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ITT: You know your DM is going to model next campaign's BBEG after a Disney villain when......

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....he asks what the stats are on a parrot familiar.

(Hint: It's just a refluffed raven)

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I m not good in Diseny who is that gargolye in the background?

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Why is Hook so short?

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iirc it looks like the gigantic devil/mountain from the Hall Of The Mountain King segment of Fantasia

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Princesses are superior.

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It's the Devil.

Disney insists it's some generic demon named "Chernabog" but fuck that, he's the fucking devil.

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He takes singing lessons and makes you listen to him practicing.

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"Chernabog" is the name of an Eastern European demon/deity can take the shape of a mountain, so it's not total BS.

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Yeah, the Nostalgia Critic said Chernabog was the best villain so now everyone agrees. Chernobog and Malieficient are so fucking overrated its ridiculous.

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They still pulled it out of their ass, and it's still bullshit.

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Ursula is Superior!

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To be honest, Chernobog and Malieficient would probably be the most difficult Disney villains to defeat without plot armor.

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>American Gods
That guy is shit.

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>Existing deity
>Based off the god damn same mythology and portfolio of the demon

Fuck, the sounavabitch pre-dates christian concept of devilry by itself and how in the love christ that is "pulled out of their ass"

Do explain and how does this dilute the sheer awesome value.

Either you haven't done your homework

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Chernabog sounds almost as "Czarny bóg" which in Polish means "Black god". But I haven't heard about him.

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Nostalgia Critic can eat a dick, like Spoony he suffers from severe inflated ego and fucking hates being proved wrong.


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Maleficent is a cool villain, you have to give her that. She's SO evil that the king refused to invite her for fear of what she'd do, but because he DIDN'T invite her, she shows up anyway and curses his daughter to a horrible fate.


Maleficent is fucking Yuuka-tier evil.

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Although considering the period, it could have been a case of adopting Satan into slavic paganism. Which gives Disney more room for ambiguity in their explanations, of course.

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>To be honest, Chernobog and Malieficient would probably be the most difficult Disney villains to defeat without plot armor.

Chernobog, maybe, but Maleificient? She's not that powerful. Three faeries were all it took to kill her.

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Pciture missing Pocahontas, I had it somewhere but can't find it.
I love that because that is how the Pocahontas movie should have ended.

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>Chernobog, maybe, but Maleificient? She's not that powerful. Three faeries were all it took to kill her.

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>Maleficent is a cool villain, you have to give her that. She's SO evil that the king refused to invite her for fear of what she'd do, but because he DIDN'T invite her, she shows up anyway and curses his daughter to a horrible fate.

Eh, I find the wicked Stepmother to be much more evil because she's so much more real.

Maleificent is impressive, but I don't find her brand of evil particularly interesting.

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Maleficent is a fairy herself too, remember. Does cold iron count as plot weaponry?

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That is what he is actually. Ahriman of Zoroastrianism, he was the incarnation of all things bad. Not just "I am going to make you my bitch because I like it" but "I do it because I am incarnation of all evil acts" sort of personality, not the christian concept of Satan.

Either way, he is a god damn full-fledged god of all things bad size of a mountain. Not someone you'd want to piss off.

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Maleficent gets props for being a slightly unorthodox evil wizard.

Also props for the dragon thing.

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Damn, we need a nope.jpg that is more of an 'this is awesome for you and me' picture.

Of course, it'll only do you good if she keeps the fae type when she turns into a dragon....

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"Magic sword, fly swift and sure -- let evil die and good enddddddDDDDDDDDDDDEEEEEEEEEEERP!"

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...isn't Maleficent really a black dragon in human form?

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Wheres Oogie Boogie?

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A scoped rifle would be sufficient. She didn't die because the sword was magical, she died because it stabbed her in her goddamn heart. All the faeries did was ensure the sword would land in the right spot when it was thrown.

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Horned King, just wants PCs dead because they happen to be on his way to complete dominance over the realm.

No speeches, no dramatic entrances, he will just throw your dying carcass into the black cauldron to fuel his undead hordes.

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No she is a fairy.

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Well considering our last one was to be a Ursula expy but she turned good when I stole the McGuffin thus almost breaking the game and instead her underling, pretty much Scar in human form, took the reigns to keep things going. Then yes, it's rather probable our next BBEG is gonna be Disney themed again.
However, Rusputin allusions have been dropped here and there.

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So, she's just a really powerful fairy. Flemeth from Dragon Age is pretty clearly derived from Maleficent, being basically a grimderp serious version of her.

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>It took 3 fairies to cast one True Strike spell
Dem's some weakass fairies you got there.

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I would pay to hear Jaffar screaming "BEAR WITNESS TO MY ASCENSION!" as he is granted Daemonhood.

I wonder if Genie is undivided daemon or otherwise rogue, but still rather powerful one.

