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The /tg/ booru just passed 6000 images.

What's a booru?

It's basically a tag based image archive. You might have heard of danbooru or gelbooru, but until recently we haven't had a booru for /tg/ related images.

/tg/ related?

Basically anything you'd save while browsing /tg/ is welcome on the booru. You have to manually upload your images and tag them, but all the effort now will pay off later when we have a cool booru to use.

Registering an account doesn't require any verification, so please don't make a fuss about it.

How do I upload?

Register an account and go here http://grognard.booru.org/index.php?page=post&s=add
or alternatively click the add link at the bottom of the posts page.

There is also a mass uploader located here http://www.i-forge.net/imageboards/mass-upload/
Please use it responsibly. Either rename your files like it suggests when you mass upload or force tag it.

But I don't have anything to upload.

No worries, in that case you can tag. Any image with less than 5 tags gets the tagme tag and could really use everyones help in adding more tags.


Tagging is easy. At the bottom of an image there is an edit link and from there you can change the tags. If someone has red hair then you'd use the red_hair tag or if it's an artist you recognize you can tag their name. Remember to remove the tagme tag when an image is sufficiently tagged.

Why don't we just use another booru?

There is no other booru that covers all /tg/ related images. Miniatures, character art, western art accepted, drawfag, larp, homebrew, screenshots, photographs, nsfw images. Anything is cool.

There is also an irc channel. #/tg/booru on rizon.net

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We have green text for formatting. You'd do well to make use of it.

Also, the question your post doesn't answer:
>why do we need a booru in the first place?

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We don't need one. It's for archival purposes. A directory of /tg/-related images is useful as hell.

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>Search Noh
>1 picture

What the fuck man

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Simple, to get rid of the repost dumps.

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Yeah. Make an account, help with that issue. It's a community effort, and pretty new.

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I personally plan to use it when I need on the fly images for campaigns

Having a reliable database for spaceships when I'm playing Traveller will be awesome.

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Wait a second, ACCOUNTS?

Yeah, we REALLY don't need this.

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Anonymooose iz leejun, we know. It just needs you to make a name and password. No verification via e-mail bullshit. If you're too dumb for that, you're too dumb to live.

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It's free, AFAIK. And it works just like the Danbooru. Anyone can VIEW images, but only people with accounts can UPLOAD them.

What, you can't make an account named "ASSBUTTFUCKMCTHISISNOTMYREALNAMEIKINS"?

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As in name and password, faggot. Christ.

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don't forget, people come here to be Anonymous
Ooooo, like that really means shit after we've been on CNN, Fox news, CBS, NBC... am I forgetting any?

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No, I'm quite fine with not using green text.

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It's not like your account really means much. It's not a fucking forum, it's an image database.

Besides you can even comment anonymously if you absolutely must fill your ANONYMOUS IS LEJUN quota.

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So this is like a booru for nerd porn, right?
Please say yes.

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Well... yes. But also probably other stuff, depending on how broad your definition of "nerd porn" is.

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Judging by the fact that the most specific porn-related tags you can find are "Breasts" and "Vagina," I'm guessing no.

This won't be a real /tg/ image database until there's porn in in. Plenty and plenty of porn.

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So add some.

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hey hey hey yo

tag shit

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You mean, it won't be a proper /tg/ im age database unless it's spammed with unrelated porn, just like the real /tg/?

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For the love of Raptor Jesus, TAG YOUR PICTURES!

TAG THE FUCK OUT OF THEM! Tag everything. Even small things about the picture. Pay attention the the background and the focus of the picture.

And would people please pic a random page on the tagme section to start tagging pictures? There are so many untagged. And do remember to REMOVE the tagme tag when you're done.

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>tagging requires an account
But why? I could try to overcome my slothful demeanor and general apathy to tag some things, but I fear to make an account as well would tax my already strained reserves to the maximum.

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Because that's how booru works, wangwizard.

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Well that is lame.
And as a wangwizard I struggle against all that is lame as a matter of principal.

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we can change that when the admin comes back, but I mean really it doesn't require verification so whats the problem.

Nick/pass so it's easy to revert shit changes.

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1. To stop fucking "ANONYMOUS" from shitting things up because they are apparently stumped by simple things like "enter your password and username".
2. So that people who actually give a fuck about contributing are the ones doing the tagging, not just random asshats dicking about.

But that's just me guessing. Maybe the admin has a fetish for passwords. BUT I SERIOUSLY DOUBT IT

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Ti's as simple as thinking of a name and a password. There's no verification.

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I suppose someone needs ask eventually, does any /tg/ related drawfaggery belong here, and, will they be tagged under the name of the drawfag in question?

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Fuck you. Anonymous is better then having named accounts, and thus, reputations. This shit can't but cause more tripfags to appear on /tg/

Do we really need a /tg/ image base? Doesn't sup/tg/ and 1d4chan have all the interesting pictues and isn't the rest just the general images we use on every board? Those are kinds required to properly post.

And one must collect his own sets, everybody having the same would get boring pretty soon, no?

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Yes and yes - especially if you upload and tag it correctly, and encourage the drawfags to do the same.

>self- Redmaje
Captcha agrees.

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It's probably to get rid of people like this >>12913684


Grow up.

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There's not really any sort of discussion on a booru, you fucking asshat. There are comments on the pictures. That's fucking it. The reason for having accounts? Upload histories. Also, you can favorite pictures. Let go of the ANONYMOUS IS LEGION bullshit already, Christ.

Alternatively, just don't use /tg/booru.

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Stop your ANONYMOOSE IZ LEEJUN bullshit.

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>And one must collect his own sets, everybody having the same would get boring pretty soon, no?

