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Look at that gun.
That is a motherfucking double-up FUCK YOU in handheld form.
Imagine having that thing palmed as you approach the enemy.
Imagine their surprise when they take a fucking handful of bad fucking day, right in the face.
Imagine how satisfyingly broken your fucking wrist would be.

Hell yeah, motherfucker.

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Wrong board, bro.

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Now, consider the folding stock on this day-ruiner.

Just how big a coat do you need to holster this fucker along the inside of your back?

Just how many of those 40mm 'nades can you keep in a pocket?

Just how many do you think it takes to ruin the badguys' afternoons?

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imagine the barrel snapping off when the all the force of firing 2 shotgun rounds goes entirely to the one hinge on the top.

Sure, it wouldn't happen the first couple of times, but after repeated usage that hinge is gonna feel some serious stress.

also wrong board.

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why is my /k/ on my /tg/????

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God forbid, someone decides to take a beautiful thing and cut it down. I hate it when a design so well produced gets literally hacked to bits, then put into a much more concealable form.

But then I saw this thing, and I thought to myself "Who wants to try to piss me off today?".

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Meh, I'd only stat it for 2d8 damage with the prerequisite of having to make 4 To Hit checks.

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Or is it?

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I just fucking want one.

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Welp, I know what I'm rolling in Traveller next.

Assassin time wooo.

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Damage: 1D+1 pi-
Acc: 1
Range: 50/125
Weight: 0.5
RoF: 1
Shots: 2(3i)
St: 9
Bulk: -1
Rcl: 2

So goes my guess anyway.

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Okay now, you're just being silly.

Really fucking hilariously silly.

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You know what I want? I want you to go back to /k/. We don't give a shit about real-world weaponry. Start posting tau weaponry or bolters or something. Actually just go back to /k/.

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You're generous with the 50 in range, and Rcl should probably be 1. You get bonus points for statting it in GURPS, though.

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Is... is that a harpoon gun? I mean, it's got a little spool of copper wi- IS THAT AN ELECTRIFIED HARPOON GUN? AWESOME.

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Tau Bolters?

I heard of that before. Some brave, crazy blue bastard running amok and even killing some Daemon Prince.

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It may or may not be a gaussian cannon. I would imagine that, if so, the wooden stock would be a liability during heat buildup.

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A: Wrong board.

B: Derringers weren't particularly powerful. IIRC, they were usually chambered for a very light .22 round. Not a lot of recoil, either. If you weren't literally holding the barrel against an opponent's unprotected soft flesh (no bones in the way or anything), the derringer wasn't going to do much. You'd be more dangerous with an ice pick. (I have a friend who was shot in the temple with a .22 during an attempted carjacking. Bullet didn't even chip the bone. He proceeded to introduce the carjacker to his .45, loud end first.)

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Doesn't fire shotgun shells. It's a snake gun, and very small.
You couldn't kill someone with it, save for bloodloss from an appropriately unlikely shot.

In fact, I bet if you shot it right into someone's face the worst it could do is partial blindness.

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This looks like the scout's Force-a-nature hay

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was going with the comments about high recoil on it. Drop range to 30/100? Perhaps less?

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Yeah, if anything, check out any 12 Gauge in the High tech book, and give the short range on one of those to this thing's maximum.

Haters gonna hate
Seriously? You think that considering modern firearms in a game context is not a legitimate board topic? I expected better from you Magus.

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Perhaps drop the damage as well then to 1d-1 pi- if its firing something that light, that should be suitably crap.

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I am disappoint.

What kind of design would you suggest for a 'derringer shotgun? Something like this, but not airsoft?

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Shit, just noticed that, but yes, definitely only pi-. Remember the close targets rule though; When you hit something within 10% of minimum distance, the shot isnt spreading, and your damage and his armor get X4.

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I started typing that before I had refreshed it to see your attempts to stat them. My bad. But my comments about the .22 and derringer still stand. You'd be more dangerous with a paintball gun filled with ball bearings.

If you want to start statting weapons, how about this bad-boy? I'm thinking it's a modified Winchester elephant-rifle (no shotgun shells, just anti-anything-living bullets). What say you? What would its stats be in gurps?

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Because there are no /tg/s that use guns amirite?

We have discussions about medieval weapons all the time, this is the same thing for a modern or scifi game. it's not like we're gushing over their technical details outside of their relation to traditional games.

I'm sure fantastic/futuristic weapons are just as welcome.

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That design can't work as a real gun- the same as the sawn-off wombat that will inevitably be posted.
The fact of the matter is, guns tha small can't fire large rounds since they will just fail catestrophically.

That and the numerous other issues that arise as part of the miniature/concealable/deringer design as a weapon for taking down anything bigger than a rabbit.

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Wait, so what's stopping players from mcguyvering a can of C02 and making their own paintball tournaments in game?'

>winifty system's

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If all barrels can fire simultaneously, then you go with a RoF equal to shots, and an accordingly large recoil. If they can be shot singularily, consider how the barrels are aligned, and the obtuseness of the gun; That does not look like it has an Acc higher than 2, without more mounted sights.

An elephant gun is a very very high caliber projectile, so most liely it does Pi++. Many of the anti-tank and elephant rifles in High Tech have that damage type.

High Tech is the place to look for elephant guns. In the Rifles and muskets section I think I saw a few that shot Nitro Express. And that 20000$ polish anti-tank rifle.

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Yes, it fires 2 .410 rounds. Wooo. I am so scared.

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Aha, my logic is flawed.
A small firearm has considerably smaller structural capability, meaning they will most likely fail in use with more explosive payloads.


Fucking ballistics! How do they work?!

