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>Each player captains a ship of their own design, give a budget to build and maintain it.

Thinking about running this, either with the players as part of a space navy or as private captains of some sort. But what system can I use to let players do nitty-gritty spaceship design that won't be a burden to play? I don't want to use minis, if I can avoid it.

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Let's see the Zentraedi fuck with THIS

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Serenity RPG has pretty straightforward rules for spaceship creation and running costs.

I've heard that ship to ship combat is pretty average though.

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The personal combat rules aren't much good either.

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Alternity could be good for this. It's out of print, but still find-able and offers hard science fiction options as well as low. Narrative combat isn't a problem.

Otherwise.. humm.. You could use Star Wars Saga Edition, along with the Starships of the Galaxy book. You'd need to be willing to modify it to fit your vision of how combat will work in your game.

Also, it sounds like a lot of fun. Maybe you could have the players be the captains in the fleet of a small "Empire" consisting of a single well off and somewhat civilized world in a cluster where there is another minor empire with more ships but considerably worse tech, and several planets/colonies that have few or no ships of their own. Add pirates, raiders and merchants trying to make a buck trading and holding the cluster together.

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Mongoose Traveller.
The rules aren't the most streamlined. But it works, and it's in the middle of everything else. Complicated, but not to complicated.

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>Also, it sounds like a lot of fun. Maybe you could have the players be the captains in the fleet of a small "Empire" consisting of a single well off and somewhat civilized world in a cluster where there is another minor empire with more ships but considerably worse tech, and several planets/colonies that have few or no ships of their own. Add pirates, raiders and merchants trying to make a buck trading and holding the cluster together.

I like. Hmmm, I could use some ideas from the Diaspora system too, with this idea. The system isn't crunchy enough for this idea, but it's overall top-notch for scifi games.

Thanks for the suggestions, I'll look into those.

I'm more than open to more plot or system suggestions.

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How do you mean "middle of everything else"? Also, will look into that too.

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>>Also, it sounds like a lot of fun. Maybe you could have the players be the captains in the fleet of a small "Empire" consisting of a single well off and somewhat civilized world in a cluster where there is another minor empire with more ships but considerably worse tech, and several planets/colonies that have few or no ships of their own. Add pirates, raiders and merchants trying to make a buck trading and holding the cluster together.

I would so play this. But instead of a single big ship I'd want a small flotilla of gunboats.

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And then my PCs were like: "I want a Jolly Roger on my Flagship!"

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Kharak is burning...

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Spaceship thread?

Spaceship thread.

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Those ships look like 50's cars.

This is awesome

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name your ship "SIR! ITS ONE OF OURS!"

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OP here, I'm okay with this. Suggestions continuing to roll in would be awesome too.

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possible solution for if you do decide to use minis?

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Faction Suggestions:

Kingdom of Nova-Eden.

The home faction, settled by conservative people mostly of Northern European and American extraction unhappy with the secular, progressive and permissive socioty of the unified Earth. Nova-Eden was a world that required little terraforming for human habitation, and unlike many early colonization efforts they brought with them significant infrastructure and several large ships beyond the single use Ark that delivered the seed population to the new world.

Nova Eden sees itself as a light of old fashioned values, honor, faith and civilization. While they only control a single world, the kingdom has several allied worlds that provide them with resources and trade in exchange for defense by the Kingdom's advanced star fleet.

The Norca Association.

Settled by a loose confederation of people that were unhappy with the restrictions the united Earth government placed on their personal freedoms, the planet Norca and it's sister-world Rio were settled by three Arks, providing them with a massive initial population. The Association has very few laws restricting the actions of individuals, to the point that most of the people of Nova-Eden think of Norca's as being drug addicts that do whatever they please and where people can be sold into slavery by a contract and 'consenting' children can be prostitutes.

Norca technology and infrastructure is less advanced then Eden, but due to the population disparity the twin worlds have greater industrial capacity, and serve as Eden's primary rival in the sector.

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Traveller. TRAVELLER. Anything but traveller is the wrong answer.

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Pure awesome!


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Did you just come up with this? Holy hot damn do I LIKE.

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Full Thrust, right? I think I have the rules, but can I use them without minis?

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Are those 40k ships with Amurikkkan flags on them or am I hallucinating?

