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This is your superpower.

What do you do with it? Do you become a hero (if so, what's your name and theme), a villain, or just mess around with it?

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>The ability to make lightning strike where you want it to
>They say "lightning never strikes twice in the same place." But with this power, you prove them wrong. All you have to do is point to & focus where you want lightning to strike. The cons of this power is it has to be natural lightning, not man-made & you can't create a lightning storm, one most already be naturally forming. So you would have live in an area where storms occur frequently & also watch the weather news. Also not immune to lightning strikes yourself.

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>ability to create Super Novas

Jesus fuck on a stick, my power has no real practical application, because if I ever used it it would blow the fuck out of everything near me.

Therefore, I should be a villain.

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>The ability to have a Bio-Magnetic field around you and to make anything else have the same Bio-Magnetic field.

>Bio-magnetism is magnetism generated by the body and can be passed on to other objects or living things. If you put a bio-magnetic field around something/someone, that object/person can't touch anything/anyone else that has been bio-magnetically charged. This ability can also cover individual molecules as well.

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have people pay you not to use your power

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>ability to give others Superman Powers
....create army of super soldiers, take over world, unite humanity.

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>Superpower: Telephone Telepathy
The ability to be heard all of the time by everyone
People hear you all the time where ever you are in a kind of telepathic transmission. Even people on the other side of the world can hear you.

One week of me loling with this power and I can picture the torches and pitchforks.

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Meteor Call.

> The ability to call a meteor from space to come hurdling towards the earth.

Its name says it all 'Meteor Call' Summon a meteor from outer space like the asteroid belt and cause it to come hurdling towards the earth. Also you can call as many meteors as you want.

Impact Man!

... God dammit, I'm pretty much only destruction. I want to be good, but people keep dying when I take out the villains.

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>Superpower: Magma-kinesis
The ability to create and control magma
A person with this power has the ability to create and control magma. The user does not have a magma body. In addition they are immune to the heat and effects of their own magma. Using magma they can burn things and if they let it cool it can also petrify things. The user with practice can even create magma constructs and force the magma to cool faster to form mineral constructs.
The good:
Burn things
Petrify things
You are immune to the heat
The bad:
Might destroy the things you want to petrify---ie heat damage
Only you are immune to the heat and damage so you might leave a trail of collateral damage


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The ability to control hormones and pheromones.
For those who don't know this, hormones are chemicals that are released in the body with different effects. Pheromones are chemicals that are giving off from the body as a warning sign or an atempet to attract a mate. This ability gives many gifts. First you could control the hormones in your own body. Releasing more testoserone to build more muscles is one example. Or you could pheromones to attract a date, or making your enemies wary of you.
The good:
Very useful
Can decrease hormones to cause unconciousness or even death
The bad:
Its hard to reverse any changes you've done to yourself
.... Fuck everything, I mean shit, I'd build muscles, become dastardly attractive, shit i can even make others build muscles, even change sex! This thing is way overpowered.

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>The ability to create and control magma A person with this power has the ability to create and control magma. The user does not have a magma body. In addition they are immune to the heat and effects of their own magma. Using magma they can burn things and if they let it cool it can also petrify things. The user with practice can even create magma constructs and force the magma to cool faster to form mineral constructs.

...now i just need lobster powers...

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>The ability to forward dash punch your opponent to the stomach, then end it with an uppercut using both fists.

while badass, that is an oddly specific superpower. I fear I would be too easy to foil as a hero, and resort to a life of crime, dash-punch-uppercutting people and robbing them blind. Eventually I will be foiled by some fist-resistant superhero, y'know, like most of them.

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The ability to have hallucinations that become real
Your blood becomes filled with a rare hallucinogen that causes such powerful hallucinations that they don't STAY hallucinations. As such, you're a very powerful reality warper, but that's not necessarily a good thing, as you don't really have control over what happens. Luckily, you aren't in much danger as long as you don't do anything that might cause a 'bad trip,' like watching gruesome movies.
The good:
Can do almost anything, as long as you hallucinate it happening.
Remember, your subconscious (the origins of the hallucinations) is influenced by your conscious mind
Your mind will probably adjust to this new state, as it's filled with mind-altering substances
The bad:
Two words: bad trip. A bad trip is where you start having hallucinations of horrific things.
You're going to go crazy. No doubt about it. Unless you have a will of iron and a powerful mind.
The hallucinations might not be helpful whatsoever, be uncontrollable, or permenantly alter you.

Woah...I...woah...wow. The colors.

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Create musclegirl sexslave legion?

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>Musical Marionette
The ability to spontaneously burst into song and dance, and everybody in a ten-meter radius joins in
I even have red hair so I only need the suit and music tech

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>Superpower: Soul Bullet
The ability to infuse a bullet with a piece of your soul.
The bullet increases its power, speed, and will go through any obstacle as of it was a ghost until it reaches the target.


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>The ability to make superpowers malfunction temporarily
Alright, if anybody fucks with me, their powers are GONE. GOT THAT?

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"I'll eat your soul, mortal! MUHAHAHAHAHA"

"Choke on it dick-wad!"

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Superpower: Individual Confrontation
The ability to have a +50% chance of defeating someone while confronting them individually.
With this ability, you have a +50% chance of defeating someone while confronting them individually (no one can step in and interfere), which means it improves your odds against them no matter what you're doing (chess, racing, battling, etc. )
The good:
Increases your odds against anyone while confronting them one on one.
Takes effect in any subject (racing, playing chess, battling, etc. )
The bad:
It still doesn't guarantee your success.
Can make competitions too easy.
individual, confrontation, chess, tiger woods confronts his wife

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>The ability to levitate hippos

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>Superpower: Existence Blink
>Superpower: Existence Blink
The ability to change the dimension that a subject currently occupies
The ability to cause a subject's physical being to be removed from this plane of existence, and then relocated back to another dimension of the user's choosing. This can be used to send people back in time, to the future, to alternate dimensions, and the like. However, you can't relocate yourself. And if you can't decide where to send the foe, you have a short time before they return.

Doesn't this sort of make me godlike? Unless, of course, there's time stop powers and stuff like that. But I could basically just fuck with people and they'd never know it was me.

It would depend on what happened in my life if I became a hero or a villain. Although, if I did become a villain it would be an automatic loss (blink everything to before time or after the Sun has become a red giant etc).

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>The ability to create a 'discotheque' atmosphere with a mirrored disco ball above.
>You can be anywhere at all and still be able to boogie! Anytime you want, dim lights, loud, lousy music and spotlights on a mirrored disco ball floating above. Plus, you get the ability to dance and force everyone around you to participate.

Sooo I guess I am the Music Meister

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Best superpowers ever.

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The ability to create and control magical properties
+2 sword of Ogre Slaying anyone?

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>>12972823 here. I'd make you disappear. Or join up with you. Together we could do almost anything!

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>Superpower: Super-person Copy
>Any super-person from a TV show, movie, book, comic, etc., the user can pick one, and have all their powers.
>I can take fictional characters superpowers
>I choose God.

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The power pervertion potential is enormous!

But I did manage to top it as far as applications go:

>Superpower: Problem Solver
>The ability to find a solution to any problem without failure.
>Can solve any problem, puzzle, equation. Absolutely anything without flaw. In order to solve the problem you must first analyze the situation and go through a sometimes time consuming thought process.
>The good:
>Can find the solution to any problem
>The bad:
>Can be time-consuming
>Doesn't make you a genius or smartest in the world.

Holy shit batman, I should go into programming or astrophysics or you know ANY form of science.

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Notice how one of his powers is Flying Disguise.
Not Flying, and also Disguise. They're the same color.
He has Flying Disguise as a power.

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The ability to manipulate pressures, and send pressure waves at people. This power is both a blessing and a curse. Whilst it allows you to send pressure shockwaves and implode/explode enemies, it comes with a price. You will forever have the song "Under Pressure" by David Bowie and Queen blaring at you and all those in your vicinity at 80db. A small price to pay? Perhaps. But remember. "It's the terror of knowing What this world is about Watching some good friends Screaming 'Let me out' Pray tomorrow - gets me higher Pressure on people - people on streets"

Sounds like a fair trade off

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The ability to fuse anything or any two people with anything within 5 feet
Tired of having to go to the bathroom every ten minutes? Tired of having to leave the tv during commercials to go into the kitchen to get a snack? Well say no more, because with this power, you can fuse the toilet with a lay z boy chair and your remote with the fridge. It even works on people. Make your brother a sandwich. Literally! The possibilities are endless. The only way to change 'em back is by concentration on the two separate targets. No one will be able to change them back otherwise.

It's good for both fucking around AND fighting, fucking jackpot.

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>The ability to create an army of monsters with your mind.
>With this power, you can make any monster from movies, books, etc, but it must be on a paper or TV. You can't just have it in your mind. To get rid of them, you can just poof them away.

yeah...i'm getting my ass on the news and giving the world two choices: I rule you, or zombie apocalypse.

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uperpower: Reaper's Light
The ability to generate a bright light that paralyzes anyone caught in its glow
This ability allows you to create a bright light that paralyzes anyone caught in its glow. Paralyzed victims become frozen in whatever position they were in when the light appeared. When the light is has waned, victims do not rember it happened and continue as if it never happened. You can enter the light after it has been activated and not be affected. Killing the user of this ability while it is active will kill all caught in it.
The good:
Freeze victims for a clean getaway or a clean kill
The bad:
Some can avoid being frozen by blocking the light when it is first deployed.
Dying while it is active kills all affected by it.

I'm ok with this. It even has a cool name.

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>Superpower: Laser Emission
>The ability to generate powerful lasers from your fingers. Laser is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. It's really an extremely powerful ray of light. A Laser Emitter can produce a laser from their fingertip that can pierce a 2 foot block of steel--or generally anything else.
>The good: Can pierce most anything
>Looks very cool
>Powerful offensive skill

>The bad: Almost no worth as a defense
>Takes concentration
>Maximum range 70 yards

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Comic books first Mary-sue?