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nothing. I encourage lateral thinking in my games. If the player is smart enough to flabbergast me or overcome an obstacle in a way I hadn't predicted, I grant bonus XP.

thanks. I'll have to dig out my old Gurps books and look it up.

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The basic books are up on /rs/. Characters and Campaigns. 4th ed balanced all of 3rd ed without completely pants-on-head retarded breaking it.

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Since this is /tg/ I feel the need to point out that literal materials exist that could manufacture such a gun (capable of firing large rounds) and that it is simply too expensive or difficult to manufacture for the use of the gun- and that there are innumerous fictional materials that could easily be applied to what you have in mind.

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That is a good point.
Just think of it: Magewrought handguns, mithril derringers, adamantine armor piercing rounds...


Also; assuming you could throw whatever budget necessary at it, could you end up with a true derringer size but capable firearm?

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Look into the Iron Kingdoms DnD setting. Magelock firearms are made by the dwarves using an exclusive alloy that only they know the recipe for, and sold under contract to a specific nation that contracted them for the purpose.

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You say adamantine, I think Slade howitzers.

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Same weapon, but in 12 gauge

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Oh I read that years ago; Very flavorful setting. Note: d20 gaming companies need to stop and think before they make any game with firearms. Seriously, leveled progression is ass when combined with 'the great equalizer'.

What about in a more "grounded in reality setting", without magic. COuld we sill make a functioning concealable firearm without the LOLFAILURE?

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>Slade howitzers.
Pray tell, what mystical properties do they have?
Google is unknowing of their majesty.

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Yeah I'd say so.

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Just made it up. Dorf Fortress is still /tg/ right?

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But seriously, if anyone could point me at some very simple, elegant, real-world designs of FUNCTIONAL concealable handguns, I would be happy. Money is obviously no issue in the gaming world.

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Actually, no, just a custom gun model. It fires ten .22L per tube. I admit, it is a bit shenanigans worthy, but it is real.

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Get out of here, Killy. You're supposed to be escorting the Net Terminal Gene.

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Possible, but the manufacturing process would be so exorbitant as to make it pointless. A better plan would be making better bullets to make crappy guns more dangerous, rather than inventing new guns.

I mean, seriously, we can make glass that's stronger than concrete
and a plain cotton T-shirt treated to be bullet resistant
I'm fairly certain we can make a better gun. But it's a cost-versus-return thing. At some point, the expense of making the gun will outweigh the benefit of the gun itself.

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>Imagine how satisfyingly broken your fucking wrist would be.
>by .410
>op confirmed for never having fired a gun

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When you say 'handgun', do you actually mean handgun or does that mean something else in your gun-ignorant mind? Because most pistols are fully functional and concealable handguns...
Pic related, it's the pistol I carry concealed.

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I was going rule of cool, not SRS BZNS.
Fuck off back to your magical /k/, I am here in /tg/, gaming it up, not giving a fuck.

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>is a tripfag
>"rule of cool is to be ignorant instead of inventive you stupid motherfucker!!!"
>is a tripfag

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Pray tell, /tg/, can anyone tell me what this is?
I actually do need to know.

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Best gun I saw in game was a Locate City bomb shaped into a line.
worked best in dungeon corridors

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Tineye for the win. It's a fictional weapon created by a deviantfag.

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Christ I'm being trolled by an avatar-fag, what has the world come to?

Gun ignorance aside, can you post pics? As much as a smaller sidearm can be considered concealable, what are some of the better looking (aesthetically pleasing) and more game-friendly models you've seen?

Don't think /k/, think/tg/; What would my players want to find in their games?

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I think I have a few 'hold out' pistols in my folders. Let me see.....

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To be honest, that pistol is more aesthetically pleasing to me than any of the whacked-out, chopped up atrocities in this thread, simply because it's compact and functional.

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What's this gun called? I want to look at more of it.

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For sci-fi, you could have a hyperspace gun. All of the working parts and ammunition would be stored in hyperspace. In the real world, all you'd see is a grip and the small tube that conceals the miniature hypergate connecting to the weapon. It'd most likely be astoundingly expensive, or one of those mad science "only one is known to exist" things. To make things interesting you could give it various issues. The ammunition selector could be broken, making it impossible to know whether you're going to get a tranq needle or a chainsaw rocket until you actually fire the gun. (Rolling on a special ammo table would be simple enough)

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Yeah, it definitely has a simple charm to it; nothing extraneous, everything necessary.

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Yes, it's 9mm. If you want some more modern, concealable pistols, do an image search for Glock, Sig Sauer, FN Herstal, Walther, or Springfield XD.

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It's a Derringer. Commonly used in the 'wild west', it had a reputation as a dishonorable weapon, commonly being pointed at someone's stomach underneath a poker table when you suspected that person of cheating. It is effectively useless outside of about ten feet, and has minimal penetrating power.

Not as worthless as the 'gun' in my pic, but still pretty weak.

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It's not an "avatar fag" if someone is using reaction images of clearly different characters or sources.

Sure is summer.

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anyone have any pics of the 'freedom gun' that America mass-produced and air-dropped into France to support the french resistance in WW2?

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I thought you were around for sergalface and scared of shit.
THOSE were avatarfags.

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Regardless, I present to you the king of rifles:


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How 'bout a gyrojet derringer?

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oh boy i love silly guns

dumping my collection

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M1942 "Liberator". Biggest piece of shit ever built, but they were insanely cheap to produce (~$30 in today's money).

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>> No.13052172

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I was about to rage, because I thought "AK-4B" was some sort of videogame name, and you just posted a picture of a G3 with a red-dot... but Google says your right, even though I can't figure out what the difference is.

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It's a .410 guys, it's not gonna break anything.

