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Well damn, this is a setting I'd play in.

No, no seriously. Why is there no game out there like this, or any of the MegaTen games? Anyone able to name one?

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Surely you just need a decent combat system that combines physical and magic attacks well, the rest is just story.

Possibly some sort of system for fusing demons as well.

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Extremely surprised there is no game system out there in Paper RPGS that accounts for monster summoning at least (Like Pokemon) and then monster negotiating / fusing (Like MegaTen).

Shit I better make one and copyright it immediately.

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Good sir, I will buy any system you can create that can handle proper summoning.

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For demon summoning, we could follow the example of the actual games, having several demons of x species (Beast, Divine, Fairy and what have you), with each demon having a level.

Then we make a interspecies chart (like in the BoEF, but with less dragon dongs) that states what species results when fusing demons of x and y species.

EXAMPLE: Let's say I have a Pixie (Lv2, Fae) and a Poltergeist (Lv8, Haunt) and I'm fusing them.

The chart says that fusing a Fae with a Haunt results in a Beast.

Then we average the levels of the demons being fused.


So the result is a Lv5 Beast demon. We look at the Compendium to see what Beast is closest to Lv5. It turns out, Hachiko is a Lv5 Beast demon.

So the fusion result is Hachiko (Lv5, Beast).

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GURPS it up. System can handle ANYTHING.

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I can See M&M working good for these games.

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This, so much. My first thought when reading the Pets chapter of Mecha and Manga was "...Megaten-like game. I must GM it"

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Any rules that would support Persona-users well? I'm guessing they'd work something like familiars.

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Rather simple but acceptable.

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Yeah, but all persona users gain their actual powers through their persona. So each person just chooses a legendary figure or demon and customizes their character having their persona fight for them in battle while outside of battle it's just them.

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Really, it seems you could just use some kind of Battle Form or such - because the difference seems to be that while demon tamers fight with several monsters alongside them, Personas add power to the actual person instead - allowing kids with golf clubs to beat on otherwise invulnerable demons and such.

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There IS a Shin Megami Tensei pen and paper rpg out there based on the core series (read: Not Persona), but the game is in Japanese and incredibly complex. We're talking GURPS point vehicle construction made extra complicated with tables and graphs for all your demon summoning and fusions.

That aside, there's also the question of "who do you control?" in an RPG where the main character is defined by having a group of minions to fight alongside him. That works great in a computer game. Not so much for a tabletop game with 3-6 other people.

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just a thought, but Monsters and other childish things might work pretty well for running persona

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Basically we're looking for a system that will allow pet management games. From Pokemon to Megami Tensei.

Currently I have a bastard amalgamation that combines over 100 OGL / D20 books across every genre, 3.5 D&D and all it's D20 Modern type brothers, World of Darkness (Old and New), Human Occupied Landfill, GURPS, Rifts (and Palladium in general), Shadowrun, Earthdawn, Elric!, and about another 80 books. I also have roughly another 1300 books in PDF on my external HDD.

This game is a world hopping nexus, like Sliders or Dr Who, only it uses a LOOSE D20 setup and pulls material from any idea or intellectual property in existence. I am going to finally finish the main corebook for my game but I'm weeding out how much I can put in while retaining open license.

My players have faced everything from Sunnydale Buffy and Spike, to Nazi Wookies riding Velociraptors, to Vulcan pimps and their Twi'lek hookers, to Cthulhuian demonic circuses. You name it, they can face it. And their characters are about like level 10 Mutants and Masterminds / BESM D20 style - they are sorta godlike but they fight entire empires and gods.

Either way, the game is never dissapointing and every player, even long time veterens, say it's the funnest game they've ever played.

I asked the above because I am debating what approach to take on my demon summoning section of the game - no player's offered to take that power yet.

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I don't actually think this but someone was going to say it sooner or later

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sup, cream head

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I'll clarify two things. Sorry for the long posts and follow ups:

I used D20 for simple reason: 50 billion supplements in every genre, and one dice roll. Roll a 20, is it above this number? Good. That's it. Very damn simple. Sometimes for shits and giggles we convert the stats to Storyteller using Monte Cooke's WoD rules, and then roll handfulls of the dice I have from my WoD days. But generally one damn dice solves a billion problems. Half the time we don't use dice or even character sheets. The characters do what they would, and I allow them to succeed at what they would, if I want them to die they do. With my approach to the story, they always trust me and accept the game's outcomes.

Second, like Xanth or X Men every character has one unique ability. We design the new ability around the character and player with it's own rules. One guy's permenantly intangible, one has Dorian Grey picture syndrome, one is a powerful psychic, one can teleoport punch anything he can see no matter the distance (yes, he's punched the moon), and another is a little boy who when in danger is protected by his cartoon heroes like Buzz Lightyear and Spiderman and The Hulk.

Suffice to say, half the game is winging it and the other half is enjoying yourself. Oh, and taking over worlds only to lose them to Cthulhu minions and Nazi Wookies.

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Just sayin

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>There IS a Shin Megami Tensei pen and paper rpg out there based on the core series
>incredibly complex
Now I REALLY have to find a copy

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Any leads on where to grab a torrent rapidshare of this P&P RPG?

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