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/tg/, I was browsing my favorite fucking website ever for pictures of weaponry when I came across this.

What is it, you ask? Why, it's a gunshield. It's a fucking shield with a gun in it. And it was made in the mid 1500s.

This is ass-over-elbows about a billion times crazier than half the nonsense shitweapons you see in most sourcebooks, but it's actually real.

We. Must. Stat. This.

Dimensions: (diag x depth) 11 7/8 x 18 5/16 in. (30.1 x 46.5 cm)

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Best sword & board ever.

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Yeah, once guns became popular people tried to stick them onto fucking everything. Gunaxes, gunhammers, gunswords, I've even seen pics of fucking guncutlery somewhere.

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It sounds cool, until you realise that chamber-loaded guns are still way ahead. Reloading this shield must be a bitch.

...Unless the gun part somehow retracts inside for easy access.

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It looks like it might be retractable.

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shield/gun/swordcatcher/lantern/sword gauntlet was here, all other weapons are shallow and pedantic

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Good sir, I will buy any system you can create that can do proper summoning.

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i will dump my set of said gun untensils

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dwarf early tech at its best right here

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Brotip:Breech loaders were invented in the 1400's.

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you know you want to use this

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so many gun barrels!

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That one's really pretty!

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this ones more usable

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gun ax..... suck it gun sword faggots

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Gunching dagger!

This thread is now about fantasy guns and gun combos.

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Oh look, it's that other one I've posted from my laptop in threads like this!

It is a much nicer pic ;_;

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im starting to run low of fantasy gun/weapon combos so im just going to dump unique and fantasy weapons

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Above the palm- is that pizza-cutter?

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i don't know if its a kind of laser "pew pew" gun or some sort of launch able needle gun but still its awesome

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Im gonna post some curious firearms

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Mmm, barmace.

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dear god i never knew that... at least we now know it came from italy

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And moar

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look its a templars combat shotgun!

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And moar

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A brace of gentleman's pistols.

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That's complete bullshit ass hat

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And moar

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damn that gun looks rusty, but on the bright side you now can shoot, punch, stab , and give them tetnus or whatever its called

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ZOMG cannon

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And moar
(I hear u liek gunblades?)

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D'aww, look at how cute.

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this must be a really son of bitch to reload but damn worth it

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I came.

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And moar

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And moar

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something a little more modern

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And moar!

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sorry post didn't come out

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And moar

(Looks... Like... Gun-katana!)

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(I hear u like revolvers so we put revolvers in ur revolvers)

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this might be my last picture thanks so all who also dumped and expanded my arsenal of fantasy arm-o-ments

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Okay, get some

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Moar gun-katanas!

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Some ancient repeaters

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Pepperbox FTW

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Say hello to my little friend.
9+ shots
Breech loading
Magazine fed
Built in 1685 when everybody else had barely worked out single shot.

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long rifle is loooooooooooong

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Gaze upon my spear, brothers!

Gaze upon it!

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Try to guess what is that

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that's awesome
really impractical, but awesome

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I really only have beautiful guns, not beautiful combo guns.

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Take that!

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does it heat up the metal pipe and cause burn wounds?

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Looks like a Russian WW1 M1910 Maxim Heavy Machine Gun or "Пулемёт Максима на станке Соколова" viewed from behind.

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The "Windbüchse" or Giardoni air rifle
20 shots
.51 cal
Equivalent power of modern .45
Magazine fed
Entered service in 1779 with the Austrian army

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Nope, it use shotgun shells to shoot capsules with flammable liquid.

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its bits bag

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ah, i love the days when we humans had an orky attitude to dakka

"put more barrels on it! more!"

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I believe it is because weapons were being manufactured by solitary craftsmen, who liked to experiment. Also, without having any real ingenuity, increasing number of barrels was often the most obvious solution to them.

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Oh my

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Oh my oh my

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I first thought the barrel was cooled by the water in the pipes then you could use the hot water to make tea with.

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This one's a style winner in my book.

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As an Englishman, I can only approve of this notion.

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Also, you can use this gun for same purpose:

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I dont know how to call this. Shotmachinegun?