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Wiki says that the AK-4B is a Swedish G3 that doesn't have irons and was issued with a red dot.

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Higher rate of fire, M203 compatibility, rail on top for the aimpoint. It's basically a custom G3A3 built in the hundreds of thousands.

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that's the one. The one we air-dropped in with the instruction tag: "Take gun, kill german officer, take his gun." A stamped-metal one-shot pre-loaded piece of shit. But it was small, cheap, and easily hidden.

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hey, some of these guns are looking practical, can't we go back to "guns with recoil so bad only a full borg could use them"?

>> No.13052230


...Why would you ever issue a weapon without iron sights? Christ, even soldier who replace their the M4 carry-handle sights will some sort of scope with still keep it with them, or mount it under-barrel like a grip in case the scope is damaged.

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Get an HK416C, 560mm with folded stock (MP5 is 550mm), conceal in coat, don't give a fuck, fire 5.56x45mm NATO.

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How are you supposed to hold that without the magazine going through your chest?

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By not having tits.

>> No.13052239

Intended use was to shred Russian infantry with fully automatic bursts in close quarters combat.

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I love the Chicago Typewriter

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You mean having a cavity below your right collarbone. Think about it.

>> No.13052257

okay sure

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Imagine the GMs look when you miss with both shots and have no unarmed skill or backup weapons.
Imagine the look on the GM's face when a cop makes his perception based check and sees that under you coat.

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Or not having a neck. You can't aim down sights with that thing and that means not aiming at all.

>> No.13052287

One of my favorites as well (I blame my sicillian family). IIRC, it was originally designed as an assault rifle, but was 'reclassified' when the government said 'no, we don't need any more of those.'

>> No.13052292


A decision they quickly regretted.

>> No.13052294

It's an SMG, the first assault rifle ever was Stg 44.

>> No.13052296

The implications get even more unpleasant if you're a left-handed shooter.

>> No.13052331

only by technicality. There was a famous letter that one commander sent back to Washington during WW2 that read "Send more of this model rifle, they work better than anything else. Give me a thousand, and i'll give you Berlin in a week." Which confused the hell out of the logistics division back home, since they didn't know it was a rifle at all and had been snuck into the budget under false pretenses.

>> No.13052433

>Brace stock against left shoulder.
>Pull trigger.

>> No.13052438

Wow, what kind of shitty player has no backup plans?
Mine are usually 'bluff with some grenades" and when that fails, punch them in the dick, repeatedly"

Haha, good show, I remember that anecdote too. The idea it was snuck into the war is even better.

You just HAD to invoke their fel-names, huh?

>> No.13052469

Oh god, don't try to justify that horrible 'future gun'.
What the hell was that kid thinking anyways?

>> No.13052485

while awesomeness is pic related

>> No.13052498

When I see that gun, all I can think of is that hideous rainbow dragon sword.

>> No.13052505

I was simply answering the question of how it could be fired. It's still a shit gun.

>> No.13052509

Stanless steel anyone?

>> No.13052512


You've never held a rifle left-handed, have you? You see where that magazine is?


>> No.13052523

I wield this onehanded

>> No.13052536


Hey! Stanless steel is a valid feature!

I don't want that fucker Stan anywhere near my swords. I also don't want swords from places ending in "-stan".

>> No.13052543

I feel I'm gonna be sorry for asking this but... pic?

>> No.13052548

hey, as long as you've got a full crew to load, sight, and aim it for you, one hand is all it takes.

>> No.13052554


Yeah, well, Stan is a dick.

>> No.13052564

I use this as a reference photo for my Rogue Trader's Nomad Hunting Instrument. Double-barrel, Bolt-action rifle how did I never think of such a thing before?

>> No.13052575

He just wants to sell you some previously owned vessels, why you hatin'?

>> No.13052579

For two shots, one kill or for a quick follow up shot?

>> No.13052582

I have to agree. If Stan got near your sword, he'd probably bend it.

>> No.13052634


Separate shots I would presume, unless you're really crazy.


Actually thats the original pic I used because I proposed a custom, Twin-Linked version. It was turned down so my Nomad is actually just a standard, if ornate, Blaser.

>> No.13052650

Actually, if you look at the shadow in the picture, it looks like there's a clip on both sides. Which means that it'd be just as hard to fire right-handed.

>> No.13052658

Oh 40k, calling something double barreled "Twin linked". I fucking love that shit.

But really, in a pinch, in close quarters, you wanna be able to put both slugs in the guy in front of you.

>> No.13052667


But yeah, bad design from a bad designer. The profile only has 4 things in it anyways. What's Muju's page count up to, like, 100 different illustrations and ink-works?

>> No.13052683


Then it's a gun for armless telekinetics.

I can get behind this.

>> No.13052715

There are magazines on either side of the stock, it is literally impossible to hold like a normal rifle.

>> No.13052717

Shit, my bad. Not normally a gun person. One of my friends keeps yelling at me about that and I keep forgetting.

>> No.13052753


Hey, I was just going with the flow of the universe. Besides, a Twin-Linked, Accurate Rifle would be stupidly overpowered in Rogue Trader, especially since I have an omni-scope to mount on it.

My Base BS is 40, so if I take a half-action to aim I get..

+10 BS for Half-Aim, +10 BS for Accurate (triggers off aiming), +10 BS for the Omni-scope's Red-Dot sight (triggered of using single shot, the only mode the rifle is capable of), +10 for short range (as long as I'm under 125m, under 50m is common engagement range in 40krpg), +20 for Twinlinked.