The whole purpose of the internet is to share. To propagate information. To spread knowledge.

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Are there seriously people against something as obviously good as this?

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Er... why do i have to grow up as opposed to the E-dick waving namefags? Why are they more mature, exactly?

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neither of those host pictures of backgrounds, character portraits, etc.

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>Fuck you. Anonymous is better then having named accounts, and thus, reputations.
There's a little checkbox that says "post anonymously".

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Nice "logic" there, anonyshit.

>> No.12913741

If you think this will make him stop trolling, you're wrong.

>> No.12913744

I will not. and it's not anonymous is legion. It's....

>Can people just stop tripfagging already? You're fucking up the whole idea behind 4chan. And no, before you have to spout it like a mindless child, this has nothing to do with "legion".

>Anonymity is the only reason 4chan is good. It's the only reason we're any fucking different from any old shitty forum.

>Anonymity ensures that there can be no lasting internet drama, because the guy I just called a stupid faggot might as well be the guy I'm not commending for his good ideas on another subject. I have no preconceived ideas of the people I talk to. So we can skip all the shit and get down to business.

>And you're actively shitting on all that. I've just demonstrated why you all are the cancer. For no other gain than personal internet fame. That doesn't ultimately mean fucking shit. There is no other reason to tripfag across threads than for shitty egoistic reasons.

That is why I don't like tripfaggotry.

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>E-dick waving namefags
>most of the people yelling at you are anonymous
Just go back to /b/. You're clearly not ready for the less shitty parts of 4chan.

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So far, nothing of that nature has occurred. In fact, names are largely irrelevant, except that I've noticed a couple names are associated with no tags, but that's about it.

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This is not tripfaggotry. You're trying way too hard here.

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Seriously, the only one shitting up anything right now is you.

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>posting copy pasta aimed at namefags and tripfags
>talking with anonymous posters
You are increadibly stupid. No one gives two shits about your opinion on tripfags or namefags. We're trying to "skip all the shit and get down to business" in building a /tg/-themed image database for use by /tg/ posters, and you're busy throwing some fucking drama fit.

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People keep telling me this, however I started on /tg/ and have been here for all of three years. Now listen, /tg/ didn't use to be all about the fucking namefags and their shit, this is why I'm against it. /tg/ was better without all the tripfaggotry

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Everyone stop. Just ignore him, please.

>> No.12913781

So why is that anon sagefag going HURR DURR touhturd every time there is a D&D thread?

>> No.12913782

>Can people just stop tripfagging already?
nobody is tripfagging.
>You're fucking up the whole idea behind 4chan.
You mean "moot posts anime with his friends"?

>Anonymity is the only reason 4chan is good. It's the only reason we're any fucking different from any old shitty forum.
The relative lack of moderation helps.

Anyway, this all has no bearing on anything to do with /tg/booru.

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er... it doesn't fucking mater who I'm talking to, the point still stands. That's like saying "great argument there mate, but I am in fact a chicken, so don't talk to me about it" No sense whatsoever...

>> No.12913786

There is nothing in your post that is true.

>> No.12913787

>People keep telling me this, however I started on /tg/ and have been here for all of three years.
Okay, then go to /b/ now. You're better suited to it.

>> No.12913793

Yeah, let's get back to uploading/tagging. Probably just a troll anyways.

>> No.12913795

>Now listen, /tg/ didn't use to be all about the fucking namefags and their shit
It used to be more about that than it is now.

>> No.12913803

when? last summer? Huh... yeah no, those were really the great times, weren't they?

>> No.12913806

Maybe, but you're saying "don't tripfag" to people who aren't tripfagging. regardless of how good your arguments may or may not be, this is pointless.

>> No.12913808

Holy shit, the guy whining about tripfags is STILL DOING IT?

Jesus christ, what the fuck is wrong with you?!

>> No.12913818

nah, I'm thinking last year, with trollplay, or the year before, with all of the sup/tg/ namefags, or the year before, with all sorts of namefags. Seems to me like there's less during the summer, actually.

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As a hardcore character-portrait-dump fan (did you guys/gals manage to get a fifth one yesterday?) I have a strong dislike of this whole booru shit. Won't be long before any image request will be answered with: try-the-booru-you-pathetic-cock-sucker

>> No.12913830

Who says it's one guy? Yesterday there were at least three...

>> No.12913832

It's one now.

>> No.12913834

Part of the sup/tg/ rules is no image dump / drawfag threads. They get deleted / removed after time because they take up to much space.

>> No.12913839

I disagree - while I don't normally participate in dumps, I do enjoy them. I think both resources (anons and the booru) can be used at the same time. In fact, it's a good way to get more images to put on the booru!

>> No.12913841

This. Please stop shitting up the board.

The horribly ironic thing is I can't even filter your posts because you're anonymous...

>> No.12913875

I think it will increase the quality of image dump threads since the requests will probably be a bit more obscure.

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If I'm to judge from the booru-fan-mentality right now (people getting angry at imagedumpers because they are not joining in with their pet-project) I don't think the step to our-booru-beats-your-dump is that big...

>> No.12913896

I don't know about people getting angry I once suggested people dumping should upload as well. Has someone been being a fag?

>> No.12913899

Eh, maybe. It's still a useful resource, and I think the board would improved by the booru's existence. It's not like you can't ignore the haters.

>> No.12913910

I don't see why not having random image dumps on /tg/ is that bad. At the very least, it clears up space on the board for other things. Such as


Check the Booru first. Then come to us.

>> No.12913917

frankly, this whole project just kind of stinks... I've got my own HDD for images, and I'll take the pictures I need of the threads, like an honest Anon. Fuck your centralized image project.


