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Culexus said I should post this here if I wanted to troll /tg/

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Hia cultist

>> No.13061569

You want to troll /tg/?
Get in line.

>> No.13061571

Yeah, that'll troll /tg/.

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>bra magically floats on flat chest
zomg /tg/ trolled

>> No.13061604

>bra magically floats on flat chest

That's the thing about absolute chaos.

It defies string theory.

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Oh, awesome, a new picture of Chaos-chan

>> No.13062234

it's been a long time since Cultists could troll /tg/

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>> No.13062252

cultist chan
Mai waifu

>> No.13062257

Oh no. I have surely been trolled.

>> No.13062272


Indeed you have.

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I thought you bunch of turdburglars enjoyed cultist threads. Maybe I'm just an autodelusionist.

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where the hell is her Slaaneshian penis?

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Even the sisters of Battle!
Especially the Sisters of Battle!

>> No.13062324


Right here, bro. I though you knew.

>> No.13062335


>see post about Slaaneshian penis
>consider posting image
>Foron does so within moments

Carry on, my good man

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Will do.

>> No.13062366


you know... if someone were to make more like this... that would be okay.

>> No.13062369


That's wrong on so many fuckan levels.

>> No.13062378

/d/eviant Slaanesh worshiper here

need more cultist futa

>> No.13062382

Dat pillow

>> No.13062384

And for people who dont like futa.

>> No.13062392

and then there were dicks....oh the horror....

>> No.13062395

>for people who dont like futa
>on /tg/
>people not liking futa

>> No.13062399


Oh, thank the dark gods that aren't Slaanesh.

>> No.13062404

Man, you don't even want to mention Nurgle here.

>> No.13062406

I hate cultist, but this pic somehow reminds me of Raven and Starfire both at once...so confused.

>> No.13062410

oh god

feces everywhere

>> No.13062412

Please don't try to troll /tg/.

>> No.13062415


Too late.

>> No.13062430

Two gods one cup.

>> No.13062433

I fukkin lol'd

>> No.13062451

Just gonna bump and leave this here, gonna get some tasty munch.

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That picture is so nasty, because it means two fat dudes are standing so freakin close together that their penises are touching, and one has a dick tattoo. Why would you get a dick tattoo. WHY


>> No.13062495


For moments like this?

>> No.13062514

You know, I never really realized til that picture that sexing someone with a Nurgle and Slaanesh tattoo would be scary as fuck

>> No.13062522

Why would Culexus think we'd be trolled by posting his stuff? I thought he was the only one who got butthurt about /tg/ posting all his stuff.

>> No.13062528

if i got to sex a bitch and found one or both on her, I would stop, drive to a jewelers, buy a ring, and ask her to marry me

>> No.13062545

What if the tatts inferred the prescence of leprosy? And a penis.

>> No.13062546

Well, I for one do not enjoy them. Dick-less women or traps, sure, but something about futa makes me not intrested at all.

>> No.13062571

I grew up reading Thomas Covenant and have a thing for traps.


>> No.13062584

>>implying the word imply


>> No.13062607

You'd still do a girl who had a NURGLE tattoo?

>> No.13062612

Cultist is cute in a d'aww kind of way. but thats as far as it goes. I rather women without grating voices thank you.

>> No.13062631


I like this one better, I liek my girls with virginias. Great pic.

<spoiler> even though I like to think about how the thingy in front is like a mini penis while I'm jerking it off carefully

>> No.13062661

Thomas Covenant fucked me up. I tried three times to get through the first book, but I just couldn't. He was such an asshole and there was no point and aghaghags.

>> No.13062679

I enjoy a good cultist thread.

>> No.13062699

Didn't you know that the only kind of porn the janitor tolerates are ones with penises?

>> No.13062702


what was even this pic?

>> No.13063286

Nah, I like it when /tg/ posts my shitscribble, I was just under the distinct impression that it pissed MOST people off. I like /tg/, and am not trying to piss anyone off atm, so I deter posting my work for this reason.

>> No.13063375


Hey, hey you, yes you. As much as I love your one off drawings when can we expect some more Bok the neutral & Verloren hoop?

>> No.13063398

No offence, but it definitely pisses me off. Less the art than the frankly disturbingly obsessive cult that surrounds it, honestly, but the art is certainly still part of it.
I feel shitty for saying this, but Jesus. 90% of why I hate this character so much is because of you, directly or indirectly.

>> No.13063429

Bok this month. Hoop in January. January will primarily be a big ol' block of Fagged Edges and Snow.

p.s If anyone know who drew this, please let me know because, frankly, in terms of 'getting' Cultist, it's fucking perfect.

>> No.13063447

No need to feel shitty, bro. That's a legit outlook if ever I heard it.

>> No.13063500

I... guess I haven't gotten to the trap part yet? Or I forgot?

I have a love/hate relationship with the Tomas Covenant titles, and I'm on a break from them right now. I found them in a box in the basement with a bunch of my dad's stuff, and thought they were another series only I knew about, until I found a set in borders a few weeks ago.

Am I missing something? Should I recommence reading immediately?

>> No.13063516


The rest still stands though.

>> No.13063519

Your rage is delicious

>> No.13063729


What? Are you telling me that the series of books written by Donaldson contain traps?

>> No.13063768

No. Just a leper. He was talking about the leprosy post. I guess he doesn't fear fucking lepers because lepers get superpowers? Something like that.

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