Boom, I instantly hit the +60 modifier cap. And if i take a full-action aim I get another +10 (in case there is some kind of penalty) and the Omni-scope's telescopic sight lets me ignore range penalties, meaning I'm getting a perfectly accurate +60BS out to the weapon's full effective range of 1km.

Oh and every 2DoS gets me +1d10 damage, up to a max of +2d10. And Twin Linked means I score a second hit if I get at least 2DoS.

So basically I could've put out an attack that could potentially deal two 3d10+8 damage. It would've been glorious.

But even with just the basic Nomad (no twin-linked) I'm doing crazy awesome. My crew can keep their bolters and hell guns and other such weapons. I'll take this instrument of precision power, because nothing says "Fuck your Daemonhost Summoning" like headshotting the would-be-host in the middle of the ceremony from half a kilometer away.

I almost feel like a munchkin for using it. However it is the most lavish and high quality "Hunting Rifle" in the entire Calixis sector, with only 10 custom made to the buyer's preferences per year (with a waiting list a decade+ long), using exotic funiture materials, exquisite metal scrolling, etc etc. The weapon is exactly the sort of thing a Rogue Trader might own, its not just a weapon, its a status symbol.

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>> No.13052776

You are entirely justified in your decision.
Just hope Perils of the Warp don't fuck you over hilariously one day.

>> No.13052793

What about telekinetics that are mostly armless?

>> No.13052830

Well taking a -30 point disadvantage can net you quite a bit of Telekinesis if you buy the TK with modifiers.
GURPSwise, you could pull off at least a +6 worth of TK.

>> No.13052862

>> No.13052878

Fuck yeah. I picked that thing out of the High Tech book even before I used it in MW2(dont look at me like that!)

Anything with an ammo entry that reads "20(3)" in a shotgun is okay in my books.

>> No.13052924


The party thankfully only has a Navigator, though we've had way too many run-ins with Wytches and Denizens of the warp for my liking, including an Alpha level Psyker that incinerated my gracious host in a eyeblink and nearly killed me by mind-controlling one of my officers, and a "Moral Event" during warp-travel that released some sort of lesser daemon into the Enginarium, cue severe fighting to retake the ship that resulted in us confronting the daemon, disabling it long enough for use to flee the Enginarium, seal it, and flush several sections of the ship with Drive plasma, incinerating the daemon and its flesh-mound zombie things. Thanks for the inspiration, Kiith Somtaaw.

Oh, and I was recently run through sword fighting with two Eldar Warlocks. The rifle acquitted itself well against their rangers though.

So tired of wytchery.

Anyways, back on topic, stick a few prayer parchments on this, maybe a small incense burner and load it with inferno shells and you have the perfect Combat Shotgun for a Missionary or Redeemer Firebrand.

>> No.13052926

the aa-12 also has grenade rounds

>> No.13052962

As far as more modern, practical armaments goes, as a fan of Feng Shui I was always a fan of a few weapons.

First up the Calico 950/960, cause nothing chews through mooks like a compact SMG that can be loaded with 100-round helix magazines (50 round magazine pictured).

>> No.13052990


Enough of this shit already! The Frag-12 can be used in any 12-gauge shotgun, I don't know why the fuck does everyone think the AA-12 has some sort of special affinity for it. You could wreak the same exact havoc with a Saiga.

>> No.13053025

Automat Karbin 4 B
Not THE best weapon in the world. Recoil is silly due to the wooden front grip being replaced with a plastic one for reduced weight.
Results? Lost weight in front, jumps like a motherfucker.
Then again, I'm not an expert, just have a few friends in the military.

>> No.13053026

The Grendel P-30 (on the left). Yes its a .22 plinker pistol, but

A) It looks awesome, IMO
B) Feng Shui mooks don't care, its comedic killing armored badguys with a .22
C) 30 round magazines

Surprisingly concealable too, a perfect backup weapon or something to smuggle into events where guns shouldn't be.

Anyways, it was cooler 10 years ago, when I didn't realize how stupid .22 pistols are.

>> No.13053036

People are inherently stupid until proven otherwise.

Amen. Back before I knew any better I played a bit of d20 modern. That shit was the only good looking gun in tables upon tables of 2d6 handguns.

>> No.13053061


Fuck year, plinker pistols! The Hammerli was my Top Notch Coolest Design pistol for the longest time.

>> No.13053062

It fires .410 gauge shotgun shells. You can read that right on the side of the shells. .410 is the smallest gauge for shotguns, but it's still a shotgun gauge. It's like the .22s of shotguns. That thing would probably hardly kick in your hand. As for damage done to a human being at close range, I don't know-- But consider this: The .410 shell fits into a .45 Colt. I think it'd do more than blind a man.

>> No.13053063

A personal favorite, for the same reason I took the Nomad... STYLE.

Thompson Contender, a Sport weapon. Modular and single-shot breech-loading. Capable of being configured for a variety of ammunition calibers and types.

Perfect for a man who needs access to a stylish weapon that can be quickly loaded with specialized ammunition, be it armor penetrating rounds, blessed anti-demon bullets, or whatever.

>> No.13053073

>Go to /tg/
>Weapons thread
It's like I don't even need the other boards anymore!

>> No.13053080

Who are you,
can you game in my group?

>> No.13053089


Ok, that shit? That is awesome. Looks like something out of Shadowrun or Cyberpunk.

And finally, the Mauser C/96, cause fuck what anyone thinks. The Broomhandle is still one of the sexiest Handguns in existence.

>> No.13053100


I'm Lord Captain Odocavar, and I have the best hat (and rifle) ever.

>> No.13053104

Anyone have any of those Mateba handguns kicking around in their folders? That Italian company that looks Japanese?

