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On a scale of 1-10 how bad would the resulting creature be for the inhabitants of the 40k universe?

Allowing a maturation and replication phase of, oh about 3 months of being left unchecked.

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Whatever it is, it should involve the Space Marine SURVIVING the birth of his alien, and hunting it down to as a matter of honor.

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No I mean it.

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we had this bullshit earlier....knock it the fuck off

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No two headed Xenomorph marine composites.

One head is EMPEROR BE PROUD the other just wants to eat your brain and other soft bits, and they're in perfect sync about it.

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3 months head start? For just that one to mature or would it immediately molt into a SM/Alien queen and set up shop on a random world?

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But then: A Tweest!

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Maybe a 3

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That requires a praitorian facehugger.

We don't know if they have those, But it would probably set up shop on the sanctioned psyker and suddenly WARP DAEMON ALIEN QUEEN.

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OP here. For the sake of giving the little buggers a chance the hybrid would sense the lack of a Queen and would become one. The world will be a fringe planet of about 4 billion souls and the hive build in a major population center.

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>Facehugger attaches itself on a warlord

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Fuck the space marine. All the xeno would inherit is a blind devotion to worshiping a sack of rotting skin and disproportionatly small head.

Xenos that can reproduce via acidic spore blood would actually be a pain in the ass to stamp out even more so then a regular infestation.

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Orks would just eat the thing, or just treat it as a face squig. Soon it'll be fashionable to have face squigs. However in all seriousness, a facehugger poses no threat to an Ork.

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Who said the Ork would be killed after the alien bursts out of his gut?

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Oh god. You mean the face huggers could REUSE an ork as many times as they could manage?

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Mo'black squigs

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The orks would make a sport out of it.



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you'd have tyrant guard.

that's literally what that genus of nids are. Marine genetic data.

eldar were zoanthropes
orks were biovores (it was more evident in the late 3rd/4th ed biovore)

tyrant guard were the genus that resulted in nids capturing marine DNA.

next question.

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Now how's this sound

>Alien Hive
>5-20 Drones

>WS:4 BS:0 S:3 T:3 W:1 A:2 I:4 LD:9 SV:6+

>Move through Cover, Fearless, Infiltrate

>Deadly Leap- Xenomorphs can pounce great distances to attack their prey. Assaults 12 inches instead of 6

>Acid Blood- Aliens have concentrated acid for blood, which can easily splash and hideously burn anyone who wounds them up close. For every wound they lose combat by, the opposing unit will take a wound, with saves allowed as normal.

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so... 4th ed hormagaunts with 2ed acid blood?

I like them.

8pts each

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Just the way it is that the classic big bad alien monster is on par with a 40K race's common gremlin.
They'd be pretty small-time, a lot less successful without a big corporation constantly trying to study and exploit them.

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Alien Queen

WS:5 BS:0 S:6 T:5 W:4 A:4 I:4 Ld:9 Sv:3+

>Move though cover, Monstrous creature, Deadly Leap: Acid blood, Tail weapon, Fearless, Phermones.

Deadly leap, as above poster.

Acid blood. For every wound dealt to the Queen in close combat models in base contact (due to her size) takes one ap4 wound.

Tail weapon. Can be used as 2 S5 poweweapon attacks in close combat or lower the number of attacks for all models in base contact by 1, to a minimum of 1.

Phermones. All Alien models within 12" may use the Queens ld for any relevant ld test. But if the queen gets assaulted all models affected by this rule must try to join in this combat

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we already have the rules for xenomorphs- they're genestealers.

Space Hulk was basically the 40k adaptation of the Alien franchise back in the day, all the way down to that little suspenseful blippy radar. They were also some of the first plastic models in the nid range.

the genestealers unfortunately, just never outgrew their terrible 80s design.

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yeah but this is /tg/.
If we can imagine, steal or copy it then we will stat it.

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Now we just need to throw in the IG and it's like Aliens all over again!

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thats the thing from aliens correct? well then it will burst out of the space marines chest in a bloody mess killing the space marine. fucking idiot

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