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Goooooooood evening, boys and girls!

I hear you kids are looking for some good ol' fashioned RP groups, with maybe some ero on the side. Well ours is a fairly popular, but humble, group and we're looking for fresh meat.

We do all kinds of games, currently we have DH, ero-Exalted, and a few more games starting up, and we welcome players, GMs, and even you weird little voyeuristic lurker types.

Contact jcymbel on AIM for more information.

Hope to hear from some of you fun, creepy, pervert-types.

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Heresy posted to attract attention.

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You guys run L5R?

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Actually, yes, we do.

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Tell me a bit more about your DH...also do you guys do GURPS?

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Yes we do

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Yep, we run most systems, but DH, its relatives and homebrews based on it are almost always a steady favorite

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Do you do IRC games? Not much for AIM.

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How do you feel about newish roleplayers?

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AIM only



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I run GURPS, and Maid.

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A couple of us like to use Mibbit and stuff if you can carale the players, but you'd need to set it up in AIM

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AIM works well for general chatting and is decent enough for games, you can run the games wherever (ORPG, IRC, AIM, MSN) but the room itself is on AIM.

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I don't currently have AIM. Are there any alternate chanels you operate on, YIM, SKype, etc?

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FFS, it takes like 10 minutes to download and install. Quit being lazy and just do it.

Also, in the interest of protecting the reputations of the individuals in this thread, I am just a passing anon and not a member of the RPG group mentioned in the OP

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>with maybe some ero on the side

Saged, reported, called the cops.

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how do you feel about completely new roleplayers? as in I;ve played 2 sessions of 3.5 new?

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We will train you

And make you strong

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Welcome, just make sure to tell people so they can help out

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AIM's saying jcymbel isn't on their listing. Any additional symbols missed? Or is the "Find Buddy" feature the wrong one to add new contacts?

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I don't know if I want /tg/'s "training". :(

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>/tg/'s "training"
Woah woah woah, we never claimed affiliation with them

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Ever heard the song Bobby Brown by Frank Zappa?
It's something like that.

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Be glad XS isn't volunteering to help.

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well that's not so bad then

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What is taboo in your group? Because I'm depraved as fuck. BRB fapping.

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I doubt she's much of a threat in any kind of real life situation. Too busy not to die in the first play, if I remember correctly.

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Don't be a researcher sam

If you don't know who sam is, he is a top tier That Guy

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what did he do?

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Wasn't he the fart fetish autist?

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Yes. He is also gone. And nothing of value was lost.

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I'm desperate for some DH playing(I'm a giant, giant newbie though. The only game I've actually played was maybe two Rogue Trader sessions that died soon afterwards), so would it be cool if I sat in and got a feel for how the group plays sometime?

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He's still around from time to time. I'm pretty sure a saw his name around here within the last 7 days.

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Lol I remember you guys calling me creepy for trying to raise/train/groom your players into being my cuddly pets/toys.
No ty. Maybe later? ~.^

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Btw: Cuddly training may involve discipline, punishment, and a bit of emotional torment from time to time if your feelings aren't cuddly enough.
And if you refuse to become cuddly, you shall be declared a 'broken toy', discarded, and replaced. ;-)

So, who's up for some fun? =D

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I'm creeped out and aroused at the same time...

This is a new feeling for me.

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what is this and where do i sign up?

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Despends on the situation. I'm handy with knives. And bamboo canes. They leave nice marks.

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Don't focus too much on it. Most people don't need any training and discipline at all, because you're actually cuddly people who are willing to engage in romantic snuggling.

It's only a few particularily stubborn people who REFUSE to be cuddly, that need to be adopted and carefully nurtured and raised into proper cuddly people.

I mean, if a cute girl was like, "Hey you! Hug me.". You'd be like "Hell yes!". Thus, you are already her pet, and no discipline is needed.
But if you were like "Omg ew, you're using me for my body, and not respecting proper etiquette" then you may find yourself adopted. ;-)

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>what is this and where do i sign up?
Just a bit of chatter. You can expect to be treated nicely, and with love and kindness, as long as you fulfill your duty to give lots and lots of cuddles to the attractive people of your gender of choice.

The discipline and punishment is only for feral people who haven't yet learned to cuddle first, and whine about their emotions and morals second. Or perhaps, not whine at all, leaving time for more cuddles.
I will admit that the success rate for reforming these whiny complainy-pants uncuddly prudes isn't that high, but I do have fun trying! :3

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>I mean, if a cute girl was like, "Hey you! Hug me.". You'd be like "Hell yes!". Thus, you are already her pet, and no discipline is needed.
Fuck this has happened before, and I didn't even know the chick.

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I think he's inquiring as to where does one go for this cuddling thing of which you speak. Is it over IRC, AIM, what channel/AIM name, etc.

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Do you have DH with ero elements?
That might be fun...or creepy....depends on the GM.

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That they do. I tried the group out, didn't like it much. But they do.

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