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Teenage retard ninja turtle

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You call it AWESOME.

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Boar spear pole gun

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Now i call it AWESOME

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Enjoy your broken neck

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Absolutely, we have a fine tradition of having weapons with attached tea makers

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It is actual weapon, not a modern steampunk shit

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British soldiers actually DID fire the gun just to heat the water in it for tea.

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just like orks!

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Do you now, what is more awesome than guncutlery? GUNCROSSBOW

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Gunbook. Every GM wants this.

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>Halberd that shoots crossbow bolts

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Oh my, i love this gun

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That's like ducttaping a shotgun into an assault rifle.

Oh, wait.

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I'm pretty sure that's just a plug-type bayonet. You remove it before firing.

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That's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life.

I take it back.

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Shhh, don't ruin it.

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Police of Russian Empire

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>That's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life.

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Stylin' motherfuckers

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Master-crafted Heckler & Koch pattern autopistol.

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The mini-bayonet is more lethal than the round. Someone should tacticool up a .454 snubbie like that.

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This is a good thread and you all should feel good for posting in it

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if anyone remembers the Venture arms dealer thread from yesterday, this would have gone well.

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Oh jesus H. tapdancing christ this is the best thing ever.

In my next D&D game I'm taking weapon proficiency: Gunhelmet.

On another note, is there some kind of underground group who still craft guns by hand and make this sort of shit? Because I would love it if there were.

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This shit needs a modern-day recreation that takes advantage of advances in materials and firearm tech.

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Y'know... gunsmiths... Get ready to pay an arm and a leg on a heavily taxed weapon though.

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Dont take it seriously, just a photoshop (not my)

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OP, any idea where that one is from (as in what museum its in)?

I'd rather like to arrange to go and handle it sometime and get some detailed measurements of it, maybe make a replica of it someday.

and meanwhile have a triple-barrelled matchlock...

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... with 4 pistol barrels in the stock, pointing backwards.

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I don't know why anyone would design this BUT IT IS AWESOME.

Makes me want to take up gunsmithing as a hobby just to make some crazy awesome shit.

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I recall, in some big ol book of medieval weapons I owned as a kid, a hammer that had about seven or so barrels built into the head and I think one more in the handle. I don't remember if it was supposed to be fired as it hit something (it certainly looked like it could) or just fired wildly while holding it straight up

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I don't care if guns are on the reverse end of impractical. I'll gladly use them!

And yes, this that is 3 barrels attached to a tactical grip.

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Bar mace, the sophisticated way to say "fuck you"

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That has bad idea written all over it.

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I've only found this axe

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That would be so fucking badass. I mean, hell, you could point the barrels the other way and use it as a superhammer with the amount of recoil you'd get.

Weapon proficiency: Gunhammer

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Same thing, from another angle

>> No.13027782


That seems like a terrible idea.

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Not actually a gun...

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Tacticool halberd

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Still no holy water sprinkler ITT? I am dissapoint

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>Gun Fork
>Why, who thought of that?

Also my dream fantasy weapon
>A halberd with multiple retracteble heads (axe,mace,blade), and the staff part of it is made out of some light metal, also adjustable lenght

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Prepare yourself...

For the only gun that Superman himself as ever wielded.

>> No.13027935

>Using guns
>Let alone a fucking big tacticool galtling gun with 9001 barrels

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Superman is talking out of his ass.

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Fricking Lasers man

>> No.13027945

I, for one, do not miss the 1990s.

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Sweet jesus.
Is that a shuriken revolver in the top-right?

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Let me take you to a tiny Pakistani Village:
Darra Adam Khel or should I say "Dakka Adam Khel"

The town has just one street lined with shops. Except for the odd tea stalls or butcher shop, every single one of them is a gun shop. There are no women in the Bazaar. Above the traffic noise is the cracking sound of small arms fire by the shop keepers; Product Testing!

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Oh fuck yes.

It's dakkaville central.

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It fires .22

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>My face when I noticed the silencers

>> No.13028511


Counts as ironclad Dreadnaught with two twin-linked assault cannons.

>Thrower Monkeys
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