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New Taipi
A colony founded by Taiwanese fleeting the conflicts on earth shortly prior to reunification, New Taipi serves as the gateway to the sector and a major trade station.

While Nova-Eden technology is the best in the sector, Solar are considerably more advanced still. Ship captains with sufficient money may wish to visit New Taipi to pick up components and equipment unavailable elsewhere.

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Mostly. Parts are inspired by an old sci-fi game I ran, where Earth was basically post-scarcity and I had to come up with reasons that people would want to leave.

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Your party's ships could be the first (size of group) out of the newly built shipyards. More ships will come from the designs, and there are older, less capable ships as support--but the PC's ships are the named ships of each of their lines. Their performance will drive the direction of the shipyards, and even of technical research.

"Leveling" up could be done by getting a new, improved class of ship to captain (more armor, weapons, speed). "Items" could be done with improved missiles or specialized components.

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Those aren't 40k ships. They're based off of classic 50's cars. See how much more style and class it gives them?

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Nthing Traveller if you want to go full RPG. Could maybe pick up High Guard (the Navy splat) and give the PCs small craft (but fluff as being larger) for less paperwork. Use larger ships (200+ Tons) as the big, big toys.

I think you can. Just make some paper printouts for ship tokens and anything else you need. I think there might even be a conversion out there for using hexes instead of inches/centimeters.

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I would think if the PCs are designing the ships that you could just say "you now can design a ship with X points. It's the latest design to float off the shipyard and your captain is being transferred to it."

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Does Traveller give a lot of customization options for ships?

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Those aren't FT minis specifically, no.

You can use the FT rules without miniatures, but you will need counters or something. Just about any game you play for spaceships will, so if you're absolutely dedicated to no minis, you are probably shit outta luck.

FT is pretty simple, offers some ship design, and you can even easily convert ship points to in game currency (The FT rulebook lists all ships with a MUCr cost - Millions of Universal Credits). On the other hand it might not offer enough depth or complexity to keep your players interested.

In which case, you might look at Power Projection, an FT/Traveller hybrid, or Attack Vector: Tactical and/or the Saganami Island spin-off.

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Why not let them designed the ship and it's past? One might want a old mining ship that was converted into a warship. A bit rough, but solidly built and a fine ship with plenty of space for upgrades and a good reputation. (Maybe it was the first ship their people ever built for war, converted in haste to defend the homeland and now a symbol of their determination to survive and stay free).

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People say you need counters/minis for D&D too but most groups I've seen manage just fine without them.

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Why not foster an attachment to their ships? They still get cutting-edge ships that are designed for ease of modification.

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That could work too, but with the posts I was linking too having shiny new ships seemed like it would fit. Also, players love new and shiny in my experience.

That said, you can have a lot of history even with a brand new ship. It's not easy to build those things.

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Presumably because ships don't work like that realistically. You have a point though.

You could still have the crew (most of them) transfer with the captain even if you were making new ships.

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"My ship has a sealed off section where 50 workers lost their lives, and rather than pull them out we declared it a tomb!"

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Nobody would ever do that. fool. Pull em out, space the bodies, clean out personal effects, send the next watch in. A piece of ship can't just be sealed off and ignored.

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Other ways to level up:

New crew members.

Give them a generic crew to start, with the possibility to get more powerful officers as they level up. Give the officers a bit of personality that helps define them.

Like maybe two hate each other, and won't serve on the same ship, or one is in love with another and can be recruited much more easily if their object of affection is on board. (Take the navigator that only has +1 skill and you can get a +4 pilot at half price).

You could have these people be recruited from the fleet's reserve or as "loot" in battle, as a previously unremarkable NPC on their ship distinguishes themselves and now counts as a named crew member with a distinct bonus.

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Yes. Between the core, the High Guard book, and the Traders and Gunboats splat, you'll have plenty of options

The game can cover everything from fighter scale engagements to midsize ships with shuttle launched boarding actions to massive fleet style engagements with spinal mounted meson guns and black globe defensive tech. The default ruleset uses no minis and only has the vaguest of relative positionings, but there's a more complicated optional ruleset with tactical vector/momentum based movement if you're into that.

and of course being an RPG it has rules for individual level actions.

