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One ideal.
One goal.
Hold the line.

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His cleaved and severed body meat slabs will serve as a vivid reminder as to why that is a bad idea.

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Sir, there are two lines.

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Hardy har har, ye of little faith.
Yes, OP here, reading through the Horus Heresy for the first time and I need me some IG goodness.
Collector, I know you're on, how bout some Guardsman love?

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OUR line, you nitwit.

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This post made me start playing Imperial Guard. Chenkov corpse spam, fuck yeah.

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Wouldnt that be the same line, just on different sides?
Seconding nitwit!

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One ideal.
One goal.
Toe the line.

The Conservatives.

(had to be done)

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"He holds the line. He has held the line for ten thousand years."
"So what is your excuse, monster?"

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''All guardsmen are weaklings and traitors''

Quoted for truth from the great space marine himself.

Note ; Avitus is related and mandatory to every IG thread regardless of subject.

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was wrong.

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His cleaved and severed body meat slabs will serve as a pedestal to put the man to follow him at eye level with you.

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Oh, they're dying for justice, they're martyrs, whooptee friggin' doo. Nobody writes long memorials when an ork dies, because dying is just losing, and there's no pity honor to be had for "dying for the right side."


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Give me a thousand men who are crazy enough to want to conquer Hell and we will do it! - Warmaster Solon.

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Indeed--most of his personal deal in DoW2 was getting over that problem he had with normal humans, and in the expansion it was about struggling not to make a Chaos-assisted fall back into it.

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''Traitor guardsmen!....heh just when i begun to respect them''

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Avitus is just plain angsty, that and I never had much use for him before the final missions due to having near godlike Meele FC.

Just give him a lascannon and let him to take those lascannon turrets, little else. That and friendly fire was a bitch and with termie armor his damage potential went down the shitter.

I wonder, is there any *unique* lascannons in CR?

>chapters cilbing

Sure is captcha

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Upgrade me once, shame on you
Upgrade me twice, you are a fucking heretic

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Didn't pick any special Lascannons.

But this one raised my eyebrow.

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>mfw melee damage boost on a goddamn full-sized boltgun

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Carry on, guardsman. Carry on

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"Hate them if you will, but do not underestimate them."

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yes but in winter assault he had unlimited artillery barrages/missle pods if u put some points in energy, then if u got somone else (jonah i think) to do the thing where abilities cooldown instantly you have a fuck tonne of heavy bombardment where you want it when you want it.

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Avitus is doing 3200+ ranged damage in Termie armor for me

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>Got entire game wrong
>Violated grammar

I am too lazy to find you wanting, do it yourself and do everyone else a favor. Please.

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What the hell are you using? I can find mere popguns that have half of the damage that the regular heavy bolters, lascannons and other loyalist gear.

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This guy is either Angry Dread or Mexicarine dread.

Other than that, I used this claw for a LONG time. David Cool is just too fucking powerful to disregard with all those knockbacking fucks like eldar have with their wraithguard.

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I'll grab some screens, I forget

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Found it hard to ignore the godlike chaos power abilities and the awesome chaos gear...

>You will never be pure in the eyes of the emperor

Sucks man...

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taa-da, fucking purity seals

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So those "weak" and "cowardly" guardsmen managed to kill two of his mighty, courageous, superior battle brothers. And made them work hard to crack dem defenses.
Seems like he's just butthurt.
(I don't see his logic in branding them weak after a feat like this. (yeah, yeah, weak in the mind for not surrendering to the glory of the PMS bird))

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If you had faith and leetle bit of patience, you'll notice how powerful loyalist abilities like FC's Battle Cry which can stun Great Unclean One Himself and Power Armor with AC rivalling that of low-grade termies.

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