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My local GW store is starting up a BFG/40K campaign and I want to get in on it. So far we have around 12 people committed to buying some BFG models. But I've just gotten into 40K and I've never played BFG.

The campaign games will be based on 1000 point fleets. I'm going for Imperial Navy, of course, to go with my Guardsmen. Do any of you have any experience with BFG and fleetbuilding advice?

pic not terribly related, I just read Dead Men Walking the other night and I've got Krieg on the brain

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Here's a pretty simple 1000 point list I came up with:

Fleet Admiral
Exorcist-class Grand Cruiser
2 Lunar-class Cruisers
2 Gothic-class Cruisers

Exactly 1000 points. Five cruisers, no battleships, no escorts, twenty-four torpedo tubes, final destination.

I could drop a Lunar & Gothic for two Dauntlesses with torpedo armament and throw in four Swords, or two Firestorms and two Cobras. What do you think I should do?

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I have no clue about anything when it comes to BFG, but I have some Krieg Girls if you want them?

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I won't turn them down, certainly. Post away.

I wonder if Krieg actually uses female troopers. The Siege of Vraks books mention that there are various semi-heretical Mechanicus biological facilities on Krieg cranking out future guardsmen. What happens to the women of Krieg?

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How about this one

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Not really good?

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Probably cloned and sent to fight like the others. I can;t remember a successful animal clone that wasn't sterile.

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Damn, I really miss that quest.

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Hmm...alternatively I could drop a Lunar and a Gothic and take twelve Cobra-class destroyers.

36 torpedo tubes? If I could get all of them within 12" they'd on average severely cripple a battleship with one volley, or almost certainly sink a cruiser. They're pretty vulnerable on those destroyers, though. But there are a lot of them.

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