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I believe it is time we had ourselves a Monstergirl thread.
WORKSAFE, of course, to keep within the rules.
I need me some character art for a BBEG. Just haven't decided what kind of monster for her yet.

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in before monstergirls pooping

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I don't have many 'Seductress" or 'evil' monstergirls. Most of mien are just cute.

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An anthropomorphic chemical.

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In during monster girls pooping.

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Doesn't Carbon Monoxide tend to put out fire? or at least hinder it?

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Monstergirl quest.
Normal mode: Get out with your soul intact.
Killjoy mode: and your virginity intact

>>deliver cadfur
Captcha warns of furries.

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FUCK MLP! Seriously, fuck that show.

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Yes. It is also generated by fire.

Have some Mercury-tan instead then.

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Wow... they really went all out on Mercury, didn't they?

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Oh, I'll just post them all.

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Spirit of nitre!

Sounds like a racing team. Really.

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It's like these were drawn at random, then had a chemical name and color thrown on.

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She's got that quirky look.

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The artist has some weird robotic fetishes. The steampunk mechadrider girl was neat though.

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May I suggest a sphinx?

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He also doesn't seem to speak English.
Hmmm... hadn't thought about that.

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....and then there's EM-tan.

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got a bit of a camel toe there.

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Despite the hate, she does qualify as a Deadly-tan and it is by the same artist. But that's the last of the Deadly-tas.

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They have no feet.
That's rough...

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Yes. She's also got quite the hourglass figure in comparison to her sisters.

OP: Twin displacerbeastgirls. Have them both take levels in Perform (Mimic) and pretend to be one creature, which will shock the hell out of the players when they suddenly start fighting as two separate creatures.

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Scylla maid.

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She should have the fucking plasma rifle...

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NOT ENOUGH HEADS. At least she shouldn't be so pretty, Poseidon's not gonna make a scornful ex keep her good looks when he curses her.

Fuck, i should actually buy a copy of Pindar, it's really interesting for myth-things.

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who is the artist?

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Ogre Magi have been the torment of my party for a long time. Played cleverly they can be a riot.

Don't recall - the full folder is at home. I only have the Deadly-tans themselves on this drive.

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Oh shit nigger, what are you saying?

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It's easy to make a Sphinx sinister and predatory without her necessarily being off-putting.

One of my best NPCs in a Greek mythology game was a sphinx who sat a ways outside of Thebes, just off the crossroads. She would proffer oracular knowledge if you could answer her riddles or devour you if you couldn't.

She would converse to pass the tedium with those bold and polite enough to strike up conversation, and the PCs developed a curious sort of tentative familiarity with her. They would talk about places she'd been, famous people she'd eaten. It was fun.

And they never figured out I stole the idea.

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They'll never suspect the Pizza Snake.

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MFW summoning the shit-spammer actually worked. Die of stomach cancer, you miserable bastard.

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Haha, shitspammer got the ax.
Mods is doing his job this time.

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And Pizza Snake could easily poison them too.

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Only problem is she's a mac user.

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i went to /co/ and asked for some help in the spiderman sticky. maybe that helped?

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what was the deleted post?

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OH WOW! He responded to you by posting more shit... which is now gone.

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Fucking Apple.

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Mmmmm, what she could do to me with that many hands...

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They'll be fine so long as they don't accept any strange purple jewels from her.

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It was doodie.

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Do they have to KNOWINGLY accept?
Because what if she hides it in a Pizza box with pizza?

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SFW monster girls are best monster girls.

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You don't know how it feels having a cockroach girl fondling your turd while a goo girl fists your small intestines, leaving internal scars that make your ass bleed forever? Then you know SHIT about traditional games!

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It's not like they outlined what would happen to their victims. And the doomsday scenario was them making enough Zonder metal to infect the planet.

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You are smalltime

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>Cherenkov radiation looks blue to me.

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I don't think this was for a BBEG at all! I think you just wanted Monstergirls!

