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I wonder when Cultist will go the way of Macha.

You know, when her few "fans" finally move on, leaving the character to ultimately be forgotten, rarely posted, and only mentioned in a historical sense?

More importantly, what are your predictions of who will take her place as the next primary 40k character? I like what green marine has done with Khornette, but I don't really feel any strong vibe from her.

My personal bet? From the way things go (looking at Macha and Cultist), it's probably gonna be some non-combatant that can really explore the Non-war aspects of 40k, like an Imperial Guardsman's wife who's still waiting for her long dead husband or some member of a Merchant ship that foolishly longs for the eternal war to end.

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Macha's not gone, she just got a new job.

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Her time has passed. She's not even like a minor character anymore, but more of someone referenced in flashbacks of "Remember when /tg/ was..." etc.

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Cultist dump....one last time?

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Unnecessary, thanks to 1d4chan and now the new booru.

It's interesting to see how /tg/'s evolved to the point where character image dumps are really a thing of the past.

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its a good day

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That's like asking Matt Ward to stop the Ultramarine fanboyism

Think about it: Tri-keen, dorfwank, monstergirls... after enough time to flare up, /tg/ is a theme-bent version of /a/ saved by sometimes having actual discussions (rather than mindless post slinging) and, let's say dumps and quests

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Naw, Macha just finally got laid. Once she got some hot Chaos dickings she mellowed out and moved on.

Once Cultist becomes less annoying it will be the same thing.

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yes, now we can look forward to QUEST and WHAT MY DM SAW and WE LOVE COMRADE MOD

surely a glorious day.

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well, a few weeks ago, we had an awesome Xeno image dump.

What makes mage dumps nice is that drawfags often take it as an opportunity to draw more stuff, so I don't think that it would be an evolution.

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rolled 24635 = 24635

Haha, anyone remember loli daemonette?

Of course not! It was a disturbing character anyway.

But if anyone forgets Grandpa Dreadnought, I will be disappointed.

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>>Haha, anyone remember loli daemonette?


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enjoy your space AIDS, little girl.

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Sup forgot pic

>gandoor ways

no capcha

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I like quest threads. The "What DM Saw" lies and worse can burn in hell. You also forgot the "Post results from random [name/item] generator"/"take personality test" cancers as well.

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oh god, isn't that the guy who drew the first cata-chan pic?

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I guess I'm a weirdo because I've never read any of the quest threads. Mostly, I just see "X-quest part 17, 250 responses" and balk at the horrendous amount of backreading I'd have to do just to get caught up.

But I am nothing if not willing to try new things, so what are some of the better archived and currently-running quests?

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rolled 16881 = 16881


Zeonquest is fun.

But in all honesty?

Anything LEGOQUEST is pure gold. There was also a Space Colony Quest that we had awhile back. It was fun mostly for the art that the DM there made for it. I got to play an AI.

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SkirmishQuest is tactical action with lots of chitchat (look at how long the thread lasts, wow)

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need a ss13 quest

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I'm in the same boat, except I actually have tried reading some but have no idea how they work or why they're popular. I think part of the confusion stems from anons shouting highly contradictory things all the time and me just being new to the concept, but meh.

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>have no idea how they work

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I remember when everytime I logged on tg there was Cultist chan everywhere. If there was more OC I bet she wouldn't've died but Alas. May she live on in Dark Heresy games forever.

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... well, as I'm a /co/mrade visiting to learn of you elegen/tg/entlemen in the mists, please explain; how do they work?

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There is a character/setting and a situation

People post courses of action

QuestMaster delivers plot and consequences

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Still waiting for more zombie quest.

Anyway, being forgotten isn't bad. That means Macha is no longer being tormented by Eldradd.

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I miss Maid Quest.


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