>> No.12913922

>I don't see why not having random image dumps on /tg/ is that bad. At the very least, it clears up space on the board for other things. Such as
elf slave wat do

>> No.12913928

No one has a gun to your head. Just hide the thread if the idea of a booru gets so under your skin.

>> No.12913929

Yeah, because that happens at *least* once a day, right annon? And we'd have more space if the janitor'd remove his fucking sticky.

>> No.12913938

I think the important thing is that reducing /tg/'s traffic would be a good thing. It would. Making this board faster is a bad idea because, well hell, look at /b/'s history. The faster a board gets, the rarer decent content becomes.

>> No.12913966

I can agree with you there... but how does less images make for slower content?

>> No.12913974

You are severely overestimating /tg/ if you think anything will change.

>> No.12913982


Wait. What? Since when did a forum account mean something? Or an email account? Or anything on the intarnets?

I really like this "BAWWWW I'M ANON!" shit but if you use more than two braincell you can be anon anywhere

>> No.12913984

Can we have something less anime as the image count, it's really killing my want to use the site.

>> No.12913988

He was a troll. This would be like some guy getting mad at the idea of highways.

>> No.12913991

A lot less image-dumping threads. And a lot less image request threads too, hopefully.

Also, it's somewhere drawfags can actually put their shit. Because drawfaggotry totally isn't /tg/ content. LL said so, don't argue.

>> No.12914000

We need someone to make new art for the number images and then message the booru.org people to change it.

So uh find a drawfag to make us new number girls.

>> No.12914002

Yeah we're going to ask the booru people about it, see if we can't throw up something a bit more dorfy

Course that'd mean someone would have to draw the dorfs holding the numbers

>> No.12914004

Fuck you? Highways? What's wrong with regular roads? Fuck, dirt paths aren't good enough for ya, ey? Freaking spoiled faggots with your highways!

(you were asking for it)

>> No.12914009

hell nah
dwarves and space marines and commissars.

>> No.12914020

I was hoping one of them could be cultist-chan

>> No.12914022

I honestly dislike highways, and prefer to use back roads as much as possible. I especially hate the idea of highways as it applies to the town I live in, because it means city council isn't allowed to alter our Main Street without state approval.

>> No.12914024


>> No.12914025

So... striping /tg/ of some of it's more potential thread topics? Yeah, ok, no it's cool.

You retards. Not that it'll change, because people will still go on /tg/ and ask it.

>> No.12914030


whats your problem with proper dworf girls?
with dworf children surfing on them through the spikes

>> No.12914037

Okay, that's fine. We have 10 digits.

>> No.12914042

What about women with features reminiscent of certain insects or reptiles?

>> No.12914043


>> No.12914055

Yes, let's kick this thing off with standards just above furfaggotry, bravo!

>> No.12914061


0 cultist-chan
1 some dworf (with alcohol and a pickaxe)
2 comisar
3 catgirl (with chainmail bikini)
5 neckbeard
6 ???
7 ???
8 ???
9 ???

>> No.12914064


No, seriously, dice would probably be best. Dice with dorfs and liches and dragons and such.

>> No.12914068

so number bearers:
>space marine
and I humbly submit

That's half.

>> No.12914070

Lich, beholder, cyberdecker, dragon.

>> No.12914074

Well the current images have anime girls holding signs. We can have /tg/ men holding dice. Or possibly non-dice, if a drawfag does that.

>> No.12914077

0 cultist-chan
1 some dworf (with alcohol and a pickaxe)
2 comisar
3 catgirl (with chainmail bikini)
5 neckbeard
6 angry marine
7 fantasy orc
8 ???
9 ???

>> No.12914086

those are related to roleplaying games and all, but they're not really things you'd expect to see plastered across /tg/, you know? Not like dwarves and space marines.

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File: 168 KB, 591x806, 1290522396139.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well this mentality is exactly what I'm afraid of. Not that I mind you people investing in a booru or anything (who knows I might even use it), but it's just not my thing and I got a bit of a bad vibe yesterday with someone demanding we put everything we dump on the booru as well. If you like your project that is fine but I'd rather have random dumps where I come across stuff that I did not expect...

>> No.12914090


holding a d10 dice or the image on the dice with the number

0 cultist-chan
1 some dworf (with alcohol and a pickaxe)
2 comisar
3 catgirl (with chainmail bikini)
5 neckbeard
6 angry marine
7 fantasy orc
8 ???
9 ???

>> No.12914097

The catgirl idea is a bad idea.

>Angry Marine
>ork (or Orc)

>> No.12914101

I just don't understand.

You realize we can have both right. This isn't an either or type of thing.

Why would anyone have a problem with a booru of /tg/ related images. My /tg/ folder was 5k images and now there is a booru with 6k images on it. I've only uploaded 1.1k so far too so lot's of cool stuff to look at.

Really not an either or type of deal. We can have the best of both worlds, because I love image dump threads and the idea of us having a booru.

>> No.12914109

well... actually we could ask the booru guys if there can be more than one image for one number. I mean it's not that hard a few plus lines in the code.

the hard part is to get a drawfag on it

>> No.12914121

A thousand times this

Shit if people use both easymodo and suptg I'm pretty sure there's fucking room for both a booru and image dumps.

The 1 can be a 1 on a d20.

>> No.12914122

Because people will be shouting "Lazy faggot, check booru" Or if it isn't on booru, they are to lazy to post.

I seriously see no benefits.

>> No.12914127

A gelantinous cube with a number floating in it

Maybe a mind flayer

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File: 187 KB, 600x872, 1287692234012.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm all for a and-and kind of deal but if you read the post I linked to, not everybody agrees and I just wanted to express my fear of first-try-the-booru-asshole replies on requests that could lead to nice dumps!