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>Superpower: God Of Inventor

>With this power you can make ALL kinds of objects and advanced in the invention, improvement to old technology. You can use advanced strategy on how would your invention can be used. You are the worlds greatest Inventor and scientist, engineer, strategist.

It's time to advance humanity toward a techological utopia. I may even build the robots they'll program to erect my awesome statue.

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Sending pressure waves is basically sound manipulation. You could BE Super David Bowie.

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Forgot to add:
The good:
You can transport anything (oncoming bullets, etc.)
They can be transported anywhere
They can also be brought back
The bad:
Can only keep them out of existence for a short time before they have to go SOMEWHERE
Can only transport them to existing dimensions (no making up NEW dimensions)
Can't transport yourself.

I could start referring to one dimension as "hell" and start transporting hostile things there. Perhaps even a sun, because it doesn't say anywhere that I have to be near or see it.

Since it's a "blink" this would also allow me to manipulate gravity, no? Start a jump, blink the Earth out of existence for a moment (but leave some of the WARM air around me) then blink it back?

This would allow for all kinds of fuckery with the laws of physics.

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Quietus Jump

The ability to teleport into living things for possession, damage, or the kill-jump
Teleport directly into any living organism around you. The effects of jumping into the living depends on the proximity at which you teleport & the size of the thing you jump from. Things smaller than what you jump from are instantly decimated. The closer a living thing is to you the more damage you do. If at arms length you kill-jump. Farther away you may initially stun, if you finally learn to jump into bodies without killing you possess them, gaining knowledge, abilities etc.
The good:
You can teleport into any living thing in your area. (32 kilometer radius)
May steal bodies when you jump into them. All their knowledge, talents and abilities are yours.
Highly effective: At the least you render victims comatose, deaths are more likely
The bad:
If you stay in a body too long it will begin to deteriorate and you will be forced to jump
Once you activate this power you will have no body of your own, jump 'til you die
If bodiless, jump into a body into a body in 60 sec or you are an ethereal afterthought

Fucking awesome. I think I'd be a neutral power.

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Chances of me using Reaper's Light for the benefit of mankind: approximately .5%

Chances of me being a scythe wielding super villain 99.5%

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I may have you here. Depends how fast you can do it.

Superpower: Temporal Sense Manipulation

The ability to alter a biological objects sense of time
A person with this power can alter anyone's sense of time. For example, they can make it feel like an hour while it has only been a minute. In addition, you can temporarily freeze their sense of time, leaving them staring blankly still stuck at that moment. Conversely, you can also accelerate people's sense of time to give them sensory framerate acceleration - in fact, you can even make their sense of time go faster than their body can handle.

The good:
Make it look like you can stop time
Can make plants blossom early - fool the biological clock
Can grant people sensory framerate acceleration

The bad:
Cannot stop a bullet or speed/inertia
Physics still applies
Mental strain in doing this - needs practice to alter for longer periods

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The ability to turn people into Mr. T
Ever seen the WoW commercials about this? Well with this ability you get to turn people into the man who made the A-team and kicked Rocky's butt in Rocky 3.

The Foo Fighters are first, then the rest of the world.

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>Superpower: Psionic Wrecking Balls
>The ability to materialize your psychic energy into wrecking balls that can obliterates anything except the user
>Also known as the "Melchsee's Door", the person with this ability is able to project their psychic power through the creation of "wrecking balls" or orbs that can obliterate all forms of matter except for the user. >Wrecking orbs naturally home toward psionic energy and eat psychic energy. When enough psychic energy is eaten the orbs grow uncontrollable tendrils of psychic energy. >However, through effort however the user can learn to control this power and limit the path of destruction it causes.
>The good:
>Wrecking balls can obliterate any type of matter
>User can control wrecking balls with effort and can create more orbs and also compress into discs
>Wrecking balls immediately home toward any psychic or brain activity and can eat psychic energy
>The bad:
>You need to have great amount of control
>If a wrecking ball absorbs too much outside psionic energy it will go berserk
>User must have lots of imagination to use this in non-destructive ways

Fucking awesome. I am totally becoming a magic terrorist with this.

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if only you could teleport other things

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Unstoppable jailor.

Magnetize a room, throw in a magnetized person. Leave the door unlocked, they'd never able to even touch it.

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The ability to always have the Superpower of the Day
Automatically gives you the Superpower of the Day every day. However, after it changes, you lose the previous Superpower of the Day.
The good:
It's always something good
The bad:
It changes every day
You might already have it

All of you fight over all of your powers.. silly heroes I have all of your powers. Just not all at once.

I foresee many indie ploys in my future.

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>Superpower: Twin Devils
>The ability to use them to stab & strike with a brutal & mystical force.

>The twin devils are a pair of sais that are forged from mercury & scandium. They can manipulate and conjure darkness, as well as disperse mystical scarlet flaming energy in a form of a barrier. Further, they can send forth blasts of necrobolts which can only destroy any opponent that is evil. They will be sent all the way to the underworld.

I shall become THE POPE!

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>Supreme Cutter
>The ability to release a wave of energy released by a quick arm cross slash.
>You have the ability to unleash a massive moon shaped wave which flys in place directly in front of you, dealing significant damage to any foe caught in it. However, it has plenty of uses, regardless of speed, and is very useful when you use it to slice through big trees.

I proceed to not use this power, go home, and be a family man.

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Anyone seen that flick, Skylight?

>> No.12973030

The ability to scream at a super high volume.
You can make your voice incredibly loud. Great for stunning people, getting people's attention, and being "that guy" on live concert albums.
The good:
Shock and confuse people
Project your voice
Get people's attention
The bad:
You could damage people's hearing if you're not careful

Looks like I'm The Black Canary, but only with enough musical talent to sing in a punk band not good enough to even open for a band not good enough to get on the Warped Tour.

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>The ability to create demon-possessed baked goods

Maybe I can convince the criminals of Averageopolis to eat a cookie before they try to rob a bank.

>> No.12973049

Yep, that's what I meant. A Time Stop or other time effects can fuck everything like that up.

The most important part about having such abilities would be keeping them a secret.

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>The ability to send a surge of electricity into your foe's skull then finish it with a Sitout facebuster.

>You could grab your opponent and electrocute them by applying your fingertips using primarily the last two knuckles of the fingers, thereby applying five different points of pressure. Sending electricity into their skull causes them to pass out, so you can grab hold of the opponent by their head or hair then jump down into a sitting position, forcing their face into the ground between your legs.


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I load this thing up, expecting to get something lame. Instead I get pic related.

Fuck yeah, I totally became a hero. I theme myself around Luck (potential name: Fortune's Favorite?) because use of my power enables me to do-over things until they could out perfectly. And since no one else can tell I did that (without observing from beyond a 5 KM radius) it'd take a lot to figure out that I'm totally not just a lucky-as-fuck mundane hero but actually someone who can go "NO U" to everything they do within a certain range.

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The ability to be pampered by everybody
Whenever this power is "activated", the user is automatically pampered by anyone and everyone they encounter. That's all there is to it. And because of the effect this power has on people, the user is immune to making enemies. And don't worry about getting tired of being pampered because that only happens in movies, how does someone get tired of beind pampered, nobody does in real life!
The good:
Everyone pampers you
Immune to making enemies
Most-likely won't get tired of being pampered
The bad:
Some people might get tired of being constantly pampered (if their weird! )

Guy, I think i just won the thread.

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The ability to use the Key of Janus.
Janus is the Roman god of doors and such. You can now summon his Key, which has the ability to unlock any door or chest that isn't enchanted. The key is easily recognizable by the fact it depicts two differing faces, the symbol most common with Janus.

I have a feeling I already know what I would do....

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So... you're Guile?

>> No.12973123

>Superpower: Sub- Power

>The ability to turn other abilities or any non-living thing to their low- level form.

>This ability makes the abilities of others to its first state of its development. This could make other abilities nearly worthless. A good example would be if someone could raise a tidal wave, then with this ability it will reduce it into raising a small amount of water. Most of the time during this ability's effect, it would turn against the user of the other ability. This ability also affects non-living things too, in their own way.

I'll hire myself out to the super-community as a super powered Vegas style casino cooler.

What now gentlemen? Ready for all your powers to be super-trolled?

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>Superpower: Command

>The ability to command anyone or anything
It would be the same as always, but as if everything would be alive and under your control. Just say the word and anything will do as you say if it is within its capabilites. For example, you can't tell a car to fly away, but you can tell it to drive you wherever you want. This also covers people and animals.

>The good:
Very useful power
Anything or anyone under your control
>The bad:

I will use it discreetly to make sure my life is perfect without anyone noticing. There are no supervillains. You don't want to harm other people. If anyone tries to harm me you will do everything in your power to find this person, deal out double of what he wanted against me and tell me about it if do not know whether I realize that he or she is a threat.

>> No.12973146

The ability to make any game characters or creatures become real.


>> No.12973197

I wonder if I could ask time to stop or death to stop pestering me until I call for him.

>> No.12973199

"The ability to exist in the fourth spatial dimension:

We live in a 3-D world. But there are more D's than meet the eye. A person with this ability exists in 4 dimensions. This allows them to do many feats, like stand outside the 3rd dimension and thus become invisible and intangible, knock people into the 4th dimension, see inside people's bodies, defy natural laws, and do many other impossible acts. If you need an analogy, think of a 3-D man interacting with a 2-D universe.

The good:

Do the impossible
Multiple applications (invisibility, intangibility, etc.)
Can find many mysteries of the universe

The bad:

May alienate you from our dimension
May become cold and detached
Can lose some emotional capacity"


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>>The ability to control, generate and absorb Lego pieces

With this you can make a fortress of Lego pieces and even create armour for yourself, for the joints of the armour you can manipulate the Legos to be more moveable and more flexible. You can also expel lego pieces as projectiles for attacking enemies and create boulders of solid Lego and throw it for a better chance of taking out more enemies at once.

Best. Superpower. Ever

With this I shall become Brick Man! instead of regular costume i shall have a suit of lego power armor colored in random and senseless square-like patterns.

I will be the greatest hero the city of Brickopolis has ever known!

Captcha >Sir Avereson
Then that will be my secret identity

>> No.12973202

>Superpower: Inedibility
>The ability to avoid being eaten by having a bad taste and a bad smell.