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I wish I could kill you all. Take the few /tg/ related pictures to grognard.booru.org and get the rest fucking out of here. /tg/ is not your personal fapping room.

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And it's not your super secret clubhouse either.

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4chan is an image board first, discussion second. Stick around a while longer.

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...the shitposter spammed, while posting thinly veiled furry porn

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Where do you think we GOT all these pictures man?
From HERE.

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Don't be a hatin' becuase I'ma +4 Str-ing on you

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No rules being broken.
A whole bunch of us and only one of you.

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Posting in an off-topic thread

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Now don't hate me. Posting a variety rather than everything.

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General rule #3 specifies no trolling and no furshit outside /b/. General rule #5 says that boards that default to blue background are worksafe boards. General rule #6 specifies no shitposting. General rule #10 says no spam or flooding. General rule #14 reminds you that it's not a right, but a privilege to post at 4chan.

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Then skaven can't be posted here. It's been long standing that mods tend to allow monster-people be posted in /tg/ as long as they're not porn.

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No fur, not porn, only trolling and shitposting is by one person- you.

It's not your /tg/, you don't decide what's related. Deal with it etc.

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Ok... now tell me what rules are being broken?
How many years have you been on 4chan, and /tg/ in specific?

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Do you remember the Corporis Sisters?

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confirmed for samefagging angry child

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I do. In a way, I was their father. Well, father is the wrong word for it, but I was the one who created them, or at least got the girls started.

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Those were good days /tg/. Good days.

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>skipping sergals and synxes, for obvious reasons
Don't want to give anyone an excuse.

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Mayhem is my waifu.
Fuck everything, /tg/.

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>lying that only porn = NSFW
>further lying that this thread isn't unrelated spam

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>Do you remember the Corporis Sisters?

What is the deal with them, anyway?

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Oops, male..
Not deleting it.

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What were the corporis sisters?

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>the queen is female.

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Look, I don't like this thread either, but maybe you could deal with it? And move on? Oh, and take your butthurt and fail with you? Kaythx.

>> No.12913033

Heh. I forgot that this was a monstergirl thread; I thought it was just concept art for monsters.

>> No.12913037

4 sentient Flesh-golem like creatures (We called then FleshForged) Created by a Wizard. The Wizard abandoned them.
Ira wants revenge for abuse.
Lamia wants to find out why her 'father' abandoned them.
Atra has no memories before waking up in a tank of water and being found by her 'Sisters'.
Carmen was incomplete but rapidly became friends with Ira and decided to travel with the others.

There was a small piece of writefaggotry that I have saved.

>> No.12913045

Post it

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I don't see any images in this thread depicting active fornication, and you're going to get in trouble if you're at work and are looking at photos of bikini models/cars/boats/whatever instead of working.

Cool stroyent bro.

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>> No.12913050

an excuse for a flame war?

Just curious...

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It's the protagnist from bloodquest!
How's Garfield doing?

>> No.12913067

>looks at pic
>not a fucking marine in it

I take it you were not refering to the warhammer monthly comic?

>> No.12913068

We also made stats for 3.5. And 4E.
Give me a moment to dig them up.
I did not write these. I simply posted the picture of Ira, stating I thought she was a barbarian. Someone else suggested Cleric. It went from there.

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HR Geiger devised the shape of the Xenomorph's head by making a mold of a woman's vaginal cavity.

Then he consumed her soul so he could look more like a creepy lesbian math teacher.

True story.

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Fuck Yes!

Fuuuuuuuck Yeeeees!

>> No.12913085

lolwut, that's the Jersey Meat Girl, some minor monster girl off pixiv.