>> No.12914138

Even if that does happen... I think those people are rather the minority. Unless they're willing to try and actively fuck up image dumps (which would be stupid beyond comprehension) I don't see it really being a problem.

>> No.12914139

Well if you can't ignore shit posters by now I don't know what to tell you.

>> No.12914156

Well I'm going to keep posting in image dump threads as well as uploading/tagging on the booru.

>> No.12914159

if whole threads are made up of them, how does one ignore them?

>> No.12914162


You've been on /b/ too long, not everyone is an idiot.

>> No.12914175

Tech priestess, maybe?

Ooh! We should totally have a cutebold!

>> No.12914177

Thank god you can hide threads.

>> No.12914180

>Angry Marine
>ork (or Orc)
>tech priestess

>> No.12914181


with a perfectly functioning brain you can ignore anything. Also hide button

>> No.12914182

>It's a bad idea because it's not Warhammer

Can you faggots at least attempt to not hijack every fucking thing? Just because you can't be arsed with any thread not Warhammer related doesn't mean the only thing on /tg/ is Warhammer.

>> No.12914198

0 cultist-chan
1 some dworf (with alcohol and a pickaxe)
2 comisar
3 catgirl (with chainmail bikini)
5 neckbeard
6 angry marine
7 fantasy orc
8 cutebold
9 ???

And there is already 3 wh40k thing in it so i don't think another one is needed. Well maybe the comisar is the least needed, if someone got any other idei

>> No.12914200

no, it's a bad idea because it's stupid. We never have cat girls here. We don't have chainmail bikinis, either.

>> No.12914213

There is lots of stuff from warhammer 40k because lots of people like warhammer 40kand there are lots of cool things in warhammer 40k.

>> No.12914216
File: 100 KB, 530x750, 1288283482088.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know I can ignore them, but I also know that if enough people start saying imagedumps-do-not-belong-here-because-there-is-a-booru that a certain janitor might start listening to them...

>> No.12914218


we have a lot of ca/tg/irls. Also a lot of larpers with chainmail. Some of them even have cahinmail bikinis.

>> No.12914223

If we're going by what you see on /tg/ then there should be trolls.

>> No.12914230

Okay, at least until we get something better.

>Angry Marine
>ork (or Orc)
>tech priestess

>> No.12914237

So what's your point. Do you not want us to have a booru. Why are you even posting in the thread if you're not a fan of the idea.

The /tg/booru isn't going to end image dumps. The only thing that will happen is maybe someone uses the booru instead to find the image they want instead of making an image request thread. Dumps will still happen and shit posters will still complain about anything and everything.

And honestly the janitor isn't going to start deleting image dump threads because we have a booru.

Like I said before we can easily have both, but I've said that like twice and you keep talking about how the booru is a bad idea so it seems that you're a troll.

>> No.12914240

>we have a lot of ca/tg/irls.
That is not the same thing at all.

>Also a lot of larpers with chainmail.
We do not have a lot of larpers. Larp threads are something like one in two hundred. Even in those threads, chainmail is extremely rare. Probably because it's time-intensive to make and not better than plate in most systems.

>> No.12914245

>Why are you even posting in the thread if you're not a fan of the idea

To protest, per chance? Or is it now obligatory that one agrees with a thread's topic before ben allowed to post in it?

Fucking thought police, how does it work?

>> No.12914251

I will reiterate: just because YOU don't bother with the non-Warhammer threads does not mean /tg/ is nothing but Warhammer threads.

Well, I'll agree with you one one of those things.

>> No.12914254

Yeah we get it. You don't like the booru.

No where really to go from that, so are you going to keep posting the same shit or just leave and hide the thread.

>> No.12914257

Sup guys.

I just want to chime in and thank everyone who's contributed.

And I wanted to clarify that due to the service this is on, we can't give tag editing or uploading privileges to Anonymous visitors. I'd really really like to but it's just currently not an option.

>> No.12914266


then start saying that the janitor is an hero.

>> No.12914275

hey you
admin guy
get on the IRC
Also, approve some fucking aliases.

>> No.12914276


I said larpers, not larp threads

>> No.12914285

>I will reiterate: just because YOU don't bother with the non-Warhammer threads does not mean /tg/ is nothing but Warhammer threads.
On the contrary, I have relatively little interest in Warhammer. I pass over dozens of Warhammer threads for every one that I enter.

>> No.12914290

I'm heading that way now.

>> No.12914300

Yes, we'll take your word on that when you've been acting like a fanboy.

>> No.12914303

You should really polish your lenses.

>> No.12914305



What's the proper tagging method? Should we tag ABSOLUTELY EVERYGTHING that can be seen in the pic or what?

Gimme criteria.

>> No.12914306

>I will reiterate: just because YOU don't bother with the non-Warhammer threads does not mean /tg/ is nothing but Warhammer threads.
Well, let's look at the things on the front page right now.
1. the sticky
2. this thread
3. 40k thread
4. mainstream setting (Harry Potter, in this case)
5. vidya thread
6. homebrew setting
7. meta thread
8. DM advice
9. Yu-Gi-Oh
10. 40k thread

Except for the yu-gi-oh, I'd say this is pretty typical. Now, which of these have characters that are iconic enough to be represented in the manner we are discussing?

>> No.12914308

stop pretending /tg/ isn't /40k/. And his fanboyism amounts to you infering he likes warhammer from a list of characters.

Strong story bro...

>> No.12914323

>Should we tag ABSOLUTELY EVERYGTHING that can be seen in the pic or what?

>> No.12914327

ATTENTION PEOPLE. One of the Crazy 8 has been spotted in this thread. STOP FEEDING HIM. I repeat, STOP FEEDING HIM.

