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(funny) Names for an ork army? kool orky pics/minis/converzionz? I guess just a general ork thread. (Anyone know when the last ork codex came out, and when if another has been mentioned to be in the works?)

ill post some orky stuff meanwhile...

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Last Ork Codex came out in 2007. No new one announced yet.

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The current Ork codex is fairly solid. They don't need a new one, especially when compared to the likes of the Tau or the Necrons.

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Tau are fine. Necrons are in a bad spot, though they're supposed to be coming out after Grey Knights (the next codex), so sometime next year.

Orks are...a good army to learn how to play 40k against. I'll leave it at that.

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anyone else got anything good?

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There's not enough Spess Mehreens in this thread!

You know what my favorite chapter is? Space Wolves. Because they're the best chapter and more interesting than every other army in the game! I think they should do more Space Marine chapter codices!

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Pssh.... bullshit they don't. The current Ork codex is a shoddy rush-job product, made by someone who clearly didn't know shit about the army to begin with.

I will agree with you however, that Tau and Necrons certainly need a new codex worse. But what we DON'T need is more Space Marine crap. Which, btw, Grey Knights are next...

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yea i just recently started gathering up a small ork army and havent bought or looked at the codex...i just hate when i buy a codex and then a new one comes out a few months later or becomes not so great (e.g. black templars, dark angels, the last couple SM codex's)

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i just love the conversion possibilites...ive always been into the modeling/painting aspect of warhammer...and ork models have alot of character and are just fun.

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Holy shit. some of these models are bad ass, I never knew they existed. im currently painting up the squad of orks you get from the black reach pack. any tips?

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if you look close at the sign in the pic it says 'free food' and the gathering snotling crowd around it

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Tau are NOT fine. They are generally overpriced and you can't field markerlights reliably in the 5th edition environment.
Deff Skwadron.
Keep your paint thin.

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hmm...well the way i paint my ork flesh is pretty basic and looks good i think...i use dark angels as a base...snot green next (leaving the DA in the muscle recesses) and a quick highlight of Snot green+golden yellow...kinda cartoonish/vibrant look to the skin...also devlan mud ink is very good/quick/easy way to give great shading

pic is NOT mine...however this is very similar to how the skin comes out with the way i do it

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i have a huge ork pic folder

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Yes you can. They're called Pathfinders. Especially since, I dunno, 5th specifically overwrote the old rules for Dedicated Transports. It's not like you're going to be footslogging Firewarriors anyway...

Also, Crisis Suits, Kroot, and Broadsides are still underpriced. It's only if you go for a pure-mech Tau list that overpricing becomes apparent.

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Extremely static unit in a army that has to be mechanized and mobile. It doesn't work.

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damn i accidently posted a pic of coke can killa kans in a new post

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And that is why I use Tetras.

>distinctly froccing

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have a ton of grot tank pics....my idea for my army started out as using tiny grot tanks instead of ork boyz...tons of tiny ramshackled sputtering tanks the size of a go-kart rumbling into the battlefied...for now im stalled seeing as this plan would be kind of expensive....anyone know if flames of war tanks would be a fitting size?

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Semi-mech>mech>Pure foot. The only mobility you need is to deny the enemy from getting to your shooty units. Between sacrificial MSU moveblocking, and blowing up metal boxes, Tau can turn an enemy advance into a crawl.

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Ah, Grot Tanks.

For when you really want to play Advance Wars 40k.

>Rateld sense,

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lol anyone enjoying these pics or shall i stop?

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FoW is 1/100 scale.
Go to onwar.com or wikipedia and check out the size of a given vehicle. The length in meters is the model's length in cm.
Example- A T-34 is 6m long so a FoW model is about 6 cm.

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the 2010 forge world games day only model


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I'm looking, if that counts?

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They're so adorable. Do continue.

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they need to re-release gorkamorka, with custom vehicle rules to build stuff like this

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sry..continuing...was checking my ebay for ork auctions that are ending soon lol

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Though the rules for Gorkamorka are a free download, there's never going to be a rerelease, at least not an official one. If anyone was interested in a fan-remake though...

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They did rerelease Gorka Morka.

Kustom vehicle rules are best left as House Rules. As no gaming club bothers to play it anyways... Unless they get smart, and do a combined Necromunda+GorkaMorka Ash-Waste campaign.

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sorry... i have a thing for grot tanks

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some fantasy snots

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Good ol' Killboy.

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last one i guess...homework is calling

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do you have the dapper orks? the warboss and nobs with bowler hats and canes? I desperately seek it. email in field

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no sorry havent seen that one

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No minis, but I DO have this.

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