The fuck? A "superpower" I can get by giving up showers?

>> No.12973266

And you'll never get a blowjob ever again.

>> No.12973294

Superpower: Forced Astral Projection
The ability to force someone to have an out of body experience
This power makes you force a person to astral project themselves out of there body. After they're spirit is forced our of the body, they are forced to roam around without a physical body. They are blocked from entering their or any other body. Their body is then under your control as a zombie slave. The body is alive, but is without a soul & has minimal brain activity. Completely under your control until they die which can be from anything.
The good:
Force a person to have an out of body experience
Control their body

>Never fear super rapist is here!!!

>but seriously this has limitless applications, and I'd take it over all generic super powers.

>Me vs Super man? How about me and Super Zombie vs the world

>> No.12973310

I am fat, hispanic, and loud, and now I am apparently also Tiamat.

>The ability to blow different types of breath, such as fire, ice, gas, wind, etc.

>You can blow fire, ice, gas, or wind at any pressure or force. Fire can range from melting ice to evaporating water, ice can range from freezing solids to freezing gasses, gas can poison your target in seconds, and wind can range from bending trees to causing storms. The effect of your breath is actually almost infinite, since you have large lungs and you can suck in large amounts of air to charge up the pressure/force at one time. Can also increase the maximum volume of your voice.

Fuck yeah. But what would be my hero/villain name?

>> No.12973319

The existence blink guy would probably want you as a friend. And you'd probably want him as a friend.

>> No.12973338

Superpower: Unimaginable Existence
The ability to exist as an unimaginable being relative to the existence of people who thinks of them.
An existential state wherein the affected person cannot be brought up in other people's mind to be pictured, thought of, or even imagined. Meaning anyone with this ability suddenly becomes an absolute enigma completely alien & unthinkable to anyone who tries to imagine or picture them in mind. In effect, a person with this ability (& with practice even their surrounding) is rendered unaffected by anyone or anything that has something to do with Telepathy, Mind Reading, & Power of Imagination.

I can troll philosophers and get away with almost any crime. How can they catch me when they can't even think of me

>> No.12973340



and every time it destroys the solar system

>> No.12973342

>human compass
so I always know where magnetic north is.
that is quite possibly the lamest superpower ever and I'm invalidated by a device that costs about 5 dollars.

>> No.12973367

existence blink?

you talking about this post?

>> No.12973411

>the ability to read at superhuman speeds
but.. but, I can already read fast

>> No.12973443


>> No.12973481

I don't see the application here unless we presume existence blink can put souls back into bodies. Other than that once I push someone soul out they are gone and their body is my play thing. If he moved their body to the astral plan would their soul be able to reclaim it?

>> No.12973501

>Superpower: Fancy Nail
>The ability to cut anything with your nails. You >can lengthen and shorten your nails at will. >These nails can cut anything - fire, water, air, >flesh, diamonds, etc. - anything. The good: Can >cut fire and thus escape burning buildings >Instant self-defense The bad: If you don't control >it, you could slice yourself in half Cutting cheese >causes many unfortunate puns

Could be worse

>> No.12973506

Superpower: Ultimate Technopath

The ability to control any technology anywhere in the galaxy With this power, you are basically a god. Since our society is so dependent on machines, any piece of technology anywhere is within your power. You can control a nigh limitless army of technology that can continue to grow if you set up a few factories and program them to mass produce. The only problem with this power, you need absolute focus. If you're surrounded and battling six war fronts at once, your brain will shut down as if a computer from too much lag.

The good:
Godly in this time
Control all tech
Other technopaths can't touch this, you overpower them.

The bad: Focus, you need lots of it. Tags:technology, technopath, technopathy, gadgets


>> No.12973524

MythPower: Kronos' Craft
This power, when channeled, gifts the user with Kronos' intimate connection with the forces of time. This means the user can slow time, speed it up, stop it, reverse it slowly, reverse it quickly, reverse it normal time, travel to the future, travel to the past, age/de-age people, etc. However, the user can perceive the flow of time, as well, and if gifted with nonlinear vision, so he can see past, present and future at will.
Control time (it's speed, it's flow and it's effect on the world)
Travel through time (to the past and back, or to the future and back)
Perceive time (on the clock, date, time-zones, time alteration, temporal anomalies, age, etc.)

>> No.12973528

You can actually instill this sense in human beings with a belt covered in pagers which are programmed to triangulate North using radio tower signals. A very interesting psychobiology study did this. After a period of six months, the test subjects retained the sense of North even in unfamiliar surroundings after the belts were removed. Last check was after a year, I think. Effects might not be permanent.

Yeah, but basically, worst super power ever.

>> No.12973540

>The ability to use random powers everyday

Obviously I just mess around. So I'm Chaos, apparently.

>> No.12973600


At least your superpower doesn't turn things into reese's peanut butter cups.

>> No.12973852

That should be renamed "Rape Beam"

>> No.12974198

Superpower: Self Matter Manipulation

The ability to absorb things into your body then from your body dispense infinitely what you have absorbed.
Let me give you some examples, in case you don't understand. You could go up to a tank and absorb it into your body. You would look and feel the same... But you could instantly generate the turret on your back and blast away. Also you could absorb a piece of candy and then endlessly keep creating that piece of candy in your hand/mouth/anywhere on your person. Absorb a diamond and have diamond like skin. Absorb bullets when they are being shot into you. An ultimate physical ability. The good: Never go hungry, because you can dispense what you absorbed. Become ultimately powerful and dangerous. Endless possibilities. The bad: Can't stop mind control

Sooo I'm Kirby? Fuck buying minis ever again, too. I'd probably end up looking like an Obliterator. Can I do animals? People? I have to think about these possibilities

>> No.12974559

Superpower: Long Distance Bitch Slap

This is the best thing ever, oh god it even works on the people i see on tv.

this is the best

I obviously mess around with it

>> No.12974804

>The ability to let out your light side and your dark side
>This uniqe ability allows the user to let out two sides of his/her personality, each with powers of their own that represent that side of the personality. For example, the dark side could have powers like super strength or super senses.

>The good:
Your light side makes a great companion and friend
Each side has its own powers

>The bad:
Your dark side might be hard to control
You can only let them out and back in or in other words no powers for you

My own clone. Now neither of us will be virgins.

>> No.12974828

Superpower: Teleanima
The ability to determine someone's greatest prides, fears, humiliations, etc. Everyone has a deep sadness and everyone has a deep joy. Teleanimists can stand near a person and determine their extremes: the thing that they are most proud of, the thing they are most hopeful for, their faults, fears, and failures. This is automatic and passive, but can be suppressed.

If there were such things as heroes and villains? People would be fucked.

That said, I'd probably switch my studies from psychiatry to psychology.

>> No.12974884

The ability to create invisible, impassable walls of any size
With this power, you can create invisible walls of any size that prevent the passage of any and all matter. Be it for comedic purposes at the mall, for stopping that machine gun in its tracks, or for fulfilling your lifelong goal of becoming a mime, your invisible walls will never fail to deliver! They can be horizontal, vertical, diagonal, you name it, and you can create or remove them at will. You're limited to 25 walls at a time, only YOU can to see them, and they're planar (2D) only.

This has a lot of uses. I could use the walls as steps to climb anywhere, even into space. I could use them to slice open goddamn anything. I could-

Oh, wait, it only prevents the passage of matter. Heat goes through, light goes through (obviously), gamma rays go through, basically energy in general. I predict I will be killed by a laser.

>> No.12974933

Superpower: Kystain Septuplets
The ability to multiple by 7 the normal number of kystians you summon.
This power requires the Kystian Sextuplets power to work. You can summon a pack (that still needs to be killed as a group) of 42 flickerspawn, or if you want 7 norr to be your bodyguards, summon them instead. Or summon 140 swiftslice. Or summon 7 times the normal number of every kystian monster that can be summoned.
The good:
You've got 210 monsters to use and command.
Kyst is always coming up with new creatures to summon.
The bad:
You'll need a bigger evil hideout.

So my power requires my power to work, and I've no idea what these monsters are in the first place.
Fuck it, I've got an infinite commando force, time to start a mercenary business.

>> No.12974980

whats a kystain?

>> No.12974994

>Superpower: Weight In Gold
>The ability to turn items into their weight in gold
>With this power, you can turn objects or people into their weight in gold.
>The good:
>You'll be rich
>The bad:
>Once you turn something into its weight in gold, you can't turn it back

I am King Midas, except with complete control over my ability. I think I'll turn certain kinds of waste, such as spent nuclear fuel, into gold, and sell it. If anyone bothers me I can just turn them into gold. It doesn't specify a range, so I'm assuming it only works on touch. Still cool.

>> No.12974995

Superpower: Space-time Warp
The ability to warp the fabric of the space-time continuum in any way
You can warp the space-time continuum at will. You can bend reality however you want. You can create black holes and worm holes. You can time travel and appear at any location in the universe. If your falling to your death you can warp space so that you appear on the ground.
The good:
You can destroy planets and galaxies
You can bend reality around any projectile so it misses you (bullets, lasers, light)
You can send out warp shockwaves that obliterate matter.
The bad:
If the space-time continuum ceases to exist, so does your power.

>Im cool with this.

>> No.12975003

That's the bad? If the universe itself is destroyed, you can no longer use your power? Shit, man.

>> No.12975006

Is water considered an object?

>> No.12975029

The ability to change your power randomly whenever.
You can change your power whenever you want but you can't control what power you get. With some training and practice you might be to control what type of power it is. You know,mental,biological,supernatural,ect. But without you could get any no matter what.

Change my power until I get what I want when I want it.


>> No.12975035

...maybe. What are you thinking, ocean of gold?

>> No.12975045

It doesn't say anywhere on the site, as far as I know.

