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Does anyone have the gif where it compares a Star Wars Star Destroyer or something with a Warhammer 40K ship?

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I kinda want to see this now.

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Bump because this is relevant to my interests.

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I know someone has this somewhere.

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In the meantime, allow me to dump some of my scifi ship pics until someone comes along with what we want.

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Dumpan more.

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Another bump

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Is the closest thing I have to it.

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Shockingly unhelpful.

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Checking. For now, have this.

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Here you go.

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Oh man, that dere be sum good redshirt trollan. Stewpid away team...

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Is that top one a Davion I warship?

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It's definitely a warship of some Battletech variety, but I don't know which one.

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Such a bad gif.
Its comparing apples to oranges.
Oh heres a smallish sized Star Wars ship.
Lets put it up against the largest 40K ship.
Wow look at that, its smaller.

Of course if you put a super star destroyer in there it would be about the same size as the 40K ship, and if you put the eclipse in there, it would make the 40K look small.
Thats not even getting into the World devastators or the Death stars or Centerpoint station etc.

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I assume you have a source for that size? Because for a grimdark universe, kilometer-tall windows seem a bit out of place.

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I won't argue about the Death Stars or Centerpoint, but 40k does have some pretty big shit.

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Yeah, but they're horribly inefficient wastes of space. Slaves running on giant treadmills to power the lights. Giant rooms where slaves manually reload the guns by pulling on ropes. Slaves hiding under floors or inside walls to "automatically" open doors when officers approach. This doesn't even count the vast "lost decks" where entire tribal civilizations rise and fall.

Warhammer40k imperial ships are 99.9% waste space that could be removed without any loss of functionality.

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The maximum length for a battleship appears to be about 8 kilometers. Assuming the ship is 4 times as long as it is tall, that gives a height of 2 kilometers. A Victory I-Class SD has a height of 289 meters, which makes it about 7 times shorter. I really don't think the gif portrays proper scale at all.

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Those decks are what's called "ablative armor"

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Then it couldn't ram other ships as well

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The Imperial II-Class SD has a crew of 37,000. What are all those men needed for?

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A good chunk of it is Stormtroopers for boarding action and general deployment, along with the infrastructure to keep them alive (repairmen for life support, chefs, etc.), and then the people who fire and maintain the turbolasers, manage the armory, the brig, janitorial staff, etc., etc. I'm willing to bet that 37,000 includes droids.

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Janitorial staff = all enlisted crewmen

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Okay, but take enough people to do everything I said and multiply it by three for eight-hour shifts. Or 2.5, depending on how many droids you think are in the crew.

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incorrect, sir. the 37,000 does not include troops, who are counted separately and number somewhere around 2,000. that being said, those personnel are mostly engineering crew, mechanics, comm techs, pilots, and other assorted individuals that keep the ship running. And there are far fewer droids than one would imagine on an I-2, mostly repair droids/astromechs who assist the mechanics, and a few M-3P0 units.

pic not related

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the Executor was 9 km long, so yeah about the same size. firepower wise... the 40k ships are screwed. star wars is orders of magnitude above 40k when it comes to lethality... i'd take a venator-clss star destroyer againt damn near anything in40k... or maybe an Acclamator-2

capcha: yore apprewin

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I know the one you're talking about, but I can't find it in my folder at the moment. In the meantime, have this.

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*pchewwww pchewwwww*

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Yeah I know what your talking about, I found the gif on a gamespot forum but I reformatted my comp so the image is lost to me. I'll try to find it again because I kind want to see it again.

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40k ships have caused 'petals of flame the size of continents' during orbital bombardment.

First Eisonhorn book, IIRC.

That puts them in pretty much the same league as Star Wars, even if you take the numbers in the Episode 2 ICS book.

If you go by on-screen evidence, this actually leaves Star Wars pretty much fucked.

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The Executor's original specs stated 8km. However, its measurements compared to the other Star Destroyers in the movies brought it up to 18km, which is now the official statement of length.

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the equivalent to that would be the Acclamtor-2, which, by itself, razed planets in a matter of hours. and it's 2/3 the size of an imperial-2 class.

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The unbelievably shitty guidance system on grimdarkspessboat turrets, though, really fucks things up for the imperium. They have mobs of morons pushing and pulling the guns into position. Great for orbital bombardment... and really embarrassing in ship to ship fights.


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The Grand Army of the Republic was, by SW standards, a large army and it consisted of 3 million clones. That includes clones serving aboard ships.

Clone troopers only out number space marines 3 to 1 in total, and not even that much on the ground.

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If you go by the prequel movies, the Republic isn't a whole lot better. They do the whole "pull alongside for a broadside" thing too.

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sorry, i was going off saga edition stats. good to know.

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Yeah, it's sort of a ret-con, but here's how the Executor appeared in the movies. Remember, the Imperial Star Destroyers are known to be 1.6 km.

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Pew pew pew pew pew pew pew

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On the related subject, are orks any good in BFG?

>your unsory

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good as in fun? yes very

good as in win games? if you can get within 15cm then sure theyre amazing

>>dartagnan cheatin

i knew it captcha!

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that's a chaos ship asshole

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