture it for yourself!

Congratulations, your now dependent on tau technology. So you say you don't want to join the greater good?

>> No.13122338


Fucking them over by trading with them and improving their standard of living?

>> No.13122365

Go to hell, liberalist. Probably samefag as third-worldist ( >>13122271 ) anarchist ( >>13122120 ) conspirist ( >>13121860 ) and nihilist ( >>13121643 )

>> No.13122372

I don't even know how you managed to be a third-worldist and a liberalist at the same time, but you did.

>> No.13122375


What? I'm actually trying to talk about the Tau. Is that not permitted in a tau thread?

>> No.13122387

Go to hell, purist. Probably samefag as liberalist ( >>13122338 )
third-worldist ( >>13122271 ) anarchist ( >>13122120 ) conspirist ( >>13121860 ) and nihilist ( >>13121643 )

>> No.13122396


I'm pretty sure It's only you and me in here.

>> No.13122398

If your standard of living grows to high to be sustained from your normal means, and I control what sustains your standard of living I control a lot of power. Not all tau methods of indoctrination are just from trade and good relations.

>> No.13122406

Go to hell, isolationalist. Probably samefag as purist ( >>13122375 )
liberalist ( >>13122338 )
third-worldist ( >>13122271 ) anarchist ( >>13122120 ) conspirist ( >>13121860 ) and nihilist ( >>13121643 )

Also, I just got the exact same captcha, twice in a row!

>> No.13122409


And that's as bad as an invasion?

>> No.13122413

According to dependency theory, it's worse. You should know that, you're the third-worldist.

>> No.13122423

Well, when they join the Tau empire they will gain access to such manufacturing technologies that will improve their standard of living and make it available to all instead of just the gifts bestowed on them. Isn't that better?

>> No.13122435


I'd genuinely rather be in debt than get shot at.

>> No.13122438

Slow death over short and quick? Depends on the situation and your viewpoint. It's not like the tau are above both. Diplomacy failed? Trade failed? No problem, send in the fire caste. For they sake, we must bestow them with the wisdom of the greater good right?

The original argument was whether or not it was still fucking them over which it is. So at least that is settled

>> No.13122444

No, because the Tau are essentially forcing them to work within the framework of the Tau empire. They have the tech to produce pulse rifles, but they can't into space, they can't build houses, they can't farm efficiently. That's dependency theory for you...

>> No.13122446




>> No.13122454

The key word there is "When they join the tau empire." Congrats, you've been indoctrinated. The tau essentially own you now. Everything you've worked for before, any kind of identity you had as a planet, government, or person is now second to the Greater Good.

>> No.13122456

Hey dumbfuck.
In this case, being shot at is related to having your planet invaded. Being in debt is related to having diplomats encourage your world leaders to join the Tau.

It's not related to joining the fucking marines.
>but they can't into space, they can't build houses, they can't farm efficiently.
Really? They can't build houses and farm efficiently? Seemed to be doing fine on agri-worlds they'd diplomated in the Cain books. "OMG rounded ALIEN architecture EVERYWHERE THIS IS WRONG" as Cain put it.

>> No.13122460

Go to hell, capslockist. Probably samefag as isolationist ( >>13122396 ) purist ( >>13122375 ) liberalist ( >>13122338 ) third-worldist ( >>13122271 ) anarchist ( >>13122120 ) conspirist ( >>13121860 ) and nihilist ( >>13121643 )

>> No.13122461


Uh... what? I was talking about the fact that I'd rather be economically dependant to a foreign power than be invaded by a foreign power. I'd rather my planet was visited by the Water Caste than being visited by the Imperium

>> No.13122463


This(these) guy(s), I love him(them).

>> No.13122467

Cons: Lose national/planetary identity
If imperial, have high chance of retribution from Imperials
Pros: Have better standard of living
If imperial world - Much less restrictive ruling classes.
If alien species, have a MUCH better chance of not being exterminated outright (from 0% to 0.1% or so)

>> No.13122469

The pulse rifles were just one example. The most common culprit in dependency theory is agriculture. The center of the empire puts the outlying colonies to work as agricultural hubs while they invest in more labor intensive work that allows them to dominate the non-center indefinitely. Theoretically, the non-center could work independently after they attain independence, but it would be a longterm strategy that would have no guarantee of working.

>> No.13122477


Additionally. You don't have to worry about invasion from the Tau, when you're their trading partner.

You're more likely to be invaded by the imperium for having relations with the Tau. And if that happens, the Tau will send their fleet to try and save you.

>> No.13122484

For imperial worlds then, that's more of the same, except with a higher standard of living and possible exterminatus down the line.

>> No.13122495

But how do you know that they won't exterminate you? Or that there are bigger threats for them to defend you against. Not many races get to meet the Imperium twice. And the thing about a better standard of living, you'd be surprised at how many fourth-world inhabitants don't even understand how anyone can function in the first, or even third, world.

>> No.13122497


The tau scarcely ever exterminate anyone. And they might protect me from people who would

>> No.13122501

You also- for the most part get to keep your faith. Unless that conflicts the greater good.

In fact- if anything poses a threat to the ideal it'll probably get changed.

I'm not sure but would the planet be forced into it's own caste system as well? I think it'd probably definitely happen after the giant influx of tau and kroot populations immigrated to your planet. Where you were once a majority- you've now become a small part of the development of your planet.

>> No.13122505

And don't forget, slowly outed out of all major decisions. You now have a semi greater standard of living- probably below all true Tau citizens.

>> No.13122511

How many people in the imperium have any say in the slightest breath of events?

>> No.13122514

>But how do you know that they won't exterminate you? Or that there are bigger threats for them to defend you against.
1: They could do that anyway. 2 is subjectively important, but there ARE threats out there. Orks, for example. A world which has been fighting off a small ork infestation with everything it has would welcome them, for example, or with a small chaos or start of tyranid infestation. Lots of nasties that aren't Imperium out there.

Or maybe a rogue trade just passed by and glassed a couple of cities.

>And the thing about a better standard of living, you'd be surprised at how many fourth-world inhabitants don't even understand how anyone can function in the first, or even third, world.
Firstly, you just have to persuade the leaders, who will persuade the rest of em. And secondly, that's what the gifts are there for.

>> No.13122516


Haven't got any faith. Don't really have any convictions. Don't mind immigrants.

>> No.13122520

But they don't know this. They were hunter-gatherers yesterday (I'm excluding Imperium worlds, they have a different reason not to join), now a bunch of blueskins are coming in and trying to change your society. Even our modern society would have a hard time accepting that, imagine if we didn't even have a written language...

>> No.13122530

You still have governors of systems and planets that at least belongs to your own race. It's not like the average citizen is going to have a say in a Tau Controlled Planet. It's not a democracy. You actions should benefit the Greater Good, no matter the consequence.

>> No.13122533


What rational reason does an imperial citizen have not to join?

Aside from fear of retaliation from their horrible terran overlords.

>> No.13122536

If they're a hunter-gatherer society there's not going to be enough of them to actually stop settlement. What happens in that case is Tau probably plonk down a prefab settler colony and entice them over individually or per family basis.

Seriously, if they're hunter-gatherers there isn't a wide-scale society to persuade in the first place. Integration would probably be the easiest then, as there wouldn't be a unified front against them. If they attack the Tau and get mowed down by blue lightning they'd probably start worshipping the buggers.

