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Do want Nurgle-thread, post your pics!

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You first. Otherwise, /r/.

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I'll just leave this here...

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Allright, have this GUO

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There's more of the GUO :)

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Contributing for the lazy god.

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I've got one last pic of the GUO

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Followers of Girly Pink Twink Boy are not welcome here.
LOL, cute Nurgling!

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Looking at great unclean ones makes me wonder if the ordo malleus has ever just bum rushed one with bars of anti-bacterial soap and fire hoses.

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Now now my children! We are all one big family! Let us all get along and have a good time!

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Why is Nurglette never totally naked?

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Don't you fucking dare ruin my perfectly fine impression of nurgle by making him look like a fat ami tourist.
Don't. You. Dare.

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No clothes here. It's not our fault the artist censors the fun bits or has her in a pose that hides them from view.

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Actually I think he looks like one of those fat Hawaii tourist guide guys who greets you upon arrival and says "ALOHA! Welcome to Hawaii! The tropical paradise! Please enjoy your stay!"

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>>Why is Nurglette never totally naked?
Because /tg/ is a worksafe board

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pardon the glorious mess! Be sure to pick up a blessed disease while you're here!

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I like Nurglette because she has delicious pudge.

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It's only been that way since late summer. Back when Nurglette appeared as a character /tg/ was practically /d/.

I think it's mostly to differentiate her from the Slaaneshi daemonettes.

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Don't worry my child, that's me on vacation and I was really, REALLY drunk!

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You think so?
Take a look at the daemonettes faces and think again.
Do they look like they were happily greeted by a hawaiin guide?
It's that fat, annoying, american.
Papa Nurgle is no fat american. ;_;

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Does anybody have pics of Nurgle warbands for the specialist game Inquisitor?

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>Papa Nurgle is no fat american. ;_;
Are you kidding me? A god whose followers are fat, unhealthy losers who revel in stagnation, and you don't think he's American?

pic related

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Why do you hate Americans?

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the same reason we hate fat, unhealthy losers who revel in stagnation

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Nurgle-chan, I really like you.

You might not be smart, you might be a bit of an airhead but I really like it that you are a true brogurl to me, you are honest with your feelings when you say you like me. You have a lot of meat on your bones and you got the biggest breasts in class. You might not be clean you do not bath often and you might be smelly and green but your dad is a really cool guy, it seems he is okay with everything we do together.

I like it that we can play old computer games together, I like it that you love playing all the old classic games with me and are satisfied with playing just them until we found out all the hidden content, I like it that you are always patient and cold blooded yet always warm hearted and caring.

You are always there for me when I need someone to talk to about my feelings and hug me.

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Logically sound.

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Nurgle followers aren't supposed to be 'fat' as in 'overweight,' they're supposed to be 'swollen' as in 'starving and bursting with pus.' Like kids in Africa.

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What is your "perfectly fine impression of nurgle" then?
Care to describe it?

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So you hate all countries equally?

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There is a difference between being fat and being swallen!
Fat americans are fat because they are lazy fucks who only eat fast food. Followers of Nurgle seem fat, because the ylove their leader and welcome every bit of praise he offers them.

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Not being loud and obnoxious.
Showing sympathy for his children, giving them treats because he thinks they deserve it and not because it shuts them up for two more hours.

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>not loud and noxious

Have you ever shared a latrine with a plague marine, lad?

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Every developed country has a lot of fat unhealthy loosers who revel in stagnation. You think only the US is like that? Heck I live in Europe and it is all the same. I think they say that in the world 20% of the population is overweight and unhealthy, even counting those well populated countries where famine is reaching critical levels.

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I didn't mean it like that.
Let's swap obnoxious with pesky and were good.

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I m spent with pictures gents

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Nurgle up in this mother fucker!

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I could have used russian instead of american, but russian tourists aren't often that fat, neither do they wear hawaii-shirts.
They are just loud and annoying.

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Ah COMISSAR FORON! Could you take over dumping pictures?

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Just like the Japanese.

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Don't know about that.
Haven't met many actually.

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>>They are just loud and annoying.
ALL tourists regardless of nation are loud and annoying this is fact. I have seen Italians, Spanishes, Germans, Japanese and they were all the same.

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This just gave me a nostalgia bomb!
Anyone read the Goosbumps book, Welcome to Camp Jellyjam, or something along those lines?
That thing under the camp would make an excellent Greater Daemon of Nurgle! Papa Nurgle has been trying to recall it into the warp, but in it's tenacity and comfort it has chosen to remain in the mortal realm and is in a state in which it needs constant tending to prevent it beging destroyed by the very plagues which make up it's body!

I know what I'm doing for my next Dark Heresy game.

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Go to Pearl Harbor. Try to keep from causing an international incident.

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To be fair, Italians even in their natural enviroment are exceptionally loud and annoying.

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Clearly a man who's never seen the Irish abroad. That's obnoxious. And I'm Irish...


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So I guess the next concept is makin ga Nurgle Tourist guide in Nurgleland?

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