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Doesn't mean a player won't try.

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Sounds about perfect.

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Good luck!

I may be biased though, because I am a total fanboy for the system, so I guess don't be afraid to explore other options (even though traveller is the best scifi RPG ever).

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Uh.. ships get upgraded extensively now, and they work in an amazingly caustic environment. Steel objects that float in -salt water- are constantly reused and upgraded.

Example: The USS Enterprise. It entered service 49 years ago, making it more then twice the age of most of it's crew. It's received major upgrades to every system on board.

Hell, many carriers in service were laid down as cruisers and converted. That's totally changing the layout and purpose of a ship.

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So send them to a shipyard for refitting and captain another ship while waiting for that to happen? Or take the role of another captain filling the position in the meantime?

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Captains themselves could be rated by their proficiency in various aspects of command: weapons, movement, morale, whatever. Then let them pick a non-combat perk, like "Gunslinger", "Political Connections", "Personal Wealth", or what have you, that COULD show up later on.

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Depends on the game. Both could work, though I'd generally just have it happen as part of the routine down time a ship requires. Spending six months out in the black then back in port for a month or two to have everything repaired and upgrades made sounds workable.

The PC's could be all part of the same fleet/battle group, that stand down for R&R, refitting and upgrades at the same time.

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What edition of Traveller? There's like 10 of them.

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Don't even modern naval vessels spend longer than that at sea if they have resupply ships meeting them?

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Oh, mongoose. I'm sure the older ones would do as well - they all follow most of the same design philosophy or so I'm told.

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They can. Atomic powered ships supported by tenders and ships supported by oilers can remain at sea as long as their mechanical systems and crew can hold out. Theoretically, for years. In practice, ships generally go about 5 to 8 months at sea at a time, then spend at least half the time they were out refitting and resting.

Some submarines perform cruses that can run as long as a year, but they are the exception rather then the rule.

In the early modern era, wooden warships occasionally went years without R&R, with sailors tending to desert if they were allowed off ship. They were also conscripted, however, so it seems fair. It was easier to keep moral up if the ship was capturing prizes, increasing the amount of money the men would get at the end of the cruse.

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>>Could maybe pick up High Guard (the Navy splat) and give the PCs small craft (but fluff as being larger) for less paperwork. Use larger ships (200+ Tons) as the big, big toys.

I'm looking at High Guard now. Can you elaborate on this? I'm quite new to Traveller.

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Not sure how much I can elaborate; I don't actually have High Guard.

Spaceships in Traveller are sorted into two categories based on size. Those that are 100 d-tons or more are regular spacecraft and can mount jump drives. Less than 100 d-tons are small craft, things like fighters and shuttles.

High Guard might have some alternate rules to make larger battles easier (someone else would have to confirm), but I'm thinking if you're doing fleet engagements with 1000ton+ ships (which is what warships would probably be), you're looking at a lot of work.

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Yeah, they're using a barrage of weapons fired instead of tracking each weapon firing individually.

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indeed, High Guard has mass combat rules not too mention a whole mess of new bigass weapons for Navy scale ships.

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So christfag world and Ayn Rand Objectivist world?

I like the ideas, but feel that any place that big as a world will see divergence of ideologies. Look at how many flavors of christfags there are on Earth, each with their own infallible eternal truths. Only places small enough like space habitats will see that kind of uniformity of ideas and even then only with the aid of some kind of Inquisition to keep them pure.

For running the campaign I'd advice reading the Mechwarrior RPG book. Each player handling a giant robot is a bit like each player having their own spaceship.

Or you could go with huge ships and a rules system with lots of social conflict resolution depth and make the game more about interacting with their own crews and than any actual space combat.

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Looks more like conservative world and liberal world.

>> No.12891794

I'm pretty sure you have no clue what conservative or liberal means.

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No, no, I'm pretty sure I do, in the modern American political use. Just take both to an extreme.

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No you don't. Go read a book or two and grow up a few years, kid.

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No, you were in error, and rather than admit it you're resorting to name-calling.

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Norca is truly liberal, in the fact it lacks many rules. Completely divergent from American Liberality, since that involves rules out the ass.

Eden is simply religious.