>> No.13122539

There really isn't a need for another reason. Not dying is a very important thing.

>> No.13122541


So I should feel better that the bloated aristocrat in charge of my planet happens to be from my species? When has he ever had my interests in mind?

You're acting as if interspecies relations have to be a zero sum game.

>> No.13122542

How do you know there are others looking to exterminate you? Unless you've already encountered them- and your planet is still intact. Wouldn't you be inclined to think that you could still handle things on your own?

>Picture not related

>> No.13122546


But if space marines came, the tau would come to my rescue. I might die fighting, but at least I'd have a chance.

>> No.13122551

Maybe you SHOULDN'T, but you almost certainly WILL.

>> No.13122554

True I would just think it'd be hard for the existing corporations, or rulers enacting the trading would have trouble surrendering all their power.

>> No.13122555


Why? Why will I?

Reasons, please.

>> No.13122565

Enjoy your single gender human re-education camps.

>> No.13122567


I'm gay. Single gender doesn't bother me.

>> No.13122572

Haven't you ever felt nationalist pride? When your country does something good, don't you feel better than when it does something bad, even if it doesn't affect you? No real reason for it, but it still has an effect.

And even if you say that you have NEVER felt nationalist pride, then can you at least acknowledge that enough people do?

>> No.13122573

"I trust you find our vessel to your tastes, Admiral." The Kor’o gestured broadly with his open hands as the visibly uncomfortable Gue’la Admiral strode alongside him."It lacks some of the… history, heritage you might say, of our own vessels, but indeed, I am impressed by your standards here. I cannot imagine such a plain vesselfinding a place in His own glorious fleet, but it will serve for our confidence.""As you wish Admiral." Continued the Kor’O without the slightest hint of offence "if a man chooses to be blind, you cannot always force him to see." The two men,the two races indeed, stared at one another for a moment, the Kor’O cool and confident, the Admiral nervous and agitated, uncertain as to how to respond. His companionallowed him to sweat in his discomfort for a moment longer before gleefully, turning away in a swift, sweeping stride and continuing down the corridor."Come," beckoned the Kor’O, "you must meet our leader."* * * * *The Tau captain pushed open a wide set of oval doors, and ushered Admiral Rada through. Rada stepped in, expecting the Kor’O to follow, but instead heard a dullclick as the doors were pushed shut behind him. Instead, a second, wizened Tau emerged from behind a row of curtains at the far end of the room in which Rada nowfound himself.

>> No.13122579

Greetings," said the newcomer, "I am Aun’O Tau Kelith, and I bid you welcome Admiral Rada. I trust you do not object to the presence of my companions, but I am aged and sometimes find their assistance necessary." At this, two Fire Warriors stepped forward from their unseen positions either side of the door. Rada’s increasing uncertainly and discomfort remained writ large across his scarred features. The two Fire Warriors nodded calmly at the Admiral before stepping back to stand discreetly beside the door. The Admiral remained silent."I understand that a number of your own companions are in our care, Admiral Rada, are they not?" The Tau’s previously serene expression suddenly became intenselyquizzical, just as his posture suddenly became more stooped."A number of my sailors were taken prisoner, Tau, yes." Rada was clearly annoyed at the Tau’s turn of phrase, and his tone did little to hide his anger."I regret that one of these men was rather badly injured after our struggle and we had not the means to treat him. Perhaps if you would be so kind as to share a littlemedical information about your race with us, we can avoid such needless losses in future, Admiral." Rada just grunted in disapproval at the Tau’s latest suggestion."Well, perhaps another time, Admiral." The Tau shuffled away a little, towards the distant curtains at the end of the hall. "I am glad at least you have been able to visit us here to discuss the future of your comrades.

>> No.13122587

when I played Fire Warrior I expected to play as a Tau against an enemy whose numbers knew no limits and that I would have to use prone, cover, aimed shots, and so forth, to win

instead I found that the only thing that works is charging at the enemy blindly with a bolter on full auto going FOR THE EMPEROR (hey, its an Empire, they have an Emperor)

>> No.13122591

Rada stepped forward confidently, seeing a chance to seize control of the conversation. "And I, Tau, am glad at least that you have finally decided to offer your surrender to His most benevolent self, and to I as His honoured representative." Rada paused for a second, hoping to see the Tau squirm as he himself had squirmed moments before. The alien seemed implacable, however, and Rada simply gave a snort of derision before returning to the matter at hand. "Since an armistice is now in force, Ihave also been instructed to offer you and your race safe passage away from this world. I require only the release of those prisoners you have taken.""Oh no, Admiral, you misunderstand. We have invited you here at the behest of your crew. They think very highly of you, Admiral Rada, and they have asked that we extend you that same respect. You see, your crew wish for you to join them here…"The words barely registered with Rada, though his face had begun to turn to consternation as the aged Tau drew open the curtains around the balcony at the farthest edge of the room. Rada was incredulous, fuming with rage and ready to strike down the Aun’O, but as he approached the alien his pace slowed, his face turned to utter shock and he froze in disbelief. From where he now stood, Rada could see over the balcony and into the atrium beneath. Hundreds of his own men, once loyal men of the Imperial Navy, were gathered, milling about with equal crowds of Tau, shedding their uniforms and taking up robes offered to them by the Tau, exchanging gifts and embracing heartily.

>> No.13122593

Beyond this atrium, through a vast starpane, Rada could see his own vessel now surrounded by a cloud of shuttles and boats, Tau and human alike, ferrying crews between the two vessels. Atop Rada’s own bridge, the ancient Aquila’s were gone, replaced with row upon row of alien icons, the same icons hecould see now pinned upon the breasts of some of his finest officers."…within our Empire," concluded the Aun’O

>> No.13122608


If I'm an average imperial citizen, then I'm like a peasant in Tzarist russia.

I don't feel pride when my country goes to war against germany, just sad that so many are bound to die. Whether I hear that we're winning battles or losing them, I'm concerned mostly with the fact that I'm hungry, and bitterly cold.

>> No.13122616

Thankyou for that :)

>> No.13122625

Orks. Dark Eldar raiding parties. Beginnings of a Tyranid incursion. Chaos uprisings. Rogue Traders. I've just mentioned all of these things >>13122514

Fuck, not ALL threats are Imperium. Just most of them.

>> No.13122629

Mind blown.

>> No.13122659

So, meet Sandy. Sandy happens to be human. Sandy doesn't believe in the emperor, and doesn't really appreciate how her planets government treats women. Sandy doesn't want to have kids, and sandy has never really felt like going into business and getting rich either.

So, does Sandy have anything to lose by joining the Tau?

>> No.13122733

She might get killed in the ensuing riots? Or when the Imperium bombards the planet.

>> No.13122748

If we're on an imperial planet pre-tau-

Why isn't sandy already dead?

>> No.13122763


Sandy's good at lying, and keeping her head down.

She wishes she didn't have to so often, but she knows enough of the emperors hymns to fit in when it calls for it. Most of the time she just works at a shop, and gets hit on by pdf soldiers.

>> No.13122776

ITT: People forget that alot of planets in the imperium are totally fine to live on and even have a form of democracy


Also you'll notice that most planets any huge wars kick off on are always described as being "lush, beautiful worlds".

