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Have you ever used Walfas's Create.swf to illustrate a character or a party? It's admittedly fairly limited compared to other character generators because of the source material, but it has a ton of components by now. It's even possible to make a sort of male-looking character now.


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yeah, we've done that, but one of the players was kind of srsbsns about it and didn't appreciate the joke

(the pic is outdated now by the way, the DMPC peeking in from the left died two adventures ago)

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Sage for touhou faggotry.

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My Sister Hospitaler

The Hammer has a lot less thunder than usual and she is missing a flamer but it's not TOO far off.

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I don't normally like using the word, but this walfas really is the most annoyingly weeaboo thing i've seen all week.


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you might want to recalibrate your weeaboometer, it's practically a /tg/ staple by now

posting my 4e group by the way

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Yeah. No.


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Damn, that's an old pic. I remember it from early 2009, even.

You should try again with the updated Walfas.

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Ah, Create.swf. That thing Walfas created that Walfas doesn't even like updating anymore.
Sorry, I'll politely pass on this.

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Yep. Damn fun campaign.

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Looks like shit scribbles from gaia. Pass.

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Drizzt Do'Urden.

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My Unicorn samurai in a recent L5R game. The lack of her left hand doesn't really show, but I managed to cram in all the weapons.

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How do you get a character here to have more than one item like in >>12915166?

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