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Does anyone know who made this?

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Someone with too much time on their hands.

I like porn as much as the next guy but this seems excessive.

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idk but it's awesome

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A true fa/tg/uy.

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1) I hope they enter it into the Golden Daemon and troll everyone.

2) Huh. And neckbeards wonder why there aren't more gamer girls...

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Who gave that guardsman a bolter?

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Russian painter, nickname Nakatan.

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the artist is a girl

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The guardsman did.

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Cool! Thanks, found this link

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Did he do this one too?

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the artist is a woman why is everyones assumption that its a guy. fucking neckbeards you are more feminist than feminists. God damn limpdick creeps.

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>the artist is a woman
sez who?

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This guy is just begging for the commissar to come along and BLAM him.

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The man holding the breastplate looks like he's intending to go try it on.

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huhuhuhuhuh hey guys look I'm a xenos! OOOOOOoooooOOO I'm gonna shoot razor blades out of my faggy little gun!

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I just imagined this scene ending with a Commissar entering from off screen, throwing his cloak over the Eldar and executing all Guardsmen present, then turning and placing his foot on the Eldar's chest putting one round in her skull. He then calmly recovers his cloak and strides off to enact the Emperor's divine will on other battlefields.

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Yeah, guess it makes sense. Lots of gamer girls I know have creepy rape fetishes?

Any pics of the artist?

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you know this... how >.>? I sure as hell hope they didn't come up to you and say "I wanna be raped omg"

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or on a more realistc note, they have their way, then they put her down, but their vehicle with them inside gets blown apart by an enemy shot.

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Different dude, but you'd be surprised what unattractive, socially awkward girls will say to you when you're even marginally attractive.

It comes up. It's never comfortable.

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Not the Tripfag, but my ex-fiancee loved the idea of being raped, and she was a "gamer girl."

She also wanted to be fucked by my Border Collie.

Strange girl, really.

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I only tend to game with friends. You learn a lot talking to a friend when they're tired or drunk.

I knew one girl whose RPG characters were all vehicles for rape fantasies. Her characters always had abusive lovers, sordid pasts, et cetera.

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you see what you need to do is shrug off the awkwardness and carry on with the conversation, the discussion turns from being awkward into a riveting conversation about the human psyche.

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What? He wouldn't be executing them because they were raping her. He would be executing them because they failed to bring the enemies of man a swift and violent end when given the opportunity. The whole rape thing would just be a happy by-product.

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there aint gonna be no commissar showing up because homeboy in the Trojan switched off the comms.

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Artistic merit: Excellent
Subject matter: Uncomfortable and provocative

score: 10/10

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>She also wanted to be fucked by my Border Collie.


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The comm silence is what brought the Commissar from his more pressing engagement. His time has been wasted, so he's already in a firing squad kinda' mood.

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Actually, a commissar would execute them for raping her.

Sexual contact with xenos is heresy, regardless of whether the alien is consenting.

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>First of all: I did not rate the diorama. Nakatan, you are a great painter and I love your miniatures... usually... but this arrangement of figures is still repulsive. The implied scene of raping soldiers is much too upsetting and anything but funny. Of course, we are often putting miniatures in a martial way into a diorama, saying it is art, but this scene is a bit of "toy-porn" turning into a violent crime. Too much for my opinion...

"War is all fun and nothing bad ever happens this is disgusting! They should stick to good old killing and maiming"

Fuck I hate people like this

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tis be pie.

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Any pictures I have of her are on my back up hard drive, saved from a while back.

Plus I wouldn't want to put her picture out on the internet as a person who would like to be raped (possible by an animal).

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>She also wanted to be fucked by my Border Collie.

So. . . did it happen?

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fapfic writefags needed

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one of those again

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what i see. "Oh gee I really wish I was raped once in a while. might make my life more interesting than just boring old sex."

I think they'd want rough sex... maybe. But rape? How can it be rape if they have fantasies about it (as in they're willing)

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They're a product of American media.

Blood and gore is PG-13.
Sex is R.

