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/tg/ related comic strips!

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This one's pretty popular.

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Understandable. It's awesome.

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lol i loved that book

hell a discworld based rpg would be the most ridiculous thing ever cooked up by anyone

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Minus ten horse points!

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They made one!


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pokemon is slightly /tg/ related, right?

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Papa Nurgle: He's an okay guy

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Dinosaur Warlock, part 1

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Dr. Mcninja is not /tg/ related.

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well excuuuuse me, princess.

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What is this?

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DF is always /tg/ related. At least until moot gives in and finally gets us that sweet /df/ board for Christmas.

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Dr. McNinja. From the Sparklelord arc.

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"Da, beholders are not so smart. The first three didn't seem to understand the simplest of directives; 'do not use eye beams in space'. We had to show the fourth the corpses before it sunk in."

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some asshole said it's a 'doctor mcninja', whatever that means.

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It means he is a doctor who is also a ninja.

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I think I'm in love

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It's from the WEBCOMIC Dr. McNinja.

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Well, not really a comic. I burst out laughing every time I see it.

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/tg/ - Dr. McNinja.

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This is one of my favorite strips ever, but I was wondering if anyone knew sauce

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Not really a comic but like anyone cares.

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where is this one from?

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Gannadene. Search Google for a link to his dA page.

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there is one. Gurps based, IIRC. cover art is the pic of death rocking out on the stone electric guitar.

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"Minus ten horse points" always gets me.

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I think this is /tg/-related.

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Holy shit, I've never been hit so hard by walls of text.

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WORDWORDSWORDS and a story that falls apart when you examine the premise. No reason to have oil when you can harvest He-3 from the moon and create plasticine compounds out of plant matter right on Earth or any other colony. It'd be like the Marines firebombing villages in the Amazon so they can get the tin and copper they need to make bronze knives and spearheads.

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Goblins. The good one, translated from French that you can find on /rs/, not the crappy webcomic of the same name.

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>Implying tin and copper aren't valuable fucking commodities at our current tech level

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I saw that pic like a dozen times sorting through the other stuf.....

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Comic from an old D&D adventure module.

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Snoop doggie kazam seems incredibly powerful.

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And they're very easily reclaimed, so there's no reason to commit atrocities to get more.

More to the point, why in the fuck would a society that has access to FTL travel and can advance time hundreds of millions of years in an enclosed bubble of spacetime bother with oil when they obviously have the capacity to harness much more powerful energy sources? Unless the artist is trying to set up a world in which everyone continues to use oil despite the great expense and the fact that a mostly-free market would have even giant conglomerates saying "fuck this, it's too goddamn expensive to get oil now that it's almost all gone no matter what price we sell it for, so let's start making hydrogen cell cars."

It's fucking dumb, but OH OIL GHOSTS SCARY D: so everyone likes it in spite of its stupidity.

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wow Im not going to read any of that

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that would have worked better without the text

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MS Paint, ho!

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Then you're a chump. It's an great story, and it's the essence of what all HFY writers should try to achieve.

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>Kevlar Alloy
>Fuck it, I am not going to waste my time pointing out how impossible that is. Have a kitten.

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yeah it's still really long and arranged poorly and I don't want to read it especially when the end implies that's its jsut some sob story

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I still do this....

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I knew I saved this for a reason.

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awesome on so many levels... its a shame Dresden Codak didnt make more Dungeons and Discourse

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>It's an great story, and it's the essence of what all HFY writers should try to achieve.

No. No it isn't. That's retarded, and you should feel bad for saying it

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this one is pretty nice too.

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>the essence of what all HFY writers should try to achieve.

The inability to format text in a way that enhances legibility?

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That is quite possibly the worst comic strip I've ever seen. Bravo.

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Meh. suit yourself. Wouldn't cal it 'sob story' so much as 'traumatized veteran finding one moment of happiness before walking back out into the dark'.

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I usually find Dresden Codak smack-dab in the middle of "look at the big, complicated words I use to make my dialogue intentionally obtuse" territory. That said, I like the art and concepts involved and the fact that the author tries to be unique; I just wish he didn't sound like he tries to cram a dictionary of philosophy into every strip.

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>Wouldn't cal it 'sob story' so much as 'traumatized veteran finding one moment of happiness before walking back out into the dark'.

still poorly arranged and nigh illegible

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It pisses me off SO MUCH when people put too many words into a comic. You should have the bare minimum need to explain the story or to inject humor. If you are bad at drawing, write a book. If you are good at drawing, FUCKING DRAW INSTEAD OF WORDS WORDS WORDS.

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I enjoyed this. some people did not. why don't we find something we both enjoy?

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>My face when I realized Ash will never be the best. He'll always be mediocre and are telling you this is your future subconsciously. And that Ash is being replaced as the protagonist in the next pokemon series.

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because you enjoy shit

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>I am an semi-literate fucktard

Seriously your type goes off if it's more than SHAZAM! I am the Night, or Truth Justice and the American way, graduate high school first, then come back to us.

Of course I probably lost you at semi-literate.

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But the whole point of the art in that strip was to merely provide a background for the story that was (literally) told.

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You can tell a veteran sob story in just a few words.
I mean hell, Tru Blood does a better veteran sob story with just a few sentences.

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what's so funny about truth justice and the American way?

seriously though

awesome story go read it

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The irony. Oh god the sweet, delicious irony

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He's right, though. Using the right medium and using it well are vital components of any artist/author/etc. A comic with insignificant art, and blocks and blocks of text that don't actually build up to anything meaningful, is nigh-objectively bad.

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Well, i dont personally feel the comic "tries to be deep using big words" rather "the comic is a nerd-fest, no one is trying to hide it". The references are there, in context, and are quite enjoyable: Its a design decision, based around the target audience the comic aims for. As i see it, its not pretentious, just a little obscure.