>> No.12975075

Superpower: Misery Loves Company :(
The ability to make everyone around you depressed & sad
Anyone within a 5 foot radius of you will turn that upside down frown back to a frown. You release an empathic psychic aura of pain & suffering to all & even those annoying perky happy all the time zen people. They become mopey & down as all of their fears, sadness & emo pain is amplified & flooding. Meanwhile you draw & absorb their positive optimistic happy energy. You're an emotional craving vampire leech.
The good:
Make everyone feel crappy while you feel upbeat :D
Especially making those way to perky happy contempt people feel like gutter trash
The bad:
Only can affect people in your 5 ft radius
Everyone around you is sad & gloomy
Oh joy...

>> No.12975077

Much of toxic waste is in liquid or sludge form, is why I asked.

>> No.12975105

The ability to age several years by singing Hakuna Matata With this power you can age ten years pretty quickly, all you have to do is walk forward (works better if walking on a bridge of some sort) while singing the song Hakuna Matata from the Lion King The good: If you want to be older quicker this is a good power The bad: You must know the entire song and you must keep walking for the power to work You can not reverse the effects of this power

>> No.12975132

The ability to harness the power of a doomsday device planted in your body
A person with this power has a doomsday device planted in their body. However, their body has adapted to slow down the activation of the device and harness energy contained within the device for superhuman feats. The doomsday device is like a parasite that attaches to a person's heart and nerves. The user is given the ability to either slow down the timer for the device or hasten it and gain power. If the user dies before the device activation, the device recalibrates and looks for another host.
The good:
You can instantly vaporize anything you want-and I mean anything
You also gain enhanced strength and speed and the ability to travel and survive in a vaccuum
The timer is actually very long-about a zettayear and it recalibrates to a zettayear each time
The bad:
If you overuse this ability, you will blow up the universe(no joke)
Stopping the doomsday device will kill you-heart stops and doomsday device will recalibrate anyway
The allure of power-hastening the device gives the user access to more power and abilities
The parasite immediately speeds up if the user is nervous or scared or in pain. Also, people want to kill you in order to reset the parasite. However, the parasite also gives the immortality or at least protection from aging normally-meaning if the user slowed the device to its minimum they would live for a zettayear.

Doomsday Energy is best energy.

>> No.12975154

>The ability to become a demonic representation of your spirit animal
>You will become a a demon in the form of your spirit animal; for example if your spirit animal is a fox you gain a demon form of a fox. You also gain powers that correspond with said demon as well as increased speed/strength/agility and heightened senses. While this power is normally voluntary, a transformation can be caused by extreme emotions such as rage/fear and love. An involuntary transformation will also occur is your life is in danger.
>The only people on your level would be strong demons and other Dor Mii

Fuck yeah, I'm an invincible tiger demon.

>> No.12975161

Superpower: Sandwich Master
The ability to eat a sandwich whenever you want. With this ability, you can eat a sandwich whenever you want. It can be any kind of sandwich, and it will just appear in your hand, ready to eat. Only YOU can eat the sandwiches you create.

The good: You will never go hungry. Good party trick.

The bad: Sandwiches might get old.

>> No.12975174

The ability to travel through light.
In essence, this is like teleportation, but more limited. Anywhere there is light, you can meld into it and emerge anywhere else there is light. You essentially move at the speed of light.

I become a Superhero known as "The Flashlight Rapist"

>> No.12975176


The ability to gain powers from the Harulli dimension.
Harulli, the flesh-eating dimension. You gain the power to strip a living thing of their flesh as if invisible creatures were attacking. You gain the ability to be immune to any powers that affect DNA, cells, blood or flesh, excluding this power (PA :Harulli).

The good: Strip a foe of their flesh. Immunity to biokinesis and similar powers.
The bad: This power is its own weakness.

>> No.12975177


Superpower: A Troll Party
The ability to open up a group of people to the Trollforce, turning them into trolls First, you can select people (all you need is something to call them by), and turn them into super-trolls. They will tend to form a group with you and those selected by you, and will either gain immense trolling skill or at least one trollforce power. Over time, they will develop a unique typing quirk, turn grey, change their blood color, and grow candy-corn colored horns. Secondly, you can give simple suggestions to vast numbers people (like, "comment on this website" "spread this meme"). The good: A quick way to gain a loyal group of supporters, fellow powered, and friends with a common interest The change is reversible, they have complete control over it unless you take over control You could have the ability to subtly command thousands of people, for any purpose The bad: They are definitely not going to be the most reliable/trustworthy of friends Doing any sort of superhero-ing with this power would probably be pretty difficult Have to be very simple commands when ordering vast groups of people Tags:

>> No.12975189

Silvertongue. Boss.

Become well versed in erotic literature, what else?
Should it be disturbing that I've actually thought about this before hand?

>> No.12975194

>The ability to use a mirrored metal cube to harness power over time
With this ability, a person can control time via a special metal cube called the 'Time Spark'. It resembles the All Spark from 'Transformers, but has no symbols except for an eye on all sides. The user telepathically sees into the past and future, and can open a silver vortex known as 'The Time Twister' to escape enemies, trap them in eternal dimension limbo, or mess up their life through alteration of that person's perception of time.

oh fuck yes, im going to take over the motherfucking world.

>> No.12975197

Power of the Old One; Yog-Sothoth
>Totally ok with this.jpg

Yog-Sothoth is immensely powerful, as he is the master of time and space (and some magic). He can open gates from and to any place (including other realms) and any time. The opening of the gates is so great a task that he keeps an eye on your use, refusing to open gates for reasons he disagrees with. He also uses you to further his goals often, usually allowing him direct access to the universe so he can feast. As you are useful, you gain eternal youth and immortality, at least to aging.

>> No.12975222

Superpower: Evolution Of Pokemon
The ability to evolve in a similar way to the way a Pokemon does.

...what the hell?!

>> No.12975276

>Superpower: Psychic Internet Access
The ability to access the internet using only your mind (no computer needed).
With this ability, you actually see a browser window in your mind, and you can access any web site wirelessly from anywhere. Google, Facebook, Yahoo, you name it, it's at your fingertips.

OK. It's kind of lame and won't help me defeat supervillains. Even a kid with a laptop computer and wireless card can match me. But still, if it's this power or nothing, I'm fine with it.

>> No.12975323

Well, it depends on the specifics. If you can use it to find out your location anywhere on Earth, and then send it to the right people, you could be some sort of super spy.
Also, you can get help if you are kidnapped or something.

>> No.12975337

>The ability to create and manipulate colored light for various purposes


>> No.12975354


Check it out - I even downloaded a little dance.

>> No.12975379

>The ability to shoot out very sharp spikes from the top of your hand.
That's pretty much it. Just shooting out spikes from your hand. Your spikes can go as far as 500 miles and are very fast. The spikes are very durable as well.

I'm not sure I'm becoming a hero of justice with this one...

Chances are I become a sniper. If these things can go through 500 miles they are probably just about the best sniping weapon on the planet. If I can learn to accurately put them into a target at that distance... well, it's pretty much over for anyone who ever feels like going out in public often enough that someone can get me reliable targeting information.

>> No.12975385

You have no IP address. You can't be banned. You can play games, read the news, look at porn, whatever you want, anywhere you want. With the power of google and other search engines you can answer any question, given a moment. With Wikipedia you can find detailed information on plenty of topics. With Wolfram Alpha you can solve difficult math problems. With TvTropes you can waste all the time you've ever had. With Google Earth, map sites, and things like that, you will never be lost, and you'll always have directions. With youtube and miscellaneous other sites you have practically all the music and video content the world contains at the ready.

The best part? Your power only gets more useful with time, as the Internet becomes more awesome and more sophisticated. You're a walking network node, motherfucker. If it's lame to you I'll gladly take it off your hands.

>> No.12975413

The ability to have a bagel whenever
Well, I win.
There is no limit on how many I can have at once, so I would drown the earth in baggle goodness.
Also no limit on size. Time to have fun :)

>> No.12975415

Heh, I'm the green flash.

The ability to generate a green aura that speeds your cognition and reflexes. A green flashing aura that greatly heightens your speed, reflexes and intellect (all things that require neurotransmission).

>> No.12975434

MythPower: Rhea's Nurture
The ability to channel Rhea's command over the essence of flow, fertility and reproduction
A more docile power, to be sure, this one makes the user effective as a nurturer of life. It allows the user to induce fertility in soil, plants, animals, even people. It can make a sterile man virile or a barren woman fertile, or vice versa.

Er.... Not really sure what to do with it. Have lots of sex and make many babies?

>> No.12975449

>Superpower: Human Atom
>The ability to make objects rotate around you like an atomic orbital
>With practice the user can also create different rings of rotation like an atom.

>> No.12975463

The ability to gain powers the Kyriona dimension.

Kyriona where sentient plants run around and mindless animals are rooted in the ground. You can summon 300 plant beings from Kryiona. These beings can be smart as the smartest human. You gain the power to turn a animal(including humans) mindless and sessile. A victim would first have his feet become rootlike,his legs fuse together then over a five day period he gradually become mindless.

>> No.12975470

The ability to control rain
You can make it rain any time of any day, even if it's sunny outside. You can also stop, start, increase, decrease, and manipulate rain. You can focus rain onto one person or the entire world if you wanted too. You can even change the molecular structure of rain, making it poison rain, or acid rain, or even electric rain.

>> No.12975471

In retrospect, propelling something like that at any speed great enough to do damage would start out at ridiculous velocity. Hell, I probably generate a sonic boom when firing the damn things. They also probably take out tanks or other armor up close since they're made to survive bullets and bombs, not pointed ultra-hard spikes.

Really, I'm pretty much the most dangerous soldier ever created. Of course, the sonic boom realization no longer means I can be sitting at a quiet cafe 300 miles from the target and turn my arm over to check my watch, killing someone far away without anyone being the wiser. People will start to catch on to the whole sonic boom thing.

