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He dead - all gone.

/X/+/TG/ related image thread.

Can't ever have enough ghosts and Cthulhu

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A sad fate for a board I care so little about

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What will become of /x/-tan now? /b/ shall pay dearly for this... this murder.

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Sadly it died a long time ago. It was nothing more than /b/ lite.

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What's sad is some of the faggotry was dying down... What killed it was that /b/ was using /x/ to mobilize their attack on the rest of the board... Thus it was killed.

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It's okay, /x/. You'll always have us.

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Less talk , more plox.

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/jp/ was cleaned earlier as well.
Anyway stop being faggots, you're almost as bad as /b/ about this.

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As a long time /x/phile and a recent fa/tg/uy I have to say
I'll kill them all for this.

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I'm just going to pretend that's the King in Yellow.

And so... contributan some KiY.

>> march broforce

nice captchan, glad you approve.

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If /b/ comes to /tg/, what do we do?

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Fight and win like last time. The reason they invaded /x/ the way they did was when boards started fighting back /x/ was the only one weak enough to need help. Just a bunch of bullies. The worst thing /b/ ever did to us... well you see the sticky for when the mods got sick of that shit. And then captcha was added to the report function when they got sick of THAT shit...

We have the mods on our side now, they are so sick of the /b/ shit. And they are probably just clean sweeping /x/.

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We cry and then ignore/hide.

Until then we post APPROPRIATE pix as to not /b/ ourselves in the foot.

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>blaming summer /tg/ on /b/.
Yeah no.
And captcha was added due to botspam.

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>implying /b/tards don't lurk on /tg/

u mad? :3

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/b/ won't raid this board because there's mods that actually do something on this board, unlike every other board

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We chill out and continue to fight the good fight.

We usually fly under other board's radar, so I'm pretty sure we'll be one of the last invasion spots, if at all.

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>mods that actually do something
They have those on /x/ and /jp/ as well.
That's why they're cleaned of everything.

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Keep Buggering On

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ITT Newfags who think /b/ is actually worrisome in any way and that we haven't been invaded before.

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how exactly do we fight back?
Seeing how /b/ has become a swarm that has moved from one board to another causing chaos and disorder.
they pretty much turned /x/ and /jp/ into war-zones. now they have moved to /v/ and its pretty much the apocalypse over their.

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who makes these? the things are fuckin badass!

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And in any case, they're going to be strung up on /v/ for awhile, considering it's the 2nd largest board.

It'll either die out there or they'll go to another board, it'll be awhile either way.

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Oh man I want one!!

Does the King have splatbook references outside CoC? Google alludes that he does, but my fu is weak in this regard.

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>moved to /v/ and its pretty much the apocalypse over their
/v/ is basically the same as ever, I don't know what you're talking about

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Ignore, adblock, talk about relevant things instead of their whining.
If feeding them or posting in the same thread do so in a fun way such as WH40K dumps rather than bitching about it.

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The board is still there, just seems more spammed than usual...

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not quite horror, but I likes 'em.

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As the lurking /b/tard above, if I ever did a troll thread, all I'd have to do is start a Space Marine vs. X thread and start mentioning culture. You know this to be true.

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What do you mean?
Plate Armour is clearly the heaviest!
Halberfags gonna suck on Katanasuperioritypeen.
etc etc
/tg/ is so easy to troll sometimes you just do it unintentionally.

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Ah, its back. I liked it better when it was a one page/one thread board. /b/ should always be that way.


Come on, more plox - dropping the namefag, back to lurking and contributan,.

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