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sup /tg/, my uh.. character needs a cool place to take a girl with a broken leg on a date.
Yeah, my character.
modern setting, there's lots of snow and ice around, so outdoor stuff probably isn't the best idea, what with crutches and all.

Any ideas?

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put her in a pot, add water, some carrots and boil slowly for..

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Let's go iceskating!

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Movies. Lots of sitting, lots of dark, lots of shared emotional experience. gives the DM a chance to flesh out the world, too, by describing the sorts of options there are in his setting.

Any magical shit we should know about, OP?

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Clearly, you must go bobsledding. Use her cast as your sled.

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Wasn't there a scene from deuce bigalow male gigolo about this.

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thats a good idea, but the character i'm trying to get with, ic said she doesn't really want to do the whole dinner and a movie deal. Might still ask the dm about it.

Hmm, good ideas guys, thanks.

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That just won't do. First off, it won't do with just carrots and date. First you need to butcher and clean the date properly and boil a stock out of the roasted bones, a coarse mirepoix of onion, celery and carrots, bay leaves and whole peppercorns. Perhaps he could do this beforehand with another date though.

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wait, what?

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ITT: Cannibals...

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Go hunting for polar bears
God damn polar bears

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Interesting note: Humans taste very much like pork.

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Fucking duh. The similar biology wasn't a big enough hint.

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The consistency is worse though for most, since most muscles are smaller, tougher and generally cartillage-ridden.

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Are you fucking kidding me? Are you just asking on every board or what? Jesus, just have a dinner and movie at home night. Cheap, easy, and often leads to fucking.

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no, just here and /adv/ adv seemed like the place for it, and /tg/ is the only board i ever visit, and i thought it would be interesting.

I just changed it on /adv/ because they're supposed to be the ones with social knowledege and shit. Why do you care anyways, and like i said, she's not up for dinner/movie.

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Boiling? Meat? Seriously, don't do that. Boiling destroys all flavor.

OP: Have you considered a real theater? Ask your GM. There's bound to be a theater there somewhere.

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i know there's an art gallery in the area, was considering that. i'll look into it.

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Well, of course, dinner and movie fucking sucks.

Here's a thought. If there's nothing to do while her leg's broken, don't do anything. I know it sucks, but sometimes shit just doesn't work out. You'll be ten times happier waiting and taking her on a cool date than doing it now and having it be shitty.

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Unless she has a wheelchair, that wouldn't work very well.

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Pick a common interest that you don't usually indulge. Preferably one that involves sitting. Go out and do it. Plays or concerts may be good choices due to the sitting factor. Look up things to do in your area, and pick something new. By breaking your usual routine with this person, if you have fun, you now have a common bond of being able to do new and unusual things with each other that you normally wouldn't do.

If the thing you're doing is late, cook a meal first. If it's early, cook a meal after. If it's too far away to cook for, go out to eat like a soccer mom. Being able to cook is manly, and shows you are putting effort into it.

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This is fucking sad

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