>> No.12975486

Ladies and gentlemen, I think we potentially have our BBEG

>> No.12975493

The ability to create a new object/person by taking the words of two objects
A person with this power has the ability to alter reality by making something new by taking two objects and mashing their names together. For example, combining an orange with a sports car to make an orange sports car or sports car with a drink to make a sports drink or gas (car drink). You can combine two people together as well for example you can take a Mr. Moore and a Mr. Butts to create Moore Butts. Fusions seperate out after 24 hours.
The good:
You can be creative in your fusions
You can use synonyms for example you can make firefly into lightning bug to make your fusions easier
Make valuable usable items such as rocket fuel
The bad:
People fusions can be totally random--you don't know the result
Fusions only work for 24 hours and you cannot unfuse before then
If things are usable items, using them will make the two composite items gone forever

>> No.12975514

And we've found the guy who's purpose on the team is cool utility stuff and unlocking the power of crazy mix and match hero fusion

>> No.12975559

>The ability to move objects with your mind but you have to touch them first Tactile Telekinesis is the ability to move objects with your mind, but you have to touch them first. Uses of this power would be firing projectiles from you hand without having to throw them. Rocketing people away with a hand to hand attack or if they hit/touch you. Jumping through a window and firing the shards of glass back at your pursuers. You can use this power for flight by riding an object you are controling. You can only control something for a limited time before needing to touch it

Well then I think I really have all I'll ever need. I can fly and I'm fucking Bullseye. Time to be a world class assasin.

>> No.12975564

"Immortality Manipulation"
It says I can give any sort of immortality I want, including kinds I make up.

I make up Sterile Immortality where you age to 24 and then stop, or reverse age to 24 and then stop. Cannot be harmed, but can grow emotionally.
Use it on myself, then set up a booth, and start giving it to everyone. Everyone that wants to be immortal must be sterile to avoid overpopulation.
Have fun.

>> No.12975687

I'd need a fellow super-villain to help. I could turn people into mindless plants, but it would take 5 days, I'd need a teleporter or flier to get me and my henchplants out of there.

>> No.12975960


You forgot the most salient point. If you have 24/7 web access WITH YOUR MIND, you have the potential to obtain (through some sort of intuitive, subconscious hacking ability) moderator powers on 4chan.

The entire power would be worth it for just a single day of blazing retributive banning on 4chan. Shitposts, slain. Faggots, banned. You, roaring and bellowing with savage electronic bloodlust as you cut a blistering swath through /v/, as you find the one non-whiny bitchfest thread on /r9k/ and sticky it after deleting all other threads.

If I was dying of cancer, (god forbid) and the Make-A-Wish foundation came to my doorstep, I'd have but one request.

"See if you can't bribe Moot into making me a global moderator for just one. God. Damned. Day."


>> No.12976008

>Slow-motion vision

>The ability to make you perceive time slower than normal people, allowing you to react faster
Heart beats 6000 times per minute, allowing you to not only see things slower but also gain a little "zoom in zoom out" vision, thus allowing you to react faster. The only con is that there is that good chance that your heart may explode.


To the guy who got the "Call Meteor" ability- if I got that power, I'd be on the phone with North Korea in TEN SECONDS. "You have about a half-hour to cease being COLOSSAL FAGGOTS."

>> No.12976114

Let's see here.
>Ability to immediately take an MRI scan of anything
That's just a cheesy rip-off of "X-ray vision". Reroll.
>Ability to have two hearts working together
"Being a freak" is not a superpower. Next.
>The ability to summon a swarm of flesh-eating butterflies
Not only is that completely retarded, but I hate bugs. NEXT!
>The ability to kill someone in an instant, at the cost of your health and life
"Every time I kill someone, I die a bit as well"? Fuck that noise! Okay, last one.

>The ability to fuse anything together
>This ability allows you to take the best of one thing, and fuse it with the best of something else. For example, you could fuse a lightbulb and gun to make a light ray. It even works on people and animals. Any creatures you create are under your limited control. When you fuse two people, one of them will have main control over the body, while the other will be a voice in their head. If the people have superpowers, those will fuse too. You can also fuse things with yourself.
...I'll take it because it's not utterly retarded like the first four things I got.

>> No.12976185

>Shifting Elements

>The ability to change and control all know elements through hand controls

>A advanced combination of telekinesis and alchemy. Through simple hand movements, you can lift something up, change their shape, size, properties and state of matter.

>Makes you very dangerous and powerful.

>Because you can control yourself, you can enhance and rebuild yourself.

>It enables flight and other powers derived of the main powers.

fuck this is awesome

>> No.12976237

Superpower: Crinikinesis
The ability to control the movement of your hair.
The ability to grow your hair and control its movement. You can use your hair as a defence and offence. You can also lift heavy objects easily.
The good:
You can use your hair as a weapon or shield.

I think the applications are limited yet strangely effective, depending on the requirements of growing hair long range assassinations never looked so easy.

Some of these powers are poorly thought out mary sue gifts though.

>> No.12976317

>> The ability to manipulate or recreate how you exist in this universe
With this ability you can recreate everything in your life from your body and your soul, to the very fabrics of your essence the made you real

I can remake with as many powers as I want...

>> No.12976356

>Superpower: Vampirism

The ability to have all the traditional abilities (and weaknesses) of a vampire
With this ability, you gain superior strength, speed, durability, stamina, senses, reflexes, agility, accuracy, dexterity, and basically immortality. You can turn into a bat, a wolf, a red mist, or (at the higher level) even the form of another human. In addition, you gain the power Hypnotism, and as your power develops, you may be able to fly. The only shortcoming is that, with all the traditional powers of a vampire, you also get all the traditional weaknesses.
The good:
Enhanced attributes and can shapeshift to assume various different forms
Immortal (longevity, regeneration, poison/disease/hanging/guns/drowing/electrocution can't kill you)
Powers of Hypnotism (including Hypnotic Charm), power to command canines, and Shapeshifting
The bad:
You are extremely vulnerable to sunlight (if you haven't had blood in about three days)
Allergy to garlic, holy symbols, stakes and silver
Can't cross rivers, no reflection, and no shadow (until powers develop, bound to coffin)

Tempted to become the hero Stone Mask, the vampire luchador, because a vampire fighting for JUSTICE can only end well and luchadors will make ANYTHING better.

In fact, I challenge you /tg/. Find something that wouldn't be better with luchadors. You can't

>> No.12976370


>> No.12976387

The ability to control molecules and atoms

You can make things out of thin air. For example, to imprison anyone in a cage, etc. You can control molecules and atoms, meaning you can turn metal into gold, water to petroleum, carbon dioxide to oxygen, speed up and slow down their vibrations and anything you can think of.

Jesus CHRIST. The only problem:
The bad:
Powered by emotion and concentration (mostly emotion)
Can't control energy particles

So if you piss me off, I can change your molecules into oxygen, or whatever the fuck I want. I'm like the Hulk meets Doctor Manhattan.

I'm thinking I end up an anti-hero. Powerful emotions and God-like power don't mix very well.

>> No.12976400

Superpower: Petulance
The ability to induce extreme annoyance & frustration into someone
Everyone has pet peeves. So if you use this power on someone, every little thing will annoy & piss them off to the breaking point of extreme irritation, aggravation & frustration. Causing them to flip out. They'll either go berserk on something or someone or just become hysterically crazy.
The good:
Induce P.O.ness x1000 in someone
Cause them to become a crazed berserking animal once they reach a breaking point
The bad:
Don't want to be around once they go all psycho hopped up on PCP

The ultimate in Superhero trolling. Use on paladins and watch them fall right before your eyes!

>> No.12976424

pacifists < pacifists wearing lucha masks

>> No.12976443

The ability to write a result list for a die that really happens when you roll that die.
A few rules. No repeated results on the list. Any sized die works. The written list doesn't matter once you empower a die. One result on the list must be 'nothing happens'. The dice you make can be destroyed or stolen but are immune to probability powers. You can affect a force of the universe or a single person. Your dice only work for you. The effect of a dice roll is undone when that die is rerolled.
The good:
There's a die with 120 sides if you have the creativity.
Lack creativity; the 2 sized die
Will only work for you and you are unaffected by probability powers.
The bad:
Dice can be destroyed and stolen.
Accidental die rolls that affect the forces of the universe.
A die roll that backfires against you.

anyone still got those old 'campaign ideas' lists?

>> No.12976449

>The ability to heat meals with your hands

>Someone with this ability would be able to heat any meal with his hands. This includes things requiring a toaster, oven, or microwave to prepare. It's perfect for someone in a hurry.

... I'm not really ecstatic about this development.

>> No.12976470

The ability to chain peoples' eye color. Fuck. Whelp.
>Track down high ranking military and political assholes I don't like
>Change their eye colors
>Point this out to people responsible for national security
>Intimate that people have been kidnapped and impersonated

>> No.12976474

The ability to channel Momos' command over the essence of criticism, blame and mockery
Momos was the Greek god of mockery, blame, ridicule, scorn, complaint and harsh criticism. His power allows numerous faculties. First, if one gets into an argument, he can elect to "let go" of himself, initiating a rant in which he subsconsciously reveals the foe's deepest, innermost thoughts. Not to mention, the user can also perceive flaws, weaknesses and shortcomings of any kind, as well as bringing them to the foe's mind as well, to either psych them out, intimidate or demoralize them.

Okay...This will be interesting.

>> No.12976480

>The ability to change other people's eye colors

...Uhm. I'll make everyone's eyes pink or red or purple and spark a giant fear of this weird disease outbreak. Try to affect people from outside my own country.

Or turn every known non-virgin's eyes into black or something.

>> No.12976507

>Odd Change

>The ability to unwillingly change your form depending on who you meet.

>You see, these changes can only be stop if you are physically alone. It is not bad because this ability is made for one thing "Combat". You'll need to fight different opponents with different form. Each form has a different face and each form is based on one of the three characteristics of a fighter, speed, strength, or agility.

Oh god. I couldn't even be a villain with this. All the heroes would have to do is handcuff me to a fat cop or just not fight me and I'd be completely helpless.

>> No.12976517

>Superpower: Multiple Scissors Kick
The ability to perform a somersault with a series of multiple kicks to the opponent's head & face.
You might like the idea of kicking the opponent up to a thousand or million times, but performing this move can be quite dangerous when performed incorrectly.
The good:
Could even ruin a villain's good looks.
The bad:
You can get extreme cramps.

>> No.12976541

Superpower: Butter Bard

The ability to defend yourself against swords and daggers using shields made of warm delightful butter!