>> No.13053116

I used to play in a d20 odern campaign that threw out the regular equipment book and used the Spycraft Arms guide instead. Worked a lot better, and there was a lot less 'generic pistol number 73.' bullshit.

>> No.13053119


Ah yes, the Autorevolver. A perfect weapon for Feng Shui, Shadowrun, Cyberpunk and other near-future enthusiasts who prefer winding cylinders to magazines.

>> No.13053126

I thought Saigas only came in 20G. Huh.

One of these days I'd like to see a mob hitman or somesuch with Frag-12 rounds. Or Dragon's Breath. Or a whole bandolier of weird specialized ammunition. It'd be pretty special.

On a side note, does anyone else think Buckshot in GURPS is underpowered? I mean, I know 1d+1 is realistic, and it doesn't penetrate body armor in real life, but GURPS has a fistful of cinematic rules that still don't allow buckshot to damage people as well as it does in movies. Is there a solution to this?

>> No.13053166

Are you using the close shotguns rule?
Within 10% of min range(typically 5-10 yards) instead of normal damage, you quadruple the base damage and upgrade it to impaling. You also quadruple the targets DR, but if they are naked, they get DR 1.

THAT definitely makes shotguns awesome.
Also, random hit locate EVERY HIT. Face hits for the win.

>> No.13053173


Use shotgun slug stats instead. I think they were in the vicinity of 3d.

Also, doesn't buckshot hit you multiple times? Let me check my rulebooks. 3e or 4e?

>> No.13053186

4th ed was what I was quoting.
Also, yes, slug rounds as determined by High Tech.

>> No.13053214


Ah. Not familiar with 4th ed. Intimately familiar with GURPS Vehicles, though. (I think that's how I contracted my autism.)

>> No.13053236


Yeah, boomstick range is awesome and all, but it don't do much against -say- Joe Corrupt DEA Agent with an undercover vest with DR 12.

4d+4 pi++ vs DR 48 doesn't make a scratch even doing MAX DAMAGE. Which kinda sucks if your characters schtick is "THIS IS MY BOOMSTICK!"

GURPS 4th.

>> No.13053261

Here is a funky one for you guys.

>> No.13053275

Dude, DR 12 concealable vests my ass. Thats front line infantry DERP armor. Double check your entries on what is standard army issue or not.

My condolances. The 4th ed books are free on /rs/. Characters and Campaigns.

>> No.13053277


Over a century of service too.

>> No.13053299

you think that's funky, take a look at this penis replacement. Think he's overcompensating?

>> No.13053307


Is that... is that a tacticool Madsen?

I can die happy.

>> No.13053310

Dude, I'm looking right at High-Tech. Concealable Vest, p. 66.

>> No.13053315

If you like gun-fu and revolvers, pic related.

>> No.13053328

I always liked the look of the Vector CP-1. If I were going to shoot a movie that was 'near-future' I would outfit everyone with guns like the CP-1 in aesthetic.

>> No.13053329

I started pheasant hunting when I was 12 because it's a big thing around these parts. My dad had bought this super-light Benelli 20 gauge semi-auto with walnut stocks off of this guy for like a quarter of the listing price. I got to use it for the next 10 years. That thing was like carrying around a twig as far as weight. It hardly kicked. It was SO fucking accurate, and to a good distance. I loved the balance of that thing. Then we all decide that 12 gauges are more manly and age-appropriate or some shit. He gives me this old over-under 12 that he bought at K-Mart in like the 70s. I have two shots. Two shots. I like having six shots. Compared to the Benelli that thing feels like I'm carrying around a cinder block. I'm not weak (6'2", 240lbs), but y'know, I was spoiled by the Benelli. That K-Mart special, also, we discovered, has a fucked-up firing pin on bottom chamber. Sometimes it fires and sometimes it doesn't.

Now, a couple years ago the California wildfires hit Nor Cal and burned down my parent's house. Before the fire hit, my dad had time to grab a couple guns. He grabbed the Benelli and some others and left the K-Mart special.

Fuck yeah.

>> No.13053335

Aha! Well, that seems a bit much.

Also, rereading B409 points out my error as well. You multiply out the extra damage and DR multiplyer by half, rounded down, the multiple Rof Number. So if your Rof is something like 3X9, you multiply damage and DR by X4. If its 2X6, then you multiply by 3.

>> No.13053347

Benelli is an amazing gun, and my choice for Italian mobsters. Fuck the PC's the mooks are getting Benellis.

>> No.13053352


Got a few more shots of Madsen Man from the whole Rio crime war.

>> No.13053356


>> No.13053358

>> No.13053370


>> No.13053371

Watch where you step with that fucking thing.

>> No.13053376

Bolt action .22 gun, disguised as a pen.

>> No.13053378

the dude who made this is clearly has some er.... insecurities

>> No.13053381

I had one of those actually.
It's a nice gun. Light recoil, breaks down easy, the molded grips feel good and there is a sleek, sexy style to it. Kind of a shame there was a recall because some of them would fire with the safe on...at random....and the chamber empty.
Oops, quality control.
Still, fine gun for mooks who need a Matrix-wear compatible 9mm.

>> No.13053386

Yeah... kinda of a bitch.

I'm thinking of just increasing buckshot damage (2d? 2d+1?), keeping Slug damage the same, and ruling if you get hit with more than one pellet, use the Blunt Trauma rule as if it were a blunt weapon.

>> No.13053387

Disguised? That is one fuck-ugly pen, man.
Shit needs some aesthetic quality to be considered disguised as a pen.

>> No.13053397

Dude, always use the blunt trauma rule with flexible armor like that.
And check out different ammo; Upgrading pellet size can vastly change penetration power against lightly armored targets. Changing from 1d+1 to 2d-1 makes up for it in the multiplier department.

