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Gentlemen, I was going to start an Imperial Guard army (Valhallan) soon, but I had some questions. Like, special weapons squads. I can basically use them like sniper squads, yes? But how am I supposed to get sniper rifles (can't seem to buy separate sniper rifles anywhere). I know I could use ratlings, but to be honest, they just don't appeal to me. So advice, whatever you can think of, would be appreciated.

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Convert them. Give extended barrels and scopes to some guys with lasguns.

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Convert that shit, nigger.

Get some thin plastic rods and use it to lengthen the barrels of some lasguns and add scopes.

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The army i was thinking of would look something like this:
command squad (with advisors)
2 infantry platoons
sentinel squadron
hellhound squadron
leman russ squadron
But I'm not too sure about my elites, or what weapons i should give my infantry units.

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Convert them. Use straws from airduster cans to make longer barrels and then add scopes.

That's how I made snipers from scout boltguns,

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Take a lasgun and cut off the barrel then take a missile from the heavy weapons team then cut the rear propel and top off, then glue the "new barrel" on to the lasgun, then find a scope (there is one in the heavy weapon kit) and glue it on top.

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Wait, don't the Valhallan guys have their own snipers you can just buy?

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Thx guys. So what about the army list. Will the tank combo work, what weapons should i take, etc.

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Nope, only vostroyans, catachans and cadians do.

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How many points do you intend to play? 40k works bestish around 1500-2000 pts. Above 2000 pts and the game becomes "shooty alphastrike" and many armies don't reliably scale to that level. Below 1500, it increasingly becomes "Rock Paper Scissors"

As a rule, squadroning up Leman Russes is dumb. Split them up into multiple single units. Sentinels *can* work but they're usually there as suicide outflankers with Autocannon and Hunter-Killers. I like Hellhounds though the Devildog variant is best IMO; a rule of thumb is to make the hull-mounted weapon able to engage the opposite target of the turret one, since due to being a Fast Tank, you'll want to be fast and tank. Meaning normally you'd only be firing one weapon anyway; might as well increase your flexibility.

(The exception would arguably be a Heavy Flamer on Banewolf, since the main Banewolf turret is Defensive)

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>how should i make my list

well since you're clearly intent on just playing Dice 40k to be a tourneyfag (why else would you ask?) just make sure to put vets in chimeras and vendettas.

alternatively, if you don't plan on being another dickwad you can build your army around a theme you might like, or around units you think are cool even if they aren't highly competitive.

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From what I read in my codex, Banewolfs looked pretty awesome. I was going for around 1500 points. So why is grouping up Leman Russes stupid?

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Not actually going for tournaments, but it would be nice to have a somewhat effective list, assuring that I don't get shot up every time I play.

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A Predator fires 3 lascannons at your single russ, destroying it with the first hit and wasting 2 more.
Same pred fires 3 lascannons at your squadron, destroying one and then applying the 2 left over hits to the squadmates.

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Vehicles in squads mean immobilised -> wrecked

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The main reasons are:
Poor Economy of Force: A squadron has to fire at the same unit. Because of this, you easily end up risking overkill, especially vs vehicles. (300+ points of Leman Russes taking out a 35-pt Rhino isn't awesome by any means).
-Potentially increased vulnerability. If a nonsquadded vehicle is immobilized, it simply cannot move, though it continue shooting and contributan. A squadded vehicle that gets immobilized is DESTROYED! The crew yells "ABANDON TANK!"

The main reasons to squadron are:
-Torrent: If you want a unit inflict multiple wounds at a time, to threaten other vehicle squads or the specials/sergeants in infantry. (Hydras tend to be best to squad, in units of 2, btw).
-Armor-facing shenanigans: When calculating the armor facing to shoot at against a vehicle squadron, you use the Armor value of the appropriate arc of the *closest* vehicle in a squad. 2 AV 12/10/10 vehicles at an 85 to 90-degree angle to each other, make it a *lot* harder to sidesnipe either vehicle.
-You need to keep moving no matter what. "Free" Extra Armor.

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Then I'll be happy to help.

I play for fluff reasons but in all honesty Ogryns are the only unit I would never touch. While taking other units might be risky or not the obviously best choice, taking Ogryns is like saying you just want a 300 point hole in your list to play with a handicap.

It's sad too as I love the fluff behind the big guys.

Now when it comes to Russes, take what this guy says>>13051352 although the likely hood of a Pred actually penning your russes with all three shots is low the example is still there.

He did however forget to mention that with them being in a squad, if you position them well they also get cover saves against attacks made at them. And any Crew Stunned (can't move/shoot) is ignored and downgraded to a Crew Shaken (can't shoot)

But there's also the other factor that an Immobolization will count as the vehicle being wrecked when in a squad.

Personally, it's alright for some artillery tanks (taking a group of three Hydras for example as they're cheap anyway) and it can be fun to put two russes into a squad. Unless you just really want to field a shit ton of Heavy support options then there's no real reason to take them in a squad in the first place.

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Oh and as far as making an effective list goes, just keep playing and experimenting. you won't really figure one out until you do.

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Alright, Leman Russ squadron is an absolute no-go. Thanks for the tip.

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>>if you position them well they also get cover saves against attacks made at them.

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