>> No.12914329
File: 113 KB, 1200x866, 1288284038379.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I never once said that I don't want you to have a booru (I even said that I might use it) and I also agreed that I like your and-and mentality. My only point (and it is a minor one) is that this might (note that I said might not will) have an impact on people's attitudes towards imagedumps and I would find that a shame since I like them more than anything else on /tg/.

Also I can post in any thread I like and I don't have to agree with the general mentality to do so. Additionally it is rather ironic that you ask me to ignore stuff I don't like while you seem to have a hard time doing so yourself.

>> No.12914341


So, If I see this:
And I know that the chick in the pic is a character from the movie Hackers, should I make a tag named Hackers_(movie) and add the char's name?

>> No.12914342

You're not annoying me. I just dont understand why you keep posting the same thing over and over.

>> No.12914349

Just one? I was perceiving it as two similar members. But I don't know them well.

>> No.12914365

char name for sure. I'm not sure about syntax for movie name, but just go for it, I guess.

>> No.12914367

>One of the Crazy 8 has been spotted in this thread.

The what?

>> No.12914370
File: 19 KB, 302x448, 8ofhate.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't worry your pretty little head over it.

Alternately, search sup/tg/.

>> No.12914376


>> No.12914399


We need standards. If we don't have standards for tagging, we might as well leave them tagless.

For example: I'm trying to edit this pic:
...and add something like "biomechanical" as a tag. How can I know if there is already a similar tag?

>> No.12914403

Add the tag. If it's listed on the side with a number greater than 1, it was already a tag. If not, then it's a tag now.

>> No.12914407

well the reason tags exist is for searching

as long as the tag in question DOES refer to the picture and doesn't conflict with some other use of the tag (can't use 'magic' for 'mtg', for instance, because magic is its own thing), then it can't hurt to put it on. However, something like "hackers_(movie)" would probably never get searched for so whatever on that.

>> No.12914411
File: 93 KB, 900x720, 1284842512121.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Maybe because you keep misrepresenting that point as I-don't-want-you-to-have-a-booru which is not what I'm saying...

>> No.12914421

That idea is bullshit.

There can't be 8 special trolls posting on /tg/ because theres only 8 people posting on /tg/ period.


>> No.12914426



>> No.12914442


trolls trolling trolls since 2008

>> No.12914443

So your argument is that we should have more Warhammer then everything else when there actually isn't more Warhammer. Brilliant. Sure, we could have Rood, the Doorforged, but nah, let's throw in a generic Commissar because LOL SO ICONIC.

And your argument is the #1 fallback of every 40k fanboy that has ever posted on /tg/.

>> No.12914450

Who do you mean?

>> No.12914462

Just FYI: Warhammer is the number one reason why /tg/ exists at all.

>Aplineri not!

>> No.12914478

Criticizing the concept of anonymous posting while posting anonymously. How droll.

>> No.12914484

Yes, that is what you fanboys would like to believe. moot copied 7chan's Tabletop Games. /tg/ is not a spin-off of /b/'s Warhammer threads.

>> No.12914488

no, ofcourse not Anon, ofcourse not.

U mad?

>> No.12914509

Honestly let's just find someone to make the number art before we sperg about 40k.

>> No.12914531

Protesting against the booru is dumb. I mean, nobody will force you to use it ever. I'm pretty sure DLFG will still post in imagedumps and such. Nothing changes, it's just another resource, like sup/tg/ and 1d4chan.

Fuck you Captcha, fuck you.

>> No.12914533

Nobody is debating the benefits of anonymity. At least I hope not. The only reason the Booru requires any kind of registration is because we simply don't have the option to open things up to non registered visitors. Its something the host has blocked.

As for the argument about 40k, I think I'm going to stay out of that hatchet fight. my official stance will be 40k is A-OK.

Thats exactly why I created it in the first place. I was getting frustrated looking for a certain picture for a character I was making in an online game and wondered why we never got around to making an online repository of character portraits. Then a few weeks later I was looking for that "I'm sad" comic that we have floating around. This is simply a place to put things that are commonly used around here. Its not meant to replace huge image dumps and character portrait threads which I love, only meant to be an organized way to store them.

The issue of nerd porn is a tentative yes, Its hard to know where to draw the line on this and how far exactly to go, but as long as it doesn't violate the hosts ToS then... start uploading your Thri-Keen porn I guess? I'm working on a list of rules and guidelines that will support this.

I would hope that the only one who is tripfagging in any thread about this is me, and only me because you need someone to yell at if something goes wrong or you have a grievance you need to throw my way.

I've been jumping around the thread to answer questions and concerns. did I miss anything?

>> No.12914551

this...this is fantastic.

>> No.12914573

I'm aware of the limitations of booru system, just noting the silliness of the conversation I saw near the beginning of this thread.

>> No.12914581

I find this funny, namely because I talk with a few people from /tg/ online, some of whom are the ones responsible for causing threads to turn into gigantic shitstorms. It isn't always them, but it often enough is that the whole Crazy 8 thing isn't as farfetched as you would think.

>> No.12914582
File: 398 KB, 1006x1732, The Crazy Eight.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


We need someone to update the file on them though, it's getting pretty out of date...

>> No.12914602

how the hell do I upload shit to this thing

I made an account

>> No.12914610


How do I upload?

Register an account and go here http://grognard.booru.org/index.php?page=post&s=add
or alternatively click the add link at the bottom of the posts page.

There is also a mass uploader located here http://www.i-forge.net/imageboards/mass-upload/
Please use it responsibly. Either rename your files like it suggests when you mass upload or force tag it.