... I become an hero...

>> No.12976549

The ability to copy another's powers or abilities to a certain degree
This is a power that allows the user to imitate another person's powers or abilities. The powers copied however are at a lesser degree to the the original. For example, if copying a fire user's power, one may not be able to use it as effectively as the original person copied from. However, the user may be able to use the power more effectively if their envy takes over. The more envious of the original the more powerful it becomes. The power is timed however and the effect won't last forever.
The good:
Can copy any power or ability no matter what it is
Gets stronger as one's envy of the original increases
The bad:
Is only temporary and the copied power will wear out eventually
Usually always inferior to the original
Can't copy more than one power at a time due to the strain put on the user

THE MORE I WISH I HAD YOUR POWERS, THE STRONGER MY COPY GETS. If I need two powers, I'm screwed, but I can basically have every power, one at a time.

>> No.12976579

>The ability to be a water nymph and control water
>You just become a water nymph which is similar to a mermaid but not quite. A water nymph doe not have a tail like a mermaid does; therefore this is more common.
>The good:
>You only have webbed toes (less conspicuous)
>You can control water
>You can breathe and talk underwater
>The bad:
>You can't control it for the first few weeks

Nymphs are female, aren't they...

>> No.12976609

some of these sound like they were written for a mary sue filled freeform forum roleplay-by-post thing

"the power to have all the powers"
"the power to have dante from devil may cry's handguns"
"the power to be more powerful than anyone else"
sort of shit

>> No.12976610

Man. Mines the most OP.

Superpower: Power Accessing
The ability to able to access powers through a network of super-power energy You have the ability to get any power that has ever been created. This works by accessing some 'overpower' that unites all superhumans. The good: You get to have a few powers at the same time It's quick and simple, just imagine the power, think about it, and you have it. You can do it anywhere. The bad: Only three powers at a time There's a limit to how long you can "hold" onto the powers. The more powers you gain, the less you'll be able to do with them


>> No.12976628

Superpower: Merging
The ability to temporarily merge two beings into which results in a completely new and stronger being.
You may get the chance of combing two or three persons, places, things, and/or even universes.
The good:
A great way of having two things into one
You may even surprise you friends and family members about this ability
The bad:
Having this merging ability may have devastating consequences

It is time to merge Putin with the Earth.

>> No.12976652

Superpower: Shadow Reality
The ability to bend reality while in the darkness
While in the darkness, you become unstoppable. You can do anything and everything while in the shadows, destroying the laws of physics and making anything possible. You can change all that is around you, and become invincible. This becomes easier the darker the area that you're in. The lighter the area that you are inside, or are trying to manipulate, the more difficult it becomes to do this.
The good:
The potential is limitless for you while in the darkness
You still have a small flicker of power in the sunlight
You can draw shadows closer to you when you need them
The bad:
Everything that you create is dark and sinister
You have almost no power in the light
Shadows may occasionally twist or bend around you

Cool, I'm the main character from The Darkness but if I get a chick knocked up I won't get instagibbed. I HEREBY ASSUME THE NAME DARKFORCE, THE DARKNESS WILL NO LONGER SHELTER THOSE THAT WOULD PREY ON THE INNOCENT!

>> No.12976659

>The ability to control someone remotely and expirence what they do
This is poorly written, but it seems like a damn good power to me. Best part is, the other person is still aware of what's going on, and so if I'm subtle, they won't ever know they were controlled.

>> No.12976679

>implying Putin isn't an anthropomorphic personification of Mother Russia anyway

>> No.12976690

Life Touch

The ability to, when you touch someone, live their life in a split second.
The ability to, when you touch someone, live their entire life in a split second. But, while living their, life you are able to alter their thoughts, changing somewhat part of their life

Weird. Well, I'd be a good guy. I'd charge assloads of cash for life therapy, but it'd be a bit of a preface, because I'd be willing to do it for free.

>> No.12976703

If you've ever played Psi Ops it sounds like it works like the mind control power in that game. Damn you Midway, why did you have to go under, I want a sequel damn it!

>> No.12976712

Is this one of those cases of charging money so people know you're legit?

>> No.12976768

This site sucks and nobody there has any sort of good idea for good powers.

>> No.12976782

Nahh, just that its a highly marketable ability. Being able to undo one event in a person's entire life? Even if I don't do it, automatic knowledge of an entire life would save weeks of psychiatric therapy. The flip side is that by saving that time, one very expensive session is what's needed.

But like I said, I don't think I'd mind if they couldn't pay. Being able to remove a traumatic event from someone's life would be its own reward.

>> No.12976861


Huh. Guess I'll either become a spec ops infiltrator type or just have myself a fun old rebellion against Britannia/God complex killing spree.

>> No.12976872

It doesn't say anywhere that he needs to have a physical body to use his power. So when someone's after him you can help him hide.

>> No.12976921

>Summon Haterage (Apparently)
>Haterages look like sharks remolded into a elf-shape. Haterages can project a field that makes anyone affected go mindless and utterly hate and want to kill non-kystians (you're safe as is anyone with a kystian power). The field has a spherical radius of a 1000 feet. The effect last for 20 minutes. Anti-telepathy or like powers gives immunity to this power. Haterages can lift 15 tons,run 50 mph and actually swim as fast as a real shark.


>> No.12980390

Superpower: Burning Air The ability to heat the air in an area You can heat the air in an area. Everything within it will keep getting hotter until stopped. The objects or people in the area will either start to burn or melt. Metal and other meltable materials will melt, while unmeltable objects or organisms will be turned to ashes. The area you can burn things in will increase with practice. Will only affect objects or organisms you want it to affect in that area. If you choose to leave something in that area unaffected they won't even notice the heat. The good: No more need for lighters or matches Can heat a cold room Burn enemies The bad: Hard to control at first Must concentrate on what you want to get burned within that area Can cause damage to the climate of your location within fifty miles


>> No.12980400

The ability to make chocolate appear out of nowhere.

I would die happy.

>> No.12980417

The ability to turn into Rob Van Dam
You become Rob Van Dam, "One of a kind". You are the most powerful being in this universe and have the ability to kick people into other dimensions and into different periods of time. The 5-star frog splash has the power to destroy worlds and the rolling thunder can cause instant death to anyone in range. You are a master martial artist and are extremely efficient with weapons. Being "The whole damn show", you are able to control the minds and opinions of all those around you.
The good:
You are pretty much what Chuck Norris inspires to be
Never lose in hand to hand combat
Never lose in combat
The bad:
You can only do good
Everybody loves you

>> No.12980423

Haterages gonna haterage.

>> No.12980428

I am glad to see this thread was bumped so I can feel superior to everyone else with my command power.

>> No.12980432

>Matter Dissolution is a more dangerous version of Phasing. The user passes through solid objects, just like a Phaser. But as soon as they have gone through it, it breaks down and crumbles. This is because they break down binding forces as they pass through it. So, while they can walk through walls, they leave a big gaping hole afterwards.

I become a superhero, adopting the moniker "Unstoppable Force".

>> No.12980436

The ability to open up a group of people to the Trollforce, turning them into trolls
First, you can select people (all you need is something to call them by), and turn them into super-trolls. They will tend to form a group with you and those selected by you, and will either gain immense trolling skill or at least one trollforce power. Over time, they will develop a unique typing quirk, turn grey, change their blood color, and grow candy-corn colored horns. Secondly, you can give simple suggestions to vast numbers people (like, "comment on this website" "spread this meme").

Looks like somebody has been reading too much Homestuck.

>> No.12980442

The ability to be pampered by everybody
Whenever this power is "activated", the user is automatically pampered by anyone and everyone they encounter. That's all there is to it. And because of the effect this power has on people, the user is immune to making enemies. And don't worry about getting tired of being pampered because that only happens in movies, how does someone get tired of beind pampered, nobody does in real life!
The good:
Everyone pampers you
Immune to making enemies
Most-likely won't get tired of being pampered
The bad:
Some people might get tired of being constantly pampered (if their weird! )

Never alone!

>> No.12980452

Superpower: Schrodinger's Cat Infliction
The ability to freeze a frame of time for a sentient being
The person affected by this ability is forced to replay a certain time frame between 5 minutes-1 week that may have different consequences each time depending on the person's actions. The affected person will repeat the scenario a set number of years(max 10) at the user's discretion. The scenario will restart if the person affected dies. All changes will be reversed when the scenario replays. Once the effect has worn off the person affected will regain all memories of the scenarios.
The good:
You can inflict on your enemies a fate worse than death(until the time limit)
You can freeze yourself in a frame of time to predict the consequences of your actions
The bad:
There is a time limit of 10 years that you can freeze a sentient being in
The results can be unintended, for example: personality change

I think I just won everything. Oppose me and enjoy reliving parts of your life over and over. And enjoy trying to fight me when I can simply find out the best way to act in any given scenario!

>> No.12980462

>Superpower: Handful Hands
> The ability to create thousands of hands.
This ability allows you to create thousands of hands that will appear wherever you want them to appear. The movements of the hands follow the movement of your original hands. When one of your hands is destroyed, you won't be able to feel any pain.

For every person in this world who has been wronged, I shall make a fist to avenge them, and a palm to soothe them. Vengeance will be ours.

>> No.12980469

The ability to control your parallel universe
They say mirrors contain the exact opposite of your life in our "world". And that what you do here is the exact opposite of the mirror world. By using this power you change the outcomes of what ever mistakes you do here in our "world" or completely change the events that may have caused you distress and problems. It's sort of reality warping but with the limits of a parallel universe being affected.
The good:
You can change the result of any thing like getting a low scores in test then use
The power to switch the "universes" and get a high score. You could also change the outcomes of
Wars,fights and even gambling bets in which if you lose here you can win if you switch the universes
The bad:
Can alter the death of others but cannot alter your own death
Positive results for you may cause negative outcomes for others
Can destroy the veil of the two universes with constant use and can cause great strain to the user

>> No.12980482 [DELETED] 

Meet me >>12973131

>> No.12980492

>The ability to psychically communicate with one specific alien in the whole universe.
>When this power manifests, a psychic link between you and a random alien will be established. From then on, you will be able to exchange telepathically (thoughts), empathically (emotions), sensorily (senses) and mnemonically (memories) with that alien. Unless special conditions arise, you will never be able to change to another alien 'correspondent'. The reason why is because that specific alien is because he/she/it(? ) has this power as well.