Obviously, all the bloody brutal slaughter in the galaxy is less offensive than a pair of exposed Eldar tits.

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Just gimme her facebook account then

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A typical American.

People being dismembered and shot? *shrug*

A boob or a swearword? OFFENSIVE.

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Just ask Assange.

He fucked a consenting adult, but apparently is a rapist none the less...

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who isn't a rapist in today's world?

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No. She definitely wanted to, and wanted me to be there as well (a specific request of hers). But she never went through with it.


I think not, my good man. That would be the same thing.

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Every born child has seen a boob. I mean there is something called breastfeeding.

But people are that silly regarding sexuality everywhere not just in the US

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Treating degradation of xenos filth as though they were human and not deserving of whatever horrible fate bestowed upon them. Though im sure a commissar would punish them to some extent the fact the eldar witch will never tempt another with its lies or seductive parody of the human form

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You mean you seriously considered marrying a girl as kinky as this?

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The Commissar would probably execute the men and then detain her for rigorous "interrogation" later in private.

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It didn't come up until later on in our relationship, and at that point I was very much in love with her. A couple fetishes didn't seem like much when I was so devoted.

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I find it more shocking that he didn't go through with it... seems like most fa/tg/uys would think the raped-by-a-dog (Border Collie, no less, a fine animal) would pretty much seal the deal

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You wouldn't marry someone because of their kinkiness? What the fuck is wrong with you?

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They still passed painfully and forcefully through a woman's vagina.

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The Commissar is too perceptive to jump to conclusions. Clearly the xeno is using some kind of mind trickery to seduce the brave soldiers of the Imperium to steal our precious bodily fluids. Fortunately, the Commissar is highly trained in the art of sexual combat and will valiantly defeat the xeno whore on her terms. For the Glory of the Emperor!

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Let me introduce you to this

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Studies have shown that most births are no more painful to a female than diarrhoea

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This. Raping a Xeno defiles the perpetrator more than the so-called victim. Allowing the Holy form of the human body to come into intimate contact with the blasphemous flesh of the Xeno is Heresy enough. To desire a filthy act so much that one would force it upon a Xeno is even more of a desecration of the Human form.


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And then the Commissar was General Ripper.
And then the imperial defense satellites were hijacked by his loyal men.
And then, planetside, the two hive cities hid in mine shafts, lest there be a mine shaft gap.
Then his most loyal man had to straddle a virus bomb to get in a good position to fix it. Then it released. He then rode the bomb into the ground, starting a hive-war and ending all life on that planet.

And then Dr. Strangelove was a really good idea for a DH Campaign storyline. Thank you, /tg/. My friends have never seen the movie either.

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>never seen Dr Strangelove
so, why are you friends with these people?

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thats now how comissars work your sperging fucktards

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Nobody's perfect.

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I think the problem is that the scene is somewhat bland, which makes it harder to read the intent.
If it was more lurid, then we would all find it easier to go" ah horrors of war, damn you all".
As it is, I'm caught between, hmm I'd like to fap, and what are those guys doing?

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If the players won't come to Dr. Strangelove, Dr. Strangelove must come to the players.

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That smarmy bastard is just begging to be captured by the Dark Eldar.

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Strangelovefag here, I was friends with them before I knew they didn't have good taste in movies. Since then, it's been my mission to show them good cinema. Strangely this also means that lots of old films are watched when I bring the movie goodness to bear. That and music. Their music taste is terrible. But they're good friends, and they play a mean game of D&D/other RPGs.

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wheelchair-walker of death?

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yah wat? Its a frickkin Eldar geewiz sooper crystaltech flying tank thats been whizzing around murdering loads of good Emprah fearin Guardsmen. Finally these smart lads with more than your usual side of brains manage to bring this bitch down. Speakin of which guess wat they found?

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also am I the only one who just wants a fucking flood of Orks to flip the car over onto the Eldar and randomly beat the hell out of the guards before running further on

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>General Ripper
Jack, to his friends.

