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Making a 3.5 bard, I hear you can make them not awful using supplemental stuff?

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Hahahaha, Spoony.

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>FIRST Zukeses

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How, exactly?

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Probably. I never really bothered.

4E bards are pretty cool though.

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Generally, by pimping out Inspire Courage using various shit that buffs it, like the Song of the Heart feat, Inspirational Boost spell, and, questionably, the Words of Creation feat from Book of Exalted Deeds (goodluckwiththat).

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Yes, you can. Depends what you want them to do, exactly.

Check out Sublime Chord, Song of the White Raven, Snowflake Wardance, Dragonfire Inspiration and lastly don't forget it is possible to make a kinda-sorta Bardzilla: http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?p=8595585.

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Don't forget that dragonfire song strike thing
instead of +3 inspire courage at level 1, let your allies deal +3d6 fire damage

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That thing is pretty broken if you also boost Inspire Courage with all the other shit.

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Dragonfire Inspiration. Song of the White Raven. Pump a lot of levels into Warblade or Crusader.

Your turn: Inspire Courage (Shift action due to Song of the White Raven), convert every + you apply in Inspire Courage to a d6 of elemental damage on physical attacks, Inspire Courage (Standard action), Move action.

Basically, look up a Dragonfire Inspiration build. They are DEADLY party buffers (especially if most of your party consists of people who attack with physical weapons over magic) and they can attack pretty well too. Your DM might get pissy though.

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Method 1: Dragonfire Inspiration + Inspire Courage optimization. Easy as hell to obtain and works quite well if you pick up the weapon that sustains your songs for you, allowing you to control battles with spellcasting at the same time.
Method 2: Snowflake Wardancer melee fighter. It's alright, and not really the best, but it can do something.
Method 3: Bard/Warblade with Undersong up and Diamond Mind maneuvers. It's almost exactly like playing a cracked-out version of the fake OotS prestige class Dashing Swordsman and is superior to the above in every way.

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I don't think 3.5 bards were all that awful to begin with honestly. The big problem is the core book doesn't offer many classes that aren't a fuck ton stronger or worse after a certain point. Sublime Cord is kind of cool if you want to go full caster, but otherwise I'm just not that familiar with bard munchkinry

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You mean Bard/Crusader, cockfaggot.

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>Diamond Mind
No he doesn't.

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>Diamond Mind
No one gives a shit. "lol I perform instead of concentrating" is a dumb gimmick that will get old after the first few times you lol at it, douchesnuggler.

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ok I havn't played in a while so I don't remeber the exact class but basicly it let you trade uses of Bardic music for spell boosts also it gave you more spells...

>found it Lyric Thaumaturge

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You're a bard, you're Link
You fight, you play music, you cast spells, and you're SO do not start off as the greatest swordsman in the world
But you get the ladies like none other
Milk maid? Boned her
Princess? Boned her
Leader of the (nearly) all female desert thieves? Boned her
Princess's nanny? Boned her
Naryu, Fin, Farore? Didn't bone them, but they wanted to, ergo giving you their power (spells)
Crazy tomboy mermaid princess? Boned her and became king, even if she's a fish, because you're a fucking bard

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Although, my friends, Bard/Crusader is a great alternate with the Dragonfire Inspiration/Dragonfire build. The Crusader not only deals mad d6s when he hits, but he heals himself too! Though, I personally prefer the feel of the Warblade.

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how exactly does the undersong thing work?
I don't know every single dnd feat lol

thanks for the help sofar, though

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I think your version of Ocarina of Time was slightly different from mine
Yours sounds more like that weird french comic where young link fucks everyone

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Go into Lyric Thaumaturge and then Sublime Chord. You'll end up still a bard, but with spells pretty much on par with a sorcerer.

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Not OP but I'm curious, is there any way to handle their random powers besides power cards or super-elaborate dice charts?

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I thought it was always implied
I mean, aside from the leader of the Gorons, how many important males are their actually?

The owl/sage of light is just your druid buddy who doesn't get any (screen-time)
After that it's mainly the dads of the girls he's boning, that or bad guys

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Isn't it more than a gimmick? I thought the purpose of that was trick to make more of your crap run off your charisma, like your saves and attacks, so you can focus more on pumping up your charisma and perform skill.

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hey OP, i may or may not know who you are and if in fact i do
(Reclamation of Moria?)
you will want to clear any splatbooks with the DM first

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OP here, can we get away from zelda fanfiction and back towards explaining what this stuff actualy does/telling me what book it's in

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Found it.

>Hasan Silkso

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That Centaur? Boned her.
The Goblin Priestess? Boned her.
The Virgin Sacrifice? Boned her. (thus saving her, that's a twofer)
The Bar wench? Boned her.
The Knowledgeable homeless beggar? Boned her.
The Ancient Wyrm? Boned her, putting her back to sleep.
That Beholder? Boned... it? Whatever
The lycanthrope? Boned her. (Before you even knew it was female.)
The Dyke mercenary leader? Boned her too.

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just wanted to make sure you saw this OP

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Undersong is a spell ... Fuck, let me just copy the image.

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Why undersong instead of melodic casting?
Or just stating alternatives?

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i dont know you go away

thanks for even more info everyone that's not a creeper

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Not the guy posting info, but if you mean creeper as in screamer, you do know that .jpg files don't move? .gif files are the assholes

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I don't think you understand. The rest of the class works for the Bard, too, so that's only one tool the class has.

Also, you're clearly trolling.

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Because maneuvers aren't spells?

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oh, the concentration in that image was concentrating on spells instead of the concentration skill?

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To clarify >>13081825
's point, Melodic Casting effects spells. Undersong effects any concentration checks you might have to make.

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Make a mage/bard. It would probably be a cool character.

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Be a Wizard who tells stories and sings songs instead.

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you... you saved my screencap. I was about to repost it myself but...

not the author, BTW, just the nerd that put it through MSpaint.

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Did FF4 have a Goon working on the text or did Something Awful make a lot of catchphrases from the FF4 text?

I can't remember which way round it was. Or if it even was FF4 and not another game's translation.

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1. Convince your GM that Perform:Sexual is a class skill for everyone according to the BoEF (or just take Apprentice (entertainer) to get perform as a class skill...)
2. Sorcerer 7, get your skills looking like this: Perform 10, Intimidate 5, Diplomacy 5.
3. Take levels of Virtuoso, full casting progression, bardic music abilities.
4. ????
5. Not profit, since bard/sublime chord is better

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