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i love how this thread started about space ships and then turned into an argument about religion and other things

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Indeed, let us cut the shitty arguments and return to spaceships

>> No.12891987

-There exists secular people with conservative values. 1st. World in question isn't secular.

-Liberal agenda is in conflict with pretty much every part of the description of world 2.

When you act like a stupid little kid, you get treated like one.

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Yes, let us get back on track.
How does one prevent the PC's from infighting in this instance?

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Both of you stop being butthurt, no one gives a shit about your pointless internet argument.

Has anyone ever tried running a Naval campaign in Traveller? I've always thought it would be pretty neat, but I've mostly stuck to the typical travelling set up.

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Easiest: Make them military. If they start shit without good reason they're gonna get court martialed.

If they're private, it's more difficult. Giving them a common goal would be the easiest way, I think, but dunno how it would work out

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As far as private goes, give 'em a contractor (common goal, I suppose?) or have them travelling with a DMPC that could take out any offenders that tried any sort of infighting that involved anything other than political manoeuvring of their fleet.

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Ooo! Or rather than DMPC with massive firepower, go with the whole Homeworld Mothership. The PC's need that ship to get across great expanses and it's jointly owned by the group, each captain in the fleet having a key to make the mothership ship jump. Should one of their ships be shot down, they'll need to mount an operation to retrieve said jumpkey from the wreckage.

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Now that is some fucking WIN thinking there.

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Any ideas for random cosmic encounters for the players?

(pic...unrelated, I think)

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Pic related, because that game is all sorts of fun.

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I just tried that game for the first time last week, started out slow but by the end it was absolute troll-tier. On every player's turn I was dumping buckets of SPACE-PLAGUE into everyone's lap.

>> No.12892718

The only time I've seen people get trolled harder than when playing Cosmic Encounter is when we were playing Dominion and had the Thief card in play (I don't think we had moats that round either). It's one thing to steal someone's high value coins when they think they can steal it right back, but quite another when you just trash them immediately. SO MUCH RAGE, and my trollface was in full array.

>> No.12892759

Speaking of trolling, Traveller, and spaceships, here's an amusing story I've found about the interwebs:

tl;dr of it (and I'm definitely oversimplifying) is that they used to have a traveller fleet battle tournament back in the day - you got a ton of credits and had to build a fleet. Some guy wrote an AI to design the best fleet possible by running a ton of simulations and selecting the strongest etc etc. The end result was a billion tiny ships all armed with shitty weapons - plus one ship that was just fucking indestructible, with armor piled the fuck on. His tiny shitty ships would gun you down while your big ship couldn't kill them fast enough, and if by some miracle you managed to destroy the swarm of ships, his one final ship would just sit there trollfacing as it slowly wore you down.

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I may be a little late for the party, but is there a bookmarked Traveller pdf out there? I tried some from /rs/, but none of them had bookmarks.

>> No.12892868

Never seen one, but it's not that bad without bookmarks. Not some 400-page monstrosity like EP or L5R

Avast says there's malware there, anon.

>> No.12893091

News to me, I've not had a problem. But whatever, I already wrote out the bulk of the info.

Not that I know of, but the books are pretty small. It shouldn't really be a huge deal.

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>Each player captains a ship of their own design, give a budget to build and maintain it.

>Thinking about running this, either with the players as part of a space navy or as private captains of some sort. But what system can I use to let players do nitty-gritty spaceship design that won't be a burden to play? I don't want to use minis, if I can avoid it.

I was thinking of doing the exact same thing. Except I don't mind map combat.

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Well if you're looking for suggestions, I will again put down traveller and point you to the optional rules contained in the High Guard book for map based combat with tactical movement (MOMENTUM AND VECTORS WOOO)

If you weren't looking for suggestion, well, good luck!

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interesting. I didn't know that about High Guard. thank you.

>> No.12893436

are there any good space combat games that use maps but not vector movement?

>> No.12893478

I smell a minis traitor. I think he also smells like cosmic encounters, fading suns, shadowrun, rogue trader, and every other game we intended to play but didn't.

>> No.12893505

Wouldn't that pretty much defeat the purpose of space battlan?

>> No.12893510

Check out battletech, their spaceship sub genre is Aerotech and you can use the tech manual and customization rules to create anything from fighters, to dropships to warships and carriers

>> No.12893538


I suppose. it just seems like something that would be better to let a computer handle. large engagements are going to be counters, counters everywhere.