Either way, I wouldn't mind to hear the tale of Hivescum Alladin told by a camel merchant we all know and love.

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In the original storyline, It's not even that the King didn't invite her. The king knew that if the most evil thing in the tri-sovereignty area learned she had been snubbed, his shit would be ruined. He DID invite her, and then it was discovered that between her, the 8 other fairies, and some others, he only has 12 Golden plates, instead of 13.
Maleficient laid that curse on the kid because her PLATE was less precious than her neighbor's. Which was her fault for arriving late.

Also, who's the chick to our right of the evil step-mother

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They're all True Fae.

It took three of them combined to actually kill Maleficent, just because she was THAT POWERFUL. Remember, she cursed a young girl just by fucking saying so, called down lightning at will, could teleport like a motherfucker, grew a gigantic thorn jungle in a matter of seconds, and TURNED HERSELF INTO A GOD DAMNED DRAGON

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That would be Snow White's mother.

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Ah yes, the Horned King. A lich with ranks in blackguard/paladin of tyranny.

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One two and a half foot piece of iron in her heart and she died.

I am unimpressed.

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Wait, Snow White's MOTHER is a villain too? Jesus, her dad knows how to pick them.

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Maleificent or the evil queen from Snow White.

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>established Celtic mythology
>lich with ranks in...

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A two and a half foot piece of metal that all three of the Good Faeries had to fucking enchant to make work.

Look at it this way: Maleficent was the Balrog, the Three Faeries were Gandalf, the sword was the stick.

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I see your point.

What was he then? And from what culture did liches originate?

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Imo the story would have been better if involved the real mother as a zombie.

And why the part where Cinderella and the Prince force the evil step mother to wear burning hot iron shoes wasn't in the movie?

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The original stories were fucking grimdark as FUCK and full of horrible shit that you wouldn't want a child to hear. Especially not from Disney.

>> No.12946825


>Attempt to edit "Arabian Nights"
>Notice that it barely needs any editing

And I swear to god, that little guy with the huge turban is Hjassan or at least relative of his.

>> No.12946832

>A two and a half foot piece of metal that all three of the Good Faeries had to fucking enchant to make work.

Once again, all they did was make it fly straight. A crossbowman with good aim could have done the same, or a modern rifleman.

Malificient could do a lot of flashy shit but in the end you could kill her with a sharpened stick.

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He was even more badass in the book series the movie was based off.

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You're implying a whole fucking lot from just a bit of dialogue. Dialogue that happens to be a magic spell. Which are almost never ever in the history of ever self-explanatory, or at least not incredibly vague.

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Most of the stories that Disney adapted were grim dark as all hell, even more so Black Cauldron.

Spesific details of battles, gore, sacrifice, death amongst other creepy as fuck things but still, it was in "Children's literature" category. And this was just one story taken from entire antology of such.

And holy fuck, even with Disney's adaption Black Cauldron was edited to all hell and there is fuckloads of myths of someone having uncut, unedited versions of Black Cauldron.

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>You're implying a whole fucking lot from just a bit of dialogue.

I'm implying a hell of a lot less than you are.

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Difficult to say, they're largely a creation of D&D upon existing archetypes. The word is derived from German, Liche meaning corpse, and is also found in Old English. The iconic monster is derived from sword and sorcery literature, specifically 'The Sword and the Sorcerer' according to Gary Gygax.

The mythological roots are most likely Middle Eastern wherein the idea of burial practices, eternal life, and sorcery granting eternal life and a withered state are found. And the phylactery is found in Slavic mythology, a famous character who is basically a lich, Koschey. Also Egyptian entombment practices.

The myth is basically archetypal.

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The educational books used to be a bit different to say the least.

>> No.12946881

The Cauldron itself is a famous recurring aspect of Celtic mythology, though.

>> No.12946882

asks if anyone knows what rhymes with dungeon and has a stat sheet on the effects of song on the party

captcha: unlawful Bleodd

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Should I feel bad of remembering this guy? I saw this guy all the fucking time. Sort of a boogeyman "See kids this is why THIS you keep a decent hygeine!"

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Not a clue.

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The best story was the one about sucking thumbs.

>> No.12946915

Someone said that was Snow White's mom. She doesn't look like that to me, but whatever, you know? Whatever.

>> No.12946920

That's Susan Sarandon's character from Enchanted. She's pretty much just an expy of Maleficent and Snow's White mother.

>> No.12946923

I want to say that chick from Enchanted but I could be wrong.

>> No.12946932

Oh, Enchanted.
I still have to go see that.

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While we're on the subject, what Disney villains would make some degree of sense in/fit into a D&D campaign?

I know Jaffar works in an Arabic-themed campaign, and that Malieficient, Chernabog and the Horned King make great BBEGs for your standard Dark Age/Medieval Europe, but who else?

