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So I'm wondering if I'm gonna enjoy this book /tg/. I know absolute dick about 40k aside from what I've picked up browsing this board.

~Every secretly wants to rape culstist-chan
~The emporah is a mummy
~No body likes the Tau

I just got back from libberary and have "Gunheads" in tow. Figured the IG would be the most easy to relate and understand, but I'm concerned that my lack of general concept will ruin the book as a penguin would not appreciate the full experience of human porn.

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What's a libberary?

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A place where they keep bookleets, duh

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I think the better questions are:
1. Every WHAT wants to rape a culstist-chan?
2. What the fuck is a culstist-chan?
3. Why did the OP use such a terrible metaphor? Is he a furry?

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It's like a library but hooked up to a psionic lich who makes new books out of the skin of those who enter. The books contain the sum total of the victim's experience. The psionic lich is generally an unwilling subject used as little more than a mouthpiece to channel the information to the true villain, but some do choose this existence for themselves. They enjoy picking other people's brains that much, I choose. Astral constructs and psychic projections based on the information contained within the memory gestalt are common attendants and guardians of libberaries.

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Wait, is that a metaphor? Or is it an analogy?

Or, dare I ask, a simile?

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Mock my freezing fingers and their poor workman ship on the deck of the USS Keyboard but don't you DARE slander my good name or so help me I'll reached across my dial up and choke the life from your body.

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Please tell me that's not the most disgusting circumcision ever

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>I know absolute dick about 40k aside from what I've picked up browsing this board.

This is actually a terrifying concept.

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OP, go the fuck back to Mexico or the Philliphines or what the fuck you came from.

Speak English or die.

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>speak English
>everyone has to type

I'll let that one soak in for a bit.

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It makes me happy that others have this.

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>so help me I'll reached across my dial up and choke the life from your body.
>reached across my dial up
>foreignfag can't type english rightgood, or is a tiny child with tiny hands

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I love that series.

Say what you want. Jo is awesome in my book.

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Raka pungen, mongobarnerikaner.

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Disregarding the whole human fetish you got going on there [you disgusting pervert] *click click click* "Gunheads" is a good IG book, which doesn't require much or any foreknowledge of the 40 'verse. Enjoy that and pick up "Rebel Winter" as that's another one that's fukkawesome.

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rolled 93 = 93

hey JO, why don't you ask for this stuff back on your website?
I recognize the artwork at least.
Thanks for this earlier

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I don't think Jo was ever here.

He tends to not use 4chan image names for his images, son.

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