>> No.13053400

Also appearing in Parasite Eve 2.
Not a great weapon, but 9mm ammo was free and the tangos were numerous, so it did it's duty.

>> No.13053419


Really? The ONLY thing I have EVER seen the Calico in was Armitage the Third.

>> No.13053426


As written, the Blunt Trauma rule does a point of damage for every ten points blocked with piercing weapons. I'm thinking of rounding it down to every five points blocked... like with crushing weapons.

>> No.13053449


Ahahaha, look at that guy in the background. "Hey, there's a dude about to fire a machine gun behind you." "Yeah, I know. I'll have a kilo of sausages, the wife's making goulash." Or whatever the fuck Brazilians eat instead of goulash.


Haven't seen Total Recall, then?

>> No.13053460

there was a Movie in the 90's called I Come In Piece

>> No.13053466

The game 007 Agent Under Fire had it in there, terrible as the game was.

>> No.13053474


Man, I haven't seen total recall since the mid 90s... was that in it?

>> No.13053491


Yup. In fact, have a comprehensive listing.

Of note is the Calico's appearance in Deep Rising, where it was dressed up into a bitching gatling carbine.

>> No.13053542

I think one of the resistance dudes was using it. That, or one of the guys in three-tit bar fight.

>> No.13053582


Wow, its been in a lot more things than I thought, no wonder Feng Shui included it amongst its various guns.

>> No.13053586

As for me, THIS is the real thing to ruin somebody's day.

>> No.13053614

I like how it's not only misinformed but written retardedly as well.

>> No.13053631


Yeah, a lot of inaccuracy, but I think its more for the comedic value than anything.

>> No.13053642

Has nobody mentioned the Rhino yet?

>> No.13053665

But it's not funny at all.

>> No.13053685

well that would be your opinion, to some people that is funny

>> No.13053693


I got a few chuckles, but I never take this sorta stuff seriously.

>> No.13053701

>it hurts to live

>> No.13053702

Behold, the 1911. The first, last, and only semiautomatic pistol any human should ever need. Anything bigger and you're telling everyone that you are overcompensating for a tiny dick. Anything smaller and you're the /k/ equivalent of a hipster faggot.

>> No.13053714

>> No.13053732

>> No.13053759

you are great. Thanks for the pic.

Why is it romainan at the Dragunov?

>> No.13053765

>>Broad, simplistic insults prove I'm manly!

Yeeeeaah. The 1911 doesn't need you, hombre. Here's a lesson the IG boosters have problems with: if you have solid brass balls, you don't need to talk about them, people will hear them clacking together.
Anything else is imitation.

But yes. 1911A1 or one of the many, many variants: solid _gun_. Too much for some, just right for many -the gun you want is the gun right for you.
Bigger is NOT better; controllable, accurate, and manageable is. Two rounds on target beat 5 rounds on the walls, floors, and ceilings, or one round before it's dropped by freshly abraded palms.

>> No.13053780

Oh God, what's wrong with his elbow?

>> No.13053803


anime is drawn bad alot of the time

>> No.13053813


I forget the term for it, but thats a inbetween frame. Anime (and cartoons) often use hastily drawn frames during rapid movement because you won't really notice the lower quality of any specific frame due to the rapid movement.

Unless you go frame by frame and take still anyways... This is the source of much of the QUALITY troll ammunition used in /a/.

>> No.13053814


This wouldn't break your wrist.


Also, this doesn't happen, either.

While I feel /tg/ discusses everything, this thread should've been left to /k/.


These two posts are dandy, though. You shouldn't cut down an AK like that. It's not very pleasing to the eye.

>no fun allowed

>> No.13053850


I think it's just a troll or someone herping a derp, but I do recall a Romanian-made rifle that is very similar to the SVD. So it's possible it's some kind of double-trollbait, I guess?

>> No.13053874

Now consider the Taurus Judge. 5 chamber revolver. Heavy frame gives light recoil. But here's the fun part: fires .45 AND 410 shells. BAD. ASS.

>> No.13053886


A lot of guns originally designed by the Russkies have a half dozen knock-offs with shitty wood and subpar parts. Generally it's all good in the hood, but it can really suck when the stock and grip, or, god forbid, the body of your brand new wood-built buddy starts to flake apart.

Other than that, I'm not sure what they'd mean.

>> No.13053887

This gun is the best gun ever

>> No.13053892

Is that a LeMat revolver I see? The second one down? Awwww yeah, motherfucker.

>> No.13053893

>/tg/ discusses everything
Until the mod comes around and delete the thread about bugs and let the one about guns be.

>> No.13053896


sup Ocelot

>> No.13053908

Is that a famas with 30 round rapid fire clips and .60 cal barrel shroud?

>> No.13053909

The SPAS-15, because someone finally got the smarts to give a semi automatic 12 gauge shotgun a detachable box magazine. Kill more fuckers faster with SPAS.

>> No.13053929

> famas
> also, clips

Spot on about the shroud, though. The barrel is shortened, too.

>> No.13053938


I love the Webley series, if only for the ejection automatic
of the shells.


I like the Judge, but they've had problems. The lightest model has had a few instances of the frame cracking. Also, the shot shells aren't that great past 10 yards or so (at least not as good as long arms in terms of grouping), and with the gap left between the cylinder and barrel when chambering .45 creates something of an inaccuracy (not much, but still).

Honestly, shot shells in a handgun, let alone a revolver? Simply beautiful.

>> No.13053963


What about the Saiga 12?

>> No.13054000

Akimbo deagles are better though.

>> No.13054010

anyone know what specific gun this would be? I can tell by looking at it that it's more form than function, but I'd still like a bit of background.