>> No.12946974

'lich' used to mean corpse
then it meant corpse animated by macabre magics
now it means corpse wielding macabre magics

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Ursula would be a legit threat for an ocean/marine themed campaign. So would Captain Hook actually if you Grimdark him up a little.

>prinstly story

captcha agrees

>> No.12947075

>Grimdark Captain Hook


>> No.12947090

>Captain Hook
Wasn't he supposed to be a fucking genius of a captain?

>> No.12947105


Corrupted/Heretical Rogue Trader looting the everliving shit out of everyone, expect those meddlin' kids we know as tau.

"Stealth Suits, in order to make your jump packs work think about Greater Good!"

>> No.12947134

When the BBEG suddenly break into a song

>> No.12947146

You missed
the evil priest (Hunchback: LE Cleric)
the sorceror who cursed the Beast (Thomas the Rhymer as a crone)
the Beast
Snow White's queen (Am I not Beautiful? No?!!?! SLAY THEM ALL!)
Prince John (Incompetent whiner with a temper problem and an evil winnie-the-pooh advisor? Yes, please.)...
Gaston is pretty much your average PC hero though. Little bit too LE. That's the only real difference
Most of them work in a midaeval setting, actually: the stepmother from Cinderella and Cruella De Ville are both excellent evil patrons: ambitious, murderous, obsessed, and none of your heroes are gonna try to bang 'em

>> No.12947147

He looks for a figurine of Aladdin's genie on facebook

>nothing good can come of this

>> No.12947150

There's a picture of serious'd up Disney villains. Captain Hook looks fucking mental on it.

>> No.12947152

Maybe he has multiclassed into bard. During the song the pcs have to take constant skill checks to follow the baddie's dance.

>> No.12947165

No one... PC's like Gaston
Earns xp like Gaston
When a TPK threatens no one flees like Gaston!

>> No.12947171

Wouldn't say the Beast would make a good BBEG.

But damn if a creature of his species wouldn't make a bitching encounter....

>> No.12947176

He's just a minotaur. If that.

>> No.12947183

>his species

He'd be a werebear or something, idunno.

>> No.12947186

>implying a TPK could even happen with GASTON in your party

>> No.12947195

Do want.

>> No.12947197

NOBODY TPKs like Gaston!

>> No.12947204

The guys an amalgamation of a bear, a gorilla, a wildebeast, a wolf, a buffalo and a human.

I've got no idea what he is, but he's a dire were-something

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>> No.12947214

I tried to use my google fu to find it for you but Deviantart is a terrible pit of lost hope in humanity and I had to stop.

>> No.12947220

Sure, I'm blind now, but I still respect him for his smoking skills.

>> No.12947221

I mean, for every one of this which is only-slightly-creepy-maybe...

>> No.12947222

>Smoking 2 cigars at once

>> No.12947224

That picture is almost as gay as the "serious'd" version of He-Man.

>> No.12947225

I think Frollo could be an excellent villain, though he wouldn't be fighting personally.

>> No.12947227


Who's the princess with the jaguar skin on? The only character I can think of at all is Jane from Tarzan, but she wasn't a princess.

>> No.12947229

Who's da middle one, Hades?

>> No.12947232

There's an accompanying one of these. Note the pubic flame.

>> No.12947233

The books the Black Cauldron is based off of actually have a Lich. It's been about a decade, but I remember an evil sorceror with his life hidden in his pinky bone, which Taran accidentally finds hidden in a tree like three months before he meets the guy. Pretty sure it's in "Taran Wanderer", but I could be wrong. Also, seconding the vote that the books are a) awesome, and b) pretty damned dark. Gurgi is basically a cross between the Beast and Beni from the Mummy.

He'd make an amazing setpiece. Especially in his despair. The Beast is brooding, furious, surrounded by animated and apparently unkillable servants possessing every item of furniture in the house, and that motherfucker has 10 HD if he has one.

>> No.12947238

Maleficent is obviously a sorcerer queen of athas.

>> No.12947241

It's Jane. She is never found by Tarzan and goes feral, I think that's what the little fluff accompanying it says.

>> No.12947245

63'd Tarzan

>> No.12947257

Yeah man, so much nostalgia right now. Those books were my adolescence.

>> No.12947258

Fuck it, you guys deserve this. Gaston's dreamy blue eyes and enormous ballsack.

>> No.12947265

Jaguars live in SA so where did Jane get that?

>> No.12947267

And this. Just this monstrosity.

>> No.12947276

You can stop now.
Please stop!

If I should find the Black cauldron books anywhere, should I buy them?

>> No.12947279

plot store

>> No.12947282

Dat Princess Jasmine...

>> No.12947297

Okay, I have posted way too many Disney related images to be comfortable in my heterosexuality by now, but I found -a- serious Disney villains one. It is not the one I intended to find, but it will do for now. Captain Hook looks nothing like as crazy as he does in the one I was talking about though.