>> No.13122786

So, meet Sandy. Sandy happens to be human. Sandy doesn't believe in the greater good, and doesn't really appreciate how her planets government treats human women. Sandy doesn't want to have kids (leading to greater population problems), and sandy has never really felt like going into business and getting rich either.

Sandy's good at lying, and keeping her head down.

She wishes she didn't have to so often, but she knows enough of the greater good's mottos to fit in when it calls for it. Most of the time she just works at a shop, and gets hit on by ackward fire warriors.

Sandy lacks ambition and probably wouldn't benefit from anything- other than living out a bleak existance anywhere.

>> No.13122796


>> No.13122869

Fucking imperalists, keeping the Tau down.

>> No.13122880


Really? Wouldn't she be happiest under whatever rule offered the gentlest, highest standard of living?

>> No.13122894

Can the Greater Good get a new codex please?

>mfw it's pure shit released between Full Suetard chapter codices.

>> No.13122895

Assuming all standard of trade is gone. If she's making no money you'd still need to afford the new goods. Unless we're talking about the standard of living increasing SO much that suddenly there exists no lower class.

>> No.13122920


I didn't say she was destitute, I just said she didn't have any drive to get rich.

Can't an average, unambitious, non ideological person be happy?

>> No.13122931

>average in 40k

>> No.13123088


See: any average Tau outside Farsight Enclaves.

>> No.13123122

Human citizens in the Tau Empire are second-class citizens. They will never hold an important job or have any real rights.
It is meant to be 1984 in space, you morons. Of course everybody seems happy. After all, happiness is mandatory.

>> No.13123134


But Sandy is Non ideological/Non ambitious

She doesn't want an important job, so that won't get in the way of her being happy.

>> No.13123160

Does she enjoy breeding programs and brainwashing more stringent than just about anywhere in the Imperium?
Because reality is what the Ethereals say it is.

>> No.13123191

>Tau have stealth fields, something humans don't.
>active camouflage projectors
>psyker invisibility

Sounds like the Imperium is a weee bit better at being invisible than the Tau.

>> No.13123217



You humans have always been at war with the Imperium of Man.

>> No.13123252

I like your style bro.

I'm part of the Ethereal-guided firefighter department. We burn books. Bad books. Books written from before the Tau guided us all.

Books are bad. TV is good. Burn the bad book.

>> No.13123253


>> No.13123272

Prepare him for reindoctrination, give him the rat helmet.

>> No.13123282

But it was all right, everything was all right, the struggle was finished. He had won the victory over himself. He loved the Ethereals.

>> No.13123291

Dammit, I need a picture of THE ETHEREALS ARE WATCHING YOU!

>> No.13123305

Stolen for my DH campaign.

>> No.13123309

I am now imagining a helmet full of ratling women.

>> No.13123330

Mmm mmm.

>> No.13123400

Remember, oldthinkers unbellyfeel GreatGood.

>> No.13123410

Empman badthink. Nothink of Empman goodthink.

Ethereal friendfeel. Tau Firewarrior protectfeel.

>> No.13123420

Impthink crimethink. Crimethink doubleplusungood.

>> No.13123428

In other news, the Church of Tzeentch on T'au was vandalised, presumably by Imperialist terrorists. They spraycanned "DEMONS WILL COME" on the outer walls. Fire Warriors were dispatched to the area to pacify the terrorists, but were unable to locate them.

Other news, that is connected to the Church of Tzeentch. Their leader, called Grand-Sorcerer Ysef, has invested nearly 1,000,000 credits in the DormolCorp Autonomous Drone system...

>gotta love religious freedom, aye?

>> No.13123463

Now, here is war correspondent Por'ui L'myt live from the scene of a battle with some gargantuan Gue'la in ornate, pink and purple armor at the fringes.
"Thanks, W'rir. As you can see, our brave soldiers are easily forcing back the attack. Here is one of the enemy soldiers."
"Sir! Sir! What are your reasons for attacking the Greater GoAAAAAAAAAARGH!"
*Please stand by, this program is currently undergoing technical difficulties.*
*In the meantime, here's a favorite episode of That's my Gue'la!*

>> No.13123487


>> No.13123497

>Other news, that is connected to the Church of Tzeentch. Their leader, called Grand-Sorcerer Ysef, has invested nearly 1,000,000 credits in the DormolCorp Autonomous Drone system...

What you did. I see it.

>> No.13123525


>> No.13123533

You can't really compare backstory to tabletop, the reason Tau lose so much in-game is because of their codex in comparison to others, and to be honest, very rarely will a fight in story ever be anything like a fight on the tabletop, which is why I think cityfight is probably the best style.

Also, everyone assumes the Fire Warriors are pathetically weak. Your average Tau is, but the Fire Caste are the biggest and the strongest of the Tau, and could beat down any usual human with ease, their failing is their slow reactions compared to most trained soldiers and their not so great eyesight. Any one of us could take most Tau of our age in a fistfight yes, but we wouldn't have a hope in hell against a Fire Caste member.

You do not get in an open firefight with the Tau, you will probably lose, it's just that in-game it doesn't work out as it should.

>> No.13123543

>the Fire Caste are the biggest and the strongest of the Tau, and could beat down any usual human with ease
They are FOUR FEET TALL, with muscles to match. Maybe they could beat a little girl.

>> No.13123544

No, any trained human could beat a Fire Warrior.

All Tau are patheticly weak, Fire Warriors are just specifically bred to be a bit pathetic weak.

Just jump around a lot and wave your hands, and the Fire Warrior can never touch you.

>> No.13123604

Except with his plasma boolets.

>> No.13123613

A dwarf is pretty short.


>> No.13123620

He can't shoot you if your buddy is painting the floor with his purple Tau brains and a lead pipe.

>> No.13123626


Hi, thirworldfag here

this is the same reason why people would choose to leave their home country and live as second-class citizens in a first world country

its fucking worth it

The same for SOME imperial/human worlds: The situation is so fucked up for them (poverty, famine, orc incursions) that being part of the tau empire is a huge step up despite becoming de facto second class citizens

And the Tau know very well how to play this game. They send their diplomats, farmers, craftsmen and pimp up the world to never seen before standards; "no compromise" obviously, but things would sooo much better if the world opfficialy joins the empire

and the thing is: they usually are

>> No.13123630

Butmad guardsmen detected

>> No.13123643


>> No.13123646

Have you ever seen a Fire Warrior that looked stocky and brawny?

>> No.13123652

>implying Guardsmen use lead pipes


>> No.13123656

You were saying

>> No.13123657

Yeah, but tau are weak too. They're also have shorter lifespan, worse hand-eye coordination and worse aim (though, their autotargeters help with that) than the average human.

They're the puny earthlings, basically.

>> No.13123666

>they usually are

Yeah, enjoy High Slaaneshi Priest Josef Fritzl fiddling your little kids, because Tau believe in freedom of religion.

Tau have a terribly unsafe society.

>> No.13123668

Dwarves aren't inherently strong either: it's a popular misconception among humans. See, dwarves have this thing where they can draw metal veins straight from the earth. Helps them mine without ruining their caverns. It also helps them shred and splatter anyone stupid enough to fight a dwarf on his own ground.

Master artisans can even draw iron from your blood, make a thin wire out of it and cut your head off if you haven't suffocated already.

>> No.13123683

A Tau Chooses. A Gue'la Obeys.

>> No.13123703

My point is that they can be very strong despite their height. My friend is quite short, but he beat a much, much taller guy in one punch. Height does not relate to strength.