1. Hope they are advanced
2. Build alien tech through instructions
3. ?????

>> No.12980495

Meet me >>12973131

>> No.12980511

The question is this...
Why you wanna fight brah?

>> No.12980517

>The ability to mimic the powers and abilities of myth and legend
>Read any myth or legend, touch the desired character's name & mimic their powers and abilities. For one day your former life will be forgotten by all and you will look exactly like the mythological or legendary figure. You could do this only once a day. There is no returning to your former self that day. You have the power until you sleep or 24 hours after you became Myth or Legend.

Awwwww Yeah, DIOMEDES UP IN THIS BITCH! Damn right I become a hero. My name?

Pantheon. Yeah, that works.

>> No.12980521

I don't I just can't help but flaunt my shit.

>> No.12980524

Ultimate Skill: The ability to have all skills increased.

All of your natural features, such as strength, speed, sight, perception, and persuasiveness, are increased to a virtually superhuman level. All other things, like weaving, survival, weather predicting, animal taming, weapon, mastery and more, are made extremely powerful. You can do many things very well.

Fuck. Yes. Bitches be so jelly.

>> No.12980536

Superpower: Doomsday Energy

The ability to harness the power of a doomsday device planted in your body
A person with this power has a doomsday device planted in their body. However, their body has adapted to slow down the activation of the device and harness energy contained within the device for superhuman feats. The doomsday device is like a parasite that attaches to a person's heart and nerves. The user is given the ability to either slow down the timer for the device or hasten it and gain power. If the user dies before the device activation, the device recalibrates and looks for another host.

The good:
You can instantly vaporize anything you want-and I mean anything
You also gain enhanced strength and speed and the ability to travel and survive in a vaccuum
The timer is actually very long-about a zettayear and it recalibrates to a zettayear each time.

The bad:
If you overuse this ability, you will blow up the universe(no joke)
Stopping the doomsday device will kill you-heart stops and doomsday device will recalibrate anyway
The allure of power-hastening the device gives the user access to more power and abilities

Dayum, A villain?

>> No.12980541

>The ability to stay clean without bathing
>Ain't nobody so sexy, you're just so fresh and clean. And you can stay clean forever with no effort. Your body will produce just enough oil to keep your skin smooth. Orange Oil that is! AND YOU CAN BREATH AEROSOL COMPUTER CLEANER. AND URINATE CLR! Your bodily functions also take care of themselves in the most clean way possible. So no more wiping! You are even resistant to filth-based attacks. So vomit kinetics, lotion mimics, bullets of frozen urine, and giant undulating poos can't hurt you.

I am not sure whether to find this awesome or be somewhat disappointed

>> No.12980543

>The ability to make people continuously see the meow mix commercials
>The person will see the commercial going on around them and it will feel, smell, taste, look and hear as if there are in the actual commercial.

Pic related.

>> No.12980548

>The ability to harvest other peoples' organs into your own body
>Pieced together from other body parts & organs like a Frankenstein creature, you can absorb other peoples' organs into your own body. This extends your life & gives you complete health. Also makes you stronger. Almost immortal.


>> No.12980557

The ability to defy any sort of logic as long as you don't believe that it applies to you
Unlike Physics Rejector, or Physics Distortion which allows you to only defy the laws of physics, a person with Logic Defying has the ability to defy any type of logic in existence. That means that you can defy the laws of chemistry and biology or any other science as long as you don't believe that the laws apply to you. However, even the user themselves doesn't have any way to explain what they can do- they can do anything they want as long as they don't believe otherwise.
The good:
Nothing applies to you, or you choose what laws apply to you and what doesn't
You can do everything in Chuck Norris jokes just because you can
You can even skip any type of restrictions anyone put on you
The bad:
Limited by a person's logic

The third good one means i can just skip the restrictions placed upon me by the superpower itself, making me omnipotent.
Sounds logical to me.

>> No.12980569

Superpower: Angelic Hierarchy: Thrones

>The ability to become a bizarre-looking angel of justice and authority.
>The Thrones, also known as the Ophanim, are the manifestations of justice and righteous authority. Their appearances were rather strange and otherworldly, unlike the other angels. They appear as beryl-colored wheel-within-a-wheel, their rims covered and speckled with hundreds of eyes.

The good:
>Harness the power of justice and authority to your own extent.
>Utilize rays of light and purification to instill justice
>As any angel, you are capable of taking on the form of a human or a beast.

The Bad:
>None really

Well then, I need a name...Yeah, since these guys show up in Ezekiel, I'll go with that. And I WILL quote the Pulp Fiction version of Ezekiel 25:17

>> No.12980587

The ability to undergo a transformation into a Japanese monster or spirit.
In Japanese mythology, the Raiju was recognized as a beast that fell to the earth as a lightning bolt. A raiju may appear as a giant weasel or a blue and white wolf wrapped in lightning or fire. As a raiju you are able to bound through the air crashing down upon your victims with a thunderous aftermath. Your claws also act as small lightning strikes.
The good:
Very destructive.
Strike down those who oppose you.
Let out thunderous howls that cause enemies to go deaf.
The bad:
Could wipe out loved ones or friends that are in the way.

.... That's.. sort of cool.

>> No.12980594

The ability to summon a demonic dragon.
The demonic dragon Saikazane is capable of perceiving all knowledge of the universe, from insects to questions of faith. He can also fire destructive beams from his eyes which disintegrate anything it makes contact with. The kanji tattoos on your forearms allow you to invoke this mysterious being to do your bidding. Saikazane can also transfer a small portion of his powers to the summoner, such as energy projection, flight, immense strength, lightning quick speed, and superior durability.
The good:
Defeat feeble enemies with ease.
Disintegrate your desired targets.
Gain knowledge of the universe.
The bad:
You are still vulnerable.
A dangerous ability to utilize around civilians.
That's sounds pretty neat. I would summon it on difficult tests to help me with his knowledge. Or summon above lefties' and nazi's parades.

>> No.12980596


>The Phantom Groper

>> No.12980597

>Superpower: My Name Is Legion..We Are Many The ability to absorb souls & replace them with yours controlling zombie-ish army You are a soul devourer. You take the souls of others & replace their blank lifeless body with with part of your soul. Making more of you all mentally linked together & to you. Every soul you take gives you strength & extended life. So however many souls you have, thats how many lives you can live. If one of your slaves mortally dies, you can keep it alive like a zombie. Only way to die is shoot or whatever between eyes unless already died that way. But you all feel short agony of death. The good: You draw strength & life from each soul you take You control an army of bodies that can live beyond mortal death The bad: Your minions if zombied will die permanantly if shot between the eyes Everyone feels the mortal death of of anyone You have to give up a soul you converted to yours in order to zombify a body when dead

i am the borg!

>> No.12980610

>The ability to create any type of food out of thin air With this power, you can make any meal appear in front of you as long as you visualize it. The food can be eaten or thrown. You can change what ingredients are in there. By any ingredient, I mean that, besides extra salt/pepper or other spices, you can also add more things such as laxatives, poisons, and even explosives. As long as it can be feasibly put into the human body, it can be made.

Fuck yes, god of cooking! I guess I'll open a restaurant and become the richest man in the world by serving virtually anything.

>> No.12980624

The ability to cause anyones power to become its polar opposite With this strange power you can cause a Pyrokinetic to become a Hydrokinetic, a Flyer to become a Tunneler, a mind reader to a mind controller. With one touch you could cause anyone's power to completely reverse. All powers have an opposite and this power also tells you what the reversed power will be. Some powers on the other hand might have more than one reversed form. For example, an Ability Amplifier might become either an Ability Thief or an Ability Dampener. With practice you could choose. The good: You can reverse peoples powers(and change them back) If someone you know hates their power You know what the reversed power will be The bad: Most wont know how to control their new ability You must touch them to reverse them. Reversing your own power could be bad

>> No.12980629

>Ultimate Shapeshifting.
>Can shapeshift into anything or anyone of approximate size. Gains the properties or memories of what/who one has shapeshifted into.

Fuck yes. Mystique, but even better.

>> No.12980630

>>Superpower: Detective
The ability to solve the unsolveable crimes, using your keen detective skills.
This ability will undoubtedly assist you in the law enforcement career. You've got a knack for solving crimes, using your detective skills. You're like a modern day Sherlock Holmes. You also get the criminal.
The good:
Reduce the crime rate.
Take down the worlds most notorious criminal masterminds.
The bad:
Criminals might seek revenge.
Don't possess any power, to defend against attacks from the criminals.

And so.. i became.. The Night.
This is like the best what i could hope for. Seriously.

>> No.12980639

The ability to create temporary mini-worlds outside of our time and space.
This allows you to create a "bubble" in which you can control anything you want, and bring yourself and others inside. You could spend years in the "bubble" without any time passing in the real world. There would be no permanent physical effects when someone leaves, but they would remember everything that happened like it was a dream, and retain any skills they learned. This does not include any musculature needed to perform the skill, just the knowledge of how to do it.
The good:
You have a place to think or relax whenever you want it.
You always have time to learn new skills.
You can live out fantasies or express frustration without permanent consequences
The bad:
You cannot directly affect the real world.
You might live out your ideal life, and then have to return to this one.
Could be addictive.

>> No.12980644

>The ability to sleep for a specific amount of time and always wake up completely refreshed.
>With this power, you never need to hit the snooze button again. Using your mind alone, you can set an internal alarm clock that wakes you up at a specific time or after a specific length of time. But here's the best part: Be it 5 minutes or 5 hours, you always feel COMPLETELY refreshed when you wake up. You can also purposely knock yourself out for things like surgery, MRIs, class, and that strange curiosity you have about what it's like to fall asleep at the wheel.

As a college student, I want this so fucking bad. Especially today. I have a final and I'm way sleepier than I should be.

