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Is that like a lazytown, sonic the hedgehog, dragonball, WH40K crossover or something?

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I didn't realize there was CWC fan art.

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You know, for all the fucked up sonic the hedgehog fanart I've seen I can't bring myself to really give a fuck about this considering how much worse it could have been

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Pink haired Giant mallet Sorista....sort of want.

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This looks legit. Totally canon.

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Is there a reason there's so much goddamn Sonic fanart and people making their own Sonic characters and Sonic crossovers and shit? You never see this much Mario shit, or Contra, or whatever, at least it doesn't get as much exposure. Is Sonic just somehow super-appealing to aspie weeaboos or something?

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>Sonic just somehow super-appealing to aspie weeaboos

pretty much, yeah

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I'm loving that additional detail on the ground.

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>1.52 MB, 600x482

That's not how you use PNG.

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Please tell me that is loli-emperor.
And if so, please tell me you have more pics.

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Short of it is that the disturbing art and fans are a byproduct of marketing and pop-culture. Sonic is popular and this applies to these kids as well.

There have been 3 western cartoons, 2 animes, 2 separate long running comics, and a string of popular videogames. It's pretty easy to encounter the Sonic franchise. It's pretty easy for ANY moron to find it. Thus, its more likely a number of yutz' find it, build eachother up, and they produce these gems of illustrated neurosis.

Another consideration is the furry sub-cult latching onto the Sonic IP out of similar interest. They use the IP as a means of promoting their porn.

The thirteen year old looks at the porn, he also loves violence and dark stories so he looks at 40k. Thus this drivel is revealed as the waste of combining strange porn and dark depressing violence.

As an interesting side point, Sonic has consistently been more popular in the west than in Japan.

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Knowing battletech players, I'm not surprised that the mech is more detailed.

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that is just... SO BAD...

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but they do seem a bit more extreme than other retarded fanbases, I mean, I don't think mario has a chris-chan equivilent.

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Drawing a mech incorrectly is slightly less rage inducing than furies.

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...this thread it's tearing me appart

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There's a hilarious story that goes along with it IIRC.

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So manly.

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This is how a Slaaneshi Daemonette is supposed to look. Grotesque, yet with a glint of appeal.

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I think I win

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Well, At least it's not horribly drawn.

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Cheers bro.

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It is indeed loli emperor

no there are no more pics, it was an experimental design to maximize trolling potential while keeping a minimal troll radar cross section.

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Sonic fandom has multiple super-freaks, not just Chris-chan. Off the top of my head, Gonterman, Chris Thorndyke, and that chick who gave out her phone number and home address to someone claiming to be Shadow the Hedgehog all had their share of fuckwittery.

For some reason it attracts weirdos and freaks, and nobody can quite work out why.

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>that chick who gave out her phone number and home address to someone claiming to be Shadow the Hedgehog


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There's a rumour that Chris-chan has bought a bunch of 40k boxes, after he stumbled onto /tg/ during his "4-cent garbage!" phase back when he was angry at 4chan for spoiling his relationship with some girl he was stalking.

Since he got banned from his LGS its doubtful he ever did anything for very long. Plus I reckon having to glue together sprue's proved to be too much STRESS for our autistic friend.

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Of course, I also like to believe that Chris tables everyone with his 9th CWCville Armoured Brigade.

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>this entire thread

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was there ever a khorne/robotnik crossover?

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>no homos

Dude is pretty cool.

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When I first saw that I thought it was Kenpachi and his Lt. from Bleach in power armor and now I see it's Shadow the hedgehog. I'm surprised their are no crossover fanfics of that. They would make awesome DH characters.

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I told the guy who drew this that it wasn't a very good representation of a techmarine and then a dozen little faggots dove on me for daring to insult "the most knowledgeable authority on 40k they'd ever met".

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>this thread

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What's with Vegetamarine and that Eldar dildo he's holding?

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Fucking scum of the world.

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Does that go for the Inquisitor too?

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I'm prompted to ponder aloud: so why is it that, whatever else despicable heresy is being portrayed, almost none of the various furry/fetish Marine combinations are actually kicking ass like Marines are supposed to?
That is, after all, the whole point of Space Marines.

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I endorse a Rose of Versailles edition of Sororitas.

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Yet the art posted at least resemble space marines. And look just as retarded.

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Why are they all pregnant?

No, really, why.

Aren't they all supposed to be lesbians and whatnot?

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That's all you find wrong with that pic?

Pregnant girls making out?

I don't think you grasp the full picture, broseph.

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Hey remember that time I fought Abbadone the Despoiler?

-Abbadon stares angrily at Peter who's fidgeting
So...why don't you have any arms?
-Really long pause
-Peter slams on the ground instantly for no reason

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Would you like some awesomely bad xover fanfics to go with that simmering rage? :D

>>THE gurstock
say wut captcha? Maybe that needs an o...
his favorites are also full of horrific sonifaggotry.
This guy is basically Gonterman with Sonic instead of Sailor Moon. Despite having people from Gundam, KoF, Marvel, DC, Image, Avatar, Star Wars, and pretty much every other modern or 90s dubbed anime or CN/nicktoon you can name (sadly no Courage or Ren&Stimpy), the climatic battles in his magnum opusi, the AniToon and Neo-Outsider series, always swing back to the sonifags as main heroes or OC sonifags as main villains.
His older works are superior for having utterly horribad european mexican engrish to boot.

Here's a good example of what to expect within the first 1000. 40k reffage unfortunately is mostly only 'in passing'

beware of his favorites, Juniper Lee fetish + all his friends write just as much. And for some reason they're all around the same age as him...*shudder*
Can you imagine if they actually meet up and form some sort of crazy as fuck sonifag hippie commune where all they do is write write write then read their stories like beat poetry?
http://reddragonzero.deviantart.com/ (also writes tiny toons/gundam/naruto crossovers)

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