>> No.13123704

>Close combat
Implying that you will ever get there

>> No.13123709


Please see: Aun'Shi

>> No.13123717

There is no such thing as an honest alien breed, but the tau are more dishonourable than any other. Most of the aliens cowed by the Imperial Guard are obvious and predictable in their methods of warfare and we have learnt to take advantage of their weaknesses: orks are stupid, brittle boned and feeble; eldar are cowardly, cynical and sport archaic and ineffective weaponry, tyranids are mindless, half blind and confused by sudden movements.

The tau are an altogether more insidious foe. Their preferred invasion method is not honest warfare. They send diplomats and negotiators to vulnerable planets to drip honey-drenched words into the willing ears of their victims. Millions have rejected the Imperial Creed in response to this underhand behaviour.

It is probable that you will be subjected to tau propaganda (the method of controlling the populace by lying and distorting the truth; something the Imperium would never stoop to). This could take various forms: radio broadcasts, vox-com messages, graffiti, leaflets or bill posters. REMEMBER: THE TAU LIE AND HAVE NO WORDS FOR "HONOUR" AND "TRUTH".

>> No.13123720

My point is that GW fluff makes it very clear that Tau are weak, and need to kill stuff at a distance, or they're dead.

>> No.13123725


The tau have evolved quickly, leading to huge deficits and weaknesses in their physiology. Use these facts to your advantage and you will prevail:
Tau have hollow bones. Their limbs will break easily under little applied pressure.
Tau are frightened by fire.
Tau are frightened by water.
Tau are frightened by thunder.
Xenos experts have discovered that tau are descended from bovine herbivores. Thus they are not predators and fighting is unnatural to them.
Tau have udders, short tails above the base of the spine, and they excrete enormous amounts of methane gas, especially when stressed.
They chew cud for approximately four hours a day. When involved in this disgusting habit their metabolism and reflexes slow down, making them very vulnerable to attack.
Tau are herd creatures that panic easily. Their usual response to stressful situations is to either wail and lie down on the ground with their hands over their heads, or run around in circles hoping to confuse their aggressor.
In battle, the tau are disorganized and cowardly. They fight from distance and their poor aim makes this tactic ineffective.
To compensate for their poor eyesight, they have developed acute hearing. Their eardrums are so sensitive that if you make a loud enough noise (for example, by shouting The Litany of Death) it causes deafness and immediate confusion.
The tau are naturally hairless. They find hirsute people unnerving.

>> No.13123731

Is that from the Guardsman's uplifting primer? That thing is funny.

>> No.13123751

>It is the 41st Millennium....To be a man in such times is to be one amongst untold billions. It is to live in the cruelest and most bloody regime imaginable. These are the tales of those times. Forget the power of technology and science, for so much has been forgotten, never to be re-learned. Forget the promise of progress and understanding, for in the grim dark future there is only war. There is no peace amongst the stars, only an eternity of carnage and slaughter, and the laughter of thirsting gods.

>It is to live in the cruelest and most bloody regime imaginable.
>It is to live in the cruelest and most bloody regime imaginable.
>It is to live in the cruelest and most bloody regime imaginable.
>It is to live in the cruelest and most bloody regime imaginable.
>It is to live in the cruelest and most bloody regime imaginable.
>It is to live in the cruelest and most bloody regime imaginable.

u mad?

>> No.13123760

This might just be the only part in the Guardsman's Uplifting Primer that makes half-sense.

In a way, that fits the Tau perfectly.

>> No.13123770

>live in the cruelest and most bloody regime imaginable
>bitch about the greater good instead
>not a brainwashed impfag

>> No.13123773

You now realize the Tau would be stabbing the crotch area/upper leg, due to the fact that it's a midget.
Also the Uplifting Prime is awesome.

>> No.13123775

You realise that the moment you investigate Imperial society, the grimdark aspect goes straight out of the window?

Only 12-year olds think the Imperium is true-grimdark-mass-murder-all-day.

>> No.13123786

Tau haters be hatin

>> No.13123800

>Forget the promise of progress and understanding, for in the grim dark future
>grim dark future
>grim dark future
>grim dark future
>grim dark future
>grim dark future

>not grim dark

>> No.13123806

You realize that if the timeline was to ever advance, the Tau would be wiped out, right?

>> No.13123817

Whatever you say, guardsmad.

>> No.13123822

>implying that Imperium isn't more grimdark than the noblebright Tau

rage some moar faggot

ps, your wimmin enjoy nid cocks

>> No.13123831


>> No.13123834

The real joke is that the Imperium of Man is a lot less grim dark than you'd think.

Imperial life is incredibly comfortable, if you're a registered middleclass citizen far away from war zones.

It's just that no one cares about the story of Ynnis, master-administrator of the local Culinary Library VI, on 34th Street.

>> No.13123835

>timeline was to ever advance

As I scry far across the skein of time to
where the mists of the distant future cloud
any certainty, the one revelation that over and
again asserts itself is the eventuality of
conflict between our two races. However, the
journey toward that distant end is one replete
with the gossamer caress of hope and
promise, a faint glimmer in an otherwise
frigidly dark and unforgiving universe the
likes of which has not been glimpsed since
the Fall…
- Glébriwyn Tithrändil,
Farseer of the Alaitoc Eldar in the Tau BFG

>> No.13123851

1984 is noblebright?
"There will be no curiosity, no enjoyment of the process of life. All competing pleasures will be destroyed. But always— do not forget this, Winston— always there will be the intoxication of power, constantly increasing and constantly growing subtler. Always, at every moment, there will be the thrill of victory, the sensation of trampling on an enemy who is helpless. If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face— forever."

>> No.13123855


>> No.13123856

you realise that if the imperium isnt grimdark than nothing is grimdark? its like you dont know that grimdark is just a made up genre and it's taken from the tagline of 40k "in the grim darkness of the far future, there is only war"

>> No.13123857

>timeline was to ever advance

I have followed the myriad potential futures of the Tau with great interest. Though barely even striplings compared to us, I feel a strange protectiveness towards them. In time I believe they will exceed even our greatest feats and master the darkness within their souls.

Eldrad Ulthran, Farseer of Ulthwé Craftworld

>> No.13123864

>1984 describes the Imperium of Man perfectly

>> No.13123879

Which was also said about... lemme see... humans and orks.
Eldar are morons.

>> No.13123887

Do you want a picture of your Gue'la future?

Imagine a hoof, stomping on the human face... forever.

>> No.13123892


"There will be no curiosity[✓],
no enjoyment of the process of life[✓].
All competing pleasures will be destroyed[✓].
But always— do not forget this, Winston— always there will be the intoxication of power, constantly increasing and constantly growing subtler[✓].
Always, at every moment, there will be the thrill of victory, the sensation of trampling on an enemy who is helpless[✓].
If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face— forever.[✓]"

>> No.13123898

The upper class is by far the most scrutinized?
The Imperium is working to abolish pleasure?

>> No.13123903

no sauce faggot

>> No.13123906

I can actually see that being a quote, interestingly.

>> No.13123908

Inquisition bitch

>> No.13123910

Dude, the Imperium doesn't spy on its people with cameras. Too many people, too big cities.

>> No.13123921

...is working to abolish pleasure?
That's a pretty major part of 1984.