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Man, this shit is so boring.” Carmen complained as she stood outside staring at the sun. It was her new hobby. She loved when mortals looked up to see what she was looking at.
“Why do we have to wait here in the middle of nowhere while Guy goes and gets food?! We don’t even eat!” she complained even louder.
“Oh, stop your bitching.” Ira said, slightly annoyed, as she polished her war hammer. “You’ve been complaining for an hour straight.”
“Now girls,” Lamia said as she poked her head out from the tent. “Play nice.” Lamia walked over to where Ira was sitting and sat down next to her, opening her spellbook.
“Aw, c’mon, Lamia.” Carmen said, switching her audience. “Why do we have to wait out here in the boondocks of the boondocks? I could have at least gone shopping for some better knives!” Ira turned her attention to Carmen.
“Do you even remember what happened last time we went into town?” Carmen stared at Ira’s face looking for a hint that the question was serious, and that Ira had forgotten herself and needed reminding. She didn’t.
“Well. . .” she started. “It’s not my fault my eye falls out sometimes. And that idiot in the bar didn’t have to scream so loud. . .”
“Yeah, well because of that, we’re getting punished. So deal with it.” Ira said with a hint of bitterness. She held her Hammer up in the air for a second, then went back to polishing it. Apparently unsatisfied with some part of it.
“Now c’mon” Lamia said calmly. “Guy isn’t punishing us. He’s simply taking precautions.”
“He’s punishing us.” said Ira. “Why else would he take leave us so far away from town, when there’s a forest close by?”

>> No.12913102

the Aliens were apparently meant to be "the personification of rape."

think about it.

>> No.12913107

“You’re just looking too deeply into things.” said Lamia.
“You’re just too much of an optimist.” Ira replied.
“Either way” Carmen interrupted, “Punishment or not, it’s still as exciting as purgatory here. I’m so god damned bored, I’m going to become resurrected from boredom.”
“Why don’t you practice your instrument?” Suggested Lamia. “Maybe the music will lighten the mood.” Carmen grimaced and rolled her eyes at her.
“I already practiced this morning.” she said. “And I can only practice for so long. I need something else to do. Something that will pass the time.” Ira leaned back and looked at Carmen upside down with a grin on her face.
“You could always try going to sleep” she suggested. Lamia chuckled a little, and Carmen looked at Ira with a look of discontent.
“Fool me once. . .” Carmen said sarcastically.
“Damn,” said Ira, “I thought I could get you that 18th time.” Carmen rolled her eyes.
“You’re so mean.” Lamia laughed. Ira stuck out her tongue and went back to polishing her hammer. Carmen went back to looking at the sun. Lamia cracked open her book again. They were quiet like that for awhile. Finally, Carmen looked back towards her sisters.

>> No.12913114

Someone post sergal vore to get rid of this thread.

>> No.12913119
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The person bitching is probably some butt hurt furfag upset over the fact that HIS fetish isn't allowed. That said, he's probably also just against the monster girls because he's one of the many cases of heterophobic furfags that, in addition to humans, hates everything heterosexual.

>> No.12913120

“Hey, where’s Atra?” she asked. Lamia answered her without even looking up.
“She found a pond about 50 yards. . .” Lamia lifted an arm up to the sky and pointed in a direction, “. . . that way.”
“Again?” said Carmen. “You’d think that girl was a fish.”
“Maybe she is?” suggested Ira. “I’m still not sure where half of my body comes from. I swear to god one of my toes is a man’s toe.” Suddenly, they heard something moving in the grass behind them. Of course, being dead, they weren’t really worried about surprise attacks, so only Carmen turned her head to see what was coming. Atra stepped out of the grass, soaking wet. Carmen noticed that she didn’t even bother to try and dry herself out. Of course, she didn’t need to, but it’s only a natural impulse to try. They hadn’t been awake for that long, had they? Of course, this only made Carmen more curious.
“Atra! We were just talking about you.” Said Carmen. Atra looked at Carmen slightly surprised.
“You. . .were?” She said in her soft spoken voice. She didn’t seem to confident, despite her being a deadly assassin.
“Well, I was, anyways.” Carmen admitted. “What’s up with you and water?”
“Huh? What do you mean?” Atra asked, slightly confused.
“Well. . .” started Carmen.
“You’re always swimming.” Said Ira. She had turned away from her work. Apparently, she was also interested in the answer. “Whenever we stop somewhere, you always wind up in the nearest pond or lake or river. We were just wondering what’s up?” Lamia was also looking at Atra, waiting for an answer. Atra paused for a bit, looking at each of her sisters faces. She could see in their faces that they were both curious and worried about her. She hunched her shoulders in a shrug.