>> No.12914633

"Add" is at the bottom of the page

Alternatively use the mass uploader.

>> No.12914694
File: 1000 B, 16x16, favicon.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We need a new favicon to replace this one. Any suggestions?

>> No.12914706

some sort of dice would be ideal, I think, possibly a d20.

>> No.12914713

gimme a few minutes and i'll have a go at making one

>> No.12914724

A different coloured 4chan clover or perhaps just a stylistically written "/tg/". Or if you want something more controversial, a tiny picture of cultist-chan.

>> No.12914732

A big eyed beady dorf?

Dwarves are not my thing, but /tg/ seems to enjoy them.

>tolouse affirmed.
Captcha seems to agree.

>> No.12914739

Thanks! the requirements are a 16x16 .ico file for anyone who wants to take a shot at creating something.

We could also change the stylesheet to something like yotsuba b or something, potentially.

>> No.12914744

I would suggest a nerdy looking person

either a fat grognard neckbeard or one of those skinny nerdy guys with ponytails

>> No.12914748

ok, i have no idea how to make .ico files, but here's a .png of the d20 someone wanted. next up, recoloured 4chan icon

>> No.12914755
File: 1 KB, 16x16, d20favicon.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it helps to not be a spaz and actually attach the file, though

>> No.12914764


I'd like to make a fuss about the verification.

>> No.12914765

Perhaps a d4 would be more appropiate

>> No.12914776

which verification?

>> No.12914805
File: 260 B, 16x16, dorficon.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.12914836
File: 123 KB, 750x978, Cultist-chan17..jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Could we replace those stupid catgirls with something a bit more /tg/ related?

>> No.12914867

We could use boring as shit numbers only. Or if you're willing to create quality alternatives, do so.

>> No.12914889

there's no option in the admin panel for it yet, but I'm emailing the guys at booru.org to see if we can change it in the future.

>> No.12914894
File: 1 KB, 16x16, favicon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.12914898


yeah, we'd need drawfags to create appropriately sized/posed versions of Cultist-chan, Ribbon, and whatever other stupid /tg/ mascots there have been, holding the damn signs. And neckbeards would still complain.

>> No.12914900

Honestly, I'd prefer plain numbers to weeaboo catgirls.

Thank you very much.

>> No.12914906


I for my part prefer the lolicatgirls. If your weeaboo tolerance is that low, what the hell are you doing on a "booru" in the first place? (or, for that matter, 4chan)

>> No.12914907

Even now I can see the shitstorm if we put anything from ribbonfag in there. Maybe we should just use ultra marines. Everybody aspires to be like them anyway.

>> No.12914935

Well, this would be solved by using several d10s.

>> No.12914938

>what the hell are you doing on a "booru"
Nothing. Just see that picture popping up here a lot the last 2-3 days.

>(or, for that matter, 4chan)
/tg/ has, since its inception, risen far and beyond the dung heap that is weeaboo 4chan. 75% of its content is clearly western and the asian settings discussed here can only rarely classified as weeaboo. Even AdEva threads are interesting as they provide a lot of insight in the development process of table top games.
So yeah. I manage to survive on /tg/ with my rather low weeaboo tolerance just fine.

>> No.12914939

Hey I like ribbonfags stuff.

Joking aside, we could just use dice, have people take pictures of dice on the table with a certain number face up, we crop the picture of the dice and use that for the counter number.

>> No.12914942

Uhm... I guess that's good for you?

>> No.12914959

its a moot point until we know if we can actually change the catgirls though.

>> No.12914965

I kinda like this one.

But honestly I don't care much, the dice could do just fine.

>> No.12914970


Fair enough then, you seem like a surprisingly reasonable sort as far as the anti-weeaboos are concerned.

And I suppose the dice are the most /tg/-related thing anyone has suggested... but just plain numbers would be boring.

>> No.12914977

>/tg/ has, since its inception, risen far and beyond the dung heap that is weeaboo 4chan.

Seconding this.

If we can't get any drawings, numbers or dice would work just fine.

>> No.12915045
File: 60 KB, 427x548, gutenberg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It might be that my definition of weeaboo is not very encompassing. Hell even Maido-rpg isn't necessarily weeaboo to me as it provides an interesting view into our Japanese equivalent's mindset. It's mostly a silly game and that's it.
To me a weeaboo would be somebody insisting we should keep the loli catgirls because a "booru" is an inherently Japanese idea and shouldn't be adapted to our preferences and needs because that would ruin its Japanese purity. It's like somebody arguing that books should only be printed in Chinese (who knows when they discovered it) or German/Latin (Hello Mr Gutenberg.) because it was the Chinese/Germans who invented it. So weeaboo has very little to do with content and more with the people. To me at least.
And sorry for the de-rail.

>> No.12915050

Theres an option to have your own personal list of tags to choose from whenever posting or editing a new pic; its in the Account Options panel at the very bottom.

If we could synchronize these tags, it'd go a long way towards clearing up a lot of what we have already, and make tagging quicker and easier.

Here are the tags I have already:

female science_fiction fantasy monochrome breasts male old young weapon human dagger well_dressed armor dark_skin long_hair short_hair blonde_hair dark_hair nude red_hair landscape scenery military sword rifle handgun pistol assault_rifle bare_chest beard dynamic_pose skull horror dark cute pointed_ears skimpy necklace earring feather wings indoors outdoors nature forest building morning evening night moon sun city ruins warhammer_40k battletech dungeons_and_dragons ass dwarf elf tiefling halfling orc half-orc axe spear staff cloak pants vest shirt hat jewelry flower gray_hair fire white_hair furry anthro horns tail animal_ears dragonborn kobold cutebold mecha gasmask vehicle mountain gun belt tie coat muscle tears blood drawfaggotry cloud shield magic:_the_gathering fangs sharp_teeth tank_top modern cyberpunk post_apocalyptic tattoo scar glasses group bright good evil smoking cigarette bandage modern_fantasy bow_and_arrow

>> No.12915067

>furry anthro

On our /tg/-booru?