>> No.13123924

A million quotes of Eldar talking about this being the Age of Mon'Keigh. That Eldar called "The Pervert" talking about how Orks are the ultimate form of life.

>> No.13123935

Uthan the Perverse, actually.

>> No.13123936

>similar to ministry of love

Are you fucking retarded?

One is hunting for heretics. Other is hunting for political dissidents.

There are no political dissidents in the Imperium, because all political dissidents turn to Chaos and ... become heretics.

Use your fucking brain, and learn something about the Imperium before you post.

>> No.13123939

They would if they could. They will just have to restrict themselves to random witch burnings and planetary genocide.

What you don't understand is that the IoM was never intended to be Space-America. They are more like Space-North Korea with the Taliban Space Marines. The IoM was meant to be a twisted ugly mockery of every modern western virtue. Yet unbelievably some people are retarded enough to apologise for them. Way to fail retard

>> No.13123947

>Compares an outcast named the pervert with mother fucking Eldrad

>> No.13123949

>Space-North Korea
>not Space-Holy Roman Empire

You're a giant retarded faggot.

>> No.13123964

Anyone got that intro written by farrer for his enforcer trilogy?

>> No.13123967

>They will just have to restrict themselves to random witch burnings and planetary genocide.
>I have no fucking idea how the Inquisition works


You're fucking retarded.

>> No.13123980

You mean, Space Nazi Roman Empire that's really Catholic.
The Holy Roman Empire was neither holy, Roman, nor an Empire. It was also shit.

>> No.13123982

If you want to get to the meat and bones of it. 40k IoM was a ripoff from the Dune which was a ripoff from Islam so technically it should be Muslims-in-Space

>> No.13123987

"I'm being assraped by Slaanesh."
-Eldrad Ulthran

>> No.13124003

Space marines = sardurkar
navigators = navigators
AI heresy = butlerian jihad
sage = mentats

>> No.13124009


>> No.13124013

He has a good point.

The Imperium isn't Space-America.

The Tau Empire is Space-America.

Holding back critical information. Lying about shit. Pacifying the shit out of everyone. Nuking anyone too strong to take on. Mindcontrol. Indoctrination.

Both are fucking retarded with diplomacy.

>> No.13124031

>Mindcontrol. Indoctrination.
I do not recall this part.

>> No.13124039

That means that the NSA has improved its program.

>> No.13124066

By, NSA, you mean OUR GLORIOUS OVERLORDS, right?

>> No.13124073

fluoride in water, msm foxnews etc

>> No.13124074

But America knows what it does.

The Tau don't. They have no fucking clue what goes on in the galaxy.

>> No.13124081

>sudden spontabeous rape charges over a bust condom...
Technically that was sweden but you bet it was under US pressure

>> No.13124084

A dental health initiative and two news agencies everyone knows are biased?

>> No.13124090

You mean you average American can now find Afghanistan on a map?

>> No.13124093

No, it was Sweden and their abso-fucking-lutely insane rape laws.

>> No.13124103

Its a cliché or a caricature, just like 1984 was a caricature unless you really thought totalitarian states operated that way.

>> No.13124111

We're actually not on Earth. We're on Gunboat IV. An Imperial planet.

Except we humans are oppressed. The Illuminati are real. They're Ethereals. The UN... Ethereals. The WTO... Ethereals. We're secretly being oppressed by the Tau!



>> No.13124123

The fact that the accuser Anna Ardin had links with a US (CIA) funded anti-communist groups is totally irrelevant, amirite?

Holy fuck are you a drone.

>> No.13124124

So, has nobody pointed out the stupidity of OP's comment about silenced Pulse weaponry? Silencing something that shoots out a BIG GLOWING CHUNK OF PLASMA DEATH doesn't really make a whole lot of sense...

>> No.13124136

>Anna Ardin (the official complainant) is often described by the media as a “leftist”. She has ties to the US-financed anti-Castro and anti-communist groups. She published her anti-Castro diatribes (see here and here) in the Swedish-language publication Revista de Asignaturas Cubanas put out by Misceláneas de Cuba. From Oslo, Professor Michael Seltzer points out that this periodical is the product of a well-financed anti-Castro organization in Sweden. He further notes that the group is connected with Union Liberal Cubana led by Carlos Alberto Montaner whose CIA ties were exposed here.

>> No.13124145

>In Cuba she interacted with the feminist anti-Castro group Las damas de blanco (the Ladies in White). This group receives US government funds and the convicted anti-communist terrorist Luis Posada Carriles is a friend and supporter. Wikipedia quotes Hebe de Bonafini, president of the Argentine Madres de Plaza de Mayo as saying that “the so-called Ladies in White defend the terrorism of the United States.”

Who is Luis Posada Carriles? He’s a mass murderer, and former CIA agent. . . .

>Luis Clemente Faustino Posada Carriles (born February 15, 1928) (nicknamed Bambi by some Cuban exiles)[1] is a Cuban-born Venezuelan anti-communist extremist. A former Central Intelligence Agency agent,[2] Posada has been convicted in absentia of involvement in various terrorist attacks and plots in the Americas, including: involvement in the 1976 bombing of a Cuban airliner that killed seventy-three people;[3][4] admitted involvement in a string of bombings in 1997 targeting fashionable Cuban hotels and nightspots;[5][6][7] involvement in the Bay of Pigs invasion; [and] involvement in the Iran-Contra affair…

>> No.13124149


40k Illuminati are a secret order that has infiltrated the Inquisition and all relevant Imperial institutions. They all are immune to Chaos due to having cast out a greater daemon possession, and work towards gathering the Emperor's immortal sons the Sensei and sacrificing them to resurrect the Emperor. Even the Emperor knows not of the Illuminati and if he did he might choose to die prematurely, ruining the plan and dooming mankind.

>> No.13124165

I'm from Sweden and I've never heard about any rape case being anything even close to this level of retarded. Basically, the whole country (or at least anyone who gives the slightest fuck about anything) is just going "WTF!?". This is not a good representation of our normal rape laws.

>> No.13124172

your pretty good

>> No.13124178 [DELETED] 

pic related: happening across America right now

>> No.13124190

Women are fucking tall blue guys that are not Tau as they have no nostril slit?

>> No.13124200

>White women fucking xenos

>> No.13124202


nope, the last living human is fucking a blue alien all over America.

>> No.13124214

>Space-Holy Roman Empire
"neither holy, nor Roman, nor an empire."

wait, are you talking about the Tau?

>> No.13124234

I'm not dead.

>> No.13124246

I'm from Sweden and I eat cum

>> No.13124249

We know.

>> No.13124258

Tau, you cling to your Greater Good only because you have not one iota of understanding concerning history or the nature of the Universe itself. You are but insects touting accomplishments that were dwarfed by your betters in ages past.

Once the Eldar laid claim to the entire galaxy and created an empire of incredible and inhuman beauty, but they fell in decadence and consumed themselves in a tide of blood. The great twin empires of Terra and Mars also reached their highest grandeur at the same time. Both contained technological wonders the Tau can never dream of achieving, but both were laid low by there own pride. Your rapacious technological development will not save you. You will either fall into decay and ruin like the Eldar, be drug down by the mechanical claws your own creations like our forefathers, or be utterly consumed and become as the Necrons who we fight even now.

In the distant past those infinitely stronger and wiser that you attempted to work for a perceived greater good, but we are much wiser now. In the fullness of time you will fall as all those who have gone before you. But you will not endure, for you have not the conniving of the Eldar nor the perseverance of Man.