>> No.12947305

>10d8 hitdice
>10+STR to hit
>2 Claw Attacks, 1 Bite Attack, 1 Gore Attack
>Rend, Improved Grapple, Power Attack

>> No.12947308

Ursula is a true abomination in that picture.

>> No.12947329


I have to get the image out of my head.

It would seem that nearly every god damn one Disney villians fits into 40K like bread to butter.

>> No.12947339

I believe you're referring to this image

>> No.12947343


I read the entire series before I hit puberty. They were great, and I'd read them again except that I'm in university now and don't get much spare time.

If you were to base a D&D universe off something not Tolkien derived, I'd recommend that you base it off that series.

>> No.12947351

That is indeed it! Well done, I couldn't find it.
Probably. Everything else does.

>> No.12947353

Cruella is arguing with the raven and jago.
Why am I not surprised.

>> No.12947357

She looks like a monkey that was hit by a MOAB.

>> No.12947369


Naw, she was born that way, she has her picture in the dictionary right next to "thundercunt"

>> No.12947370

Well then, I think I'll check out the local bookstore next week.
Plus I already have a massive hardon for the horned king.
I have a huge necromancer, lich, overall undead fetish

>> No.12947371

I remembered it was on the archived thread "If Disney bought GW". Took me a while to find it even knowing that.

>> No.12947389

Jaffar looks like the king of midland from Berserk.
Now imagine him molesting jasmine instead of his daugther.
Niiiic- I mean eeew.

>> No.12947405


>Implying that wasn't Jaffars second goal other than his ascension

Seriously, he wanted to get into her pants soon as possible.

>> No.12947462

source of twisted princess pics:


>> No.12947467

When he's gay.

>> No.12947505

That one is boss. Seriously, fucking voodoo mutant druid shenanigans up in this.

>> No.12947516

Read them. In order, too. A lot of stuff makes no sense if you skip the first two. Book of Three to start.
Also, be prepared for Taran Wanderer.
It is not a nice book. Then again, becoming a man can suck...

also Fflewder Fflam for best bard evar. And possibly Talesin hanging around ot fuck with the main characters.

>> No.12947577


>> No.12947596

The role of the Horned King and Annwyn, King of the Dead and Lord of the Iron Crown is blended a leeeetle bit in the Disney movie. I think you'll like the difference though.

>> No.12947624

It's been sometime from when I first read the series....which one was the true BBEG?

>> No.12947637

Think about which name is more badass :P

Seriously, though, Herne/Horned King is in no way the BBEG, he's just a pawn (not that Taran and Co. figure that out for a while)

>> No.12947745

I'm thinking of using hook for a villain for my Pathfinder campaign. Should I do anything special to stat the hook-hand? Or could I just state that it's a piercing 1d6 crit x2 weapon?

>> No.12947752

I've heard a theory that Jasmine may be Jaffar's daughter, so you wouldn't be too far off there. o.o

>> No.12947795

Yeah, make it kind of badass. How are you statting Hook?

>> No.12947804


In the "Rise of the Runelords" adventure path, there's an exotic weapon called an ogre hook. I couldn't tell you the stats off the top of my head, but you might be interested in checking it out.

>> No.12947822

Well, I might be able to get away with statting him as a free-hand fighter with good intelligence and charisma, leadership and some ranks in profession(sailor). In combat, I can see him pulling every dirty trick he knows, from depantsing people, throwing sand in their eyes or knocking stuff over to get an upper hand.
Which you can totally do in Pathfinder, which I love.
I will be looking at this, good sir.

>> No.12947838

Ogre Hook is a two-handed weapon. Shucks.

>> No.12947841

What would you do when confronted with this:

"Man, Disney villains are so awesome in the game but in the animes they're all so lame and shitty, I mean in Kingdom Hearts they were powerful villains and in the animes they sing and shit"

>> No.12947845

>free hand
Wouldn't he better TWF'ing with the Hook and a sword?

>> No.12947852

Who said that? Direct me to them that I might destroy them.

If they are not Asian I will destroy them with sheer implosive rage.

>> No.12947864


"Who cares, man? They still cannot ever be Ultramarines, for their gene-seed is not that of Roboute Guilliman"

>> No.12947866


Kingdom Hearts has about the most awesome rendition of Mickey Mouse ever made (KING MICKEY),
shit it's like the only time Mickey Mouse has had a story related role in 20 years.

KH is faithful to the characters in action and design.

>> No.12947868

Saw it on youtube a few weeks back in one of the villain songs, Lion King maybe, unsure, name was Sasuke something I don't think he/she was asian judging from the typical 12 old grammar.

>> No.12947885


Still sounds like an obvious troll.

>> No.12947886

Incidentally, I had no problem with Matt Ward till I heard that every space marine chapter is doing like crap and every chapter that lacks full geneseeds (IE, not Ultramarines) AND has mutations are dying out. Suddenly.

No idea, I never played any of them, all I know is that its FF+Disney, which is initially quite strange combo for me but not necessarily bad.

