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The metal lives.

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Techno tried to defile the metal
But techno was proven wrong

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The ship moves.

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Xeno thread?

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Terranis holds.

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Xeno thread.

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The ship moves.

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The ship is all.

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man tears.

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So... is Xeno the ship or what?

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Most of /tg/ would spend the rest of their lives inside of her, so..... yes.

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Xeno is all.

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This is your Necron Lord.

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This is your techpriest?

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What the hell is "The Ship Moves, the Ship Is All" from?!

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Warhammer 50K
Fan project where the Emprah and the Admech get together to strip mine the galaxy and make a giant mega ship that affects the flow of space of time in it's huegness to colonize another galaxy that's less fucked up

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But Xeno doesn't even have any fleshy bits left aside from her head, does she?

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That's one huge cannon.

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Pretty sure her head is mostly metal and a kind of synthskin or some such.

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This ship is now stolen. Thank you for your cooperation.

>Jiujiang speris

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Word from god is:"It's none of your business."

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Xeno has no fleshy bits left.

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Word from Shas (Not R'myr) is that Xeno is made of nanites.

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Try that.

Basically, every planet in the Imperium was processed into a ship 1 AU long. The thing is massive, world upon worlds within it; most entire civilizations don't even realize they're in space, and the fact that the known universe is a ship is treated as a religious metaphor. You could wander for a million years through the habitats and 1000-mile-wide access corridors. It's like BLAME with engines and an Ork problem.

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Which means she can provide...inferfaces... if she is willing. Thank you.

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silicon is fine, too.

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It should be in the sup tg archives
I can dig out the links if you want, but a search for 50K in the tags should get you what you want

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She's also contagious.

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So one could become a Necron hybrid from fucking Xeno?

Sounds like a win-win situation to me.

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Become an immortal robot?

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Except that Xeno was cloned repeatedly until the nanites didn't just wreck her shit, according to the Lady. There was a bit in one of the last Tau Quest threads where Xeno discovers row after row of failed abomination-Xenos.

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I know that was simply the case because Sha had recently seen Alien 4.
You know that was simply the case because Sha had recently seen Alien 4.
Let's never mention that again.

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Well, they were failed because the necronization process didn't take hold right, and needed better tweaking
Xeno has probably worked out all the kinks regarding that aspect
I bet we could've actually talked or intereacted with our "sisters" if there was a tauquest 2

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The will be Tau Quest 2 - one day.
And we will fail our rolls even worse.
(Those aborted attempts - the one in the tau research station and the other one on the desert planet never happened, right?)

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(I don't know. Shas'o is very mysterious and cryptic. I like to think that the Tau research station didn't happen though )

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It is as though a thousand physicists cried out in pain...and were suddenly silenced...

All seriousness, that's a pretty cool idea.

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other threads were made
Awesomeness was created

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And an incredible dick. He should get his 4chan access cut off until he starts the quest again. If he's so busy with his life, give him all the time to focus on it.

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Or Moon?

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>I bet we could've actually talked or intereacted with our "sisters" if there was a tauquest 2

Freaky lesbian abomination clone sex, you mean?

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Though I think we would have focused first on seeing if we could restore their minds and bodies

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Your ideas intrigue me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

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Who's ideas?

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