There is no Greater Good, because there is nothing good in this galaxy.

>> No.13124271

Our galaxy's really big, you know.
Even for a galaxy.

>> No.13124283

A big stable full of grox shit, is still a stable full of shit.

>> No.13124290

>doesn't understand that Greater Good is a spin on Lesser Evil
>herp derp

>> No.13124309

> contained technological wonders the Tau can never dream of achieving


>> No.13124313

nicely written and appropriately grimdark

>> No.13124318

Yeah, that's exactly what the Tau would say, if they saw the technological heights of humanity.

>> No.13124326

You underestimate our power of dawwww

>> No.13124330

Dark Age of Technology

Super Nova Inducers

Pocket Sized Planet Destroyers

STC Von Neumann Machines

Iron Men

The tau haven't got shit on some Eldar and Imperial tech. Protip: looking advanced and shiny does not make the Tau stuff better.

>> No.13124333

>there own pride.
>stronger and wiser that you
Ruined it.

>> No.13124359

>But you will not endure, for you have not the conniving of the Eldar

Against the Great Enemy the Eldar have no hope of victory. They hang on to existence, yet their grip upon the universe is slipping, their hold becomes more precarious with every passing year.

The Tau are growing in numbers, their technology is advancing, and their Empire encroaches upon uncivilized space and other realms more with every passing year. While even Ork capital ships were a threat to Gal'leath, a new Or'Es El'Leath has on Taros system taken on a Gue'la cruiser and a battlecruiser at once, and although could not prevail when outnumbered that badly, heroically took the human cruiser with it.

>> No.13124395

And they are utterly fucked.
Your point?

>> No.13124402

In 40k there will still be spelling/grammar nazis.

>Forget the power of technology and science, for so much has been forgotten, never to be re-learned. Forget the promise of progress and understanding, for in the grim dark future there is only war.

>In time I believe they will exceed even our greatest feats and master the darkness within their souls.

>> No.13124412


>And they are utterly fucked.

Sounds like wishful thinking to me. When the Air Caste fleets besiege Kar Duniash, the High Lords will still be repeating that mantra.

>> No.13124436

There's an entire hive fleet coming right for their pitiful empire of a few hundred worlds at most.

>> No.13124449

>We're the Tau we have a whole two new Battlecruisers. And they can almost make it to Ultamar in a under a century.

Imperium: 10,000 or so battleships and battlecruisers

Tyrands: fucktons of hiveships

Orks: fucktons of converted Hulks

Chaos: Ancient daemon battlships

Better watch out for them Tau.

One Waagh, full hive fleet, Chaos crusade, or the Black Templars could wipe out every Tau in existence.

>> No.13124466

The only Hive Fleet to directly hit the Tau was Hive Fleet Gorgon in 899.M41, and they survived it.

The most recent large Hive Fleet is Leviathan, which is overrunning Imperial and Eldar domains in Segmentum Tempestus and southern Ultima, not near the Tau at all.

>> No.13124478

You mean the one about the size of a splinter fleet?
And you clearly have not seen maps of the Tau Empire.

>> No.13124484

>The Tau are growing in numbers

Tyranids closing in. Every four-star Dark Eldar restaurant wants to serve Tau flesh. One major Waaagh coming up from a Warboss who studied Tau tactics. Necrons delight in exterminating entire Tau planets. The Imperium is gonna conquer a shitload of planets back in the upcoming codexes. Farsight Enclaves getting more power. Chaos will pour into Tau territory, from a Warp rift near the Tau Empire.

Tau Empire is fucked.

>tl;dr finally, the galaxy has truly discovered the Tau.

>> No.13124491

>plot development

>> No.13124497

>We're the Tau we have a whole two new Battlecruisers. And they can almost make it to Ultamar in a under a century.

More like they can make it in 1000 years.

And even if they could do it under a century. The crew would be all dead. Tau hardly become older than 40 years old.

>> No.13124508

Hahahaha, is that Warhammer 60,000?

>getting anywhere with their shitty ships

>> No.13124523

The Tau barely control a Sector's worth of worlds, but they have waaaaay more firepower than any Sector fleet barring few strategic stronghold worlds like Terra or Cadia

>> No.13124532

Tau cannot into the Warp.

>> No.13124540

you said you wanted plot development. this is the future.

>> No.13124554

not yet but the kroot can and the tau will.

and your emperor save you when the tau get their hands on a necron ftl drive

>> No.13124558


>> No.13124562


Demiurg and Kroot can into the warp.

If Tau were to install their drives onto the their cruisers and battleships...

>> No.13124566

But, they won't.
Because they haven't finished science yet.
You fucking idiot.

>> No.13124575

All the Tau lack are Navigators. Wait till they reverse engineer a Void Abacus or feed a navigator to the Kroot.

>> No.13124581

>and your emperor save you when the tau get their hands on a necron ftl drive

>implying anyone can get their hands on a necron ftl drive

>implying the necrons won't just totally exterminate ALL TAU when the tau get their hands on a necron ftl drive

I'm a fucking pissed Necron player, AND YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP CUNT!

>> No.13124585

More firepower.

Have cruisers that are like frigates and a battlecruiser that can almost match an obsolete version of the Imperial Luna Class Cruiser.

>Implying that rail guns are that impressive on ships.

Protip: Imperial Weapons Batteries are almost rail guns alot of the time. And torpedoes are better then big guns, just ask the Planet Killer. Oh wait, you cannot because it was pounded to shit by torpedoes.

>> No.13124586

And then get literally and figuratively raped by daemons?
Sounds about right.

>> No.13124588

u mad? why so angry?

>> No.13124591

>or feed a navigator to the Kroot.

Great thinking, that Navigator Kroot will probably burn everyone to death with his third eye.

>> No.13124600


Following the Medusa incident all Warp tech research in the Tau Empire is frozen.

>> No.13124601

Because it has been mentioned multiple times and STILL MAKES NO FUCKING SENSE.

>> No.13124612

How many ships does an average Imperial Sector have to it's defense?

Ask the Damocles Crusade fleet what they found out after getting slaughtered just trying to conquer a Tau fringe world

>> No.13124621

Yeah, pretty much the only guy that will be reverse engineering Necron tech is the Emprah, and even he would have to crack his old college notes to figure that shit out.

>> No.13124641

>Members of the Tau Water Caste had established trade agreements with Imperial Worlds on the frontier, near the Damocles Gulf, and exchanges of goods and technology were common. Alarmed by the threat of alien contamination, the Administratum readied a suitable response and almost a century later, the Damocles Crusade smashed into Tau space, destroying several outlying settlements and pushing deep into the Tau Empire.
>the Damocles Crusade smashed into Tau space, destroying several outlying settlements and pushing deep into the Tau Empire.
>the Imperial fleet withdrew from Tau space, primarily due to the impending approach of Hive Fleet Behemoth. Or, depending on the source, the crusade was stopped in 988.M41 due to the emergent threat of Hive Fleet Kraken.
Shut the fuck up, you're making the rest of us look bad.

>> No.13124644

>Imperial Crusade fleet kicks over a Tau orbital and massacres a Tau frontier world.
>declares great Imperial victory
>sends scouts to nearby systems

>> No.13124664


Fra'al don't have navigators, and raid all over Segmentum Obscuras and on the borders of Ultima.