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I think it's pretty pretentious, but it's enjoyable so who cares.

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Im now in the mood for someone to right a mesozoic erotic fic

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I Love CAT!

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I concur! I would have read further.

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what has evolution done...

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Given us opposable thumbs to allow a better grip while fapping.


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>opposable thumbs to allow a better grip while fapping.
Turn anything into a weapon or a sex object. Thats what it means to be human.

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Okay, Mr. Pseudo-intellectual elitist. I know you got upset because someone insulted this little comic you love so dearly, but instead you should back up, and view it objectively.
This comic in question is a poor example of how to exposit a story.

You like this comic, for whatever reason. That's fine, but no one cares, and that doesn't make it good. I'm sure you agree with that statement on it's base level, but I'm sure you're thinking "I don't think it's good just because I like it." But really, you do, otherwise you would have a real way to defend why it is good exposition other than accusing those that don't like it of being illiterate.

It's mathematically unappealing to the majority of audience viewers, the balance of text to art is completely off.
If your text bubbles are 80-90% of most your panels, you're probably doing it wrong. This comic should instead of added more pages, since it had no good reason for this decision.

A lot of the things it does you could get away with in small doses, except this isn't a small dose. This is full speed the entire way through. Your comic should move forward in real time, especially if it's trying to portray something realistically. It hardly breaks away from his giant speech to show the girl's reaction for a moment, or him do anything other than shift a few inches and move the camera. If this were a movie you'd see him talk for a few minutes, see her face as he talked for a few minutes, then see him talk for ten minutes. And that would be terrible without a good reason.

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Hell yeah.

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And sometimes you can even get away with that if you can portray some human emotion visually through the speaker's appearance. Well that's not being done here either. And since they can't do that they should have been looking at ways to break up the rant into a better story telling presentation. Namely breaking the "camera" way to view details about what he's wearing, something that might spark a little imagination. A scar on his arm? Maybe a war-buddy picture hanging out of his pocket or falling out of it. The girl's reaction to his words, which they did once. But that's the problem, your time-per-panel is increased by the amount of words, which really throws a wrench in the mechanics of story telling. People passing in and out of the building not paying attention to them. Because even though he's the subject, he's not the only thing in the world, and there are other parts to the story than just him. And as I said earlier his story should be moving in "real time" unless you have a good reason. What I mean by that is, you would speak out all of his dialogue out loud and see how long it takes to do it in the manner you intend for him to say it. Is he rushing through his speech? Is he taking his time and slowly accounting his memories. Well you should utilize any actions he does to add more panels to break up the repetition.

You can have an entire page of just the character's face and walls of text on every panel, but unless you have a good reason, this is going to look very boring and unimaginative. And it's easy to tell the only reason that it has the amount of text it does, is the author's fear of not spelling out every single detail to the audience. It reads more like the introduction to a movie than a conversation. Filled with over-expositional details. Some things he would have realistically just left out of his story to the girl.


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Instead of steadily feeding you the details you need to get in a comfortable pace, through intelligent means, they instead just have a guy suddenly sit down and spew it out in one sitting without showing much emotion from him, or showing much of anything that's going on around him with it's black background. A pitch black back ground can work, Transmetropolitan did it well, but this was not the time nor the place for it in this strip. Everything else should have been dark but not invisible if that's the feel they wanted for his speech.

And I wrote this giant wall of text because you love them so much.

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but why umad tho?

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>And I wrote this giant wall of text because you love them so much
tl;dr but I skipped to the end and I thought this was pretty funny

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>wall o'text
>Use example strip that excessive text would make sense.

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i admire your creativity.

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I'm looking for a comic, it was a blood pact trooper looking at all sorts of 40k relationships; things like love can bloom. It ends with him having sex with a skull

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>>wall o'text
>And I wrote this giant wall of text because you love them so much.
Never said anything close to that. I never suggested you can't like walls of text. That's another problem with walls of text, you apparently didn't even get my message correctly. But maybe that's just because of wishful thinking on your part.
>>Use example strip that excessive text would make sense.
It doesn't make sense any more sense than any other genre. The story telling still doesn't work.

But assuming you're the same poster, you continue to use the only argument you've presented thus far. And that is, "I am right, that makes others wrong, so I have no need to explain why I am right."

Your need to insult others to make yourself look right , while still refusing to admit the possibility you like something of low quality. There's nothing wrong with liking things of low quality as long as you admit they are just that, low quality. I love Army of Darkness but god help me it's filled with perfect badness. I think you're not as smart as you think you are. But maybe I'm wrong.

I gave you a chance to have an actual discussion to prove your point, which you seem alone in holding in this thread. Seeing as you're only interested in misrepresenting my post via greentext quotes and reaction images I'll bid you a good day, sir.

Smaller wall of text, we'll see if that helps.

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This thread is now about the validity and true aim of literary and artistic criticism.

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(And if someone mentions structuralism and/or Roland Barthes, I WILL shoot them in the face. Repeatedly.)

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Did you guys miss the punchline? It's in the last panel. You know, the short, "We're still gonna fuck though, right?" It's the contrast between the overly-verbose, brick-fucking-wall of text and the short, vulgar sentence at the end. That's it. There's no more to that comic. It's a one-off. It's just that one contrast that makes it funny. Stop nitpicking. Godamn.

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Punchline is twofold. His unit's motto was "nobody has fought like we're about to". So obviously "nobody has fucked like we're about to" fits, though it feels a little shoehorned.

>> No.13092584

If that is the joke, (which no) then it was very poorly executed. The set-up sucked, and the pay off was nowhere near what it should have been to balance out

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Sure is same fag in here.

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WORDS WORDS WOR.........Awww poor Elan

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