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Dear Abby,

I've been on-and-off sleeping with this cute transmutationist who works in the R&D lab. I'm a field operations mage, by the way. The mercenary work has allowed me to mass an empire in liquid assets, but I digress. I recently found out she's an illithid. I'm abjured to the nines, which is why I suspect she hasn't tried to invade my skull one way or another, but there remains the possibility that she isn't after my mind.

Do you have any advice?

Best Regards,
Evoker And Loving It

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Dear Abby,

I've recently come into the possession of a halfling farm. Foolish things aren't yet aware it's not just plants were growing, any way I digress. I was thinking of getting my fellow feinds together but I think a simple halfling roast, while a staple of fiendish cuisine, just won't make the impression I need on my superiors. I need something with a certain flair to it, something beyond the ordinary rape and torture that would be sure to impress even my most jaded guests. Any advice?

Sincerely yours,
A Fiendish Farmer

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