>> No.12893574

Toomb's ship from chronicles of riddick, my own little slice of heaven. cheap to!

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Actually I suppose it would not be too terribly difficult to program something for that.

>> No.12893774

Finish the Noble Armada minis and we'll talk about using 'em if I decide to copy the OP's idea.

Also, on that note, I do not recommend Fading Sun's Noble Armada rules for the purpose of the thread, no matter how much I love the fluff for the setting

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Anyone have ideas for overarching stories for this sort of game? I mean besides interworld wars.

>> No.12895595

You know the classic stuff.
Bigass war between 2 factions, looming alien invasion threatening to destroy everything, multi-dimensional/temporal hijinks, ancient relics of untold power, someone gets corrupted, someone betrays the players, someone (or everyone) from the enemy joins, then a final showdown in which we learn that all those plots are actually related to each other.

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Anyone got an RS or torrent of Traveler and high guard? Really liking this idea myself.

Third party that supplys weapons and equipment is playing everyone against each other, hence why new weapons never seem to tip the balence decisively. Eventually uncover that this third party is connected to a small system or group there of, who are stockpiling the best equipment preparing for a bid for independence, figuring that letting everyone else beat themselves silly first will make it easyer.

A squad of 'junk dealers' seems to keep coming to the players with really high value stuff salvaged from battles. They are actually the fence for a group of pirates, and eventually plan to try and seize the ships of the PCs in an ambush.

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>>12891019 you are correct. win!

>> No.12896948

Ideas for aliens?

>> No.12897418

Raiders have attacked an allied world and carried off many women and children, along with vital equipment. The players are tasked with discovering where the raiders came from, defeating the raider's ships then attacking their base on the ground to recover the people that were taken. All before those people can be solid into black market slavery.

Pirates have been praying on shipping. The players must escort a convoy from one point to another, seeing though pirate tricks like false distress calls and feints to try and lure them away from the ships they are protecting.

A young princess must be escorted to a new world for her arranged marriage, yet once in space a hot blooded man, her childhood friend, tries to intercept the ships and stop the marriage.


The stereotypes of Norca and Eden suggest far more unity then would really exist.. just like the stereotypes of France, the United States and Japan. Still, they are culturally very different and in many cases see each other in the worst possible light because of that.

(Norca's people think Edenites are self righteous intolerant bigots with laws that say you can't decide what to put in your body, who you have sex with, or even what you watch on your screen. Edenites think Norcans are hedonist that abuse everyone weak in their society because of the lack of laws to protect them. In truth, both would likely have a diversity of opinions and outlooks. )

>> No.12897535

>A young princess must be escorted to a new world for her arranged marriage, yet once in space a hot blooded man, her childhood friend, tries to intercept the ships and stop the marriage.

Ok, I offically love that idea. Purely for the 'what are we, living in an anime?' factor.

>> No.12897579

>> No.12897664

I know my players would die laughing if I lampshaded that fact.

>> No.12897728


LOGH general?

>> No.12897815

I also think Star Wars: Saga edition complete with starships and custom equipment rulebooks (cant remember what the rulebook is called though, but it covers modifying equipment and hardware). Most of the rules are still designed for foot battles though, so boarding actions or shootouts in whatever docks you stop in will flesh things out a bit more. Starship combat and indoor combat (particularly if the setting/players forgo melee combat) are easy enough to do with scribbles on paper if you don't want to use minis.

My setting suggestion is make it based on a feudal system where the players are wealthy nobles and industrialists and funded the development and creation of your own vessels for an upcoming war. Being essentially privateers/mercenaries you will attempt to salvage what you can, ransom prisoners off and generally try to make a profit, all while keeping your crew happy and your ships in working order.

>> No.12897959


1. Riff on Battlestar Galactica / Homeworld

2. PCs must carry the McGuffin to the McGuffin Hole. Space people are dicks to them along the way.

3. "To seek out new life and new civilizations, etc." except the PCs are leaders of a small fleet of inter-dependent ships -- they don't necessarily have to be the captains of the ships so much as the group in charge of the expedition or mission as a whole, much like an admiral and his staff rank above the captain of a ship. The ships and crew underneath them then represent kind of a common pool of resources, and they can move around between them and order different ships to do different things depending on what's going on. That way they can plausibly do whatever the fuck they want without doing that silly Trek thing of half the officers never being on the bridge. To me, this would work great with a mixed contingent of ships, like a cruiser, a pair of destroyers, a supply ship, and a research ship, all together. It wouldn't work so well if every ship were equally bristling with guns and huge cargo bays and labs.