>> No.12915077

Where else can Russ post his furry porn these days?

>> No.12915105

Got any other complaints? People are going to post things that will need those tags, so they're there.

>> No.12915108

No. If people post things in need of those tags, they ought not to be tagged "furry" or "anthro". They ought to be tagged "to_be_deleted" instead.

>> No.12915125

Nobody's going to flood your precious little booru with furry porn. They have all of FA for that, and spamtrolls can't really be bothered with logins.

>> No.12915135

Please don't post furries on the booru.

>> No.12915137


>> No.12915142

or e621 if they need a furry booru.

honestly there's only 11 pictures tagged under those tags and all of them could be considered character art. I'd rather not have outright furry porn though.

I'm going to put the issue up to vote on the forums

>> No.12915144

Nobody except furries or That Guy could ever want to play a furry (as in sexualised fetish animal-man hybrid). Nobody wants to have furries on anything /tg/ related. Except furries. Therefore all furry shit has no business being on /tg/'s booru.

>> No.12915152


Things that would require those tags are either low-grade trolling material or not worth posting on a booru. Anything of significance still remaining can be identified through other tags. Having those tags is just inviting trouble.

>> No.12915160

yeah I'm thinking this is the way to go. Those tags are no good.

>> No.12915163
File: 84 KB, 532x399, buddy-3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Holy crap, there's 4 fucking pics with the furry tag and 11 with anthro, calm the fuck down.


I don't want any of you fainting or having aneurysms in front of your screen.

Goddamn, breathe slowly, guys.

Have a puppy.

>> No.12915168

I'll admit that drawing up some crap for the total uploads counter has drawn my interest at least, but I've no time for it tonight. I'll try to scribble up something for it if this thread is still around somewhere when I get my sorry ass out of bed.

>> No.12915175

And I doubt anyone's going to post furry porn, no one has.

In hindsight the furry tag should probably be removed, anthro should probably stay.

Sorry again for all this huff.

>> No.12915181

Enjoy the word from god here:

Fucking furfag.

While we're at it, let's ask Gemini if he would mind uploading his collection of guro maids. There's probably somebody out there who might need them for his next game of maid.

>> No.12915184

No one was getting upset. Defensive much?

>> No.12915222

Aside from the aforementioned problem, does anyone have any complaints, ideas or suggestions about those tags?

>> No.12915228

Piss off. Anything you might ever produce is not worthy of any attention.

>> No.12915230

This guy is pretty mad. >>12915181

Well. Here's the rule. if its furry, report it. I'll make a judgement call. that's all there is to say on the matter.

As for whats on there now, its generally good content so I'm leaving them up. We'll clear up those tags from the picture though.

>> No.12915231

you don't need a colon in the magic_the_gathering

>> No.12915236

just use mtg

also scifi for science fiction

>> No.12915248

I think we should not use abbreviations.

>> No.12915255

Got it, was wondering myself.

I'm also for the full phrase, but I'm not sure if it really matters, other than looking good.

>> No.12915271

439 tags for scifi.

It's for ease of use. I really don't feel like typing out legend of the five rings when I could just use l5r.

>> No.12915286

With the autotag option you only have to click on the tag to add it. So there's the ease and we can keep it looking good.

>> No.12915298

well I'm going to keep using my scifi autotag. We can make an alias for it later.

>> No.12915305

ok, We have permission to change the counter. We need 10 images, 0-9 in .gif. ideally speaking I'd like to keep generally the same size.

>> No.12915310

abbreviations are pretty accepted

Though now we have aliases for them

>> No.12915368

Finger crossed for this to come through.

>> No.12915435

Another reminder to be careful when you use the mass uploader.

Make sure to either force tag everything or manually rename every file in the folder.

>> No.12915445

I expect /tg/'s booru to surpass every other. That means no cheap ways out, mister. At least to me.

>> No.12915506

Speaking of which we're already the third best on the server.

We're 2000 behind Galaxy-booru and two orders of magnitude behind rule 34.

>> No.12915513

wooo us

>> No.12915601
File: 112 KB, 800x680, 1270546719770.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.12915852
File: 190 KB, 881x944, 1210292734283.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.12916051
File: 196 KB, 400x690, 1273430741354.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.12916220
File: 7 KB, 228x207, 1289532007095.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>get back from school
>see huge thread with mod actually in it.

>> No.12916268

he's chilling in the irc if you want to talk to him.

Also if anyone can draw us new art for the number cat girls that'd be greatly appreciated.

>> No.12916290

yep, pretty much all I'm waiting on at this point is that and maybe someone to pop up with a decent stylesheet.

>> No.12916448
File: 220 KB, 638x450, 1290436827056.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don´t. I´m pretty sure I´d get banned if I brough up anything I´d really like to discuss.

>> No.12916515

You can't say stuff like that and not expect someone to ask "like what?".

>> No.12918347

Bring shit up. If you are a whiny little bitch starting trouble, and consistently refuse to chill, to the extent that it hinders other discussion, then you might get kicked I guess, but at the moment there's no other discussion anyway.

>> No.12919313

The favicon hasn't updated. What the hell's up there?

>> No.12919398

It's not a problem on our end, because it shows fine on the top list
So it's probably something we need to talk to the booru people about or something. Nobody really knows.

>> No.12919534

Shows up fine to me

maybe you need to update your bookmark or something?

