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How would your party save the city?

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Mai giantess waifu can't help it if she's a bit clumsy!

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Tell the foot that the bone structure of any being cannot possibly support its mass. It then disappears in a poof of logic.

Too easy.

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My party would include the owner of that foot.

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Mass Teleport.
Lots and lots of Mass Teleport.

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Take your logic and shove it up your ass.

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Too easy.

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The party would tell me to push everything into Psionic Disintegrate.

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LEGO pieces and d4s

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>disappears in a poof of logic
No, you don't understand Logicmancy at all.
You cited a series of physical laws; for every citation there is an equal and opposite countercitation. So the foot cannot disappear even though it also cannot support it's mass, because the Law table will lay down upon your spell with the Conservation of Mass given that you used mass-based laws.
You now have a fuckton of shapeless meat and splintered bone raining down upon the city.

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I really winced at the OP picture because of... well, personal experiences with lego pieces and D4's.

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You're assuming that the bone structure is made from human bone. Assuming it's not a mecca of some kind it could have evolved to have a very dense bone structure made of say iron instead of calcium.

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I swallowed a lego once. It was not fun.

>Carying distance

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>>13097913 mecca
Did you mean mecha? Or is this about to get a lot weirder?

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I'd think the solution is obvious, considering my party is part of the Inquisition...

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>it's not a mecca

>broffe ARTICLE

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I may have, I'll leave it to you to decide.

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>He really thinks unbelievably giant robots don't violate the Inverse Square Law just as hard as giant humans do!

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You should read Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy sometime.

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>How would your party save the city?

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Even a giant iron foot cannot support itself in that configuration. It would crumble almost immediately after being instanced.

Assuming it could support itself, though, I think we're looking at a structure with the density of a balloon, or even a cloud. Maybe at best a dirigible. Any of these cases prove to be a lot easier to manage.

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I think they got the reference, >>13097875 is still right. God only vanished in a poof of logic because logic proved he couldn't exist. >>13097815 didn't prove it couldn't exist only that it couldn't support itself thus it would collapse upon itself in a poof of logic rather than vanish in a poof of logic.

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That's the thing, though.
God exists on the Theological field. His ontological requisites create a Theological counterspell. God can disappear in a poof of logic because God exists in a nonphysical field.
This foot is a logical impossibility, on the Physical and Biological field. So you have to work by the Physical and Biological rulesets when you perform Logic on them.
Otherwise your argument, which exists on the Ideal field (similar to the Theological field but without the loopholes), will be illogical, and therefore self-defeating, thereby disappearing itself in a poof of logic, and then you still have the fucking physical impossibility to deal with--but, if you roll a critical failure, your inability to apply logic to it might give it Paradox protection, so a perfectly logical argument might not be enough to counter it so long as it is considered a Paradox.
Didn't you read the rules?

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So no one has considered that the giant foot belongs to a powerful mage who shrunk the city?

I mean, look how non-descript the sky and surroundings are. Obviously the mage is normal sized, and the city has been shrunk and placed in a room.

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Actually if you look at the image you can see that the city and the foot do not even exist within the same dimension.
One is confined to the second dimension, the other exists in the third.

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No, one's cell shaded, the other not. They both have just as many dimensions as the other

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Whoa, I didn't consider that.
What sort of hijinks would give two physical objects that coexist with each other those different properties?
Different shading and different coloring?
A coloration that is not a color?
Is this what the Colour Out of Space looks like?

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