Also, having them positioned near enough to known/friendly space to have a thread of contact (like messages with hours or days of delay) but far enough to be considered isolated is good. It gives them a reason to make allies with people they come into contact with.

>> No.12897961

For Saga edition, try grabbing Starships of the Galaxy and Scum and Villainy. S&V has rules for customization and fresh options for ship upgrades, while SotG has ships, upgrade rules and even some simple rules for making your own.

>> No.12898136

like that third one especially.

Expanditionary force from a empire, sent to seize a valuable resource in dispute. Negative Space Wedgie kills the admeral, and all of the Pc's are equal in rank, with no clear line of sucession (lampshade that 'the admeral was an idiot about this') Pc's have to deal with protecting their little base from the enemy, as well as being essetally cut off from ressuply they dont prep themselves. for bonius points the war is actually well over due to the travel time, but the PC's dont know that. The moment they pop into existance and secure the area it would potentally start a new war, so their government disowns them, leaving them in control of a star system with valuable but limited resources, a small fleet of top fight ships, but with a local government that dislikes them and nothing really stopping them from making their own pocket kingdom.

watch the PC's create their own adventure for you.

>> No.12898189

Fading Suns would work well with the whole feudal bit if it weren't for the jumpkeys and Charioteer Guild's practical monopoly on space travel. :/

>> No.12898223

...yes, this idea is win.

>> No.12898344

just had an even more devious spin on it.

The PC's government won the war, but didn't want to give up the authority they had during it. Just when they cant stall it any longer, the PC's show up and seize that system. So the government paints them as a massive threat, claiming to be a fleet they sent out as cover to confuse the public. Naturally the government now has to fight showy indecisive battles with them to maintain its power, and silence anything that might give the game away. But given time the PC's might manage to actually turn into a threat, and then it will be a gloryus war.

>> No.12898423

oh damn, OP pic is awesome.

and then you notice that there's a ship in front of the big ship in the middle, and therefore it's actually at the BACK of that fleet.

>> No.12898440

Political intrigue, oh how I love it.

>> No.12898494

and that leaves the players with some intresting things to consider.
1. is it the entire government against them? Can they find the moderates and help clear their names?
2. What about the die hard gurillas of their old enemy? Can they recrute them to help?
3. Should they just try and build their own nation?
4. What do they do if the government decides to get serius before they belive they can stand them off?

For extra fun, have their family (or even their own children, its been a while after all) be the leaders of the people behind using them as the external threat.

>> No.12899329

Give the players a assignment to guard the test of a prototype warship (think lol hax Lu Bu level brokenly overpowered) in actual battle. Then have said ship break itself in the middle of the enemy fleet. Well players, now what are you going to do? Try to play up the competition for who gets to command this 'super ship' once its trials are finished before the actual test. Ideally the players would argue and scheme over it, then upon seeing that the ship has (it turns out) several crippling structural flaws, try to avoid getting assigned to it.

>> No.12899586

All the Traveller books can be found on Mediafire, they should be on /rs/

>> No.12899591

I like the idea of a mothership. Letting the players have a base that they can come back to is a good idea, especially if that base is mobile. Making it something they have to protect, like an unarmed factory ship, can give you an easy way to create conflict.

>> No.12899604

Spacemaster: Privateers have the best ship building rules I've seen and doesn't require minis (even at infantry level).

>> No.12901288

I'd imagine it to be something like a Support Frigate from Homeworld. Shittily armed but has a bunch of long-range sensors, command and control hardware, nanofacture repair bays and fuel stores to keep your fighting ships in shape.

>> No.12901321

or the home base ship from Cataclysm. God I loved showing up in a ex mining vessel to save the 'warrior' Kith's asses.

>> No.12903098

Bumping this thread, 'cuz it as potential.

>> No.12905966

Any other ideas?

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