>> No.12980654

And in the later years you can be Columbo

>> No.12980662

>The ability to become a unsummonable giant hummingbird kystian.
>A zyl, a giant hummingbird-like kystian with a 50-foot wingspan. You can fly at mach 10. You can hover in place and choose to generate a 300-mph fire storm with a radius of 300 feet. You can just generate 300-mph winds if you choose to do that. The fire storm has a temperature of 1500 degrees. You have slow-motion vision.
>The good: You fly at mach 10. You can choose to create a 300-mph fire storm around your body.
>The bad: A giant form that you can't use everywhere.


>> No.12980673

>The ability to make any metal out of thin air and twist it into shape
>You can pull metal out of thin air and bend it. Your hands must be free to use this power.
>The good:
>Don't need any in the environment
>Metal can capture enemies without you moving
>The bad:
>Must use hands

Fuck, another chick with superpowers whose weakness is bondage. Just what we need.

>> No.12980742

>The ability to bend nature to your will, except the weather.

My name is... NATURE BOY


>> No.12981122

I keep getting the "502 Bad Gateway" power.

Halp. :(

>> No.12981133

You have 502 different ways to make gates, portals, doors, etc. "bad." Sounds hella useful.

>> No.12981135

>You have ascended to a state of physical perfection and mastery of your body and mind so great that you can even use your training to affect the world around you to some degree through the sheer power of your martial arts.


>> No.12981204

>cartoon physics
shits about to get LOONY

>> No.12981215

Superpower: Beeromancy

The ability to know the future by seeing how beer pours into glass.
This ability answers a yes or no question. You pour a beer into a glass. You must watch until the last drop of beer has gone in then you know the answer to a yes or no question. The glass you pick becomes your 'crystal ball'. You can't dump out the beer,you have to drink it and pour another beer to answer a new question. This power doesn't work with non-alcoholic beers. Beer with high alcoholic content increases the chances of a correct answer

The good:
A thirst quenching way to see the future.
The POOF! Beer power will let make the best beer possible.
The bad:
You don't have a power to avoid getting drunk.
You're underage.
You've given up drinking.

>> No.12981231

>Superpower: Pregnancy Control
>The ability to control pregnancy and whether a woman becomes pregnant.
>The ability to control whether a woman becomes pregnant and what the results of the pregnancy will be.
>The good:
>You could have a say in whether a woman becomes pregnant or not
>No need for birth control
>The bad:
>Doesn't help with preventing STD's

... wat?

>> No.12981236

The ability to secrete neurotoxin from razor sharp claws that paralyzes a person
Your hands have hard durable razor sharp claws that are covered with a neurotoxin. This toxin when injected into a person, it affects their nervous system, paralyzing them in a seizure fit. It could also send them into a coma & even death. You will be immune to your own toxin though.

Hm. I am unsure how I could be a "hero" with this power. A person fighting crime and injustice for the better of all, sure. But there killing people with razor-introduced neurotoxin ain't exactly heroic.

>> No.12981271

>The ability to transform into metal.
>At will, anyone with this ability can become any metal they choose. Gold, silver, bronze, platinum, steel, tin, copper, mercury or any other metal I forgot about. Not only this, you'll have metallic reshaping powers. So, when in the middle of a fight, change your hand into a hammer, sword, wrecking-ball or any other metal based weapon.
>any metal they choose
>Uranium is a metal
>change arm into a steel/uranium sword
Fuck yeah, cancer

>> No.12981274

Hey, look at it this way: You'd make millions as a fertility specialist.

>> No.12981295

The ability to channel the wrath of the ancient Greek gods
Everyone knows that the Greek gods all had particular domains, but there was one thing they could ALL do: smite those who oppose them. If people thought they could surpass a god in something they presided over, they were turned into something, or driven mad, or their people were afflicted with plague, or died, or were struck by lightning, as Zeus was famous for. Channeling the divine wrath of the Olympians, you can do just the same, provided you don't disrespect the gods, yourself.
The good:
Inflict divine wrath upon foes for defying the Greek gods
Choose any method of smiting you like (and be immune to other gods' smiting)
Choose between a person, a group or an entire nation
The bad:
Plague, famine, hunger, destruction, chaos, violence? That means a lot of clean-up
If you offend the gods in any way, you lose this power
If you offend the gods after you lose this power, YOU get smited

so, one-man-pantheon but subjected to the whim of chaotic gods? fuck

>> No.12981305

Superpower: The Trollforce Master
The ability to control the force behind trolling and Schadenfreude
This force can be used in two major ways. The first is for actual trolling. Besides being granted major manipulation and computer skills, the trollforce can be used to read minds and control computers. But it can also be used to create 'epic' real life 'trolls'. Though its preferred form is in standard psychic (particularly telepathic) powers and trickster magic. The catch is that it must be recharged through actual trolling if you use it for non-trolling.
The good:
Become a legend wherever you go, for bringing devestation through manipulation
Have the powers of Professor X and Mr. Mxyzptlk, particularly if you're just wreaking havoc
Manipulative and computer skills for free! The manipulation/computer powers are recharged easily
The bad:
While the lighter effects may only require browsing the internet and enjoying the works of others,
The really dramatic stuff requires you to pull very epic (and hurtful) trolls
People will hate (and possibly even fear) you if you can't hide the way you charge your powers

wow. I think I can make this work. It's not like I've never trolled anyone in real life (tricked a redneck into snorting wasabi once, that was good for a laugh). But I guess I'll have to use my powers for constructive trolls. I guess I could sign on with the CIA and spend my tie tearing apart North Korea's infrastructure. Isolate the channels terrorists use to communicate and troll them into making stupid mistakes and getting caught by 'modifying' the various messages they send and receive. Not really good for a long-term career, but I'll make do.

>> No.12981315

The ability to channel Aletheia's command over the essence of truth, honesty and sincerity
The truth is a powerful thing. Channeling Aletheia, you discover just how powerful. Using this power, not only can you perceive when foes lie, you can also activate truth. Within yourself, you can speak the definite answer to nearly any question, including those thought of by yourself (even conundrums). Within subjects, you can deactivate their ability to lie for as long as your power is active; you can also see through illusions, perceive the true form of shapeshifters and restore lost memory.
The good:
Perceive lies and deception (including half-truths, illusions and shapeshifting)
Speak absolute truth
Make foes only able to tell the truth (and restore distorted memories to normal)
The bad:
Kinda turns you into a stickler for the truth
People with MythPower: Zeus Power are immune to this power
If you tell a lie while using this power, it short-circuits temporarily.
now that's awesome. FUCK YOU PI YOU NOW EQUAL 3

>> No.12981326

>Superpower: Rhythmic Mayhem
>The ability to combine both martial arts and dance types.
>Imagine if you could copy and mix both martial arts >and dance moves of anyone within close range. >Also, you often take on the unique potential >characteristics, and, to some degree, use it for >combat, like if you want to mix vale tudo and east >coast swing, it'll be a dangerous advantage against >your opponents, kenpo with flamenco, the jailhouse >rock (fighting style) with the latin hustle or any >fighting style and dance move you want to combine. >It's up to you.
>The good:
>Crazy kind of power.
>It might be kind of strange when you mix Jujutsu >with Lambada.
>The bad:

Oh fuck yes, I'm the goddamn Eddy Gordo.

I'll use my powers to fight crime as Captain Capoeira!

>> No.12981350

Superpower: Death Transfer
Well then..villain i guess? nothing can stop me so i might as well rule the world.

>> No.12981391

The ability to turn yourself into things from subconsciences. Please read full description.
When this power is activated you lose your body and just have a body of no distinct appearance. This ability has two modes. 1) You can pick something to look like (e. G. Hottest female) and you will look like that to everyone. It will be different for everyone, and it works even if the person doesn't concisely know what it looks like. 2) You pick a specific body from someone and become it physically, with all of it's attributes. You can look at someone and know their version in either mode.
The good:
Immortality - Don't have to age or get sick or have normal needs in a specific body
Gain powers
Be the hottest person on the planet or your enemy's worst nightmare
The bad:
Lose your body
Cannot merge or modify forms

goodbye virginity, and i can just recreate my body

>> No.12981516

Superpower: Umbramaniacal Form
The ability to change into a form which grows and gains power from consuming shadows.
With this ability, you can change into a form which grows and gains power from shadows. You transform into a shadow-like monster, and you become more powerful as shadows twist and form around you, increasing your size. As you grow, you gain more and more shadow powers, such as making shadow tentacles, shadow balls, and shadow blasts. If you're powerful enough, physical attacks simply bounce off of you. You are weak to light in this form, and must revert if you take too much damage.
The good:
Gain multiple shadow abilities
If used at night, this can make you almost unstoppable.
If you have consumed enough shadow, physical attacks simply bounce off of you.
The bad:
If you take in too much light, you become weak and revert. (Ex: Being in the sun)
Once you revert, you start over at normal power when you return to Umbermaniacal Form.
Mental attacks always damage you, regardless of your size or strength.

I shall be known as the Darkness and I'll sow fear in those who would try to stop me.

>> No.12982720

>Double Whammy: The ability to forward dash punch your opponent to the stomach, then end it with an uppercut using both fists.You can rush through, then straight punch the enemy to the stomach, and finally you would leap and deliver an uppercut using both fists which would launch your foe into the air knocking them out.

This isn't a "power", it's a combo!

>captcha: complete Quargeth


>> No.12982770

Superpower: Geometry
The ability to manipulate reality in immediate area
this allows you to project a 3-D graph of the immediate area. you can then manually change the graph, which reality then reflects. also acts as a map.
The good:
change reality
The bad:
takes time

I am okay with this.

>> No.12982937

>>Superpower: Myo Virus
>>The ability to infect life forms with a virus that makes them grow and become stronger the longer it festers.
With this ability, you can infect people, plants, and animals with the Myo Virus. This causes them to grow, and become stronger until the user de-activates the Virus at will. Life forms with this Virus become increasingly aggressive the longer this virus festers. A life form can grow to a height of 1,000 feet before its heart stops, or dies. Once deactivated, they return to normal size and strength.

WTF? I don't even want to mess around with this...

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