>> No.12913123

Oh, I know, but she looks so similiar to Helen, the protagonist from the /tg/ collaborative story BloodQuest, about an escaped mental patient with sentient hungering blood
(It's better then it sounds I swear- we named the blood Garfield!)

>> No.12913127

>The sexual themes of some of the enemies were intended to appeal to the innate homophobia of 12 year old boys, the targeted audience for the game.

>> No.12913132

there was a thread the other day with beetle smut. basicly, Humans found thease beetle aliens had Human porn, even though they've never met Humans before. coincidince. And some guy wrote some beetle smut.

is that ok to post, since there wasnt pics? becuse I missed it. T_T

>> No.12913133

“I. . .can’t really explain it.” she said. “I just feel more comfortable when I’m submerged in water than when I’m on land.”
“Really?” asked Lamia.
“Well,” Atra said, “Actually, truth be told, it’s that I don’t feel right on land. I feel like I don’t belong on land for some reason. I don’t know why, but I just. . .nevermind, it’s nothing.” Atra started to walk to her tent.
“Atra!” called Carmen. Atra paused, before turning around. Carmen just looked at her. “If you ever need someone to hug. . .or something. . .You’ve got us.”
“Well, you’ve got Lamia and I.” said Ira. “Personally, I wouldn’t trust Carmen as far as I could throw her.” Carmen looked back at Ira and extended her middle finger at her.
“You wanna start something?” Carmen said, extremely annoyed. Ira swung a leg over the rock she was sitting on to look straight at Carmen, and stuck out her tongue.
“Now girls. . .” Lamia started. Atra chuckled.
“Thanks you guys” she said. “I feel better when you guys are around.” Carmen looked back at Atra, and then turned away mumbling something.
“No problem.” She finally said.
Atra smiled, and walked into her tent.
“Are you blushing?” Ira said, with a hint of “I-told-you-so” in her voice.
“What? Don’t be stupid. I don’t have enough blood to. . .” Carmen started. She was interrupted by a scream. They all turned around, pulling out a weapon as they looked onward at Atra’s tent. Atra however, was crawling backwards out of the tent, a horrified expression on her face.
“Atra! What’s. . .” Lamia said.
“S-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s” Atra stumbled over the word.

>> No.12913140

“What is it?!” Yelled Carmen.
“It’s a s-s-s-s-s-s-s”
“Out with it!” Yelled Ira.
“S-s-SPIDER!” screamed Atra, as she climbed to her feet and ran over to Carmen, holding her like a shield between her and her tent.
“Spider?” said Carmen.
“Spider?” said Ira.
“Spider?” said Lamia.
“Spider! Kill it Carmen!” said Atra. Carmen rolled her eyes.
“C’mon” said Carmen. “Aren’t you a little dead to be worried about a little old spider?”
“It’s huge!” Atra pleaded. Carmen sighed. Lamia and Ira had already gone back to their work.
“Fine” said Carmen. “I’ll go kill your itty bitty spider for you.” She walked over towards Atra’s tent.
“Huge spider.” said Atra.
“Yeah,” said Carmen, “I’ve heard that before. It always turns out to be some tiny little thing that you can never find, because they always run off. . .” Carmen’s voice was cut off as she stepped into the tent. Atra ran over next to Ira and ducked down behind the rock. A minute or two passed with complete silence before Carmen stepped back out into the sunlight, her mouth completely agape. Ira and Lamia both looked at each other, then back at Carmen.
“Carmen?” asked Lamia. “Are you. . .?”
Carmen only stuttered. “S-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-“

>> No.12913143
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You guys made me ink.