>> No.12920434
File: 83 KB, 617x625, 1274464366106.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.12920704
File: 139 KB, 685x963, 1228349474826.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.12920884


delete your cache

>> No.12920934

now all we need is for someone to make new art for the number cat girls.

>> No.12921180
File: 200 KB, 753x1024, 1184143066180.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.12921439
File: 89 KB, 600x692, 4562c66f510519f222c59afbf85a39fd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.12921557

>* +- ? 1238342786040 1

>> No.12922071
File: 167 KB, 1024x768, 1219260661965.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.12922278

I would prefer an image per genre so sci-fi, horror, fantasy, historical, modern...

>> No.12922653

In the end, what we get for images will be dependant on what people draw, and not on what people discuss in this thread.

>> No.12923080
File: 132 KB, 600x800, 1224727880214.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.12923901
File: 158 KB, 1200x699, 1290569590139.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.12925533
File: 1.20 MB, 1680x1064, 1221543257350.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.12926367

This "Jomini" guy is awesome. His stuff all has proper tags.

>> No.12926427

I'd love to help tag but you guys need to decide upon a standard tagging system and compile a list of the categories so I can get started. Otherwise I just feel like I'm mucking around in someone else's pie.

>> No.12926541

Mucking around is the standard operating procedure. The Alias system induces standardization as much as it is necessary. Other than that, just general guidelines: Tag everything that's even remotely sigificant, etc.

>> No.12926547

Can do, chief.

>Colusly LOVETT

Collusion, LOVE IT. Or something like that Captcha works like a prophetic stroke victim.

>> No.12926887

just search for a tag if its a new one for you to see if other people have been using it.

>> No.12927005

We need to start labeling humans as humans. It'll help people looking for specific things, say - a male human with a sword.

Instead of having to sift through every orc, elf, pixy, yadda yadda.

>> No.12927016

Her brief moments of prescient vision obviously involve horrible muscular contractions.

>> No.12927032

Shit, and here I am hitting reload every time I don't like an umlaut on a letter.

>> No.12927041

Just have charmap open while browsing 4chan. Go to Times New Roman and most of her entire lexicon of incomprehensible characters are right there.

>> No.12927052

Is it wrong to be offended that a lot of the mechs are tagged as mecha?

>> No.12927053
File: 720 KB, 1600x1200, 1254008570013.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So can we post ANIME fantasy images or would that be better left on danbooru

>> No.12927056

is mecha a bad tag?

>> No.12927057

"Mech" is just "mecha" with the a taken off the end so it doesn't sound as weeaboo.

>> No.12927067

if it's /tg/ then yes, you can

thanks for the new background BTW

>> No.12927070

Mech is short for Battlemech.

>> No.12927078

And where do you think THAT term came from?

It's a single fucking letter, what difference does it make?

>> No.12927080

western and eastern art are both welcome. As long as it's /tg/ related you can post anything

>> No.12927145

Yes. Mechs are mecha. Should be obvious by the name.

The term certainly isn't used anywhere outside BattleTech, right?

>> No.12927167

Most western literature that isnt created in a Japanese style uses the word mech.

>> No.12927175

luckily we have aliases

>> No.12927182

My point exactly. Battlemech is a setting-specific term, though. Saying "mech" is just short for "Battlemech" makes little sense.

>> No.12927184

And the difference is an a.

And >>12927175 so it doesn't even matter.

>> No.12927281

remember guys to get rid of the tagme tag after you tag a picture.

>> No.12927561
File: 56 KB, 526x389, 1288305860001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.12927568

well I think "mech" came from "mechanical" which goes along with "fighting machine"

>> No.12927579


It's doesn't matter what you can say into it. What matters is what the people mean with that word

>> No.12929952

wow over 7300 images.

>> No.12930022

what people mean is the same fucking thing.

>> No.12930029

but over half of them are tagme.

>> No.12930224

Yup, no one said making a booru would be easy. Time to get tagging.

>> No.12930582

OTOH, not all tagme are really tagless, but just a bit incomplete on the tagging.

Stop nagging, start tagging!

>> No.12930814

These magic cards are great.

>> No.12930826
File: 119 KB, 988x907, tagme cards.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.12930836

I can't tell if that's sarcasm or not.

>> No.12930861

I plan to do a bunch of different cards from different card games as soon as I find the pictures of scans and stuff. its mostly for quick reference.

Only problem with loading the magic cards is for cards that repeat in later sets. it automatically checks for duplicate cards so I don't know if I can upload beta or even if I should.

>> No.12930863

So it looks like we're putting every single magic card on the booru. That's cool, I guess.

>> No.12930928

I dunno. Isn't the Gatherer in the WotC webpage enough?

>> No.12930931

Well I figure they all have art on the cards too. People can tag that stuff too.

>> No.12930950

Cause nothing encourages people to tag images like having to sift through thousands of images from a game they don't play and don't really know anything about.

>> No.12930964

I think only custom cards should be put in the database, there's already multiple MtG sites that have a database of every single official card, as well as errata/prices/etc. It's just redundant.

>> No.12930988

Well, dude, lots of people here do understand, so just look other tagless pics and help where you can actually give a hand.

The 4k tagmes aren't all MtG cards, you know?

>> No.12931052

Why even have MtG cards here when other sites have more comprehensive and better databases of MtG cards already? There's nothing to gain from hosting them here, if people want to look up magic cards or just browse they'll go to the Gatherer, not /tg/booru.

>> No.12931067

it's probably less about the cards and more about the card art

>> No.12931188

>only three
Well, no character art for most of our self inserts, then.

>> No.12931702

Yeah. Broken 7500 images.

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