>> No.13054025


One of the old Russian prototypes using Bakelite I think.

>> No.13054028


God damn. That pic used to get passed around in all the "ugly gun" threads on /k/. I can't remember what it was originally, but now it's kind of a mess.

>> No.13054032

Korbov, ugliest gun ever.

>> No.13054044


>> No.13054047


Originally designed for tankers and suchwhat, I think.

>> No.13054060

Ok, on the topic of shotguns and awesome:
the Gurzka (so of course I can't find the article on it).
Milled from discarded 20mm aircraft cannon barrels and firing what're basically _four_ gauge shotgun shells, the Gurzka is the last word in Delta Green-grade firepower. Not practical, not subtle, not very controllable, but by god when it's Elderitch Horrors at 50' and closing, nothing says Fuck You Cthulu like a cloud of testicle sized shot screaming in at 1500fps.
Thank you Soviet Russia. You are insane, but sometimes insanity and stupi-cool intersect with glorious results.

>> No.13054062

Oh come on. It's perfect sci-fi material.

>> No.13054069

>> No.13054077

Look out! Oppressed revolver!

>> No.13054090


Err, won't gasses escaping from the cylinder area kinda reduce the effectiveness of that?

I admit Revolvers are not my strong suit.

>> No.13054093


That is beautifully retarded.

>> No.13054100

The Nagant was specifically designed to be silenced; the cylinder moves forward when you pull the trigger, sealing the gap.

The Soviet secret police used them.

>> No.13054103

It's like I'm playing Borderlands!

>> No.13054108


It's the single revolver I know of where the cylinder and barrel lock together when fired.

Nagant rebolber.

>> No.13054124


Wood doesn't exist on Borderlands' guns! That's silly!

>> No.13054125

t always annoys me when the over under grenade launcher gets posted, its an AIRSOFT GUN goddamn it made by elfin knights, same people who made the milipede(that 12ga derringer)

anyway heres a sexy concealable, the pics the airsoft version but it shows off the 4 barrels

>> No.13054127


Clever, I saw the cylinder area on it and wondered if they sealed it somehow.

>> No.13054134


Good thing that isn't wood!

Bakelite Baby!

>> No.13054137

>has never seen a gun with the prefix "plywood"
>Teenage tau girls laughing.midi

>> No.13054151

It...it's so stupid looking.

Anyone know any reason why this thing never made it to the production line, even if it had no real purpose it was good for?

>> No.13054161

If it took more than one shot, you weren't using a Jacobs! Also, Torgue doesn't make guns out of freakin' wood!

>> No.13054167


B-but it's not made of plywood... that'd burst.

Also, at least I have a nose, Tau bastards.

>> No.13054184


I never saw one made out of wood. Not matter how much they referenced junk like that. Maybe the Elephant Gun or whatever it's called, but other than that, they're all a rainbow of carbon fiber stocks and bodies.

>> No.13054215

It looks woodish.

They already had the AK which worked fine and everyone was familiar with.

>> No.13054229


If it took more than one---



>> No.13054243


Alright. I see what you're saying. The fore grip and pistol grip at least appear to be wood of some kind. Or very rusty.

I apologize, Borderbros.

>> No.13054270

I mean, I could fire up Borderlands, run around bumfuck nowhere for some time and screenshot every Jakobs gun that I find lying around. But I'd rather post the FG42.

>> No.13054292

Such a pretty Nazi-fucker.

>> No.13054302


I love the FG42's aesthetics.

Classy, yet brutish, with an uncommon make-up.

Like a really good prostitute. Except for killing, not for sexing.

>> No.13054318


>> No.13054328

In this magazine, we have a triple-barelled rifle of some variety, as well as what appear to be instructions on the proper construction of molotov cocktails.

I wish to subscribe to this publication.

>> No.13054363

the 42s suprisingly small

>> No.13054372

I now dub these...the STUBBS

>> No.13054374

Oh you know the Russians. Quality journalism at it's best.

>> No.13054379


What does it fire?

>> No.13054405

>No gas tube

>> No.13054406


.357, and by that token, .38 special.

>The Benglank

>> No.13054418

>> No.13054468

It's BAKELITE, which has been said at least twice before in this thread. Do you guys not know what bakelite is? It is an early plastic, generally marbelized. It's very hard and people like to collect objects made of it, such as bracelets and radios.

>> No.13054476

That had better aim the pistol for you. or at least that laser should be able to melt flesh or something

>> No.13054477

>don't try to justify that horrible 'future gun'.
The whole rule of cool thing you just forgot?

>> No.13054479


Talking about the gun in Borderlands, the plywood goober. Not the Bakelite Bullpup.

>> No.13054481

>> No.13054560

>> No.13054662

The problem with folding guns is that they usually have terrible ergonomics.

>> No.13054700

Yeah, that thing looks really uncomfortable. I do like the utilitarian aesthetic though.

>> No.13054722

large? yes. unreasonably massive caliber? yes. but holy fuck does it look amazing, and nobody fucks around with one of these pointed at them.

>> No.13054789

>nobody fucks around with one of these pointed at them
Except for these 1337 OPERATORS from taskforce 141. Trololo.

>> No.13054816

Taurus Raging Bull.

Don't fuck with me in your hand

>> No.13054855

Goddamn I love the OTs-33 Pernach. It's such an inconspicuous looking gun yet capable of going full-auto on your ass.

>> No.13055085

I want to go hunting with one of these. Think I can pack enough powder in it to kill a turkey or possibly a deer?