>> No.12913153

”SPIDER!” shouted Carmen in Guy’s face.
“What?” He said. All four of the Corporis sisters where huddled around a rock. Even Ira was looking a little worried.
“Spider!” Said Carmen.
“Spider!” Said Lamia.
“Spider!” Said Atra.
“Spider?” Asked Guy.
“Spider!” Said Ira.
“Where?” Asked guy.
“In my tent! It’s huge!”
“Huger than huge!”
“Oh, c’mon.” moaned Guy. “I can’t believe you guys.” He thought about it for a moment. “Well, okay, I can see it from Atra, easily. And Ira, it’s so against your personality, it becomes believable again, but you two!?” He said pointing at Lamia and Carmen.
“It’s bigger than you might think, Guy” said Lamia.
“Kill it already!” demanded Carmen. “You’re a man, do something!”
“Fine” groaned Guy. “If it’ll get you four to stop being such babies.” Carmen squinted at him, but he didn’t pay attention. Guy removed his bag and put it on the ground, then he started to take off his sword.
“Wait!” said Lamia, “You’ll regret that!” Guy paused and looked at her.

>> No.12913165

“Why?” he asked suspiciously.
“I already told you. It’s bigger than you might think.”
“She’s right” chimed in Ira. Guy looked into Ira’s face to see if she was joking. She wasn’t. He rolled his eyes and buckled his sword belt up again.
“Where is it again? Atra’s tent?”
Guy walked out from behind the rock and headed towards the camp.
“Good luck!” shouted Lamia.
“Go get him! Kill him dead!” shouted Ira.
“Be careful!” said Atra, although Guy almost didn’t hear her.
“If you don’t kill him, we’re having you for dinner tonight!” screamed Carmen.
“Carmen!” Lamia shouted.
“What?” She pleaded in her innocent voice.
Guy walked over to the tent. “I can’t believe them,” he thought. “All 4 of them? They’re already dead! What do they have to worry about? I’m the one who should be worried. I’m not immune to poison.” Guy flipped open the flap and walked inside and waited for his eyes to adjust to the light.
Before him, inside the tent, stood a large, hairy, six-foot tall monstrosity of a spider. It resembled a Wolf Spider, except it was larger, and all eight of it’s eyes were blood red. It’s eight deformed looking legs had what looked like small blades extending from the joints, kinda like Carmen had. It’s fangs barred, the spider’s fangs dripped a small drop of fluid onto the ground, which burned a hole straight into the ground. Guy starred with his jaw agape. The spider stared right back at him.
Guy put his palm into his face and shook his head. “Gods-damn it.” he muttered. “Gods. Damn. It.” he said aloud as he reached for his sword.

>> No.12913170

Holy fuck this is so bad.

>> No.12913210

it was the writefag's first if I remember correctly.

>> No.12913231

That may excuse it if it contained terrible grammar. No, the main issue here is the substance! It's an uninspired wall of garbage and it doesn't become any less pungent the further I trawl through it.

Not to discourage him from keeping from writing, but he needs some work on making an interesting story.

>> No.12913237

Really, though, the point of this fic isn't to set up the plot so much as introduce us to the main characters and their respective personalities
I liked it

>> No.12913241

Tell me about it.
>Lamia walked


>> No.12913242

I'm inclined to post the mario shitfic.

>> No.12913253

the girl isn't actually a Lamia, that's just her name

>> No.12913256

Wouldn't be so bad if it got re-written.

>> No.12913264

Lamia was >>12912848
See >>12912945
The names were chosen for their Latin meanings.

>> No.12913265

The strange thing about it is that you can introduce characters in ways that make them interesting, ways that make you want to learn more about them. The writer does nothing about that, he simply places them down in front of the audience and gives our only look into them through their interactions with others. That misses a large part of characterization!

Maybe that's fine for some, I guess I'm just picky about these sort of things.

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