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... I thought they were going to help her. You know, bind her wounds and stuff, but the Eldar was refusing because she wouldn't let herself be degraded to accept help from filthy mon'keigh

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Orks? It would be SO MUCH funnier if some fething Tau White Knight came to her rescue by overcoming several hugely muscled guardsmen in melee combat

That would be lolsome

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Lewd model general thread?

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This thing trolled me, until I realized that.
a.) The Eldar is probably waiting until she has a chance to get away.
b.) That breastplate still has the fucking back on it, what the hell, did they repair it after ripping it off her? (I assume the dude with the bolter did the armor removal, since you don't just tug at that shit, especially considering she's probably resisting, and the rest of them look too scrawny to do it)
c. It's probably an Eldar plot to give all the silly Mon'Keigh some exotic STD which the Eldar are immune to, which the guard will eventually pass on to the civilian populace before being executed for catching. While will weaken the planet to the extent necessary for the Imperium to call in space marines to deal with a tyranid invasion 433 years from then, which will cause the Marines to take enough casualties that an assault on a craftworld will be delayed allowing the craftworld to escape after carving "Eldrad was here, Emps is a loser!" onto the moon, causing the entire planet to be exterminatus'd for viewing such heresy.
d.) It's never been explicitly states that Eldar have the same toilet bits that we do. The guardsmen might rip the rest of the armor off and find, like, tentacles or some shit (they birthed slaanesh after all)

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I know this is in all likelihood a display piece, but it reminds me of the people who put skulls and helmets on the bases of their soldiers. Do said skulls and helmets magically follow them along where ever they move? Do they scoop them up in their arms, hurry along, and then hastily replace them on the ground before the enemy can open fire?

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love how 40kfags are so butthurt over this.
"that would NEVAR HAPPEN!"
"commissar kils them!"
"Eldar kills them!"
"xeno plot!"
she gets raped, killed, buried and nobody ever knows until one of em gets drunk and brags about it to his mates, who are also drunk, and not a single fuck was given*

*except from the one forced upon the eldar

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>"I'm completely desensitized to violence and sex! I are so edgy and cool! You don't like the things I like so you must be a POSER. Go back to your church group, Grandma."

Fuck, I hate people like this.

For the record I do like this diorama. It's actually based on a scene from a lost, Soviet-Era Russian film called "Across the Volga." I've never seen it, but supposedly the film opens with a German war Ambulance being destroyed and the sole female survivor raped. Then the entire rest of the film is a chronicle of everyone involved in this traumatic event and how it affected the rest of their lives. Yes, it's just as depressing as it sounds.

So I like the diorama. I just hate preachy jackasses who think that liking movies filled with violence and sleaze somehow makes them morally superior to those who don't.

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Wasn't it at one point, before Games Workshop tweaked a few things when attempting to reach a wider audience, canon that at the Siege of Terra, the Emperor's Children basically went around raping civilians to death? That and the setting is the grim n' darkness of the grim n' dark 41st GDM (Grim Dark Millennium), war rape wouldn't really surprise me. The diorama has a lot of skill put into it, and I highly doubt the creator's intent was to be loledgy.

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More likely he's going to end up being surgically divided up into his component organs and hung - still alive - on meat hooks in some Haemonculus' laboratory.

Because that's what the Eldar do to humans who collect soul stones.

Not necessarily the same torture, of course, but they give them to the Haemonculi. Maybe the Haemonculus will adjust the chemical composition of his blood so that he gets the "breathing panic" feeling, climbing in steady, horrific desperation, even as he's gasping frantically for air - his body thinks he's not getting any oxygen. Then leave him like that for a few hours.

Or perhaps cut long strips of skin from him and fry them in boiling oil while they're still attached to his body - then sew them back on and let the wounds fester.

How about disemboweling him and running his innards through a meat grinder, bit by bit?

Loads of fun in Commorragh.

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Yes. They also took millions of prisoners and ground them up to use in various combat drugs.