>> No.13055125


>> No.13055149

broken wrist?
Naw man, it's only a .410 guage. The thing would kick less than a .40cal handgun.

everything else you said is correct though

>> No.13055161

Good god, how many people are going to respond to the original post, and completely ignore the thread? This is what, the fourth person to point out the cartridge size?

>> No.13055167

looks like a black powder pistol, mate

You are aware they still manufacture muzzle-loading black powder weapons, and people still hunt/shoot/compete with them, right?

That being said, it does look totally fucking awesome

>> No.13055226

I've always been fond of the look and style of revolving cylinder weapons, the pistol used to be my favorite, but once I saw the revolving cylinder rifle, I fell in love with it. It's just so unusual.

>> No.13055231

If there are fur cons, there can be black powder pipstol competitions.

Jesus, it's just jarring to see that thing. It looks like something from a scifi mashup game.

>> No.13055257

Are you people really saying that two .410 shotgun blasts at point-blank range to the face wouldn't fuck you up?

God damn, you guys are dumb.

>> No.13055300

They're talking about the shooter's wrist, not the recipient's face.

>> No.13055312

As usual, /tg/ does /k/ better then /k/ does /k/. No surprise, either, considering how many /k/ tripfags are regulars on /tg/.

To all you people screaming WROANG BOARD, you're stupid faggots who should shut the fuck up. There's a metric shit-load of tabletop RPGs that involve real-world guns, they're a valid discussion topic. And, as usual, the board actually intended for those topics is a shit trollfest.

>> No.13055323

Also, all you people going HURR .410 DURR are fucking retards. This isn't .410 fired out of a fucking full-size rifle, it's in a tiny goddamned derringer. That gun in OPs pic (The Texas Defender) can also fire .45 Long Colt (the modern, smokeless variety,) which is a fucking magnum load. It's gonna kick like a mule.

>> No.13055324

Recoil wouldn't be that bad. I mean, it would kick, but it wouldn't damage your wrist. The big caliber pistol rounds like a .44 or .50 would actually have worse recoil than this thing.

>> No.13055330

A full size .410 rifle eh?

>> No.13055346


As a regular of /k/, let me point out what this chart is- this is what half of /k/ ACTUALLY BELIEVES. In most cases, it's also the sum total of their "knowledge" on the pictured weapon.

>> No.13055360

I agree with this poster. If guns aren't /tg/ related, then swords aren't /tg/ related. Let's have a completely safe /tg/ where we aren't allowed to post any weapons or depictions of violence. See how far we get.

>> No.13055363

Proving my point to you idiots about the recoil not being that bad.


>> No.13055369



You do realize that .410 gauge is a shotgun gauge, right? For, you know, shotguns?

>> No.13055380

20, 12, (I thin I heard of a version in.410), and I guess you could count the rifle variants.

>> No.13055384

That was my point, the other guy said "full size rifle." I was being a bit of dick about, what I am sure, was just a typo.

>> No.13055407


I assume he just meant "long gun." I.E. something long, with a stock on it.

>> No.13055482

I dont see why there wouldnt still be blackpowder weapons

people still ride horses even though cars exist, after all

>> No.13055533


Muzzleloaders are still popular, many people hunt with them for a challenge. You can buy reproductions of old-school black-powder cowboy guns- in some states they're not even considered guns, so a few guys I know actually CARRY THEM CONCEALED, since there's no license required.


>> No.13055536

Black powder hunting is very popular where I am from. Fun to shoot and kind of fun to reload...

>Beatings 1852
I see captcha...

>> No.13055553

On the subject of .410, here's a Saiga

>> No.13055588


Friend of mine just bought one of those. He's in the Armored Cav, and he buys guns online with his tax-free pay and combat bonuses, then his young wife calls me up and she's like SO ANOTHER GUN SHOWED UP AT MY DOOR LIEK WTF. It's a delicate balance between annoyance at her husbands spending and the joy of SURPRISE GUN.

>> No.13055650

i like the idea, but it just looks like it'll snap shut and eat your fingers when fired.

>> No.13055680

I've got a question for black powder fags out there. I've never even held a black powder gun, nor do I know much about them, so this question may seem kind of stupid:

When you're putting new powder in, are there not any embers or burning residues left from the last shot that just doesn't burn up the new powder you're pouring in, possibly explosively?

>> No.13055727

Not a powder man myself, but IIRC most modern powders are low-residue. And I think that most older powder guns had to be cleaned with a special brush (a distant ancestor to the modern pipe cleaner) between shots. Any experts please correct me if I'm mistaken.

>> No.13055759

take a simple hammer over your rifles and shotguns any day

>> No.13055801


a real man throws rocks at his foes

>> No.13055840

Pussies, the both of you. A real man beats his foes to death with his swollen, engorged penis.

>> No.13055985

Cannon used to be cleaned with a damp sponge after every shot

>> No.13056100

>> No.13056176


>> No.13056328




>> No.13056502

Sooo. Who the fuck invited /k/ over?

GTFO, and take your obsession with things that make you feel tough with you.

>> No.13056547

Soooo.... next time you play shadowrun, you aren't allowed to use a gun of any kind, OK? Same goes for Traveller, Recon, Call of Cthullu, and any/all other modern or sci-fi era games.

>> No.13056800

And according to you, we're not allowed to talk about swords either?
Let's have a completely weapon and violence free /tg/! After all, it's supposed to be safe for work!

>> No.13056916

Why is everyone being so retarded?

>> No.13056960

This is always how /tg/ is. You didn't get the newsletter? We're supposed to hate each other for things we like.

>> No.13057075

Ah 4 gauge.

>> No.13058060

Holy Crap! I've lived in Dayton my entire life and had never heard of Chiappa Firearms.

>> No.13058407

Is that an M23 Grenade Launcher?

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