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Fucking harpies won't stop being a plague on my fortress. Is there any particular type of creature that plagues your dwarves, /tg/?

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The only sane solution here is to feed them alka seltzer until they explode
It would be like fireworks only traumatizing for children

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...What? Are you completely new here? Do you not know what Dwarf Fortress is?

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Orcs. I got sieged once before the first caravan. THAT was funny. Luckily by then I'd built up a drawbridge. Fucking joke that fortress was.

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Now ask yourself, in what context would what I said not be a joke post?

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It's a shitty, underage b& joke. Really "hurr durr traumatizing children". Come back when you're 18.

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Skeletal cave swallowmen. Whole fucking flocks of them just descending on any dwarf who steps out of the fortress

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Uh... right. You sure you're not just mad that you didn't get it, broseidon?

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I get lots of Giant Eagles. I had problems with them until I got about half a dozen good Crossbow Dwarves. I had trouble with Racoons too, until I got more than 3 dogs. I have about twenty now, with three or four at the only entrance. Racoons do not make it into my fortress anymore. Oh, and one of my rookies got his foot torn off by a Giant Olm. He's going to the death chamber now.

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Fucking Ogres.

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Get what? There was nothing to get, it was a stupid, off-topic post.

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No, it just wasn't funny. At all.


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Skeletal cods.
They're more of a real annoyance than a threat. Managed to capture a bunch during one of their raids. Threw them in my indoors moat, toss caged thieves down there with the fish.

Found out that they don't attack thieves.

That sort of sucked.

Thinking about emptying the moat, killing the cods and trying to catch some REAL skeletons. Like those fucking sharks.

Last try to throw 'em down there failed when the guy refused to toss the shark down one tile, got freaked by it and led it straight to the fort because he was a little pussy.

No one died, but that god damn thing chased half the fort to outdoors before it got bored and left.

Maybe I'll get lucky and find some skeletal whales again.
And maybe those will attack my enemies. Undead DO attack hostiles like they used to, right? Do I need to remove water from my moat?

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Kenshiro's not an ogre, his older brother on the other hand, well, just look how huge this fucker is next to normal sized people.


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OP here, is there a good way to deal with these harpies? Basically, two of them appear every so often, my fortress is barely into its first year, and these things are utterly murderous.

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Crossbow dwarves.

Also: cave traps in narrow corridors when they chase your dwarves

Also also: wait for human caravans to kill them

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