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hey everyone my sister decided that I should put this picture out for you all since you were looking forward to it, colored Krieg-chan is done after it being requested about a week ago.
still working on some of the other stuff but she's almost done with that.
so while I'm bumping with some of her other work we will be taking a few requests. just remember that it won't be done instantaneously.


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hmmm...no one with requests?

odd for /tg/

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How about a Sister of Battle in full armor and helmet with a flamer?

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As before: Xeno showin' some gears an' wires!

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These look fantastic! I like the tea party.

How about a businesswoman wearing a white porcelain mask reclining on a throne in a board room? An odd mix of ultra-modern office and feudal court, with CEO as queen.

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find me a picture of what the helmets look like I cannot for the life of me remember how they look.

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A man dressed like nobility holding a Long Las in a casual way.

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what kind of xeno?

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Well, Xeno from Tau Quest, the Tau-Necron girl, y'know?

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we'll see, neither of us were huge fans of tau quest, but perhaps maybe.
this sounds like a greenlight, she's gonna try it from what I'm told but she doesn't know about it yet. (not sure she is completely sold on the idea)
she just got done inking some rouge trader stuff, check out the blog when we get them all up, maybe you will find what you are after.

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any other requests?

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>>13056863 here. It's intended as the Prince of a city I'm going to create for Vampire the Requiem. She's the Nosferatu leader, and her entire court where masks that enhance their powers and hides the worst of their deformities.

The Prince herself looks reasonably normal, with her conservative suit and reddish hair pulled back in a bun, but her fingers are abnormally long and from what little you can see of her teeth, she has rotting, blackened fangs set in withered lips. God knows what she looks like under the beautiful, doll like mask. She's actually based a little bit on Elizabeth I of England.

If your sister decides not to do it, fair enough. She does good work, better she does what she wants to do!

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sounds an awful lot like the lady of the silver mask from vampire counts....just keep checking back here or at the blog if she does it it will be on the blog first.

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update, she says she's on board with the idea now that she has a frame of reference. just keep checking the blog, it will be there when it's done.

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