>> No.12947890

damage-wise, yes, a TWF Fighter can pull some ridiculous damage in PF. Might even make the encounter really dangerous if the party goes in full-retard.

>> No.12947893


>> No.12947950

I just think it's better in general. Have him actually use that hook, make him a crit monkey so the PC's keep getting blinded, bleeding, stunned, whatever as he hacks away at them.

>> No.12947955

>>12947886No idea, I never played any of them, all I know is that its FF+Disney, which is initially quite strange combo for me but not necessarily bad.

"little Mermaid world? I guess everyone would have an aquatic form like mermaid tails, but Donald is already a duck adn ducks can swim so... JESUS CHRIST HOLY SHI-"


>> No.12947964

South Park has the best Mickey.

>> No.12947979



>> No.12948013

duck paranoid

>> No.12948034

Pft. Chernabog was always the best Disney Villian. He's pure unadulterated evil. Second in my book would be Cruella DeVille, followed by Frollo. Cruella is in fact number two not because of animal cruelty...but because I'm rather sure she got off on it. I bet you that woman couldn't cum unless she was drowning a rare species of animal.

>> No.12948053

She's the kind of woman who just wants to strip naked and smother herself in the warm, natural pelt of some endangered species, knowing that she is top of the food chain.

Imagine what she looked like twenty years ago, before her chronic smoking habit and terrible stress levels ruined her figure and made her all gaunt and rickety as fuck.

>> No.12948071


Like this, I would imagine.

>> No.12948080


Crud. Ah well. Just use a sickle that can't be disarmed then.

>> No.12948096

You want to deny this woman her right to rub her nudity all over the dead skins of endangered animals?

That's not too much worse than a girl who likes bearskin rugs, is it?

>> No.12948106

Who the fuck cares if Chernobog is Satan or not?

I swear, I want to grab a coffee mug and smash a christian American housemom to death.


>> No.12948144

I don't even know why they bitch. That entire sequence has two songs. Night on bald mountain, and then Ave Maria. When the light of the church comes and banishes Satan. Christians win.

>> No.12948163

That's why I eat yogurt naked.

>> No.12948167

This artist does a really good rendition of Maleficent. I think he's a concept guy for Bioware, so there are some lovely pieces in his gallery from the recent games.


Also Reboot. I love his Reboot art.

>> No.12948180

Goddamn I nostalgia'd hard when you guys mentioned Black Cauldron. It's been AGES since I read those books, and the only thing I remember from them is amusing.

The only thing I remember anymore was when the main character, being the do-gooder he is, saves a baby EVILBIRD instead of killing it in the first book. Even when I was a kid I was like "Yeah and then he gets saved by the bird later on, like I totally see this coming". And the series was like what, five books? And all the time I was like "Ok when is the bird going to help him out". And then in the last book he's hanging from a cliff and it's all like OH NO IS THIS THE END FOR THE BRAVE HERO, THE EVIL BIRDS ARE CLOSING IN, and then it's the fucking bird that he saved when he was a kid.
I was like "Heh, I CALLED IT"

>> No.12948519

To continue working on Disney villains:
Scar and Shere Khan: cannibalistic were-critters with megalomania and a fondness for the feral side.
Kaa: Just.. don't fuck with Kaa. Leave him like he is in the books/movie: Winnie-the-Pooh with an appetite for flesh and a completely alien consciousness.
Hell, Mowgli would make a pretty decent BBEG if you run him the way he was in the books, which carry on after his mom lures him back into civlization for a while (way to go, Disney, with the proving Freud right and all...).
Baron Samedi (yeah, I know they called him something else) - Generic sorceror/witch doctor with some cajun spice - fits everywhere. He and Ursula are more playfully LE than outright villainous. Only the heroes' stupidity gets them into shitty situations.

I like the idea of Cruella getting off on killing things and wearing them. Makes a lot of sense. "Adventurers, bring me a dozen Gold Dragon hatchlings..."
Hades: heh, 'nuff said.
Cuthbert from the Aristocats? Not so much with the BBEG material, but he might be workable in something else.

>> No.12948649

Ah yes. Come to think about it, I got a strong Malicient vibe from Morrigan and Flemeth.

Flemeth transfoms in a dragon.

And Morrigan is like a dark evil witch powered by sex appeal.

>> No.12948688

I mentioned the Flemeth thing in this thread earlier on, that's totally correct.

In what system? It's not impressive to be able to place these guys, dude. They're incredibly general and mutable evil concepts. You can do it nicely by getting really intricate with the specifics of a particular setting or system, but you don't need to broadcast how you fit the general concept in: that is, in effect, what the respective movies were doing.

Not to mention Shere Kahn would hardly be a were-critter, unless you wanted him emo as fuck.