If that "Sharak-Fraka" is worth listing alongside Renegade grand cruisers, battleships and Eldar battleships as noted prize of the "Divine Right", the prestigious flagship of Battlefleet Gothic, the ships they get through warp are no pushovers either. So why couldn't Tau do the same?

>> No.13124670

You're forgetting something.

Damocles Crusade was troubled with diplomatic problems. They had a HIVEFLEET CLOSING IN, so they focused on the primary threat.

The Tyranids. Because the Tau are a minor problem.

I repeat, a minor problem. The Tau would get steamrolled by the Draxian Hegemony.

And the Draxian Hegemony doesn't get a codex.

That's how important, how big, and how strong the Tau are.

They're nothing.

>> No.13124685

you funny!

People who get butthurt shouldnt go trolling.
ps I'm actually an BA player.

>> No.13124694

Ask the Black Templars when one of their Battle Barges took out 5 tau cruisers and 30 orbital battlestations in one engagement during the follow up Nimbosa Crusade.

Black Templars get shit done.

Also average sector fleet is around

300 ships(mostly frigates) with at least 10 of them being Luna Cruisers. How many of the their "big" battle cruisers do the tau have?

>> No.13124695

A few Slaugth ships could kill the Tau.
And the Slaugth STILL wouldn't dare fight Man head on.

>> No.13124702


Considering how his attempt at getting into the Webway went, he shouldn't be trying anything with necron tech anytime soon.

He also had multiple millennia to interrogate the imprisoned Void Dragon and still did not get secretes to anything resembling Necron tech out of it.

>> No.13124704

Because the Ethereals locked all Warp drive technology.

Possibly due to a Tau ship experiment gone horribly wrong.

>read DEMONS.

>> No.13124708

Don't care. Either way, you make Tau players look bad.

>> No.13124717

Pic related, captcha consumed it.

>> No.13124722

Then how do you explain the Imperium's ability to use C'Tan Phase Swords?

Not even the Dark Eldar, the most advanced civilisation in 40k, ignoring the Necrons can use C'Tan Phase Swords.

>> No.13124732

>ps I'm actually an BA player.

Yeah, 0/10.

>> No.13124740

Because the Fra'al are natural psykers and can probably read the flow of the Warp.

>> No.13124742

Oh read the fecking book, the Crusade completely underestimated Tau strength. They thought the frontier world they wiped out was a major world.

As for the Drax and many many other races, their strength is unknown, it is known that they try to keep under the radar to avoid the IN coming after them. The Tau have no such fear and eager expand into imperial Space

>> No.13124751


Neither do the Eldar, and generally an Eldar cruiser will defeat an Imperial cruiser one on one. Your point?

>> No.13124759

Because the Tau are located in fucking BUMFUCK!

Hell, within a few thousand years, where won't be anything left there except dead pieces of planet, eaten by the Tyranids.

>> No.13124771

Because the immortal star god would tell the upstart human physical god shit.
I'm pretty sure the AdMech does not MAKE the swords, dudebrah.

>> No.13124772

and you make IG players look like cock-chomping faggots.

The only reason why I didnt get a Tau army was because the Gundam models suck like your mom.

>> No.13124790


Because they have not tried? A sword is not difficult to use, and like Pariah gene the technology could be planted by the Necrons themselves.

Clearly the Imperials do not even understand what they have in those swords, given the story in Necron codex where a Callidus got shocked after hitting a governor who absorbed the sword and turned into trollfacing Deceiver.

>> No.13124792

>Slaugth ships


>> No.13124797

Underestimating the strength of the Tau doesn't change the fact that one Imperial crusade with the sole purpose of destroying the Tau Empire would succeed. And there is nothing the Tau can do about that.

Just like one successful push of the Tyranids could annihilate all the Tau.

Or one Black Crusade by Abaddon.

Or a Waaagh by Ghazghkull Mag Thraka.

Or an Eldar extermination mission. Or the Dark Eldar having one giant violence orgy through genocide.

Or the Necrons, just getting bored of those blue faggots.

Every 40k faction could annihilate the Tau if they cared. That's the charm of the Tau.

They're REALLY on the brink of annihilation, unlike everyone else.

>> No.13124818

Then why do they not phase out?

Clearly the AdMech changes something about these weapons.

Stop being such a retarded faggot, and look at the facts.

>> No.13124826

You know, the ones that don't use the Warp and have nightmare weaponry that makes no sense?
Who said I play IG?
I play Tau. As should have been rather clear.

>> No.13124828


More like a generic Necron Lord.

>> No.13124831


Who says they are designed to phase out in the first place?

>> No.13124850

Because EVERYTHING made of Necrodermis phases out.


And C'tan Phase Swords are made of Necrodermis.

And they don't phase out. Except when they're touched by a Necrodermis creature.

The AdMech changes something in those C'tan Phase Swords. Something that's only reactivated when it touches unchanged Necrodermis.

>> No.13124852

A single Craftworld, Ulthwe could single handed rape the Imperium. That is to say nothing of the fleets of Commorragh.
A single united Waaagh would wipe out the IoM too (this is canon btw).
As for the Nids, see Hivefleet Leviathan, they are on their way attracted by the light of the Astronimican.
the Necrons can take ANYONE apart except the Eldar and Chaos who can hide in the webway/EoT. If you have played BFG, you know how fucked the IN is against the crons.

Wheres your Imperium then?

>> No.13124856

>I haven't read the Necron codex

>> No.13124868

>A single Craftworld, Ulthwe could single handed rape the Imperium.

>> No.13124874

Find me any stats whatsoever for Slaugth ships. Or any fluff comparisons to other ships in terms of capabilities.

>> No.13124876

>implying the orks will ever actually unite

>> No.13124879

Hell I like the Slaugth, they use Nuclear Pulse Propulsion and doesn't afraid of anything.

>> No.13124887

>compares tiny craftworld to massive craftworld
>compares mercury to jupiter

>> No.13124888

>Because EVERYTHING made of Necrodermis phases out.


Not necessarily.

>And they don't phase out. Except when they're touched by a Necrodermis creature.

Did not phase out. It was absorbed into its body. There is absolutely no grounds for claiming admech understands Necrodermis.

They do not even understand Wraithbone and have nothing even remotely close to, say DE shadow field technology - which is utilized on a scale that allows DE to shroud their cruisers - and Eldar tech is inferior to that of the Necrons. You will never sell the theory that Admech understands or reverse-engineers Necron tech.

>> No.13124904

rakgol =/= slaugth

chaos worshippers =/= untouchable

>> No.13124907


That's the Rak'Gol.

Slaught propulsion is not know, all we are told of their ships in Disciples of the Dark Gods is that they use non-warp FTL.

>> No.13124914

Each Eldar on Ulthwe could kill a million humans, and they would still lose.
So, you're wrong.

>> No.13124916

Oh you fucking faggot, now you've done it.

You really don't know shit about 40k, do you?
>A single Craftworld, Ulthwe could single handed rape the Imperium. That is to say nothing of the fleets of Commorragh.
Wrong. The Eldar are powerful, but they're not that powerful. Otherwise, they would already have done that. Cunt.

>A single united Waaagh would wipe out the IoM too (this is canon btw).
A single united Waaagh couldn't even hold Armageddon.
You're talking about the hypothetical Waaagh of Waaaghs (which would need the death of all Warbosses except one, to work). That's a whole different ballgame, because that scenario will never happen.

