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Hey /tg/ so a few days ago I posted that I had an Imperial space marine army that I dredged up out of the simple green solution and there was more detail on them than I thought.

So taking your advice I have decided to make a psudo- pre heresy emperors children army, so I can use them for CSM and normal marines.

I just ordered 30 sonic weapons, 30 jump packs,2 chaos terminator staffs, and 3 noise marine lords.

so my questions you /tg/ are :
1.should I try to get my hands on a Fulgrim mini for my commander on the Space marine side?
2. I am converting a land raider to have speakers , what should I play on them besides bolt thrower?
3. are there any apocalypse formations/tanks regarding the noise marines or sonic weapons?
4.if I take a dreadnaught for the amry should I convert it to have a large version of the fabius bile syringe and bonesaw arms?

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1) depends on how good the mini is. ive seen one somewhere but its Inquisitor scale, tho
3) try http://www.games-workshop.com/MEDIA_CustomProductCatalog/m1181495_Chaos_Space_Marines_Datasheet_-_Em
peror%27s_Children_Warband.pdf and http://www.games-workshop.com/MEDIA_CustomProductCatalog/m1181266_Chaos_Space_Marines_Datasheet_-_Sl
4) a thousand times yes

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exactly what I was looking for mate! you have my thanks.

how would you recommend creating said servo arms for the dread?

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There is some "Sonic Dreads squad" formation in one IA volume. Can't remember which one it was, sorry >_<

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np I'll check it out

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>2. I am converting a land raider to have speakers , what should I play on them besides bolt thrower?
Man that would be the most irritating shit ever.

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what bolt thrower or playing music?

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Dark Eldar player here.

Well fuck you guys :< I-it's not like I like you or anything

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dissenters will inevitably abhor

only other idea I had to do to a tank would be to convert it to have a tower with the screaming bell on top of it, and it would look tacky on a land raider, so I'm doing the speaker thing....don't like it? you don't have to, only I have to like it.

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fuck bolt thrower. get youself some real 40k music

the first song is called NOISE MARINES

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lol alright I'll look for it.

still looking for Ideas on how I could build that Chirugeon for the dread

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You should do as much converting as possible, because actually playing this game (and this list!) sucks

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My advice, don't play any music at all. It's like a ring back tone on a cell phone. You might think it's cool, but everybody else just thinks it's stupid and annoying as fuck.

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you speak as someone who has no doubt never played against this list.

back when I ran it I never got less than third place in any tourney I went to...but I also assume you are a troll as you are responding to a thread, of a game you don't like, in order to discourage me from playing it, which won't happen because I already have other armies for this game.

tl;dr: gtfo troll.

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if it annoys someone I'll turn it off or offer to change the music to something of their liking, I like to convert but I'm not a complete asshole.

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>>games only fun if im winning and everyone else is not just losing, but listening to my shitty music too!
>>go me!

>>pic related

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maybe you should add a sage to your posts troll

>pic related it's the troll

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why would i need to sage?

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>bolt thrower

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you keep bumping the thread, I mean I'm going to find the thread anyway you are just making it easier for me.
it has it's moments but is by no means god-tier in music, I do rather like that someone thinks its not shitty on the net besides me.

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why would you need to find the thread? just use Noko in the e-mail field, its alot easier

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>Implying I don't have multiple tabs with this thread so all I have to do is refresh

Thinking ahead mate.

off the subject of trolling anyone have any input or suggestions on neat things to convert in this army?

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but with noko, there's no reason, it auto redirects back to the thread

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