>> No.12948756

Morrigan is a whiny goth kid who thinks herself higher and mightier than mere mortals, even though most of what she says is bullshit and everyone else in the party could probably solo her, including Wynne. As for the sex appeal, I don't know. She looks kind of bland, despite her eternal makeup.

>> No.12948822

Hades is pretty much how I try to model all of my BBEGs.

It is rather odd imagining that thing working at a slaughter house and living in a rent-controlled apartment.

>> No.12948836

She has the largest breasts in the game.

>> No.12948869

That's sad.

>> No.12948900

Fine. Shere Khan, AD&D version.

Name-level Awakened Dire Tiger.
Freq: Unique.
AC: 5 (hide and speed)
Move: 10" + 5" Jump
HD: 12
%IL: 50%
TT: nil (see below)
#attacks: Claw/Claw/Bite (2d4/2d48/1d12)
Special: Surprise on 1-4 on 1d6 , +2 to saving throws vs. Magic (Wisdom), thief abilities. No magic resistance.
Intelligence: Very.
Alignment: CE.
Size: L
Psi: Nil.

Shere Khan is a dark legend of the forest, a great tiger with a taste for Manflesh and a fondness for destruction unmatched by his animalistic kin. He demands human sacrifice on a fairly regular schedule from villages in his domain, which is quite large. Unwary adventurers, hearing the tale of an "intelligent" tiger hunting and manipulating the local populace, might suspect a weretiger or Rakshasa. The truth is, Khan is "merely" a paragon of his kind, and Lord of the forest - should his subjects refuse to give him pleasing offerings, he will wreak a terrifying retribution upon them. He is petty, vengeful, and cunning, preferring to follow his prey and strike when the moment is ripe.

>> No.12948906

When travelling in natural terrain, his exceptional stealth allows him to surprise a party on a 1-4 on a D6: he is only surprised on a 1. Shere Khan is deathly and instinctually afraid of fire, a fact that irritates him deeply. If there appear to be spellcasters in the party, Khan will attempt to single them out, leaping on one from ambush (consider this a Charge if using the optional rules from 2e) before savagely mauling him - on a successful surprise roll, the target is Backstabbed, for triple damage. On the next round, Khan will fade into the underbrush using his Thief abilities and wait for another opportunity. His cunning allows him to create distractions, and he will attempt to force magic-users to waste their spells if he is unable to kill them in the initial strike - often waiting hours to strike again if a spell has no obvious effect.
Shere Khan has the following Thief abilities: Hide in Shadows 40%, Move Silently 60%, Climb Walls 95%, and Backstab (Triple damage)

>> No.12948912

Sad that it's true or sad that I know that? It's not like I compared the in-game models.

>> No.12948929

Pretty nice actually. I'd give him a higher Hide in Shadows, but that's all.

>> No.12948941


>> No.12948945


Same, since tigers are stealthy as fuck in their natural habitat.

>> No.12948977

The Hide of Shere Khan:
If harvested and properly prepared, Shere Khan's hide will serve as a powerful symbol to the denizens of the forest (Human and some animals) - the bearer/wearer will be considered the new King of the Forest, and treated as such. Note that the locals may still consider offering humans to a PC bearing the Hide. The Hide offers an AC of 7 if worn intact. It can be prepared with the proper spells into an armor which grants an AC of 5 and the ability to use Thieving skills while wearing it as though it were ordinary clothing: it loses its other properties.

Finally, Shere Khan is the King of the Forest - but the Forest selects her rulers, not the hand of Man....

>> No.12949001

Most of the AD&D DMs I know play HiS as an extraordinary ability: if the ordinary stealth precautions fail / you blow the Surprise roll and/or someone is actively searching for you >where you're hiding<, then you take an HiS roll to see if you can get away with it.

If you want to play with the straight roll, then 65-80% is quite appropriate.

>> No.12949108

ah feck, left out a line while I was transposing this:

When encountering a party in his demense, Khan will more than likely attempt to kill them, even if they do not appear to be a threat. If they offer slaves or one of their own as tribute, he will allow them to pass unmolested – this is a grossly evil act. Otherwise, Khan will kill and eat party members or retainers until sated, then allow the party to pass.

>> No.12949197

Hahaha. I just dig witch myths and archetypes. I think it was listed on some wiki page that mentioned Morrigan.

>> No.12949212

Gods themselves must fear Shere Khan's right claw.

>> No.12949500

heheh. On it there shall be a ring, labelled: This Is My Pimp Hand.

Scar, King of the Plains

Beast King: Lion
Freq: Unique.
# appearing: 1, + 65% chance of 2d8 Hyena servants – see entry below – if outside lair. 100% chance of 4d10 servants in lair.
%IL: 75%
Treasure: None
AC: 6 (Hide and Dex)
Move: 12, 3" Jump
HD: 9 + 2
#ATT: Claw/Claw/Bite, D8+1/D8+1/D12+1
SA: Jump attack, Roar
SD: Surprised on a 1
MR: none
Intelligence: Very (10)
Size: L
Psi: Nil

Less malign – and yet no less dangerous - than his jungle counterpart, King Scar is a lethal but disinterested enemy. Scar hunts when the fancy takes him, and will kill an entire party or village for sport; yet he does not always respond to armed invaders unless he feels his position or realm is directly threatened (say, by a party attempting to create or defend a settlement).