>As for the Nids, see Hivefleet Leviathan, they are on their way attracted by the light of the Astronimican.
Tyranids are a nuisance. The Necrons have already begon their war against the Tyranids, and the Tyranids will lose.

>the Necrons can take ANYONE apart except the Eldar and Chaos who can hide in the webway/EoT. If you have played BFG, you know how fucked the IN is against the crons.
Only thing in your post that makes sense.

>> No.13124930

>they use non-warp FTL
Look again, FTL was never specified. We do know that they have suborned a number Imperial vessels for Warp travel purposes

>> No.13124942

>tiny craftworld


It could have been the second largest craftworld. We are not told anything of their relative sizes save that Iyanden is the largest.

On the other hand, even the Ultramarines haven't been even close to able to wipe out the Tau.

>> No.13124946

he angry. lol

>> No.13124948

Yeah, there's the case of Necrons fighting against Black Templars on a planet with crystal formations that interfered with the Necron communications, forbidding them to phase out.



Also, necrodermis is a technology.

Wraithbone is a discipline of psionics.

And there's still that part of Imperials using the Blackstone Fortresses, which are Eldar ships.

>> No.13124962

A shadowy council within the Imperium called the Strategic Collective has been analyzing all details of the Tyranid invasions, and have drawn a conclusion as stark as it is terrifying: the fleets faced by the Imperium to date are but parts of a far greater whole, and this whole will be arriving at the Imperium's borders within less than a century. They estimate that mobilization levels will need to be increased by a minimum of 500% - effectively including every able-bodied man, woman and child on every world in Segmentum Solar, Obscurus and Tempestus - to have even the nearest hope of stopping the Tyranids.

>Tyranids are a nuisance

>> No.13124966

I can't take your posts seriously when you use the word "cunt". It makes you seem like a neurotic whiney shit.

>> No.13124979

I like the word cunt. It's like the only reason why the UK exists.

To have invented the word cunt.

>> No.13124983

Good thing you're an idiot, then.

>> No.13124990

>ignoring that the Necrons have begun to make war upon the Tyranids.
>ignoring that the robotic nature of the Necrons make them perfect to murder the fuck out of the Tyranids.

>> No.13125006


Because the necron can reprogram its metal. Still no proof that the swords were ever designed to phase out or that the admech has changed them.

>Also, necrodermis is a technology.
>Wraithbone is a discipline of psionics.

There is no difference between the two in a technological, save that the other utilizes the warp. Imperium has psychic technology too.

Imperium uses blackstone fortresses the same way that Orks use space hulks, they squat in the hull and installed their own shit into it. An activated blackstone fortress has entirely different profile, and the Imperium never managed to activate them, unlike even Abaddon. Read your BFG fluff.

>> No.13125027

Even if they were still squating the Blackstone Fortresses, you'd need some rudimentary knowledge or skill with using Eldar technology. Unless you're suggesting they blew out all the doors, airlocks, whatever.

>> No.13125033


To unsuspiciously transport their human lackeys.

The Slaught/Syndicate entry in DOTDG says that they have their own ships and do not appear to utilize the warp in their FTL travel, and possess technology that appears to exceed even Eldar capabilities.

>> No.13125035

>implying everyone won'y just murder the fuck out of the Imperium instead

You know what the Fraal, enoulians, Drax, hrud, slaugth etc are waiting for? They are just waiting for their moment, the moment the Imperium shows any sign of faltering then they will fall on you like wolves.

>> No.13125041

Of course, the swords were designed to phase out.

They were designed by the Necrons, who by nature design things to phase out.

The difference between normal Phase Swords and Imperial Phase Swords, is that Imperial Phase Swords DON'T phase out, unlike normal Phase Swords.

>> No.13125054

>murdering the fuck out of humanity

You're full-on retarded.

The Necrons would never detroy humanity, or let the Tyranids destroy humanity.

Humanity is the cattle of the Necrons, and the Necrons would destroy anything that would prove a danger to the survival of mankind.

>> No.13125069


They probably would have blown up the Eldar life support and auxiliary systems that are in the way, this includes all of those stuff. Operating them could very well have been an impossibility, just like operating Eldar warships or webway gates in any reasonable degree.

Abaddon had the psychic eldar tech possessed with daemons that later ate Eldrad, and they activated the systems for him.

>> No.13125087


There is no "normal" phase sword unless you are trying to claim a Warscythe is one, which is just derp.

Once again, no proof exists of the C'tan phase swords being programmed to phaseout or Admech being able to reverse-engineer Necron tech.

>> No.13125103

I never said it was black-on-white canon.

I'm just connecting dots.

>> No.13125144

>The Slaught/Syndicate entry in DOTDG says that they have their own ships and do not appear to utilize the warp in their FTL travel, and possess technology that appears to exceed even Eldar capabilities.

You got a page number?

>> No.13125151

>Necrons kill anything that threatens their cattle

Like what happened with Enslavers amirite?

Necrons will defeat an equivalent number of nids with no problem like when the Tau threw them a party, but they had to ally with Blood Angels in another battle vs nids, and afterwards were still too exhausted to kill the Marines.

If the Tyranids outnumber the Necrons by a sufficient factor, the crons will lose.

>> No.13125169

Blood Angel-Necron brofist!

>> No.13125179



>> No.13125184

You fail to realise the mechanics behind Necron Tyranid warfare.

Tyranid kills Necron. Necron phases out and gets reconstructed.

Necron kills Tyranid. Tyranid's corpse is atomised, and the biomass is lost.

On top of that, the Tyranids can't gain new biomass from the Necrons.

They lose their own biomass, and can't gain new biomass. The Hiveship starves.

You can do the math yourself.

Even a fight the Tyranids win against Necrons will be the death of the Hiveship.

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For that to affect the final outcome, you have to assume that the Necrons have sufficient numbers to prevent the Hive Fleet from gaining biomass in other fronts.

Biomass denial is a basic strategy and even the Imperial navy uses it against the nids, they cannot harvest stuff atomized by a Nova Cannon any more than that atomized by a gauss flayer and the dead crewmen floating in spess are insignificant in comparison to what is lost in battle as a source of biomass. The problem is that there are many nids, too many to effectively utilize this strategy to autowin.

>> No.13125218


-nightmare science
-non-warp ftl
-preys on sentient creatures

Looks like Slaugth are a necron servant race like the Drakh to the Shadows

>> No.13125238

Hell, the Imperium is often unable to dislodge Orks because of the spores, and Tyranids utilize resources much more efficiently in their reproduction.

>> No.13125327

The fact remains, even the weakest Necron can disintegrate a Tyranid in such a way that no biomass can be reclaimed.

>> No.13128153

um... in canon it only took 3 pylons to murderfuck an entire tendril of behemoth. Tombships have 6 of the motherfuckers as standard equipment. seriously even if the whole hive fleet bashed against our galaxy, with necrons standing guard, it would just be the universes biggest meat grinder. I dont care your numbers bro, plus you cant win a war of attrition cause 100% of the biomass you throw at them is atomized.

>> No.13128266

oh and if they win a fight against crons, what do they get from it? ( unlike the imperium) They have no bio mass and can sterilized whole sectors without any backlash on their part.effectivly cutting off tyranids only driving motivation.

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