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>All trace of decency amongst the Emperor's Children had vanished by the time they partook in the Siege of Terra. While other Traitor Legions assaulted the Imperial Palace, the Emperor's Children embarked upon a spree of terror and gratification amongst the helpless citizenry of Earth. Millions of defenceless civilians were slaughtered and rendered down to create endless varieties of drugs and stimulants, countless thousands more dying to provide the Legionnaires with more direct and cruder pleasure


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To the people complaining - you do realize that since the Guardian isn't restrained at all, she'll easily break the Guardsman's neck once he gets close enough, right?

You are aware that Eldar, even civilians, are faster and stronger than humans, right?

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then how did they remove her weapon, strip her and seems to be just fine?

>> No.13095138

>are faster and more skilled than humans, right?

fixed that for you. Eldar are neither stronger, nor tougher than humans.

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Not by much. She could probably overpower one or two humans, but there's five guardsmen in that pic, two of whom are armed.

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The modeler not knowing shit about 40k.

Should've used CSM.

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I'll let you escape, in one condition.

" ...Really?...I mean really? You humans have no descency I swear "

* Tosses the plate at the guardsmen *

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It is, as usual, cute to see the two sides to this in, what, the fourth fucking thread about this diorama?

To the hurr hurr white knight saves the day crowd; Seriously. Four threads. You've made your point. The whole 'someone keeps her from being raped' thing is getting super tiresome, and not just because you're butthurt about an arrangement of plastic and paint.

I've seen like two or three posts stating the obvious, anyway; she kills them with that god damn knife they left lying there. They don't seem the brightest.

To the 'she am get raped and killed deal with it' crowd;
Seriously, at what point did your childhood die, exactly? Is it impossible for you to imagine any kind of hero in this setting? The slightest bit of moral relief in a wartorn hell? Have you honestly condensed complex psychology down to 'EVERYONE WILL DO THE WORST THING POSSIBLE'? Think about this for a while. You are the same people that hate Tau because they're a subtler and more insidious kind of dickhead, as opposed to the in your face dogmatism and racism of Eldar and Humans. So, really, give this a long, hard think. Or more likely, discount everything I'm saying unless it suits your argument.

In closing, God DAMNIT.
It's been done to death. Let it go. It's an arrangement of plastic, and it doesn't merit this much whining from two hilariously distinct sides.

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/tg/ just wants an excuse to jack off again.

I know I do.

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Then a tau battlesuit descends from the heavens and guardsmen, eldar, and tau alike break into a synchronized dance number.

That is my position.

>havimshi coallimo

>> No.13098014

The Eldar would just stomp the fuck out of all of the Guardsmen.

>> No.13098285

>I've seen like two or three posts stating the obvious, anyway; she kills them with that god damn knife they left lying there. They don't seem the brightest.

I find it hilarious how many people don't notice the knife. Both in the piece itself and people looking at it.

Even more hilarious is the guardsman disrobing and giving the obvious implication of what is to come next. That is his penis being cut off because they let her have a knife.

>> No.13098321

I noticed it, I figured they disarmed her of it or some such. I mean, they managed to get her on the ground with her breastplate off, I'm pretty sure they have the situation under more control than you think.

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I'm of the opinion that the course of this piece will be plotted thusly:
Conscript questions the necessity of this action.
Bandanna tells him to shut up.
Eldar grabs knife and skewers pantless guy.
Sergeant bludgeons Eldar with boltgun
Many unspeakable acts are performed, no with no dissent because she killed one of them.
Conscript later sees her face everywhere and drinks heavily.

>> No.13098357

I've been writing up the scene a bit, I could probably have something to post by tommrrow

>> No.13098398


She escapes,

They meet again on the field of battle, he's captured, she rapes him, can't rape the willing, they fuck instead, part ways.

old man doesn't feel so guilt ridden.

>> No.13098416

Best ending.