Scar is made much more of a threat by his minions: dozens of Semi-intelligent CE Hyenas (see below), whom he keeps in check through brute force. They bear him news, and are likely to be the vanguard of an attack against a party Scar considers an actual threat. As a recognized Beast King, Scar can command and expect fealty from any intelligent animal in his realm; most of them are terrified of him, and if addressed with Speak to Animals or any like ability will absolutely refuse to cross him – to the point that any commands or charms attempting to get an animal to go against the known will of Scar will prompt an immediate second Save, and break any enchantment that allows no save.

>> No.12949517

He disdains stealth, but will occasionally leap from ambush. To adjucate quickly, roll for surprise as normal: assume he is leaping from ambush and gains surprise on a roll of 1-2. If his leap connects, consider the attack a Backstab for double damage. If a 3 is rolled, Scar surprises the party, presents himself to them and Roars (see below) in an attempt to intimidate and terrify them. On any other roll, he is sighted as normal, but will likely attempt to Roar and attack if not immediately addressed and propitiated. Although he lacks the cunning and stealth of Khan, Scar will still attack the character he feels is the greatest threat: he can recognize spellcasting, and will hold initiative to assault a caster if not hard-pressed or trapped by other characters. He will usually use his Jumping movement to do so. Note that this is considered Withdrawing from combat.

Special attacks: Roar (Fear effect: as Cause Fear cast by a 9th level Magic-User) Backstab (Double Damage), Rake (if he lands both Claw attacks, he may forgo his Bite attack and Rake with his hind claws for 4d4 damage)

>> No.12949630

Scar's Hyenas

Freq: Uncommon
#appearing: 2d6
AC: 7 (hides)
Move: 12
%IL: 15%
Treasure: Q (randomize between gems and jewelry for each item rolled, if any)
HD: 4
#ATT: 1 (Bite, 2d4+1)
Int: Low (5)
SA, SD, Psi, MR: Nil
Morale: Low (5)

Stupid, brutal, and annoying, Scar's minions are a barely-controlled force of destruction. They roam his realm in packs, terrorizing and killing as they see fit. They attempt ambush whenever possible, but only surprise on a roll of 1 on a d6 if not restrained by the presence of Scar: one will almost invariably blow the ambush by leaping first, laughing unexpectedly, etc. If they encounter a party, they will almost certainly attack – for the sheer novelty if nothing else – but will quickly break and run for their master if seriously threatened.
They also loathe Scar – if presented with an opportunity to, they may well turn on him provided they think they have a good enough chance to win.

>> No.12950239

Speaking of Disney characters, these are official stats from Dragon, back in the day - Let them tide you over while I keep writing up more shit for the thread...

>> No.12950261

Oh man these rules have some serious applications in my games.

>> No.12950273

Neutral Good...

That's a laugh.

>> No.12950672


If the KH games are anything to go by, Hook's a pretty decent swordsman too, though the cheap trick thing is perfectly true: in Birth By Sleep, the fucker throws explosive presents around, and usually follows it up with a nasty flurry of sword swings whilst you're still trying to dodge the blasts.

Oh, and speaking of KH, consider this: Disney bought out Marvel a while back.

>> No.12951380

And now I want to model my next game's villians after disney princesses, mildly grimdarkified and with their faults turned up to 11.

Thanks alot, /tg/, thanks alot.

>> No.12951511


I'm surprised Dr. Facilier hasn't been mentioned much really, but then again he is a rather recent entry. I can see him becoming one of the classic Disney villains though, if just due to the fact that he's stylish enough to do it. Who needs tentacles or hellfire when you've got friends on the other side?

>> No.12951753

Frankly, as one of the thirty-somethings contributing to the thread, I see him as too generic - plus, I haven't watched his movie yet.
Statting up just 5 villains (so far) has been an all-day job, and I don't have the time or give-a-shit to do him next :b
That said, throw together a profile better than "warlock/sorceror/witch doctor of a fairly generic type" and put it up - we'll all thank you for it.

>> No.12953159

The Beast

AC: 6
Move: 8", leap 4"
HD: 6 +3
% in lair: 100
Treasure: 2 H, plus personal magic items (see below)
#/Att: Claw/Claw 2d6/2d6 Bite 1d20
Ali: CG.
SA: Hill giant strength, Rage; Thrown objects.
SD: Nil
MR: 15%
Int: Average
Size: L

The Beast lives in a massive manor house or castle, far removed from civilization. A party is likely to encounter it through vague rumors of a cursed tower, or by stumbling across it while journeying through the wilderness. On entering, the party will almost certainly be surprised by the (relatively benign) animated servants within (1-5 on a D6).

>> No.12953174

The Beast himself is subject to towering rages at certain provocations: when in the grip of one of these, his AC is lowered to 10, but he gains an additional 4 temporary HD (recalculate his THAC0 and other hit probabilites) which are lost before any other HP.
The DM should remember that the Beast is a 16-year-old boy with no self control and the strength of a Hill Giant, in the grip of a mind-shattering despair (which is justifiable, one might add) and rage: he will react unpredictably, and will generally overreact to seemingly innocuous things. Keep in mind, every mirror in his home is smashed, heavy drapes block the windows so that they may not reflect, and he imprisons or kills anyone who sees his face.. because he's ugly.
He does not Bite, and usually does not even attack unless in one of these animalistic furies: normally, he will simply use his enormous strength to grapple and disarm his enemies – wrenching knives from their grip, pinning and throwing them, etc. He is also capable of throwing immense objects, usually his hapless furniture, for 2d6 damage, at a range of 10"; but as an unpracticed thrower, he suffers the usual -4 to hit nonproficiency penalty.

>> No.12953220

The Beast's treasure is scattered throughout the castle, and much of it is in the form of large, immovable tapestries, huge golden chandeliers, and similar displays of opulence. He also has an extremely extensive library, which is hidden deep in the bowels of the North Wing. Rare tomes or the like may well be hidden among the remainder. In his personal chambers, the Beast keeps 2 magic mirrors face-to face: a person bearing one can see what the other should reflect, and vice versa.
He also has the Rose which is the anchor of his current curse. If the rose is approached in any way, the Beast will immediately fly into a rage, and will almost certainly attempt to kill the offending character.

Secondary ideas:
1) The Curse of the palace is contagious - any person who agrees to become a Servant rather than a Prisoner begins the slow process of transforming into an animated piece of furniture or other accessory of the castle.
2) the Curse has been in effect for generations, or even centuries: the Beast will be quieter, more brooding, and may even be resigned to his fate.
3) the Curse is contagious - but begins working as soon as a character enters the Beast's home, and takes 1d6 months to activate.

>> No.12953308

Werebear/Minotaur crossbreed maybe.

Well, he's not entirely generic. His powers aren't his own. they're granted to him by dark spirits he consorts with. His own shadow is his shapeshifting familiar and can pull off minor telekinetic acts. But it has a life and will of its own, and sometimes works at cross purposes to him. I'd consider him a rogue first and foremost. He's a professional con artist. All his power is granted to hi via deals with otherworldly spirits, in the same way that Dragons can grant Dragon Pacts, circa the DnD 3.5 book Dragon Magic. This leads to an eclectic selection of powers. Mostly cantrips. Minor pyrokinesis, Open/Close spells, minor telekinesis via his shadow. For everything else he needs either one of his many talismans or alchemical concoctions, or a lengthy ritual by which his 'patrons' actually influence the victim and he is merely a minor participant who begins the ceremony to let them into the world. One of the strictures he suffers from is that his own magic cannot affect himself. He cannot buff himself, transform himself, or augment himself in any way, hence his constant need for intermediaries and minions. Having seen the movie with my girlfriend and her eight year old little sister, I can assure you it is a well made movie, and their portrayal of New Orleans a century ago is very well done (I was particularly impressed by the research they put into it).

>> No.12954143

<== God-Tier.

I'm glad /tg/ recognized her awesomeness in the thread. No other Disney villain has come close.

Though I do like the hedonist take on Cruella DeVille.

>> No.12954149

Supid captcha mistake wiping my image choice.

>> No.12954195

OH, so he's a Huckster (Deadlands). Makes perfect sense, and I like the sentient shadow - I may have to actually watch that damned movie now..

>> No.12954243

Exactly. Watch the movie. I highly recommend it.

>> No.12954321

Dr. Facilier has one of the worst endings to happen for a Disney Villian

>> No.12954354

Scar and King John in the same picture is weird. They've got a Goofy/Pluto thing going on.

>> No.12954398

What about Lotso Huggin' Bear?

>> No.12954484

Did this for an Iron Heroes game, the party was in this Norse country and they came across a man who called himself a Witch Hunter and his malformed, obedient son.

Long story short, Witch Hunter Frollo set a town on fire, crucified some people, and killed an ally of the party, a bandit queen, with a knife through her heart after she refused to lay with him. The son was at this point, battered into thinking his "father" was righteous and pure. So the party tied him up for future justice.

Yeah, he died nice and painfully, crying out that his god help him and that his god forgive his weakness.

>> No.12956560

No, Facillier gets it worse, I think, when the Petro Loa get their hooks into him.

>> No.12956756

>come back to /tg/
>this thread is still alive
Never change, /tg/

>> No.12956845

what? no alice?

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