>> No.13100398

Conscript get in argument with bandanna guy. Stand off ensues between them and the conscripts gun goes off by accident and kills bandanna guy.
Bandanna guys gun go's off killing Bolter guy.
Eldar knifes pantless guy in the confusion.
Driver panics shoots conscript guy in the leg and is shot by conscript in the chest.

>> No.13100402

Conscript wakes up from nightmare in the subway.

>> No.13100457

>> No.13101246

Hi guys, I am the artist who made this and I'm afraid that you have completely misunderstood the scene. The Eldar are allies of the IG here. The gravtank was brought down by vicious Tau railguns and these chivalrous Guardsmen have been tasked to rescue her.
The belt guy is just going to take a piss while the breastplate guy is handing the Eldar her armour back after it was blown off. The gun guy is covering her in case any daemons appear. The scene is perfectly innocent and a tribute to the longstanding Human-Eldar special relationship.

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You do realise that for a tau, cutting someone with a knofe is almost like marriege.

Thats right. The tau wants to force that poor conscript into marriage...

>> No.13101296

The same person who made this.

>> No.13101317

Missed opportunity for a yaoi tentacle rape diorama there

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>> No.13101330

Actually, eldar are physically more durable and stronger than normal humans. In 40k there is no 3.5S or 3.5 T, however.

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>> No.13101337


You rang?

>> No.13101340

See OP's post. Add a story to it.

>> No.13101362


I am tempted. But in this age of moderation with an iron fist, it'd have to be posted off-site :/

>> No.13101371

Is this art?

>> No.13101377

Didn't we have this thread yesterday?

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>It's like a side-scrolling shoot em up.jpg


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>I'm of the opinion that the course of this piece will be plotted thusly:
>Conscript questions the necessity of this action.
>Bandanna tells him to shut up.
>Eldar grabs knife and skewers pantless guy.
>Sergeant bludgeons Eldar with boltgun
>Many unspeakable acts are performed, no with no dissent because she killed one of them.
>Conscript later sees her face everywhere and drinks heavily.

Conscript tries to report the incident to his superior officers only to see them all too willing to cover it up.
Bandanna guy tries to frag Conscript, but he survives the attempt.
Conscript confronts the rest of the squad, whacks Bandanna guy upside the head with a shovel. He says that he was 'this' close to giving up.
Fast-forward to a few days latter, the regimental commissariat has launched an investigation and the guilty parties (including the complacent officers) are given due punishment. The Conscript is given a minor commendation for his pursuit of the Emperor's Justice.
Fast-foward again several years later and the former Conscript wakes up in a bus and...well you know where I'm going with this.

>> No.13101391

fuck yes hoop

>> No.13101400

"I see nothing wrong here, Guardsman, carry on about your bus- Wait! Is that... Two power cells taped together?! Tech Heresy of the vilest kind! Report to the Techpriest for lobotomy, soldier!"

>> No.13101408


>Fast-foward again several years later and the former Conscript wakes up in a bus and...well you know where I'm going with this.
>well you know where I'm going with this.
>going with this.

A pack of Eldar Banshees seek revenge by gang-raping the conscript?

>> No.13101409

guys what if all the guardsman kill eachother in one of those freak chances in heated argument over the intended rape? that would be like some kind of grimbright space-aesop

>> No.13101415

i feel your pain sir, i really do

>> No.13101442


Eldar are statted in Dark Heresy. Their Strenth and Toughness are not higher than the human average.

>> No.13101443


>> No.13101489


Why would guardsmen feel any guilt over stuff happening to an alien?

>> No.13101538

Truth be told, those stats are a little weak. They don't need to be S 64 Unnatural Strength x5, but Dire Avengers only being S 32, despite hitting the gym six hours a day just doesn't sit right with me.

>> No.13101546


More like every damn day for the past week.

Seriously, guys. It's a diorama about Eldar rape, can we give it a fucking rest already?

>> No.13102703

It's not rape if it's an elfdar

>> No.13103043

what is this?

>> No.13104005


Damn it, I didn't see that you were doing it as well.

But I assume you're going for a good end?

>> No.13104979

Chaos Dread?

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